4-Year-Old Brooklyn Boy Killed In Dog Attack

BROOKLYN, NY (CBSNewYork) – A 4-year-old boy is dead after being attacked by a Cane Corso mastiff in his family’s Brooklyn apartment.

It happened late Thursday night in the first floor apartment of a building on Pacific Street. Police say the dog bit 4-year-old Jayelin Graham multiple times on his head, neck and stomach.

1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reports: Neighbors Say Attack Was Tragedy Waiting To Happen

Neighbors say the mastiff was in a cage, but often left alone with children.

“The dog was over by the cage, he was outside. There was another dog in the cage. The baby was lying on the floor with his head, like this, like this and the whole neck,” said Shirley Barnes, who witnessed the attack.

The boy was rushed to Brookdale Hospital, where he later died.

“He was a kid, he was a little kid,” Jayelin’s godmother, Ashley Della Cruz, said. “All he wanted to to was play. He just wanted to play with the kids on the block.

“He was no trouble at all, not at all – he was a good kid,” she added. “It’s not fair, it really isn’t.”

Police sedated and removed the dog after the attack. They also removed a second dog, a German Shepherd, from the home.

“It was very hard for people to control them – they were dangerous dogs,” Della Cruz said.

Officials say the German Shepherd was not involved in the attack, but was still taken to the headquarters of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals along with the Cane Corso mastiff.

pit bull 4 Year Old Brooklyn Boy Killed In Dog Attack

Police sedated and removed the Cane Corso mastiff after an attack on a 4-year-old Brooklyn boy, May 27, 2011 (credit: CBS 2)

Neighbors say they tried to help the little boy.

“We had a gentleman on the block who helped get the child out,” said Stacy Barnes, who witnessed attack.

The boy’s two brothers, ages two and five, were not hurt in the attack.

Police say conditions inside the home were not good. They said they found animal feces and urine inside.

Officers arriving at the building encountered a chaotic scene and ended up arresting a handful of people for allegedly trying to incite a riot.

The ASPCA will decide what will be done with the dog that mauled the little boy. Police are questioning his mother and say she could face criminal charges.

Some neighbors say the mother often left Jayelin and his young siblings alone with the dog and other animals and needs to be held accountible for the attack.

The superintendent in the building said the dog belonged to a man who lived with the boy’s mother.

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  1. Rodin says:

    Inform yourself. Until then I’ll just ignore you.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      I agree – no response to such a comment is worht the effort to write.

  2. T says:

    German Shepherd??? The other dog in the video was a Belgian Malinois. What other facts did the media mess up?

  3. Linda says:

    The dog is NOT a pit bull. A Cane Corso is a mastiff, a completely different breed of dog. Why does the medial immediately label a dog who kills a pitbull? Get your facts straight. What happened to this little boy is tragic, but it is irresponsible reporting to once again, smear a breed of dog that is not guilty. MOST people, even professionals, cannot differentialte a real pittie from those that look like a pittie, and this is a perfect example of that.

    1. Rodin says:


    2. tony says:

      they have a bad rep cuz of people like you. they are very loyal dogs so it is easy to turn that loyalty into aggressiveness cuz they think they are pleasing the owner. I have 4 kids ranging from 12 to 21 and they have grown up with Pitbulls. they are great family dogs

    3. Ted says:

      REALLY! “Pit Bulls Have earned their rep”

      You are one ignorant fool! Pit Bulls are one of the most loyal family breeds around. Unfortunately, people like you along with ignorant owners give the breed a bad name.

    4. jh says:

      Really! Really!,
      You obviously need to have your IQ checked, and be sure you don’t procreate, as you are a total idiot.
      Pit Bulls are wonderful, sweet dogs.
      Any dog can attack if trained to do so.
      There should be an IQ test as well as a test for common sense before anyone is allowed to bring children into the world.
      This mother purposefully subjected her children to this man and his dogs.
      She also purposefully left the 3 boys alone with the dog while she went into the hallway to get her keys from the stroller, supposedly. Why would she have left her 3 boys in there alone with the dog if she didn’t intend for something to happen?
      Anyone above an idiot level IQ knows that you should never, ever leave children alone with dogs. That applies to any dog, no matter the size, or breed.
      She and her evil low-life stud need to be imprisoned for this crime.

    5. rose says:

      Agreed Linda. Thank you for saying that.
      RIP little one….

      1. Kristin Bresler Cooper says:

        A cane corso and pit don’t even look like one another!! Mastiff’s have a totally different body shape … Much more broader and longer! I totally agree with you … irresponsible reporting and irresponsible parenting!! It could have easily been the GS who attacked. To leave young kids unattended with ANY breed of dog is pure stupidity and laziness!!

    6. Sandi says:

      First, I didn’t see “pitbull” in the headline. However, to address the comment, PITBULLS have ONLY earned a bad rep because of the HUMANS who train them, or do not train them at all. I am saddened by the horrible tragedy of Jayedin’s death and angered that his mother & her boyfriend are so irresponsible. I hope they are charged, as they surely deserve to be. I have a schnauzer and would never leave any dog alone with children, especially SMALL children who shouldn’t be left alone in the first place.

    7. paula says:

      shut up U!I have pitbulls ,I grou Up with them and my child ..and ..nothing happend ..I still have one and a rottweiller ….dependes how U have them …like child ..if a child grow up in nice house ,love ,and respect …they willbelike this all his life ..but if is grow up in dsifuctional famillly ,drogs ,faights …how is gone be ?

  4. Good grief! says:

    This wasn’t a pit bull that attacked this child you moron! How many times do people need to witness the media twist stories for more viewers before they realize that pit bulls are not the problem. News stations like this make me sick. Do some actual reporting and find some freaking facts before you post news stories vilifying a breed that wasn’t even involved, This is ridiculous!

  5. You said: Blacks are seven times more likely to be in prison than whites.
    and this is important to this article…how?
    Whites are more likely to be serial killers and bank robbers through Wall Street, but that has nothing to do with the tragic death of a child.

  6. Edrice says:

    That was my family member I would appreciate if you didnt leave any bad comments thank you.

    1. Janet Bresler says:

      What more bad could we say about them!! They proved it themselves at the expense of that little baby boy. WE cant choose our families tho can we.

      1. Rodin says:

        “Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative.”

        American educator
        (1890 – 1976)

  7. Melvin Paulisana says:

    Idiot New Yorkers live in tiny cages themselves, then put their big dogs in even tinier cages inside their tiny cages… And you expect the animals to act civilized when many of the people can’t act civilized?? Beings – human and otherwise – aren’t meant to be in little cages. They develop “cage mentality” and act wild when left free or confronted. — from a happy San Diegan with a BIG house and lots of sunshine.

    1. sigusmunt Kreusz says:

      I NEVER expect animals to act “civilized”. They are, after all, animals. However, I do believer that no dogs should be allowed in the city. They are noisy, they are insect magnets and some are bloodthirsty. Unfortunately, many preople prefer the company of Canines to that of humans and, as a result they trest dogs as if they were human . I think the dog owners ought to have to make a choice. Live in NYC or own a dog outside the 5 boroughs. (Yes, that includes “working” dogs except for seeing eye and medical helper dogs)

      1. Patrick says:

        Oh you can’t spell… ok. Sorry I thought maybe you commented on mine without reading. But you can’t read if you can’t spell. I see. Yea and “no dogs should be allowed in the city” Why? Are they farm animals now? Where do you people come from. This is if nothing else entertaining to me at the least.

      2. letsbenice says:

        Don’t like dogs in NYC? Then move to Iran. Hear they banned dog ownership.

      3. Paula says:

        WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I prefer the company of a dog then people!I have dogs ..big one ..I grow up with big dogs ..nothing happend …is dependes how U train them …I use to live my baby along with mine dogs in mine country nothing happend ..because they were free ,they were show how to be around children …now my baby she is over 20 yeras old ..and ..U wrong ..ithey R a lot of people so dirty in the city ,..and they R no t holmes …then what we have to do this ones …..?About those people they abuse children,eldery …?they are not ;civilized”:

    2. Paula says:

      U right ..I so how they treat dogs ..they keep them in cage in the apartamnet …I grow up with big dogs ..german shepards ,pitbulls ,doberman,nothing happend because they will free ..and my baby she use to stay in house withem …same thing notthing happend…now she is over 20 ..and I have a pitbull 11 yeras old …I found him in street when was 8 months ..and I have a rotweiller ..2 yeras old ..in sunday they play with kids ..they gentile ,lthey R great ..is dependes how U treat them ..how U traind them ..is shame some poeple they treat them bad ..and when is something happen ..is yhe dog fault ..I will like to take those dogs ..to prope t people they R wrong …I live in nYC ..and my dogs they R free in my house ..they cand stay all over they whnat ..is bad to keep a dog in the apartemnt in teh cage ..or maybe those dogs they was train to fight …

  8. Rodin says:

    yuck = FAKE Rodin

  9. Rodin says:

    I say we boycott childbirth “and end world hunger instantly”.

    Where have you been, oh “Fake Rodin.” I’ve missed you. This time ’round, wanna come up with something original?

  10. Patrick says:

    Is this crime rate thing you CONTANTLY keep posting the only thing you have to offer? Let it go, this is not about them being black no more than it is about it was supposedly about a pitbull, and what is with the racism. Is that what our country is now? Does that mean we are like the Arabs that hate americans?

    1. Rodin says:

      Too bad you added that last line. Prejudice is prejudice, whether of breeds, races or nationalities.

      1. Patrick says:

        Oh please am I wrong to think Muslums hate us?????? It is all over the new and our soldiers die everyday in the name of ala. While not all of them do and not all of them are bad it was not a prejudice statment. U TOOL

      2. Rodin says:

        “Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East.” ~ JOHN SHEEHAN

    2. sigusmunt Kreusz says:

      Racism? Where is the article in any way racist? Unless you mean it is racist against people in general. It never mentions the ravce, color, religion or nationality of the individual humans involved. Only the “race” or breed of dog is mentioned.

      To What do you refer?

      1. Patrick says:

        Pay attention all the bigots are out in force with thier comments about this being a black thing. have you not read the comments or you just chime in and read the first one. Then comment with an unwarrented confusion to this.

    3. great googly moogly says:

      all of those statstics are about being poor, not about being black. blacks are way more poor than whites proportionally


      it’s because blacks have been held back from achieving economic equality with whites, by people who think exactly like you

      you’re the problem

  11. PAtrick says:

    Go eat bird shot you bigot pitbull hating @ $ $ hol#$. your all wrong. Eat your crow

  12. RON.B says:


  13. Deena says:

    WOW , FIRST … GOD BLESS THAT CHILD WHO GOT MURDERED…SO SAD ! next of course it’s the dogs fault, whatever breed, dogs and other animals SHOULD NOT be left alone with children !!! Of course, whoever was in charge of taking care of the kids has more than enough guilt and remorse on their heads . BUT even a so- called tamed bird can be dangerous and hard to control around kids. No matter who the owner is, THE PET IS AN ANIMAL and should be treated accordingly ! when you think you know what is on any animals brain, ur in a state of denial . All breeds of dogs have been known to attack people…..c’mon people you act like dogs cant be mean, brain damaged or have wild instincts

    1. Rodin says:

      1 – GET INFORMED


      “DOGS ARE BLAMELESS. devoid of calculation, neither blessed nor cursed with human motives. They can’t really be held responsible for what they do. BUT WE CAN.”
      – JON KATZ, Author
      From “The Dogs of Bedlam Farm”

      1. Rodin says:

        PS –

        I believe in Dogs … and that there is no god.

        Did I really need to point that out?

      2. Patrick says:

        I am with you oon the no god thing buddy. Even if I think your a little bit of a tool. I don’t buy into some dude living in the clouds making it all happen. Or, some other dude living in the earth’s core making “evil” happen. It is all just nature at work and survival of the fittest

      3. Rodin says:

        Whose “tool” are you?

      4. patrick says:

        Am i confused or are you just old and not know what it means to be called a toll?

      5. Rodin says:

        You’re not confused, just ignorant.

        Forget to spell ‘tool’?

        Old? Too old to die young … and ignorant.

      6. Rodin says:

        … or did you mean “troll”, in which case you either can’t spell or can’t tell the difference.

  14. Rodin says:


    How quickly we jump to our prejudiced assumptions, whether about Dogs or people! Like all the bigots and racists spewing their hateful vomit here.

    From today’s Daily News, Brooklyn Boy Mauled to Death inside His Apartment by ‘Violent’ Pit Bull, Chaotic Scene Follows:

    “’When you cage an animal and let it out, what do you think it will do? An animal goes wild,’ neighbor Rose said.”

    This is what you get when you mistreat an animal, cage it, pound on it, yank it accross an elevator slamming it against the walls. Remember “NYPD: Irving Sanchez Caught On Tape Abusing Pit Bull Puppy” just Tuesday?

    “DOGS ARE BLAMELESS. devoid of calculation, neither blessed nor cursed with human motives. They can’t really be held responsible for what they do. BUT WE CAN.”

    – JON KATZ, Author
    From “The Dogs of Bedlam Farm”

    1. Len says:

      Dogs may be blameless, but that is an entirely separate argument. Society has the right to protect itself from dangers seen and unseen. The evidence is clearly there that some dogs are dangerous and to deny that is absurd. Dog owners need to be held to higher standards of responsibility in the handling of their dogs and the laws need to reflect the seriousness which society attaches to this issue. One kid too many died today.

  15. Panason says:

    Fine, but of course it wouldn’t end at blacks, and it would eventually envelop all misfits and feebleminded so say the Eugenicists.

    And it would include those who choose “savages” as their alias.

    1. TB says:

      i am a white male who lives in a well established area but it is not safe any where and my point is are you saying that black people (all) are criminals or are you trying to say black people have something to do with dog attacks because really what does the crime rate has any thing to do with a little boy being killed. when we start judging a race for certain criminal or white collar crimes then we need to look at our selves and wonder are we the racist.

  16. Lindsay Dugan says:

    So you guys called it a “pit bull” attack below the photo, but it was really done a Cane Corso? Talk about shoddy reporting. Kinda like “…like this, like this and the whole neck.” No matter, whatever buzz words garner the most exposure for this article, right? Why does the breed even matter if nobody can get them right anyway? Just call it a very, very poorly-managed beast. Congratulations, parents. Epic fail all the way around.

    1. April says:

      Just to be clear, this story is changing by the minute. When I read it at 10 am it DID say pit bull. The comment about assistance was not based on the originally printed article. But hell, it was first posted at 7 am so who knows what changed before I read it at 10. They’re full of it.

  17. Jim says:

    Gotcha, your bigoted point has been made. Although, you do not cite where you got your information nor do you account for differential policing.

    I see you are the type that would blame the thuggish federal reserve system with its fiat currency on latinos and blacks. You would also attribute the austerity measures that we are ALL facing, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity, on one race or another.

    It is because of your type of thinking that our current “representatives” and ‘leaders” are able to maintain division while fabricating planned scarcity with oil and false climate change propaganda in order to raise taxes even more – nationwide not just in New York City.

    refusals lead to no-ride lists. Afterwards, of course there will be no-ride on subways and buses and citizens will have to seek permission to shop and then work, no-worDon’t worry about our current political system with a pseudo left right paradigm (Republican or Democrat), (Conservative and Liberal) where both political parties are interested in the expansion of the removal of ALL our civil liberties through TSA grope-downs and dangerous X-ray scanners – beyond the airports. I see, don’t worry about the cost of wars inn Iraq, Afghanistan and now in Librya (http://costofwar.com/en/). Yes, don’t worry about paying for those wars through increasing taxes because New Yorkers for one will roll-over for austerity guys like Sen. Chuck Schumer who says we should all submit to big brother and be ready for no ride lists and patdowns for Amtrak – the invasive measures that remove civil liberties and increasing taxes with decreasing jobs/income will never stop.

    But you don’t care about that or humanity do you, that does not matter, what matters is that some race or another looks different from you and that will be your focus while you go through the x-rays, pay your taxes and live in a hovel you will be fine because you can always point the blame on some group while your civil liberties will be gone.


  18. Yvonna says:

    Ok, another news station desperate for a Pit Bull attack headline. A Cane Corso IS NOT A PIT BULL!

    Who cares what the breed is… an innocent child is dead because of an irresponsible parent. Huskies, Pit Bulls and many other breeds kill children, they all have one thing in common… they are dogs and children should not be left unattended with them. Little Jayelin Graham paid with his life.

    1. Rodin says:

      Yes, a terrible tragedy, but not the ONLY tragedy. There’s also an animal here that has been terribly abused and made violent that must now be destroyed.

      It matters tremendously to those of us concerned about Dogs and don’t want to see breeds branded by know-nothings like yourself.

      You’re bound to join the racist rants as well. Breeds, races, all the same. One more tragedy!

      1. Yvonna says:

        I own 3 Pit Bulls. I am fully aware the media focuses on the breed and just like in this case, plasters Pit Bull all over the place for a headline without getting all the facts first.

        An innocent child is dead and a dog will most likely be killed because the people do not know how to raise children or dogs. My point was, breed SHOULD NOT matter! People need to understand that DOGS can be dangerous, not breeds of dogs.

        No, I am not “bound to join in on the racist rants” but thank you for assuming that about me.

    2. Paula says:

      I WAS left by my self with dogs ..bid dogs ..and tehy din t kill me ..because my parents they were verry good with them and I left my baby with mine dogs ..never happen nothing ..and now she is over 20 yeras old ..is dependes ..this people they keep them in cages,they were bitten ,they who nose ..what else …then don t acuse all ..I grow up with german shepards ,doberman ,dalmatien ,rottweiller …and …please …all this people they have dogs maybe they train them for fights

      1. Yvonna says:

        Google dog kills baby and you will find countless examples of dogs that killed babies, mostly unsupervised. In my neighborhood, a 6 day old baby was killed by a dog well known and loved in the neighborhood. The neighborhood dog was not abused and most certainly not trained to fight.

      2. Rodin says:

        Yvonna –

        Your heart is in the right place but either that Dog or that baby in you neighborhood was unsupervised … or both.


      3. Yvonna says:

        In response to Rodin, if you read my initial posts, you will see I feel an adult should always be supervising a child. If the mother had some common sense, we would not be commenting on this article as little Jayelin would still be alive.

        Yes, the dog was unsupervised with the baby. No, the dog was not abused, mistreated or forced to fight. Yes, the adult caretaker is always responsible. I don’t see where I disagree with you but thanks.

      4. Rodin says:

        Yvonna –

        We don’t disagree at all. That’s what I meant when I said, “Your heart is in the right place.”

        But let me add, if what you say is true, then that Dog was NOT properly TRAINED and that, in and of itself, IS abuse of both Dog and child.

        …in my world, anyway.
        See http://www.from-the-doghouse.com/Scoop_and_Howl.html

  19. Nancychavis says:

    I am very angry that shouldn’t never had happened truly i blame the parents for not being home with there children. If that was a family’s dogs what in the world they were doing in a cage. My heart goes out to the 4year old he shouldn’t had to died like that.Let the little angle rest in God’s hands,and let mother roten in jail because she killed her son. those dogs shouldn’t had to be cages.Thankyou very much.

  20. Let's not be racist says:

    Ignorant people should not be allowed to post comments.

  21. Patrick says:

    That is an ignorant statement and you are a racist. Please do not speak until you are a smarter person. Thank you

    1. Patrick says:

      Oh and now we have this conversation. Well I have typed this once but they did not post it so here we go again. I am not sure what you have based your uneducated comment of my view on. However, I will say thank you for your contribution to the shallow end of the gene pool that makes this wonderfully diverse country of ours. With out it we could grow as a society. That said, it is not a “libral white” thing as you so put it. It is a matter of reality and education. To think one race is genetically more sperior than another is racism. To single out one race and pretend there are not members of other races that obtain possesion of Pit Bulls for status is a truely ignorant statment. There are whites, mexicans , and all other types and races that do the same for the same reason.

      By singleing out the black race and making this statement “oh well” displays the same level of ignorance as those saying pit bulls are the only dogs that attack. Man has trainned, exploited and ruined one of the most beautiful breeds of dogs in exsistance by using them for personal stature, and through poor breeding habits. (both bredding of the dogs and thier family tree have bad breeding)

      So, by all means please feel free to judge and sling mudd. I am not in a political race of any sort so it is not relevant what my views are. I am simply here to defend a breed of dog that has been exploited for far to long.

  22. Marcy says:

    No human or animal is born bad. These poor animals learn this behavior through neglect and abuse. In this case, it is the same neglect and abuse that caused these children and animals to be left alone together in deplorable conditions. Put the parents down!!!!!

  23. kendra says:

    where the hell is the parents no mention of the story that is taking place in the home and i would never want to leave my baby or small children with a big dog what so ever cause that could be a dangrous thing uno.cause that could be a very dangerous situation.

  24. liz says:


    1. Patrick says:

      Sure you can. When there is this level of stupidity there is alway a lead pill to fix the situation.

  25. Valerie says:

    I don’t understand why this woman would let a man with dangerous dogs live in her home. That poor boy should have been the most important thing in her life. Her job was to protect him, love him, teach him, and put her sons needs before her own need to have a boyfriend in the house. Awful. They should all be in jail, and I pray those babies that survived find loving homes.

  26. Richie says:

    How can these people on public assistance adequately provide for three children and two dogs ?

    Neglect is the order of the day !

    1. reinventingirvington says:

      Who ever said they were on public assistance? Where do you people come from with your wild accusations. Was shes neglectful ? Yes! Was it stupid to leave a child unattended with a dog? Yes! Should she be held responsible? absoulutely! Whether mom is on public assistance or not is irrelevant.

    2. Jim says:

      I too was looking for the public assistance part but did not find it, an assumption was made as with many other bigoted comments.

      I believe the issue here is concerning these types of dogs , pit bulls, yes I know the counter argument is that type of dog is not bad it’s the abuse. Part of the problem with that is of all the dogs that are abused why is it that the pit bull is the one more likely to lash out?

      1. Lindsay Dugan says:

        Jim, this dog wasn’t a pit bull. A Cane Corso is a completely different breed. About twice the size and bred for guarding, if I am not mistaken. CBS NY reported it as a pit bull because they knew people like to read about pit bull attacks. Get the most bang for your buck, lure in those readers with catch phrases rather than ethical reporting.

  27. Jeff says:

    too many animals in this small space overwhelmed the dog that bit the boy. the mom contributed by knowing this may happen. she was unprepared for the obvious.

    she didn’t have dog handler gloves, or something to break-up disagreements of the dogs.

    take the kids away, and charge her.

  28. Patrick says:

    Let’s clarify some things. PEOPLE are the problem–not the Pit Bulls. By nature, Pit Bulls are friendly, non-aggressive animals. A Pit Bull should NEVER be people aggressive. They are extremely loyal and loving dogs. When a Pit Bull shows aggression toward another animal, or heaven forbid–a human, that Pit Bull was taught that aggression or was wired wrong from the start. The same way any other breed of dog or animal or human can be. And yes, they are dangerous. Either way, it’s not their fault. Dogs can be, and are, as much a product of their environment as any human. I watched the NYPD released footage of the Pit Bull puppy getting slammed into elevator walls, kicked and beaten with his own leash. I watched him cower on the floor in horror and my heart breaks that there are people out there that think it’s okay because it’s only a Pit Bull. Or worse yet, should he make it through this ordeal and come out adopted and then start showing signs of aggression as a result of what he has been through, that he would likely end up being put to sleep. No animal on the planet deserves to be treated this way.

    1. Patrick says:

      Thank You

      1. April says:

        You’re welcome. And thank you. I don’t know about you, but as far as I’m concerned accountability is our #1 problem. It is is not the bank’s fault that you overdrafted your account, it’s not the credit card company’s problem that you overextended yourself, it’s not McDonald’s freakin’ fault that you’re fat and it SURE AS HELL isn’t that dog’s or those childrens’ fault that they were made to live in feces and urine. People need to look in the mirror.

  29. April says:

    This is precisely what I stayed up until 4 this morning ranting about. Let’s not blame the POS mother who is not taking care of her children, pets or household. Really? We’re going to blame the dog in this scenario? Unbelievable. It is ALWAYS someone or something else’s fault. The dog did not bogart his way into these childrens’ safe home and kill. Children are children and even the best children antagonize, provoke and injure animals. THEY ARE ANIMALS AND ARE GOING TO REACT AS THEY FEEL NECESSARY AND THEY ARE CHILDREN, DON’T KNOW ANY BETTER AND SHOULD BE SUPERVISED. As sad as this story is, the mother and baby-daddy, boyfriend, booty-call–whatever he is–should be held responsible and punished. All living and breathing things should be removed from their care immediately and indefinitely.

    1. Lou says:

      April, it WAS THE PIT BULL THAT KILLED THE KID!!! The mother(?)DID NOT KILL THE KID!! Regardless of the reason as to why the DOG KILLED THE KID, the fact remains THAT THE DIG KILLED THE KID!!

      1. April says:

        Lou, sweetie, I understand that but there would have been NO DOG if not for the mother/boyfriend. The dog did not let himself in the apartment to sit unattended with a child. The situation was created by and only possible via the mother’s negligence.

      2. Patrick says:

        Lou, this could have been the result of any dog in this type of living conditions. This just happened to be a pit bull. It is not your typical “piy bull attack” you people are making it out to be. The are naturally gental animals that man as polluted and exploited long enough to give them a bad name. To me it sound those of you whom are simply seeing the words “PIT BULL” are failing to see the neglect of the mom and bf……. a woman in Colorado is sentenced to 10 yrs for being on face book while her son drowns in a tub. A pit bull attacks and kills a 4 yr old while home alone from what I have gathered. Tell me how is it not neglect in this case. You don’t leave a pit bull to baby sit, you don’t leave a dog in a cage 23/7, you don’t allow the dog or kids to live in conditions of feeces and urine. You don”t starve them and neglect them without consequences. While these are extremely unfortunate consequences, it is the result of poor parenting. The mom should be put away and never aloud to have her kids.

        Put your self in this situation…. Your caged in your own feeces and urine. The weak guard opens the gate… What do you do…… Kill and run……. are we diffrent?????? No survival is the most primitive instint of any spieces. The dog was just as much a victim as the boy. Victims of the mothers and bf’s neglectful selfish ways.

  30. DanTe says:

    Oh yes. Let’s blame everything and anything but the stupid humans who make the stupid decisions. But than that’s what you stupids are good at: Blaming others.

    Here’s a hint. You want to solve all these problems caused by everything BUT you? Try dying off. Preferably before you had spawned and further contaminated the gene pool with the stupid gene.

  31. Paul says:

    Almost as sad as this story is the fact that most who send in comments
    cannot at all express themselves well in writing. Poor spelling,misnomers,
    and syntactical gaffes are the order of the day. And I have no doubt that
    most,if not all, are university graduates.

    1. Janet Bresler says:

      Hay ever1 gots a write to an opinion no mater hwo well they talk or right. This is the us of A

  32. Adeyinka O mcadewunmi says:

    This is the kind of tragedy can could have been prevented.How much more of these will be allowed before these ferocious dogs are permanently banned?

    1. Patrick says:

      Oh here we go. You people kill me with this “ban them” take on pitbulls. give it up. It was Mastifs that killed that lady years ago in the apartment building hall way. People cause pits to attac. They get them to be “cool” and make them that way by being irresponsible. So get over it.

      1. April says:

        Read something sweetie, and I mean besides the stories of the ridiculously sensational and unreliable media. OR, continue being the sheep they want you to be. Your choice.

      2. Janet Bresler says:

        Patrick they were the Cane Corso that killed the jogger in her apartment. Unless they are called Matiffs too. I think in SF. I think they went to jail as they should have. It was the first time I ever heard of the breed. They are a really finicky breed. and really big .

      3. Rodin says:

        Janet, Canne Corsi are a breed of Mastiff.

    2. Paula says:

      I prefer to banned the bad people who put the dogs to fight and kill …I grow up with big dogs ,,,,I have big dogs ..a rottie and a pitbull ..and I use to leave in mine country with big dogs ..my baby she was around big dogs ..and nothing happend ..and U now way ?because I din t traind teh dogs to fiight ,they stay orever they whant ….maybe that man ..he did in purspose to kill the boy because he was not his ..and he was gelos ..

  33. Elizabeth says:

    The neighbors should of called ACS or the police because the neighbors knew that the mother was leaving the children alone with the pit bill. This was an accident waiting to happen. This boy could still be alive if someone would of done something. The person who witnessed the attack should also be held responsible because that person did not do anything to stop the attack. The mother should not get the other two children back.

    1. Jake says:

      Lizzy, you are TOO much!

    2. Janet Bresler says:

      Agree Elizabeth. It is accountability as a society that they should have been reported. The dog would have been removed and maybe placed in rescue and the kids would have been safe. I dont agree about the witnesses . They may have been why all the kids didnt get bit. They may have been there trying to help. The mother and her shack up are the ones that are liable. and should be held accountable. Dogs not properly trained cannot be allowed to kill either. They will kill again if not rehabilitated. Look at Vicks dogs and all that went in to save them. Do we have the resources and the people to rescue and rehabilitate all these dangerous dogs? I not then what to do with these dogs as a society that has to protect the populace. We are going on the premise that WE DO NOT HAVE THE PEOPLE or RESOURCES. What is the answer?

      1. Rodin says:

        All the Michael Vick Dogs rescued have been successfully rehabilitated and most have found homes thanks to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. They’re referred to as the VICKtory Dogs. There’s even a Vicktory Dogs Wine Collection, 22 labels, each named after one of the Dogs.


  34. Patrick says:

    Here we go! The haters are gonna have a field day with this one. This is far from the dogs fault. I agree that the parents should be put down and not the dog. An apartment with 3 kids under 5, 2 large dogs, covered in feeces, urine and confined to cages. This is rediculous. I have a pitbull that sits at 87 lbs and she would not hurt a flee. Kids come over and puch and pull and hang on her and she just stands and takes it with maybe a little licking, lol. She is a lover. The only time she would be aggresive is if you mess with her “dad”. This is a clear cut case of people not knowing how to raise a dog like this. I also agree that people are ignorant to the identifying of dogs. I have a 94 lb boxer that most think is a pitbull. He has a head the size of a jeep, lol. Either way Those of you who cry Pits need to be out lawed need to be educated before you make that vote.

  35. Mrz.Jas says:

    Alot of yall need to get educated on Pit-Bulls. You need to consider the fact that alot of people raise them to be aggressive…they are not “NATURALLY” aggressive dogs. You ALSO need to look at the fact that MOST pits are mixed breeds…for them to say “the dog belongs to A MAN that lived with the boys mom..” it wasnt a family dog. THEREFORE you have a dog that is left with kids, in trifflin conditions, and probably hvent been updated on shots. I have had 3 pits and they were raised as FAMILY DOGS. they arent hunting dogs…they are what you make them. and im a PROUD owner of pits that are raised the RIGHT way and WELL taken care of. My heart goes out to the family, but the mothers neglegance killed her child.

    1. Patrick says:

      I agree with you fully. Thank You. I love my dogs and they have been raised with care and love. They are well taken care of and they are loving gental dogs that love kids, babies and anyone else who doesn’t mess with thier dad. It exceptable fot them to be protectors but you hit the nail oon the head when you said it is the mom that caused this death.

  36. Sheela Na Gig says:

    all the pit bull pushers same old canned talking points come out:

    1. show me the face because police, owners, AC, paramedics and experts can’t tell a pit bull by looking at it…BUT I CAN so show me the face. lololol

    2. the dog wasn’t treated well so that’s why it killed. Then why aren’t all those abused beagles and greyhounds topping the killer list as well? huh?

    Make all the exuses you want for your ugly dogs. Everyone but pit bull owners knows pit bulls are extraordinarily dangerous and therefore need to be regulated.

    1. Daniel Mey says:

      Actually, working as a veterinary technician for over 15 years, I can tell you most pit bulls are very friendly–the Shar Pei is by far the most evil dog on the planet. Chows, chihuahuas, and many other breeds are much more aggressive–Pit bulls don’t even make the list of the 10 most likely dogs to bite (unless they get modified to intentionally put pit bulls on them–it happens). Pit bulls just unfortunately have such powerful jaws that they are like the “airplane crashes” of the dog world–usually quite safe, but when it goes bad, it can go real bad.

      1. Barclayhan says:

        Daniel mey – While your comment as, I think, to support pits, as a vet tech you should know that your comment about the “powerful jaws” of this breed is inaccurate. They have no more power in their jaws than most other dogs.

      2. Barclayhan says:

        Daniel mey – While your comment was, I think, intended to support pits, as a vet tech you should know that your comment about the “powerful jaws” of this breed is inaccurate. They have no more power in their jaws than most other dogs.

    2. Mrz.Jas says:

      ‘Everyone but pit bull owners knows pit bulls are extraordinarily dangerous and therefore need to be regulated” <=== you'll never know until you raise one. I ve never been attacked by a pit. Buti wish i could say that i wasnt attacked by a German Shepard..they are who you make em. you raise em aggressive and as fighters, the will become a menace to society!

    3. Patrick says:

      Well cared for and loved and taken care of is inclusive to your “regulated”. I am glad to hear your sooooooo good at identifying pits cause noone else is capable. I hope you break a bone when you fall off your soap box. They are not “extremely dangerous” and people like you turn a blind I to other breeds being in the new for attacks. I recently saw a story where 2 ST. Bernards attacked a pizza man as he walked up the sidewalk. This wasn’t the first itme they had done this either. The owner neglected to take proper precautions knowing his dogs were aggresive. So shut up

      1. RG says:

        Patrick, You know what You’re talking about and I totally agree with all You have written. people blame everything on Pits,If they only knew what big mushes they really are!!

    4. Clay Hund says:

      Didn’t I see you posting on another pit bull article a week or so ago, and that story reported it was a pit bull, but it was an American Bulldog? Typical bashers posting on pit bull articles in a poor attempt to misinform ignorant people.

      Guess what, the dog that killed this child wasn’t not a pit bull. It was a Cane Corso. You must be one of those dogsbite.org members that is targeting pit bulls and spreading around foalse info. Seriously, gat a life, because every breed that is vilified at any point in time is always the breed of choice for thugs. Before thugs use them, and after they use them, all of the breeds are deemed excellent. German Shepherds, Dobermans, Rotts, Pit Bull, and next Cane Corsos. It’s a shame there are idiots out there like you that surf the internet for pit bull article to spread your fear.

  37. Garth says:

    Pit Bulls are not dogs you have around children at any time. The breed snaps easily and quickly at the drop of a hat. These dogs are aggressive hunting animals, and should not be allowed in populated cities or suburbs at all. And the parents of this poor child should be arrested as well, for child obuse and neglect. You either have children, and tned to their needs, or you raise hunting dogs. You can;t be both, and think that as you are off frittering around somewhere that nothing bad will happen. What morons………..

    1. RG says:

      Garth,You’re a misinformed and paranoid. They are not hunting dogs.Look at the conditions that the child and the dogs lived in.They are not aggressive,they have determination which must be guided.I have had them all My life– They have watched over My Sister and My Daughter and never had a problem nor any doubt their behavior.

      1. Tom says:

        Every single time, in the news, that someone is killed by a dog… it’s a pit bull. It’s time we put them all down and extinct the breed. They have no practical evolutionary purpose and should be eliminated.

      2. Patrick says:

        TOM it is funny you mention the extermination of a breed. I was just thinking that the breed of stupid people that fail to understand that it is the way the dog are raised should be exterminated. THAT WOULD BE YOUR KIND. Incase you weere too ignorant to get that too

      3. Paula says:

        RG ..U R right !I have a pitbull which I found him when he was 8 months ..now he is 11 yeras old ..and I have a rottie ..I gow up with big dogs ..and YES I use to live my baby with big dogs around her because nothing will ever happend ..i din treat them bad ..now she is over 20 yeras old ..
        I love big dogs ..but what I don t undesrdent why they keep them in cageess?

    2. Patrick says:


    3. piekat says:

      Tom – You have made a simple, yet important point – That you, yourself have no practical evolutionary purpose. Thank you for the keen insight. Please continue to share as it is comments like yours that help us all to understand why our world is in such a mess.

  38. denise says:

    Why is there no mention of the fact that neither the mother nor the owner of the dog were not even home? They left the child unattended

  39. badman says:

    CBS, would you publish a headline that said, “4-year old boy killed by black man”? your headline screaming about pit bulls is BS. You don’t even know for sure that this dog is a pit bull. You probably don’t even know for sure what a pit bull is.

    this is not a legitimate news site. it’s a pandering, sensationalist POS.

  40. Debbie k says:

    I believe that pit bulls should not be allowed to b purchased in NY. There are too many turning on their owners or children. Anyone who lives inside that residence should at least b charged with endangering the welfare of a child

  41. JumptheMoon says:

    Dear news media, please stop calling mistreated, neglected, unsocialized dogs “pets.” Pets do not live in their own waste. Pets are not isolated in crates 23/7. Pets live in clean apartments with caring owners who give them veterinary care, neuter them, train them, and socialize them. Pets are part of a family, which is why an attack by a true pet dog is an extremely rare occurrence. These dogs were not pets. The parent might as well have left the baby in an alley with a couple of stray dogs. The outcome would have been the same.

    This article’s first sentence is an insult to the poor boy. Four-year-olds are not responsible for anything, much less an animal; this dog was certainly not “HIS pet.” The parents / owners were responsible for this dog–and for that matter, they clearly were not being responsible. But your article has inadvertently put the blame on the boy by implying that it was his dog. Your first sentence should have read “…after being attacked by a dog that his parents were keeping in the apartment.” Place the responsibility where it truly lies: on the neglectful owners of those dogs.

    1. badman says:

      great post, jumpthemoon. This article is sensationalist garbage.The focus should not be on the dog, but on the owner of this dog. The words “pit bull” in the headline are opportunistic and sensationalist – I haven’t believed it until now, but this local CBS news site is complete garbage.

      CBS, fire the editor responsible for this story. I will no longer read this web site for news.

      1. RG says:

        I agree,Great Post.The blame should be on the owners

      2. Patrick says:

        I fully agree. Thank you for your post. I have a 87 lb pitbull and a 94 lb boxer most thin is a pit. They are pets. I love them. fix them, care for them, take them to the vet, feed them, walk them 2 miles aday (no matter the weather living in Indiana) socialize them. The whol gammet. People love thm. Even the sceptics. Funny question here. If sceptics ever found out the truth what would they do?……. What would the pit haters complain about then? They are just ignorant. I feel sorry for them. They are actually just like racists.

  42. Jerome says:

    Why does that matter?

    1. James says:


  43. iggy says:

    you live in an APARTMENT. you have three kids under 5 and a pit bull AND a german shepard? this is child neglect and animal cruelty all in one.

  44. Barre Flynn says:

    The poor child, what a horrible way for a child to day. And it is so unnecessary.

  45. marcia smith says:

    AGAIN these dogs are not handeled right and tragedy occurs.these are a type of catch dog that is what they do I love them and all animals but you can necer not supervise any animal around a child

  46. joeD says:

    Don”t blame the dog – PUT THE PARENTS TO SLEEP – their the animals!

  47. LEONARDO says:


    1. iggy says:

      cap lock

    2. PAULKA says:

      YES U R RIGHT! ..this is because people ..U don t keep a dog in cages 24/7 ,this is abuse …I fill so sorry for the dogs …I will like to have them to prove they R wrong …they keep a lot of dogs in cages ..they say ..O ..I love dogs …

  48. Scott says:

    Is there a picture of the dog’s face? How do these cops and reporters know that it’s a pitbull when most experts can’t even tell by looks alone?

  49. ExplorerFl says:

    Three kids, two dogs, all living in three rooms in a Brooklyn apartment. No mention of mom or dad? Who is “Shirley Barnes” who witnessed the attack? The Daily News must be hiring from those outcome-based New York schools these days. Sad story by a relic of what used to be a good newspaper.

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