dog attack

Police sedated and removed a dog after an attack on a 4-year-old Brooklyn boy, May 27, 2011 (credit: CBS 2)

  • Judy Wilson

    This sounds like an awful home situation all around. The mother sounds not only irresponsible, but kept a house which was filthy with dog urin and feces. Who knows what happened with the llittle boy and the dog? Perhaps the child unknowingly hurt the dog by doing something like, for example, pulling on an ear which may have been sore. Anything could have caused the attack. what is really the issue is that the dogs were obviously not well cared-for or trained, basically just usually locked in cages, and that now an innocent little boy is dead. Those children should never have been left alone at their ages. They need to be taken to a foster home (the remaining ones, that is). If this dog has no “criminal record”, then it was probably a horrible accident. The dog and the other dog sould not be automatically put down. But that mother, and probably her boyfriend sound truly irresponsible and selfish and should be arrested. Because of their lack of caring for their children and for their pets, their little 4 year old innocent boy is dead.

  • dweetta

    this was a little boy people , a child is more inportant than a dog of any kind. the dog should be killed and so should the person that raised it to be a killer. nnext time my child or your could be laying dead . we are suppose to protect the chuldrens not dog people wake up this is a outrage . the person who own this dog should be in =jail . dog like that should not be around anybody less lone a little boy .

  • tony

    it was a Cane Corso not a Pit Bull its ignorant mistake like this that give the Pit Bull breed a bad name.

    • Tashawn Davis

      i know right|!BLAME THE DEED NOT THE BREED people like me and you could put an end toBSL

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