Group Stages ‘Smoke-In’ At Brighton Beach To Protest NYC’s New Smoking Ban

BROOKLYN, NY (1010 WINS) — It’s not a sit-in, but a smoke-in. Smokers intentionally broke the law by lighting up in protest of New York City’s new smoking ban.

The city’s  sweeping outdoor smoking ban went into effect Monday and prohibits smokers from lighting up in public parks, beaches and pedestrian plazas.

The group, Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment or CLASH, held the rally Saturday to protest the ban at Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan has more on the smokers’ demonstration.

The law was passed as a way to help prevent second-hand smoke. But Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he expects New Yorkers to be the ones enforcing the law by giving smokers a friendly reminder.

Audrey Silk of CLASH said she worries about this self-policing aspect of the ban.

“Citizen on citizen, inform on your neighbor,” Silk said. “They’re inviting hostile confrontations. I’m not encouraging violence or suggesting it or condoning it, but human nature is when you have confrontation in the street, arguments get heated and things will happen.”

If caught breaking the law, a smoker could be fined between $50 and $250.

The protest was held at 2 p.m. on the boardwalk at Brighton 6th Street.

What do you think of the protest? Sound off below in our comments section.


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  1. Aleksandr Nemets says:

    That how it is usually starts.
    First will be smokers, then people with dogs, then people with beards then with dark brown eyes.
    Who will be the next.
    This is NAZISM in pure and refined mode.
    If you want to care about people health– remove cars and jets from the streets and sky.
    How much pollution comes out of single 6 cylinders engine per hour? How about jet engine?
    No, there is no research on this matter because it is politically incorrect and very inconvenient.
    Not long ago coffee was almost banned from the street of NYC, lucky us coffee harvest went up and coffee was rehabilitated from danger to modestly healthy habit. Same was for sugar, salt. By the way did anyone pay attention to research that actually said that milk is not as healthy as it use to be advertised.
    That was on TV not longer than on 5/26/2011.
    So lets prohibit anyone who drinks coffee with milk and smoke to even open their eyes, or better move those idiots to work-camps, preferable behind barbwire’s with crematoriums near by…

    1. Rhonda Lee Starr says:

      Equating secondhand smoke to jets and automobiles is sheer idiocy (but what else would one expect from a smoker). There have been many many improvements to the emissions of automobiles and jets over the years. There has been absolutely nothing to improve the cigarette. I vote for a big plastic bubble that smokers have to walk around in when they smoke. Then you can smoke whenever and wherever you want.

  2. Michael J. McFadden says:

    Andrew Kent wrote, “Whether, and to what extent, outdoor smoking is harmful to non-smokers is a matter of medical science, not politics or wishful thinking. Studies have been done, and many more studies will be done before this issue is finally settled”

    The first part of your statement is true Andrew, but your last comment about “many more studies ” being needed is not. The Klepeis study provided a sound scientific evaluation of outdoor smoke exposure and if you combine its results with the claims of the EPA regarding the cancer threat from ETS, you’d have to conclude that it would take, on average, a dedicated nonsmoker roughly 320 *million* years of spending all day, every day, continuously following smokers very closely (18 inches behind them) in the park in order to develop a single lung cancer.

    To call such a thing “harmful” in the normal English usage of the word is nonsense. See my analysis of Klepeis et al at:

    It’s short, referenced, and I think you’ll enjoy it.

    Michael J. McFadden
    Author of “Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains”

    1. Andrew Kent says:

      I’ll read your analysis, and even the entire Klepeis study, when I get the chance. I promise. But you missed another important part of my post, to wit:

      “We’re not talking cancer here, as that is more of a risk factor for smokers and their non-smoking loved ones. We’re talking heart disease, asthma, emphysema, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and a host of other conditions that can make one’s middle and golden years extremely difficult and, in the presence of tobacco smoke and other pollutants, nearly intolerable if not outright dangerous. Just ask your doctor.”

      We have health and safety laws to protect the public against, not only the worst case scenarios, but also against less dire consequences and to create a less dangerous environment in order to minimize risks. Most people don’t get hit by cars crossing against the light, yet we have crosswalk signs, and jaywalking laws, to prevent it from happening. We have laws against public urination and masturbation, not because of the risk of people gettting STDs on the soles of their feet, but because most people find such behavior offensive and disgusting.

      If your next door neighbor burned garbage in his yard every day, you’d probably be the first to complain. Yet, when people do that in a park, or on the beach or boardwalk, albeit on a smaller scale, and when enough people complain such that legislation is enacted and enforced, the trash burners are the first to complain. I’m sure there’s some middle ground here, such as smoke-free and smoking-permitted parks and beaches, just as Sandy Hook and some local beaches have clothing-optional policies, and this is where any “smokers’ rights” campaign should direct its efforts. But, on a controlled access thoroughfare like the Coney Island-Brighton Beach Boardwalk, non-smokers shouldn’t be forced to smoke smokers’ cigarettes.

      Our parks, beaches, and boardwalks are places where people go to enjoy nature, fresh air, and and a few hours of carefree recreation. Is it fair that they should be made to suffer because a handful of smokers believe they have a “right” to indulge their addiction at the expense of the rights of others? This isn’t just about medical science; it’s about common sense and common decency, not to mention the commonly held, but often disregarded, notion that we should not do unto others what we wouldn’t want them to do unto us. The rest is commentary.

      1. Michael J. McFadden says:

        Andrew, I await your substantive criticisms of my “Lies Behind…” writing. Regarding your statement, “We’re talking heart disease, asthma, emphysema, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease” I would like to ask you to back that up with just a single study that you feel is defensible that shows outdoor exposures to secondary smoke to be a significant contributor to ANY of them. You don’t need to show it for all of them…. I’ll let you pick what you feel is the best one. Note: I’m asking for a study, one with free online access so that it can be properly evaluated in full, not a statement by an “authority” or a news article. A study in a medical journal.

        Thank you.

        – MJM
        P.S. Have you ever actually lived near a trash burner? I have. I can assure you that a person burning trash puts out the fumes of well over 100 smokers and those fumes, often including plastic items, are probably far more harmful that a gram or two of leaves in a thin sheath of paper.

      2. Michael J. McFadden says:

        Well Andrew, it’s been over 100 hours at this point and you do not seem to have had time to read either my short and easy analysis OR the main study upon which these open air bans are based.

        And yet you seem to have found time to comment on about a half dozen various news boards with various cut and pastes and a few expanded commnents on this topic WITHOUT having read the primary research or being able to defend it.

        Of course you may have just wandered off and forgotten yourself here. Perhaps I should go to those boards and help you find your way back?

        – MJM

    2. Dee says:

      well now that they came for the smokers. cell phones are next,0,3926296.story

      1. RumbleDoll Daly says:

        It was only a matter of time before they cam for us. Yes, what is next, no smoking in our homes? The no smoking outdoors is what I have a big problem with, it is getting too widespread, first in front of buildings, then 500 ft away, now public beaches and parks. Where is the line drawn? We have the power, people. We have our rights. It has gotten to the point where we have to fight for them

  3. Gregg says:

    Why not go after the cigeratte companies and sellers ? I remember a time when smoking was in almost every movie and TV commecial. I also remember when you could smoke anywhere ,including airplanes. This smoking addition was implemented by the tobacco companies !

  4. Andrew Kent says:

    The Smoker’s March to the Sea has made a statement on behalf of those who object to the new outdoor smoking ban. But we are a nation of laws, not men and women, so it is now time to respect and obey the law while lobbying to change it. Continuing to flagrantly flout the law will ultimately force the City Council to increase the fines and/or authorize the NYPD to issue summonses, something police officers will do with vigor, if only to meet summons quotas, and, of course, because they dutifully follow the orders that they’re given. Failing that, police officers still have the authority to arrest violators, including smokers, who refuse to identify themselves or otherwise cooperate with the Parks Department enforcement officers attempting to issue them summonses (and Audrey Silk, being a retired NYC cop, should know that).

    Are smoking sections the answer? Smoking sections could work in parks and on beaches, but it was tried in bars and restaurants, and, because air and smoke can’t read signs, it didn’t work. The Boardwalk is problematic, because it is a controlled access thoroughfare, and non-smokers would have to run a gauntlet of smokers, particularly in congested areas like the restaurant sections of Brighton Beach and C oney Island.

    Smoking, like any “right,” entails responsibilities, whether or not there are laws regulating it, and, when rights are in conflict, those of passive victims should take precedence over those of people whose behavior is inconsistent with nature and subject to the individual’s control.

    But using the logic put forth by smokers, that polluting is their right, as well as my own logic that what’s natural should prevail, one could also argue that public urination, and even masturbation, should be allowed as well. So we address these conflicts legislatively to craft public policy that best addresses public needs and sensibilities, not to mention the primary purpose of anti-smoking laws, public health and safety.

    Whether, and to what extent, outdoor smoking is harmful to non-smokers is a matter of medical science, not politics or wishful thinking. Studies have been done, and many more studies will be done before this issue is finally settled. But, as a non-smoker with thus-far mild respiratory problems, and as someone familiar with the medical aspects of life-threatening cardiovascular conditions, I can tell you that even a whiff of cigarette smoke can trigger measurable physiological responses that are, at best, uncomfortable, and, at worst, extremely unhealthy, for many non-smokers. We’re not talking cancer here, as that is more of a risk factor for smokers and their non-smoking loved ones. We’re talking heart disease, asthma, emphasema, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and a host of other conditions that can make one’s middle and golden years extremely difficult and, in the presence of tobacco smoke and other pollutants, nearly intolerable if not outright dangerous. Just ask your doctor.

    To those of you who choose to smoke and who still insist that smoking is merely a lifestyle choice, please consider the most vulnerable of your fellow human beings, many of whom may be former smokers who are now paying a horrible price. And for those of you who are addicted and would like to be freed from the costly bondage that traps you, please get help. The City, while enacting anti-smoking laws, also provides services for smokers wanting to quit. We all, smokers and non-smokers alike, want better health and a longer life, don’t we? Think about it. You have more freedom of choice than you can imagine, and the choice is entirely yours.

  5. JH says:


    1. RumbleDoll Daly says:

      Give me a frickin break

  6. littlestar says:

    Hello ! It has recently come to my attention that my suicidal smoking addiction causes some peoples’ HMO rates to increase.So sorry ( not really ) Well, I haven’t heard one, not one, anti smoking person here offer any compassion for us smokers.You are all hate filled basterds. Hey, maybe some people are just born that way, addictive personalities. After 28 years of smoking I can tell you that I truly regret PULLING MY FIRST, DEEP LUNG INHALE, my first ciggarette.If only Elton John regregted sucking his first didk, what a wonderful world this would be.

  7. Kenneth Brownlee says:

    Regarding the “Right” of a prisoner of war to smoke under the archaic
    laws of the Geneva convention.
    1. POW inmates upon arrest have cigarette products taken away from them to check for poison or drugs .That is where there self afflicted agony begina
    2. The “Fresh Direct” truck or camel takes a very long time to deliver a new approved carton of cigarettes to the interrogation facility.
    3. We are actually helping a person realize how bad addiction is for you.
    4. I can surmise the right for a POW to smoke was written in the Geneva
    convention by the Tobacco industry.
    5. Government without the big brother ilabel is always telling us what to do or
    not do for our health and safety .

  8. Touchdown says:

    They can protest all they want but sooner or later they will have to conform to the new
    regulations. We are not going back on these smoking restrictions and its a good
    thing all round. I don’t need anyone’s second hand smoke blowing in my face. When
    I’m outdoors I like to enjoy a breath of fresh air. I hope even more restrictions are
    enacted sooner rather than later. I would like to see a $100 fine for a disgarded
    cigarrette but.

    1. littlestar says:

      Nazi basterd. Luv ya ! ! !

    2. littlestar says:

      … also pretend that you don’t live on the island of Manhatten… breath free my friend….

  9. Libby Idiots says:

    So how did these morons feel at the end of their protest when they walked away and no one noticed. What a waste of life. Losers.

    1. jason says:

      im not even a smoker, yet its plain as day for me to see that these laws are going too far.. even a ban in bars is going to far because the government has no place telling a private establishment what they can and cannot do. if you dont like a bar’s smoking policy.. you don’t have to go there and give them your money. it’s that simple.

    2. A. Levy says:

      Actually, we felt rather sad. Sad for all of you weaklings who sit by and watch more and more of your rights, freedoms, and liberties being taken away each day in the name of “health”. I will smoke for as long as i choose, but you will be weak and stupid forever.

  10. Greg Helten says:

    People who smoke are rude and inconsiderate.Their only concern is lighting up and puffing away. After all it is their right to smoke and to hell with the non-smokers. The smoker thinks nothing of blowing their nasty, disgusting smoke in peoples faces regardless of the health consequences to the non-smoker. After all, it is their right to smoke. Hopefully, during my lifetime, the day will come when smoking is outlawed all-together and tobacco companies are put out of business once and for all. I have no sympathy for smokers. Whatever disease or life threatening ailment they get from smoking is just what they deserve.

    1. danni says:

      …Just like it’s YOUR right to be a nasty, mean-spirited person. Someone that mean doesn’t sincerely care about others.

    2. Cos says:

      Greg, the feeling is mutual… Chances are that you’ll die of cancer too. How’s that for irony…? In any case, this is a nanny-state mentality – where the government is making it clear that it knows what’s best for its citizens. Eventually, you will not be able to make your own choices anymore, Greg… Unless, of course, they coincide with the State’s…!

    3. littlestar says:

      Yes my friend, the tobacco companies are Godless basterds. You are right. Unfortunatly proabition does not work. This public, park, beach, ect., ban serves no perpose either, excepet to satisfiy the power of the well to do ( good people ) and the lower class, fussy, silly, yuppies that quite strangely find thier lives in immiediate danger if they get the slightest wifff of spent smoke up their… So all you, said Manhattanites, walk out your door in the mornig and pretend that you don’t live in Manhatten

    4. Dr. 9 says:

      Ah yes, another “tolerant” Fascist who obviously believes we should all live as he says we must. Like “HIs Majesty” Bloomberg, these people believe thay, and only they, have the right to tell everyone how to live. They would have done very well in the Berlin of the mid-late 30’s.

    5. Kat says:

      Smokers are rude? Maybe you might be rude too if you were standing on a sidewalk minding your own business, when some as&*%$# purposly walks in your direction waving their hands and covering their mouth. The sidewalks of NY are huge, if you see me standing there smoking, and you dont like it, its YOUR PROBLEM. You can either cross the street if you think your about to die, move over ten feet and continue to walk. All those 311 add’s about smoking are just a waste of your money as it is my money. But it seems your too dumb/blind/proud to realize that. I am not scared of cancer. We all have to die of something. I rather get cancer from smoking – than from not smoking. How many of you out there either has cancer who dont smoke – or knows someone with cancer that never smoked a day in their lives? Think about it.

  11. Gerald Waldman says:

    I support the anti-smoking ban protesters!
    Now we need a perfume/cologne/aftershave wearing ban. I’m allergic to some of the ingredients in perfume/cologne/aftershave and It can cause my asthma to kick up, leaving me gasping for oxygen and my inhaler medication does not always work. Why should I have to go to the emergency room because you want to smell like something other than a human? It is dangerous to my health and could lead to my death, but some of you just don’t seem to care. If I can smell it when you pass by, that means I’m inhaling it leading to possible health problems for those of us with asthma and COPD that could lead to our death.

    1. RumbleDoll Daly says:

      A whiff of smoke is not going to cause you to start wheezing and fall down on the ground gasping for breath. There is a lot of air out there. plenty for everyone. Step around a smoker, you are in his realm. I have news for you, every time you go outside, you inhale carbon monoxide from car exhaust. Which is more deadly then smoke from cigs. Better look at all the other pollutants in the air, and just see if you can avoid or do something about them.

    2. Kat says:

      BOO-HOO Why dont you just put a bag over your head? Or live in a plastic bubble. You can’t smell perfume on the street? Then i suggest you move out of a city that has millions of people. Move to a farm, in the middle of no where. Unless the smell of trees bother you too. If i were you i would go and get a radiation suite. You may need it.

  12. justme says:

    All I can say about all this is that New York is, without a doubt, a socialist/communist NANNY STATE where everyone is told what and what not to do by those in charge. Why you people put up with it is beyond me. You’ve got 8 million people in NYC who keep their mouths shut and go along with the program every time Big Brother enacts a new law restricting even more freedoms, and that goes for you non smokers, too. You pay through the nose in taxes for the “privilege” of being treated this way. Some people on this board see what’s happening; a lot of them, however, are happy to sneer and laugh BECAUSE IT ISN’T HAPPENING TO THEM. YET. I can see the day coming where yes, you WILL be fined for wearing too much perfume or your barbecue smoke is drifting into your neighbors yard. Whatever. Someone is always offended by something, aren’t they? Unfortunately, some of the people I see on this board aren’t much different than the people who lived in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia…all too willing to report their neighbors to “The State” or resort to violence to keep other people “in line”. Right. Gee, why don’t you just put on a pair of jackboots and carry a bludgeon?

    1. jayne says:

      The reason we need laws like this is because smokers have ,in general, cared more about their “right” (not in the constitution) to smoke than non smokers right to life (in the constitution). If these smoke junkies (for you are, after all, junkies) would go hide themselves away from the public like good junkies should, we wouldn’t have to force them out.

      1. hattie says:

        I’m not a smoker, but for the most part smokers have been very considerate and from what I’ve seen, bend over backwards not to intrude in someone’s space. If you don’t like it, walk away. Why make an issue out of nothing? You must really freak out when the garbage truck goes by.

      2. Bill says:

        If you have the ‘right’ to scratch your behind in public if you wish, then smokers can smoke also. Not too hard to understand for ya?

      3. A. Levy says:

        jayne, my “right” to Freedom of Choice is in fact, in the Constitution. In fact, it’s the same “right” that gives a woman the “right “to choose” to get an abortion, and a convicted inmate the “right” to choose to get a sex-change operation, and at the tax payers expense. This is going to come as a big shock to you, but your rights have no greater value or importance than mine do.

    2. CyZane says:

      We are past the nanny state. We are now well into the bully state. Be careful what you wish for for the sake of a false sense of security. If you are willing to go along with such bullying for a few whisps of smoke that you may or may not get in an outdoor setting, what are you willing to give up for real health risks?

      Being afraid of second hand smoke through which generations upon generations have survived and thrived, is total lunacy. But somehow I doubt that most posters on this board who are all for this legislation are ordinary citizens. This might shed some light as to what is going on here :

    1. Gerald Waldman says:

      Thanks for the link. It is interesting reading and pretty much does away with the “health risk” of second-hand smoke.

    2. e. jones says:


      Because something called “The Smokers Club” couldn’t possibly be biased.

    3. Jim says:

      I’m not a smoker, but thanks for the link which was very informative. The so-called second-hand smoke thing outside was never a major issue, and Bloomberg knew it. The more ‘laws’ are put into place for one non-sensical thing or another, the more funding dollars it generates. It has ALWAYS been about the money and nothing more. Just as every NYC students represents a dollar amount, and little else to these ‘law-making’ people.

  13. RichieT says:

    The “right to smoke”
    “Right’s”, are defined in the Constitution.. There is absolutely no mention of smoking in the constitution. That means the 10th amendment applies.
    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
    There is no mention in the Constitution of marriage. That’s why marriage licenses are the states jurisdiction.
    The 19th amendment took 42 years to finally be ratified;
    “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.”
    Deal with it.


    1. Gerald Waldman says:

      I seem to remember the phrase “… life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ..” from somewhere! I’m much happier smoking compared to NOT smoking.

      1. e. jones says:

        …and once you figure out how to do it without infringing on MY Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness (which includes not being subjected to your carcinogens), you are free to light up.

        Until then, it is wholly constitutional to limit your “rights” at the point where they infringe on the rights of others.

        Otherwise, you would have to agree that I have the right to throw lighter-fluid on you while you are holding a lit cigarette, if that made me happy.

      2. Dale Auburn says:

        I seem to remember the phrase “… life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ..” from somewhere!

        It’s in the Declaration of Independence, and thus IS NOT considered law.

    2. Bill says:

      Go do your homework. Smoking or not is not constitutional law, despite your attempts to twist it. Deal with that.

    3. Dr. 9 says:

      “There is absolutely no mention of smoking in the constitution.”

      Nor is there mention of a “right” to privacy, or a ‘right” to get an abortion. But there is something in there called “FREEDOM OF CHOICE”!

  14. RichieT says:

    It’s not ridiculous.
    My problem with them smoking in the parks and on the beaches, is that THEY’RE SLOBS. Why should I have to see 10, 15, 20. cigarettes buts, matches and empty cigarette packs thrown all over om the ground while I’m sitting on a bench in Central Park, .I shouldn’t have to. THAT’S, why it has to be stopped. If there any kind of empty cigarette packs, cigarette buts, pieces of paper or thrash on the sidewalk in front of my house, I get a $100 ticket from the Sanitation Dept. If it’s not payed withing thirty days it’s $300. But it’s ok to do the same thing in the parks and on the beaches?. IT’S NOT.

    1. littlestar says:

      Keep your head up.

      1. RichieT says:

        I shouldn’t need to keep my head up, Smokers need to stop being slobs.If I get a fine because of cigarette buts on the sidewalk in front of my house, smokers should get fines. If smokers are allowed to throw trash on the ground in the parks and on the beaches, I should be allowed to have trash on the sidewalk in front of my house.
        .That’s guaranteed in the Constitution. “equal right”. It’s all or none.

    2. Gerald Waldman says:

      Then fine them for LITTERING, but not for smoking!

      1. RichieT says:

        That’s my point.
        The law should deal with the right aspect of the problem. It doesn’t. II don’t have a problem with people smoking. that’s their choice.. One thing that so classic of how this city runs, I live a couple of blocks from the MTA Bus, and Subway shops, in East New York., in Brooklyn. The sidewalks , the outdoor parking lots are FILTHY. They don’t even shovel the snow in the winter.. You can’t even walk on the sidewalk on one side. The tree branches are 4 feet of the ground.

      2. joebkny says:

        llittering goes with the territory on the beach, smokers think the beach is one huge ashtray. So if you ban cigarttes on the beach you are in turn stopping thier lax attitude of the beach being one big ashtray.

        So whats the problem now with not smoking at the beach?

    3. Alan says:

      The secondhand smoke is also annoying and dangerous, even outdoors. People should only be allowed to smoke if they can do it in a way that no one else has to breathe their smoke. I shouldn’t have to move from my spot at the park or beach because these obnoxious jerks started smoking and their smoke is blowing my way. That low life Audrey Silk does make a good point about problems with a law that is self enforcing. At least with the indoor law, I can file a complaint against the business so there is some incentive for enforcement. Who can I file a complaint against at a park? Is the city going to fine itself? The police should have been given the authority to ticket and arrest smokers. Smoking is totally prohibited in jail, and I think those drug addicted smokers would have a really big problem if they tried to break the no smoking laws while in jail.

      1. Gerald Waldman says:

        Your second hand cologne/perfume is annoying and dangerous to my health (asthma) so let’s ban that while we are at it.

    4. Jim says:

      PUHLEEEESE…..You probably never gave it a second thought until Bloomberg started bleating about it to get himself in the news and drum up some money from the state. Who ya kidding?

  15. t says:

    they are my favorite to give 5 fingers across their fat lips

  16. T says:

    SO TELL US, NEW YORKERS, IM SORRY NEW YAWKEHS, TO BE A GOOD CITIZEN AND COME UP TO SOMEONE TO PUT THEIR CIGG OUT?! its effin NY, that comment is gonna get the “good citizen” slapped and they deserve it.

    i dont smoke and dont give 2 sh#$%ts about others smoking, its america, do what you want right?! its OUTSIDE! grow a pair or get a creme for your vaginas if you inhale a bit!!

  17. The Don says:

    As a former smoker and current happy, living grandpa of a wonderful 4 year old I love the new law. I say it’s fine for smokers to choose to kill themselves when it doesn’t affect other people. Smoking is NOT a right it is a personal choice. Show me a law that says different. The thing that really gets me is when I’m in a place that o can’t avoid being, like waiting for a bus, and someone is puffing away right next to me and my grandchild, or next to a frail older person, or a pregnant woman. Don’t we have the right to life, and pursuit of happiness? Is it right for a smoker to infringe on our liberty to assault us with a mix of toxic chemicals in airborn form? There are already laws on the books about places like bus stops ramps at the staten island ferry that don’t get enforced. The local police even told me that they have been told by command to not enforce the no smoking laws because it too much trouble- even if a citizen such as myself make the request for enforcement to protect my grandchild. Should I have to move all my beach things after I get set up because someone starts puffing away next to me?
    Smokers rights? That’s like saying you got a right to blow air in peoples faces to intentionally spread whatever disease you have.

    It also makes me wonder why all these smokers are so impolite in the first place. Who brought you up? Tv, wolves, and abusive or neglectful parents? A little harsh but that’s the impression I get.

    For that matter , isn’t it a serious security issue for people to be allowed to weild what is on effect an open flame in high volume commuter areas.

    I’m for a total ban of outdoor smoking except in specifically designated areas for smokers and people with contagous diseases. Sorry if you have a disease I wouldn’t want to have a smoker near me either’

    1. Walt Cody says:

      Well, The Don, if, as you claim, you were a smoker, I suppose you too were suckled by wolves?

      it’s also quite amazing how several centuries worth of Americans grew up among smokers and grew up to be quite healthy and happy. In fact (check it out with the CDC) the asthma rates in America have more than doubled in the last 30 years as the smoking rate was halved (and with it, of course, the secondhand smoke). But don’t let the facts get in the way of your intolerance.

      Finally, as I recall, ALL American citizens have the right to pursue happiness, endowed by their creator– a God wiser than you.

      And– friendly word of warning– people with all kinds of communicable diseases, including the symptomless who are dangerously incubating– do have an obligation to exhale. And they might be just anywhere. Next to you at the movies. Next to you on the bus. Be afraid, very afraid.

    2. Alan says:

      To The Don, I agree with you 100%. And thank you for quitting smoking and no longer harming others. Most smokers are addicted and are no less a drug addict than someone on crack or heroin. They will do whatever they have to do to get their fix, without concern for others. In order to stop smokers from harming and possibly killing others, I think we need to pass better laws that require the police to get involved, make the fines much higher (such as $10,000 for a first offense), along with mandatory prison for reapeat offenders. Public smoking needs to be treated just like drunk driving. And by the way, I’m for legalizing drugs of any kind, as long as the drugs only are dangerous to the person using them (no secondhand smoke, proper needle disposal, etc.).

    3. Sandi says:

      I am a former smoker too and I think this law is just WRONG!!! What about all the emissions from the cars and buses? Have you seen the color of the bus emissions lately??? Well in case you haven’t, it’s BLACK and that stuff is going into your lungs. Like someone else said, why don’t they ban perfume and cologne??? NY is becoming a police state and like a communist country. I know someone who comes from Estonia and when it was under Soviet rule, neighbor would be ratting out neighbor, mother would be ratting out child. Is that what you want to happen here??? I know I certainly don’t. The smoke amount is so small that I doubt it will hurt anyone outside, especially on the beach as the wind is always kicking up that you can barely even light up. I have a neighbor who has a huge bbq pit that faces the side of my house and when he uses it, the smoke comes right into my window so should the city put a ban on bbq??!!! What’s next??? They are just taking away our freedoms. There are so many other important things that the city should concentrate it’s efforts on, smoking at a park or a beach should NOT be one of them!

  18. badman says:

    I can’t wait to find you and slap that butt out of your fat mouth

    1. Steve says:

      I would probably kick your ass Mr.Badman in a heartbeat…I’m also waiting for some jerk to tell me to put my cigarette out…first thing I’ll do is check to see if there any camera’s and then put the smoke out on his forehead so he will remember the next time he looks in a mirror what a great citizen he is.

    2. justme says:

      Yes, Comrade badman.

    3. Gerald Waldman says:

      @ badman –That;s assault, perhaps assault and battery. I see you in jail, not just paying a fine. IDIOT!

  19. CyZane says:

    Second hand smoke isn’t even a significant health risk indoors let alone outdoors.

    You’ve been had!

  20. BeyondStars says:

    I agree with youvebeenhad. There are so many other pollutants in the air. Please! Never mind smoking. I live a few blocks away from a small furniture factory. Every morning I get to Dont tell me its from smokers. People use your brains. They are being misdirected every day. All your doing is fighting amonst yourselves. BTW i dont smoke.

  21. IMHO says:

    I must say that I am now VERY concerned that my neighbors will try to cite me for visitors smoking on my property but the smoke traveling by their homes.

    Whats to prevent them from claiming second hand smoke from a neighbors home???

    I live in one of the all attached brick row houses. My neighbor complains if my bar-b-q is too close. Does she now have the right to take me to court for smoking?

    1. Michael J. McFadden says:

      IMHO, yes: that is exactly where the laws are heading. One of the main pushes by the national and international antismoking groups over the past couple of years has been banning smoking in apartments on the basis of nanoscopic amounts of smoke jumping out of electrical outlets after crawling along the wires from neighboring apartments. Row homes will suffer the same fate unless you start getting active and do something about it. If you’re in NY, join CLASH. If you’re elswhere, do enough reading on the subject so you can go up against the Antis and join a local email Free Choice group. Also: Check the websites of and and

      – MJM

      1. e. jones says:

        Because your “free choice” to pollute your personal space trumps my “free choice” to enjoy my home without the addition of YOUR carcinogenic agents?

        Have you ever taken a moment to actually think about the ludicrous lack of logic in your argument, or for that matter, ever bothered to consider the health and well-being of someone besides yourself?

    2. IMHO says:

      e. jones –

      I am highly allergic to the flowers in your garden and their fragrance sweeps over to my house so please remove them permanently and immediately or I will bring you to court and have you fined.

      Now how crazy does that sound?

      Isn’tt that where we’re going here?

  22. Youvebeenhad says:

    Cigarette taxes have paved your roads, built your schools, libraries, museums and funded your arts and your ANTI SMOKING groups, etc. They have also subsidized the healthcare for nonsmokers who are rotting away from diseases that they will also die from. How is it that the neurotic among us can claim that shs kills when it doesn’t even compare to the other pollutants in the air that are far more dangerous? I just wish people would think….use their brains….do a bit of research and not be such sponges for propaganda!

  23. john anthony says:

    i can find a place in the park that is away from people, but is alright for people talk on the cell phone so loud in restarunt or keep there dogs next to them while i eat, if the mayor is so worried about smoking than why do we have cigar bar’s and not cig bar’s people really think they are going to stop smoking, half your children smoke and you don’t even know it keep giving them money for cigs someday go to 75st and first and watch all the kids i didn’t make pick up a cig you did by not paying attention before you mind my business clean up your own backyard

  24. Kenneth Brownlee says:

    I would ask each and every smoker how they would feel if I took
    away their pack of smokes for 12 hours,they would be insane craving
    for a smoke ,impossible to do anything but seek out a ciggie in the army
    when we interrogated a prisoner of war who smoked we knew we were in
    the catbird seat taking their cigs away and they when they went nuts craving
    the nicotine in a fit ,we lit up in front of them for the show,always from a new
    pack of Pall Mall as that red package was really looking good ,we offered
    them one smoke to talk a little and the whole packfull to tell us a lot .
    It worked,one of the oldest tools around equal to smack for a junkie.
    ,it will be banned ,one day totaly banned.

    1. Michael J. McFadden says:

      Kenneth Brownlee wrote, “when we interrogated a prisoner of war who smoked we knew we were in the catbird seat taking their cigs away and they when they went nuts craving the nicotine in a fit ,we lit up in front of them. ”

      Interesting Kenneth. You DO realize I hope that you just confessed to a crime under the Geneva Conventions that require the provision and access to tobacco for POWs, right?

      – MJM

      1. badman says:

        not during interrogation loser

    2. justme says:

      I would feel fine. I can go without a cigarette for longer than 12 hours. I smoke when I feel like it.

  25. Dale Auburn says:

    Again, my right to pollute your air outweighs your right to breathe. Deal with it.

  26. M. Miuphy Keller says:

    To Mike J. Macfact done
    The smokers rights BS is so passe.and not
    about big brother or civil rights .
    You guys get disease that we all pay for ,you take up space
    with your stroke and cancer and hardening of the arteries from
    Tobacco at the hospital ,you force with your sad addiction all our
    health costs to go up from HMO to Nursing homes .You all bring
    on this disease to all of us ,one way or the other.
    The total ban on smoking cigarettes down the road is coming but we
    first must pray that our Governments,local and Federal make the cost
    of smoking so high that these neurotic idiots that chose to still smoke
    will be punished.,that’s the idea ,in 20 years I would bet that all use of
    Tobacco is eliminated yeah for health reasons.
    Our city has a TV commercial running that shows the continuous pain of
    having to find 1 breath for smoker suffering Emphysema the pre cursor
    of fatal lung cancer or heart attack. Morphine does not help one bit in
    advanced lung cancer pain,
    Visit those dying from smoking disease.,try the Vet’s hospital on First Avenue
    and see what other’s do .

    1. littlestar says:

      It sure is tuff to quite, my friend. Thanks for calling me a neurotic idiot. Idiot.

      1. zee says:

        It’s tough to quit but why does everyone else have to inhale your poison!

      2. Luna Tique says:

        You are a neurotic addict. Idiot

      3. littlestar says:

        Zee – we are talking about outdoor second hand smoke. It does nothing to harm you. This is in your mind, evev if you just get a small wiff of it.

    2. justme says:

      ALL people get diseases that WE ALL pay for in one way or another. Does your city also have commercials that show what it’s like to suffer from OTHER diseases? Morphine doesn’t help in the final stages of MANY fatal illnesses, not just lung cancer.
      This IS about Big Brother. Now go get your brown shirt so you’ll be probably dressed when you go to inform on your neighbor.

  27. Youvebeenhad says:

    I can only imagine that it is the same people who approve of this idiotic ban that are ok with granny and the kids being groped at the airport. What ever happened to NY Chutzpah?

  28. Michael J. McFadden says:

    This has got to be one of the most blatantly irresponsible regulations and approaches to regulation enforcement that I have ever seen. For Bloomberg and the NYC DoH to call for what boils down to “Citizen Vigilante Enforcers” in a city known for having 8 million walking powder kegs should be seen as actual CRIMINAL irresponsibility. . . . . . .

    When antismoking nut jobs feel they now have they now have authority from the city to assault smokers and violence and injuries ensue, will it be the NYC taxpayers who end up having to foot the lawsuit bills that come pounding down? Fat chance that Bloomberg will pay for them out of his own pocket. . . . . .

    The health issues of outdoor smoking are nonexistent. See to get an idea of how the studies are conducted that the wack jobs hold up to support bans like this. The littering issues on beaches (according to environmental officials in California who’ve studied the problem there) may actually NOT from the beach smokers, but from the city smoking ban in general as smokers are thrown out to the sidewalks, butts get littered and washed into the storm drains, and then wind up washing back in from the ocean. . . . . . .

    There is a reason why societies usually avoid minor regulations of life and discourage citizens from even “gently” trying to enforce such things, and as I said above, I think it’s actually criminally irresponsible for the city to have gone down this path. . . . . . . .

    Michael J. McFadden,
    Author of “Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains”

  29. Dee says:

    For The Anti Smoking Cartel

    smoking is good for you

  30. JC says:

    I would have had the fire department standing by with a giant hose and sprayed water onto anyone who chose to lit up. If you idiots can pollute my air, the law should allow me to spray that dumb looking cancer stick out of your mouth. Go smoke in your own house.

    1. skalley99 says:

      And next the ban will be about perfume. I dont like the smell of cologne or perfume ,could get a ban on them.

      1. Gerald Waldman says:

        Yup, I have asthma and I’m allergic to some perfumes, so it IS a health problem. Why should I have to feel like I’m drowning and perhaps go to the emergency room/hospital because I can no longer breath because you want to smell like something other than a human! BAN PERFUME NOW! A LAW MUST BE PASSED. Think of all the children with asthma who face this everyday! — NO, I’m not kidding. If you can ban my second hand smoke, I should be able to ban your second hand perfume!

    2. t says:

      yes because the fire department got nothing better to do… OH.. bloomberg closing the fire departments, you think they gonna help him with the ban? shhhhiet they’re lighting it up!

      btw the cancer stick is not in your mouth and if ur on a beach or a park next to someone smoking….. MOVE or grow some

    3. Gerald Waldman says:

      @ JC — That’ll be next, a smoking BAN in the private home! It’s all ready banned in numerous apartment buildings and co-ops. I mean THINK OF THE CHILDREN, even if you don’t have any children at home!

  31. Duckie says:

    I say repeal the smoking ban and add another $3 a pack tax. Allow restaurants and bars to allow smoking again if they pay a $500 a week “health tax.” Solve the budget problem and find out how important it is for people to continue to use their cancer sticks in one move. That’s what I would do.

    1. RichieT says:

      My father used to smoke two packs a day.. He quit overnight. It was because of the sales tax they put on cigarettes. It was one cent a pack. It was a tax he had the right to pay it, or not pay.

  32. Paul Kohloff says:

    this mayor wants everything his way ,he sucks no guns no cigarettes were law abiding citizens and hes turning us into criminals. whats next ,? i guess what ever bloomy wants like sheep going to slaughter.just like the nazi’s did to the jews . he sucks

    1. Lisa Fender says:

      I agree..I wish New York would get rid of the ass!

  33. Ban Gasz says:

    Stopping smoking is for the children ,if yah know what i mean.
    Kids copy their family.,If tobacco were put on the market today
    it would never be a legal drug.It is time to see these smoking addicted
    nutjobs removed they can live in another state where they can blow
    smoke in each others face and cough to each other ,deep breath anyone?

  34. Non Smoker Lovin it. says:

    Poor Ciggie puffers they are such sorry addicts they
    have to defend their drug addiction even now when the majority
    of people don’t smoke anymore or have ever started.
    Let’s make a cigarette $3 each.
    Nothing worse to see these fools doing this sucking down of smoke
    and related poisons to their lungs
    and arteries and calling it freedom ,who wrote this sad comedy?

    1. littlestar says:

      Yes many of us are sorry addicts, you are right.

      1. Luna Tique says:

        Yes you sorry addicts cost us taxpayers billions of dollars a year in health care and lost production yearly.

    2. Gerald Waldman says:

      @ Luna Tique — Most smokers are taxpayers too, paying billions of dollars in cigarette taxes and sales tax per year. If we all stop today, how are you going to cover the lost taxes?

      1. jayne says:

        Maybe you smokers should give that a try. Don’t worry. Bloomie will find a way.

  35. remo says:

    Divide and conquer. That’s what our city’s quasi-leadership has done. To a formerly unified city: We all need to wake up and see who has blown smoke in our faces.

  36. SAMMY says:

    I see all the alcohol lovers responding here lol
    what a joke – go drink and drive and kill someone innoccent thats ok
    Eventually, when this mayor is gone and someone with a brain realizes that alcohol is as bad as smoking and taxes it accordingly, then we will see all the SCREAMERS

    1. ljm says:

      Seriously, this is what you come up with? How is drinking and driving okay? It’s ILLEGAL. You drink and drive and get caught and you pay dearly. See how it works? Good, lord. Are you even thinking?

      1. justme says:

        See, Sammy, ljm is screaming and making excuses already! See how they twist your words around? Yes, it’s ILLEGAL, but people do it ANYWAY.

        By the way, NY is seriously considering raising the alcohol tax. Go to:

        NY, according to the report, is in a fiscal crisis and needs more money. They say drinkers need to pay their fair share to help pay for the consequences of their drinking, i.e. medical costs (whoda thunk!!) This equalization tax will help NY raise several hundred million in revenue per year.

        What! Did you think NY FORGOT about you bar patrons and at home drinkers who like to kick back with a nice brew or glass of wine to relax after a hard day’s work? Nope. They’re going after YOU now. How does it feel?

  37. Smoker says:

    SMOKE! SMOKE! SMOKE! I’LL BE THERE CHEERING THEM ON HAHAHAH LOVE IT. If you don’t like that I smoke, don’t come near me when I’m smoking. This is my body and I have every right to do what I want with it. This law is the start to a slippery slope to the government telling what you can do next in the privacy of your own home.

  38. happyquitter says:

    they dont need to .. smokers will die early on their own anyways..remeber.. poison kills.. personally they should add more cyanide to cigs.. speeds up the process..why die a long lingering death leaving a nasty looking corpse.. go with the cyanide at least you’ll die pretty

  39. pughpah says:

    Smokers are selfish arse holes with no regard for anybody else. Peeps are tired of inhaling 2nd hand smoke, especially those of us out there jogging or just strolling along and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Maybe the city should designate
    specific areas in all parks for them to smoke. smokersodysseycom

    1. Joseph McLellon says:

      You people are Idiots, you stand a better chance at contracting asbestosis from the brake shoes on the vehicles constantly applying brakes in the city, than damage from second hand smoke. Have the exhaust of the vehicle of your choice examined, what to bet on which poses the greatest health risk? Here is a simple test preformed in W.Va. 2 chain smoking hillbillies and 2 non smoking left wing , liberal, organic nut jobs from NY city played cards in a 2 car garage with all doors closed, next morning nut jobs from NY City were angry and coughing, but all survived, Bubba and Cletas were laughing , next night we used 2 chain smokers from NY city [we already knew the end result no sense losing a couple good men from the hills, ] and the same 2 left wing ,liberal nut job non smokers, same garage, add 1 BMW idling, all doors closed, can you educated left wing nut jobs predict the outcome, they all died, what a shock. Girls it is not all about you, whats next a ban on farting in public, that can be very offensive, I have a better idea, lets ban cell phones and texing in publick, I don’t want to hear your conversation in a checkout line, it is very rude to talk on the phone while purchasing anything, text idiots get so involved in their distraction, I phone or what the F. ever, they walk out in traffic, good riddence, cause major accidents on the highway, and just generally annoy people, how ya like them apples, get your heads out girls again it is not all about you.

    2. justme says:

      Yes, that “fresh air”, which in NY looks like a dark haze in the sky, doesn’t bother them a bit. It’s people who might be enjoying themselves that bother pughpah the most.

  40. Majic says:

    I will make video and photo for those who smoke in
    new york city parks and beaches, to post on Utube and send
    to the city.

    1. t says:

      amen brother

    2. t says:

      haha! we’ll be stars guys! light em up!

      because people working for the city are nonsmokers….

    3. justme says:

      You’d have made a perfect Nazi informer. Too bad WWII is over.

    4. RumbleDoll Daly says:

      You are kidding, right?

  41. buttsout says:

    What’s next, a ‘skinny jeans’ in to protest anti-skinny jeans efforts?


  42. DanTe says:

    I don’t mind them smoking. It’s the stupid garbage (butts) that they drop all over the place. When nobody else is around, I make the idiot eat it.

  43. Dale Auburn says:

    My right to pollute your air outweighs your right to breathe. Deal with it.

    1. Luna Tique says:

      My right to punch you in the face outweighs your right to have teeth. Deal with it.

      1. Gerald Waldman says:

        @ Luna Tique — That;s assault and can get you jail time. Do it to ME and I WILL file charges against you, you idiot.

  44. David George says:

    OUTSIDE GIVE ME A BREAK. That is ridiculous..

  45. David George says:

    Liberals in pursuit of ruining the American ideal.. Power Freaks. But “,it’s for the children”.

  46. kendra says:

    they need to band smoking altogether cause it makes me very sick personally and causes me internal problems.

  47. nyc says:

    Hopefully the nicotine police won’t open fire ,with live amo on the demonstrators !

    1. badman says:

      that would be awesome

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