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Triple Shooting In Sheepshead Bay Leaves Two Dead, One Critically Injured

BROOKLYN, NY (CBSNewYork) — Police are investigating a triple shooting in Brooklyn that left two people dead.

The shooting happened just after 5am Sunday as gunfire erupted on Avenue W in Sheepshead Bay, according to police. Three people were hit and two of the victims, a man and woman, were killed.

1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reports: Police Collect Evidence At Sheepshead Bay Shooting Scene, Victim’s Parents Look On

Family members identified the victims as 22-year-old Crystal Sweet, her boyfriend Timothy Walters and his brother, Cornelius Walters.

Those who knew Sweet said she doted on her five-year-old daughter, Lydia, and loved her job as a home health aide, hoping to one day focus on working with disabled children.

That dream was shattered by gunfire in the courtyard of the Sheepshead Houses. Sweet spent a night out with her boyfriend, 29-year-old Timothy Walter. They were confronted by the gunman as they returned home, and they were both gunned down.

Witnesses described the shooting as a barrage of gunshots. Relatives rushed to the scene, including Sweet’s mother and father, Josephine and Ricardo Rodriguez.

“We heard like six or seven shots and then the screaming, they were screaming, ‘Crystal is dead, Crystal is dead,” said Josephine. “I never thought this day would happen. I never really thought this would happen.”

“She was a funny child,” said Ricardo. “She was loved by everyone.”

“It was hard for me when they took her body, they had to pull me because I wanted to run and just say ‘Crystal, I’m there for you,'” Josephine told CBS 2’s Dave Carlin. “I couldn’t even hold her, I couldn’t even say goodbye, I couldn’t say, ‘I love you.’”

Sweet and Timothy Walters both died at the scene. Cornelius Walters was taken to Kings County Hospital in critical condition. Sweet leaves behind a 5-year-old daughter.

No arrests have been made. The investigation is ongoing.

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One Comment

  1. brighteyes says:

    omg we have totally lost it. This is not a black or white issue, it is about a life lost. A mother, a child, a sister,son, father, brother a friend, this could have been anyones daughter, son this is every ones child. We have to pray for these families who have lost their children. we have to pray for our children. Bullets don’t see color, creed, title, religion or sex. Bullets miss and hit innocent people. For God sakes does it make a difference what neighborhood your from a life is a life lost in vain. May God bless these families in this time, may he give them strength to endure the times to come, God Bless this child who has lost her mother. Jesus i know your crying. My heart goes out to all the families. I am a child of God and I see no color I see a life. Rest in Peace……. May god rock you in his arms in heaven…..

  2. BrotherBuz says:

    Rather b alive in my fantasy then b dead in reality.Listen, I know crime is a part of everyday life anywhere, anytime. My positive nature viewed by some as fantasy is due In part of my growing up in Sheepshead Bay. That’s why this latest incident hurts me more than the schmuck remark. I know the Bay has changed for the worst & TODAYS’ statistics will proved that. But the statistic I want people to know about is that S.Bay WAS a true melting pot of harmony @ one time. Violence of this kind did not exist in the 60s,70s, & most of the 80s. The mindset of people of all colors has changed therefor the area has changed. Tyrone asked “What can we do to make things better?” B positive, proactive & educate. Remarks like “dumb monkey” is just like pulling the trigger. Killings happen in many forms.

  3. IMHO says:

    The Sheepshead Bay houses have needed round the clock police in the area for years. Come the summer and during xmas there is always havoc there.

  4. AWM says:

    Force and violence, the threat of violence must pay off. I am a union construcion worker and work is realy slow right now. However the few jobs that I’ve been on recently are overwhelmingly black. that’s all that my union sends out.

  5. Gregg says:

    Just another day and another shooting in Bklyn. ! We are living in a violent society and when Illegal guns are easier to get then finding a job, something is very wrong ! There are hundres of thousands of Illegal weapons on our streets ! When is someone going to get a handle on where all of these guns are coming from ! I know it’s not the answer but it sure would help ! I believe in owning a weapon legally .

  6. Rpm2085 says:

    I agree with everything you mention above,but Blacks do not kill white people;they kill each other. That my friend is a true fact. Open up the news paper and most of the violent crimes and shootings are people of color commiting against each other. Robberies are against whites,because they all think just because you are white you have money. It’s sad that blacks kill each other,but it’s the gods honest truth and if you mention it to them you are considered a racist.

    1. Lillie says:

      @ Rpm, however your agreement with the statistics, it can be quite stereotypical.
      Sadly people are killed everyday, when young men go into colleges and mass murder it’s not blacks when women/prostitutes are killed by serial killers, it’s not blacks. We can go on all day, but the truth of the matter is that it affects us all. Regardless to skin color, you don’t want to be considered or defined as a racist then don’t mention it, stick to the ACTUAL subject. Guns fall into the hands of all races, black folks possibly don’t own any boats or planes so most likely it’s the whites that are bringing them here. Everyone has to take some sort or blame, stop pointing the finger we’re not in kindergarten.

  7. Lillie says:

    Apparently a great deal of you have missed out on 2nd grade when they were teaching reading and writing.
    READ…..this is not about you spewing your inner racial anger when it comes to black people, this young girl was not only a mother to a young child but someones’ daughter.
    Try if at all posiible to have some decency about yourselves and grow up, it could be your white daughter or son who was murdered. It’s not about how much you hate black folks because you wished you could either have their skin tone or adopt their dance moves or their full lips.


  8. Barre Flynn says:

    I am amazed at some of the comments here… Let it be your daughter that you worked hard to raise and loved unconditionally. Let the impact of a violent crime be on your family and I bet your comment would have some compassion.

  9. Steven says:

    This is why I love brooklyn never a dull moment LOL

  10. Primetime Editorials says:

    this is so so sad poor baby gunned down in cold blood
    i hate senseless murders
    visit my blog

  11. Tyrone Everett says:

    I am not a bleeding heart humanatarian type person I just beleive in be a solultion to the ploblems in the black community which Ibelive starts at home then when my kids and myself step outside we try to set exsample of how to conduct ourselves ,as how blackmen and women because white people will try to lump all of us all as the same way and that is not true, this is a tall order but because of are love of all people we fell that our friends will take our lead and become something more than what the other poeple perceave us to be.

  12. John says:

    Soon some schmuck will say crime
    is very low in New York
    People get killed here every day.
    I guess the numbers do not include
    Nice going Kelly

  13. BrotherBuz says:

    Wow…statistics! Last I heard the unibombmer items were up for auction and an african american is running the white house! So much for statistics! Where is the harmony?? U just enhancnced my point about MINDSET! Please come 2gether so we won’t b a statistic of the killing/incarcerated generation! I believe in more than statistics because that is about the past. Let’s look ahead for the sake of future generations! Get da guns off da streets and lets live in harmony again! Don’t HATE, EDUCATE!! Ok, I’m through…PEACE!!

  14. Tyrone.Everett says:

    So what is a realisic solution to this problem,we can say all that and it can be all right but what can we do to make things better

  15. BrotherBuz says:

    Let me enlighten anyone that reads this comment. I grew up in Sheepshead Bay when innocence, having fun & making something of yourself was the MINDSET!! The unfortunate problem 2day is that the MINDSET of individuals has changed to one of violence & not having any regard for LIFE! It’s not the Projects (program) as some of u r suggesting. Jews, russian jews, italians, hispanics & blacks all lived in harmony out in da Bay cause we were a community that worked & played hard 2gether for the common cause…LIFE! I’ve come home @ 5am on occassions from a club & I didn’t have 2 worry being killed b4 my foot hit the door, but times have changed. Da Bay will always b a part of who I am & da people I grew up with! My PRAYERS go out 2 the Fams & if Josephine is who I think she is I watched her grow as Josee on Batchelder St. GOD BLESS!!

  16. tony says:

    Agreed . Tear them down. In every city its the same crime ridden housing.On the other hand South Central LA doesnt have projects and it facts has little homes with palm trees and its stiill a high crime area. Its the people. Gang members having kids creating generational criminals.Like many parts of American society they want to establish a separate identy with separate values. How do you stop that?

    1. The Facts says:

      Death penalty and /or life without parole for all violent career criminals. Simple solution. They are gone forever from society.

  17. Eugene says:

    I cry every time, when I hear news like this. I’am a baby boomer, growing up there wasn”t anyrhing let today, and we had nothing, and we got alone with all our neighbors, if we had a fight or misunderstanding, were playing with each other in the next hour. get the damn GUNS of the streets please.

  18. Moon Them says:

    They can live RENT FREE on the Moon and on Mars. The government won’t tell you this because there would be a mass exodus and a stampede. There are NO rents, no mortgages, no maintenance fees either, no taxes, no water bills, no liens; NO police, no guns, no drugs, no tickets, no bounty hunters, no garnishments. Carve out your piece of land and stake your claim. Survival guides are popping up all over….Nothing to kill or die for… And no religion too… Imagine all the people ..Living life in peace.

  19. e. jones says:

    And what is your solution for all the people who need housing, who cannot afford market-price rentals? Tough luck?

  20. debra w says:

    thanks for all the love and concern for my counsin timothy walter his mother and i are first counsin, and he will be greatly miss , and to the family who has lost a daughter and her daughter has lost a mother and crystal mother has lost a daughter our prayers,thoughs and sympathy gose out to you and your family i pray that god will give all that has lost a love in this tragedy event this weekend the strength to deal with all of this and give us all and the courage to go on and for those who don,t have anything nice to say in our time grieving please kindly keep your negative coments to yourself because this the time for that thank you debra

  21. Marina Ios says:

    trully sad, especially for the kid, who will grow up without a mother, good or bad doesnt matter, was his mother
    on the other hand, sorry, but cannot shut up….too many 21, 22 yrs old with kids of 4,5,6 yrs olds
    when you got pregnant at 15, god knows by whom, what criminally oriented individual, when you stopped your education, and were out on the streets at 5 am, instead of being at home , with your kid, what good, if any, would you expect to happen?

  22. emgee says:

    She’s 22 with a five year old. Let’s do the math, she was 16 when she got pregnant. Nice. No father, no husband. What a mess. No wonder the projects are what they are.

  23. slantfin says:

    There were never violent crimes in sheepshead before 1990. Bring us your filthy low class people and there will be blood.This place was a decent place. we always had bbqs out in the park. Besides this picture looks like the nostrand houses.

  24. slantfin says:

    I grew up in the Sheepsheasd houses. I lived ther from 1967 until 1989,never this type of crime. this is what happens when there are people who choose to be violent.

  25. The BIGGEST D says:

    Must be those Irish.

  26. Sean Ferguson says:

    There is always violence and drug crimes happeing at the Sheepshead Bay Housing complex.

  27. savage says:

    liberalism is a mental disorder

  28. kendra says:

    thats a damn shame mayh those who were lost by violence rest in peace and blessing go out to the families and close friends they,ll be truly missed by thoise that knew them and for the person that survived you are truly blessed…and take life day by day to get better.

  29. vugvee says:

    Wow what a bunch of animals. That is so sad.


    1. DumComments says:

      You know it’s a shame that in 2011 there is still prejudice and ignorance in this world. There are many hardworking people who live in the projects with degrees and good paying jobs. Some tenants pay 12 hundred in rent a month to live there. There are white people who live there as well. Just the other day a Russian women and her daughter were murdered in a co-op apartment built around nothing but homes. Upper class homes at that, should we tear down all co-ops now? When your children are murdered for something much less on Park Ave, then maybe you stupid people will change your tune!! Sorry to the family’s. To all family’s everywhere who has lost someone, God Love You.

      1. jay says:

        yes murder does happen even in those white coop apartments but there will be 100 more murders in those projects before the next murder happens in those places

      2. Savage says:

        Love how these people mask their arrogance with “god love you”

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