So Far, No Charges In Dog Attack That Killed 4-Year-Old Brooklyn Boy

BROOKLYN, NY (CBSNewYork/Ap) —  Police say so far, no charges are being filed against the mother of the Brooklyn boy who was killed by a dog in his home.

Police say 4-year-old Jayelin Graham was mauled Friday night. His mother told police that when she tried to intervene, the dog, a male 100-pound Cane Corso mastiff, turned on her, too.

Even with the help of a neighbor who rushed to help after hearing her screams, she was unable to save the child, police said. Jayelin suffered wounds to his head, neck and torso and died at the hospital.

The Cane Corso mastiff is now with Animal Care and Control along with another dog found in the Brownsville home. Both will be held for at least 10 days as their fates are decided.

Jayelin’s two brothers, ages five and two, are staying with relatives as the Administration for Children’s Services investigates the incident.

The boy’s great-grandfather, Ameer Jamaal-Uddin, told The New York Times the dogs belonged to the mother’s boyfriend.

The apartment building’s superintendent, Kenny Risher, told reporters that he had occasionally seen the man training his dogs to bite in the street in front of the building. The family also owned a rabbit that was recently eaten by one of the dogs, as well as a parrot and a snake, Risher said.

“People were scared of those dogs,” he said. “This was a tragedy waiting to happen.”

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  1. Saddened says:

    What a resume this man has. Why wouldnt a mother show more caustion about the type of partner that she would have around her children? She should be sent to prison if for nothing less than ignorance -Jones has a rap sheet with busts for weapons possession, kidnapping, endangering the welfare of a child and reckless endangerment, records show.

    And its unfortunate becasue there are other mothers placing their children at risk by having these types of men around them. Wake up impoverished mind yields and impoverish life.

  2. Saddened says:

    I believe the mother is responsible for the death of her child. She had the ultimate responsibility to protect the life of her children. They are her biological children she should have placed their safety and well being above all else; including her boyfriend who cared nothing for the life of her children. This is a clear case of gross negligence- she voluntarily chose to disregard reason and caution. The harm to her children were foreseeable and she showed no care by keeping that man in her house with his dogs around her young children, They both should be charged on three counts of endangering the life of the three children, additionally with the murder of the child. It is terrible to see the type of indifference that both the adults displayed to the lives of those young children. In her desperation to have her own needs met she disregarded the fundamental needs of her own children. I am saddened and angered that a precious life had to be lost to such cruelty and ignorance.

  3. guest530 says:

    ok that dog ate a parrot, a snake, a rabbit and killed a young boy. i think these dogs should be killed and burned!!!! the people who are responsible for this tragedy should be charged and seek the DEATH penalty!!!!! now should this teach dog owners a lesson????

    1. Saddened says:

      I absolutely agree. This a horrible way for anyone to die but especially a four year child.

    2. Beth Labonville Kipp says:

      I agree to a certain extent. The dogs are certainly dangerous and should be euthanized however, the burning part just goes a little too far. These dogs only did what they were TAUGHT and ALLOWED to do. Too often the animals are blamed for what the humans caused.

      The mother and boyfriend on the other hand should be charged with second degree murder. The sad part is that they won’t be. Besides, even if they were charged with sdm, there would be someone on the jury that would feel that it was the dogs breeding that caused the aggression and not the fact that there were witnesses that saw the boyfriend training the dog to bite. Ignorance at it’s finest.

      As far as teaching dog owners a lesson…what lesson? The ones that train their dogs to fight, bite, “protect” already know that they are training a deadly weapon and won’t learn anything. Those of us that don’t train our dogs to be aggressive in any way don’t need to learn a lesson because we already get it. The only lesson to be learned here is the one involving the MOTHER. It wasn’t the dog owner’s responsibility to protect her children; it was hers alone. If he cared about anyone’s safety he would have trained his dogs accordingly.

  4. Bruce Goldensteinberg says:

    If the DA doesn’t prosecute the ghetto mama and baby daddy and send them up the river for a long time, along with sterilizing both of them, there should be an investigation by the state.

  5. Lillie says:

    @ Pike…Lose the name BISHOP. You are no where near close to being such.
    What you need to do is give God some of your time and ask him why are you so full of inner anger.
    Anger, it’s like a cancer it will eventually manifest into death. Look at the person in your mirror, perhaps your not satisfied with him. Change it, and while your at when your pass a black person on the street………say hello and thank you.

  6. Mrs. I. Understand says:

    This is an ideal case for ACS, where are they and based on the case why have they not removed this girls’ surviving children ? Considering that the local bum is still in the house with her and they have no intention of charging him, are they waiting on a second tragedy before they intervene ???????

  7. Jacqui says:

    I agree with rs1201.
    There should be an IQ test as well as a test for common sense before anyone is allowed to bring children into the world.
    This mother purposefully subjected her children to this man and his dogs.
    She also purposefully left the 3 boys alone with the dog while she went into the hallway to get her keys from the stroller, supposedly. Why would she have left her 3 boys in there alone with the dog if she didn’t intend for something to happen?
    Anyone above an idiot level IQ knows that you should never, ever leave children alone with dogs.
    She and her evil low-life stud need to be imprisoned for this crime.

  8. Schwana says:

    Please, why must it always be the dog who is to blame? It is not the dog who is the problem, it is the owner! We need to stop this while we can, otherwise the Cane Corso will have as bad a Rep as the Pitt Bull. It is so sad that the animals are always the ones who are made out to be the bad guy and the owners are all like, “Oh my God! I didn’t know my dog would do that.” OR “What do you mean my dog has to be put down? He was only doing what I taught him to do?” The Owners people! Be responsible for your actions and be better Owners!

    1. Madeline Carlisle says:

      A child is dead here and you’re worried about the @*##!^% dog! The fleabag should have been shot by police instead of being taken to animal control where the taxpayers will have to pay to feed and board it. A lot of people are to blame for this tragedy: The mother for being a sorry lowlife who does nothing but produce children she doesn’t care for and brings a lowlife boyfriend into the home with his devil dogs; the owner of the building that allows residents to have large dogs; the city for allowing such dogs within the city limits, and the list goes on. But the only way to make sure this monster dog will never attack or kill anyone else is by eliminating the dog!

  9. MZ.GWYNETH says:

    i wouldn’t talk about people on welfare and food stamps because the way this country is going we all going to be in the same situation soon………THIS IS ABOUT A CHILD BEING MAULED BY A DOG WITH AN IRRESPONSIBLE OWNER……AND A MOTHER WHO ALLOWED THE OWNER AND THE DOGS TO LIVE IN THE SAME APARTMENT WITH HER CHILDREN…….

    1. Mrs. I. Understand says:

      @Mz.Gwyneth, at the end of the day it is in fact about welfare recepients and the subsidies they are receiving.
      Sadly some/most have the tendency to very lazy, very nasty and just could care less about the environment they live in. They don’t value the apts they stay in and they live in squalid conditions WITH THEIR CHILDREN. If they were getting up every morning working and paying child care they would have a bit more of a concern. They got it made. When the local bum finds out there’s three hots, a cot, and DESSERT..he’s home free..literally.
      As a mother of three adult males, there was a time that unfortunately I needed to accept a “helping hand”, but you bet your bottom dollar it was not only temporary but I kept a clean home, I prevented my children from the negative elements and taught right from wrong. One is a doctor now and the other is a technician.
      Those babies will forever be scarred by what they saw, she doesn’t deserve to be a mother. NOT NOW !!

  10. Savage says:

    woof woof

  11. sfGal says:

    As an owner and exhibitor of Cane Corsos it saddens me to see this. This breed is not for everyone and they need proper socialization and training. Recently our breed has become popular because they look intimidating and can fetch a high price tag from unscrupulous people who just want to see a fast buck without making sure the dogs go to a proper home.

    So sorry for the little boy and the dog. Breeders need to WAKE UP and make sure their puppy buyers can offer a proper home! AND sell pet quality on a spay/neuter contract! And owners need to do a bit of research on the breed they want and not just get it for looks!

    1. dog lover says:

      DOGS need EXERCISE, TRAINING AND SOCIALIZATION! If you can’t provide these things you shouldn’t have a dog

    2. Reverend Al who? says:

      Are you referring to canine or primate breeds? ***Disclaimer***- intended to be a very racist comment.

  12. tyrone everett says:

    That is not the point but since you brought it up 1 percent of the countrys’ pophas 90= PERCENT OF THE WEALTH AND THE RICH DO NOT WANT TO PAY THEIR FAIR SHEAR INSTEAD THEY WANT TO GET RICH OFF THE BACKS OF THE POOR. It don’t matter that working class people have to relie on foodstamps to feed there families after working 40= hour a week,not having proper health care and getting blame for stuff that could be advoided if this country had better education system in place see i tink that the way tihing are is the you people want it then have something negative say ,your are not part of thesolution you are part of the problem.

    1. Lillie says:

      @ Pike, I believe everyone here who has a partial brain now knows that you are an angry person, it’s tragically un-healthy. It rents far too much space in the brain.
      It’s 9:00 Monday morning, Memorial Day. Instead of you getting together with your friends/family for a wonderful cook-out or cleaning your home after a weekend gathering, your on the internet showing just how miserable and sad you really are.
      Take a laxative, it’s refreshing and you’ll feel much better. Enjoy!

  13. Bruce Goldensteinberg says:

    If this ghetto mama and baby daddy aren’t prosecuted, heads should roll at the DA’s office. These thugs should be tried for murder.

  14. Animal-and-Child-Lover says:

    A woman has 4 children under the age of 5 in a small apt.; she moves in her bedmate to mooch off her benefits, and allows him to have 2 expensive, giant, abused, usually caged, underfed, uncleaned, trained-to-kill dogs??? Not counting the parrot, the snake, and the recently-devoured rabbit. She belongs in a mental institution; her severely-traumatized surviving children need medical & psychiatric care; and the stupid cowardly bedmate belongs in prison. Child abuse, animal abuse, assault on a child with a deadly weapon: His insane dog.

    1. m. Fabbri says:

      Right on! No other alternatives nor ways to deal with this type of horror.

  15. DJS says:

    Hold the phone Phil!!! Other pets in the house were killed by this dog and NO ONE saw a pattern here.It was only a matter of time before the dog was going to attack a child. Of course, NO ONE felt the need to alert CPS That this person was training THIS DOG TO KILL. How can a dogs such as these be allowed to be in the same house as 3 children under the age of 5. No one saw that this was a deadly accident just waiting to happen? YES, the “adults” SHOULD be held responsible for the death of this child.What was the mother thinking, allowing her “boyfriend” to have this dog around her children? But as always. CPS will drag their feet and nothing will be done.This was a completely preventable.

    1. rs1201 says:

      some people should really not be allowed to procreate. There should be a minimum IQ requirement as well as some sort of psychiatric evaluation before a woman can get herself pregnant.

  16. michael says:

    those parents are totally responsible for the tragedy and i dont think they will be seeing their kids anytime soon

  17. diane says:

    The mother and her boyfriend are responsible for this tragedy. The boy and the dog are both victims.

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