Staten Island Seniors Banned From Prom After Drunken Night

NEW YORK (AP) — A quarter of the graduating class at a Staten Island high school is being barred from prom as punishment for a night of boozy pranks that wound up on Facebook.

The principal of Moore Catholic High School banned them from the big night after students got drunk on the football field, vandalized equipment and spray-painted obscene graffiti.

Fifty seniors in all were excluded because of the May 5 incident, but all have been invited to an alternative prom organized by parents of the punished kids.

One mother, Dina Campitiello, told the New York Post that her two daughters don’t deserve harsh treatment, even if they were at the school on the night of the pranks, because they didn’t participate in the drinking and vandalism.

Both proms are scheduled for Wednesday.

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  1. Reason and Thought says:

    What a lot of blow hards. Probably all Republicans. The consensus here is that these 50 kids should all be punished without knowing what happened or why. What if it was just a few kids who were spray paint (not burning or looting for gods sakes). I guess you never drank where you were 17 or 18? Yes sir, never inhaled. What if you were at a party or football game and someone had a car crash in the parking lot? Should your car be confiscated? Just because you were ‘there’. Ok, I don’t know the details, but neither to most of you. Perhaps someone who WAS there could say. Anyway, let he who is truly innocent cast the first stone.. On the other hand.. If you’ve never done anything in high school, I pity you for being a liar to yourself, and a boring un-creativie person. I cant really believe 50 kids could all be involved in a bit of mayhem without burning down the whole place.

    Just for all you hate mail generators and closed minded idiots, this is not a defense of what happened or its punishment. Just an attack on the ignorant comments. And yes, I have teenagers and yes, I remember being one, a long time ago.

  2. Ed in NJ says:

    I hope that all of you foolish people who recently supported that senior at Shelton HS in Connecticut who made a night visit to his school to post his prom invitation to his girlfriend realize now how these acts, if unpunished, ultimately inspire copy cats.
    The Moore administration had it right!

  3. emgee says:

    Guinea parents have to have a party for their undeserving kids. I am Italian-American and would never be so foolish as to reward my kids for illegal and destructive behavior. Shame on you. Shame on the hall that took their money to run such a sham party. POLICE, raid the place.

  4. martin r says:

    give me a break like there is not going to be any alcohol at the alternative prom how about before onthe way there after if these little monsters get a party for doing wrong what do they learn nothing except it okay to be mean and horrible to others may they burn in hell

  5. kendra says:

    i really don,t believe that is what a prom is supposed to be all about drinking and cutting a fool its supposed to be nice and cordial…unless there missing the purpose of having a good time.

  6. 2gruesome2b says:

    one hopes the administration at the high school reports those of the fifty who have been accepted into college, and will attend in the fall, of their rowdy conduct and destructive behavior. perhaps the college(s) who will be harboring these individuals in september will have second thoughts about having accepted them for matriculation. if they can’t abide by the rules of civilized society, they do not have the right to benefit from the education they would have received.

  7. Gloria says:

    The school did the right thing!!! those kids did something wrong & they need to be made held accountable for it!!! How dare those parents say its too harsh of a penalty…What kind of parents are you to tell your kids its ok to do that kind of stuff & to reward them?? OMG i heard one mom complained about how she spent $1000 on her daughters prom stuff!! Well you know what mom, make her get a job and repay you back the money!!! Parents of those kids, this is for you: Grow up & realize for every action there will be a reaction…Hone your parenting skills because at this moment you are doing a sucky job!!!!

  8. Frank Rizzo says:

    Don’t worry, as this is Staten Islane, they’ll be dead or in jail in 10 years anyway. Beleive me, I went to school in Staten Island and that was the case with 1/2 my class!!!

  9. Ahhhrigth says:

    Dina is right here 2 angels didnt drink or trash school property…..they just blew everyone that did

  10. greatsofthegame says:

    To the dope who blamed this on video games and not the real problem bad parenting. If you theory rang true why dont we have a bunch of snipers joining the police force and signing up for the military from playing call of duty?

    Last time I checked there was no video game which you get drunk on your school property and then proceed to destroy it. Stop passing blame you sound like one of the parents.

  11. HEMAN says:

    First of all, who’s gonna pay for those kids destroying all that school’s property? I was a student in public school, and when I went to school, if a kid was caught just writing on his desk with only a pencil, he’d get detention. I think public school is even more strict than catholic school. Look, the thing is these kids stepped out of line, and they were rewarded for it by their own parents. Lastly, pranks are the same thing as playing a trick. And playing tricks are bad, mean, diabolical schemes, and cause trouble. Just think how you would feel if the trick was being played on you instead. There was a valuable lesson to teach these kids, and it’s unfortunate that their parents dropped the ball. These kids are spoiled rotten. Remember that Tales From The Crypt episode where they spoiled their kid rotten? Remember what happened to that kid in the end? Well go watch it and you’ll see what I mean. The villains in this case I think are the kids and the parents.

    1. Gloria says:

      you are so right HEMAN!!!!! those kids should be made to get jobs and repay the school for those damages..and if those same kids dont do it, the school should go after the parents….when one of my brothers was like 12, he broke a huge window at the Grace building on 42nd street…my mother was in court with my brother & the judge turned to her & said she had to pay for it..She in turned said to the judge ” i didnt break it, he did..make him pay for it”..after a few moments the judge agreed..the court found him a job in mcdonalds & it took about 6 months but he paid back every cent….needless to say he never did that

  12. HUGO says:

    Idiot parents are giving an alternative prom so they can reward these brats.

  13. doc in NJ says:

    these high-schoolers were just following what they learned from the video games they play in lieu of the “mandatory” reading & studying required by the bd of ed – bad decisions have no consequences. Just start the game over.

    No wonder there are fewer and fewer pre-med students. Good for me…. I say, let these miscreants reign. We need more manual laborers to do my landscaping.

  14. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    Dina Campitiello is so stupid and made stupid daughters

    1. Jeff says:

      this is extremely rude and i think everyone should stop making assumptions

  15. Bell Toller says:

    The principal did the right thing here

  16. e. jones says:

    Typical Staten Island.

    Shows what kind of parents these are, when they reward their kids with a future-felons’ prom. Not surprising that the kids are no-good.

    1. Bob Fowler says:

      How dare you? These children were acting out because Obama is black! I hope the parents sue the school, the principal, and the Archdiocese for not allowing these poor, misguided children to celebrate a right of passage. The NYPD simply framed them. How are parents supposed to cope with all of the pressures set upon kids today? Mayor Bloomberg sucks because he didn’t provide enough quality entertainment for these children, to help them avoid being mischievous.

      Or, maybe the parents are responsible for raising children with no respect for authority? Maybe the parents’ respect for authority was passed on to the children, as the PARENTS are rewarding these little skid marks with a party?

  17. theKid says:

    Sure sounds like Staten Island to me. A real disgrace to the other 4 boroughs.

    1. Greg says:

      Being ignorant is just as disgraceful. Don’t assume what you don’t know

  18. Pedar Okruszek says:

    Who cares!

    1. Jen says:

      I agree. Why is everyone so obsessed with other peoples business?

  19. greatsofthegame says:

    A few facts

    *Kids did this late on a Thursday school night. Once again and the parents allowed this how? Its weird that they are all involved now yet on a school night they are MIA.

    * Not until CAUGHT RED handed and word spread that they would not be allowed to prom did some student start to fess up and wrote a letter of apology. If they did this before it would have merit, when now we all know why it was written by the suggestion of some ding bat parent.

  20. greatsofthegame says:

    You have to love the not my kid attitude. This seems to run ramped until either knocked up or dead these days. So basically these bad parents are now rewarding these kids for taking part in the party with out reporting the laws that where broken to any sort of authority.

    So Ms. Campitiello thinks rewarding her daughters who hang with vandals and under age drinkers is a good idea? We are talking about 50 kids not 500 chances are this was not and will not be the last time her 2 “angels” who we should be so grateful to have here on this planet will be in the presence of people breaking the law. So I guess these 2 Campitiello angels called their mom to pick them up and then called the authorities right? No, not until busted through facebook where all these dopes ID’ed.

  21. Dale Auburn says:

    The prom might actually turn a profit – the school still has all the money from those 50 kids’ tickets (plus their dates’ tickets) AND gets to save money by serving 100 fewer meals.

  22. Erin says:

    I always teach my kids about “guilty by association”. If they are around when something bad goes down and they don’t leave or try to stop it then prepare to pay the consequences. Hang out with dirtbags and you will be labeled a dirtbag. My son served an in school suspension when his friend vandalized a school security camera. My son was on the tape and did nothing to stop his friend. What was I supposed to say “He didnt do it”? He was there where he shouldnt have been.

  23. pharm says:

    I wonder if the parents setting up the alternative prom, allow drinking in the home? I bet they would sue another child if their own child died from alcohol poisoning.

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