Bronx Teen Johnny Moore Shot To Death In Mott Haven

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Bronx teen was shot to death Sunday night and another boy wounded in the Mott Haven section of the borough.

Police said Johnny Moore, 15, was shot several times around 11 p.m. on Third Avenue.

Moore was rushed to Lincoln Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The second victim, a 16-year-old boy, walked into Lincoln Hospital with a gunshot wound to his arm and is expected to survive, police said.

No arrests have been made.


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  1. TrueBeauty_deaa says:

    How can I start off , my name on diss comment is the username to my Facebook !(btw) but let me jsst say ! Hearing this made me cry ! & I couldn’t stop ! He was like my bestfriend we use to stay up till 3 in the morning on FB talking to eachother non stop. We use to watch the same channels even though we were in different rooms , he was the sweetest person u can ever talk to . And it’s Devastating to gear that he’s gone & I swear I’m not only saying this cause hes passed , I’m saying this from the heart ! I love this kid like no other ! We were close to dating .. It was around April when we were talking , we was talking while I was in a relationship , it was a hecktic relationship and he would always be like jst leave him , be with me he didn’t treat you right , and I would just be like no no I can’t it’s not right . We was close ! And when I heard this out of the blue my heart dropped. I couldn’t I broke down into tears ! The last time we spoke before this happened was may 2Oth it was the last time we actually spoke because I was punished , my grades wasnt good ! So I couldn’t get on Facebook or anything to get in touch ! I miss him and till this day I still cry ! Damn like why him I regret not speaking to him for a whole ten days ! It’s killing me , iLOvE you Johnny ! Idc Idc ! R.I.P babyBoy you R missed ! ,

  2. Gaby says:

    crazy thing is that i knew him and he would always make me laugh in the school hallways he was the biggest sweet hear s.i.p he def is missed at cssj and hop 😥

  3. The Facts says:

    Law abiding citizens can easily obtain licences and permits for home and business protection. The problem for the average person is getting one for legal protection outside the home or business unless you have a really exceptional situation. People complain but then go out and re-elect the same old liberal politicians and nothing changes.



  5. Elaine says:

    I am still in shock about this incident. What bothers me further is some of the comments posted. Our kids don’t get to have a childhood. They grow up in environment that keep them confined.

    Maybe the question shouldn’t be so much why he was out at 11pm. It should be why so many of our inner city kids never have a childhood. To remind those speaking about the NYS curfew law the time is 12am.

    My sincere and deepest condolences to the family. I was a former teacher at 203. He was one of our kids. We need more police protection and we need resources to provide our students with opportunities to experience other areas.

    If you have nothing kind to comment please keep you thought to yourself. A family is grieving the lost of their child. People who don’t live in the area do not know many things.

    We as a society are failing our students. Things like this shouldn’t happen. Our children deserve a childhood. Do not blame the child or his parents because you don’t know the situation.

    A bit of humanity would be nice. Yes there is violence in the inner city but allow me to remind those who conveniently forget school shot out that most happen in the suburbs; Perfect example Columbine.

    Let’s talk about gun control and why they are so readily available for our kids. Let’s talk about programs that can teach our kids that violence is not the way to react. Let’s think if this where your child; would you want people posting such insensitive comments?

    We need more protection for our student. May God bless this family in their time of need. Our prayers are with you. Disregard unkind comments, because those offering their opinion do not know the neighborhoods our kids are growing up. It’s easy to blame the child and think it was parental neglect. It’s easy because then as a society we can continue living like all is well. Truth of the matter is we are all to blame.

    The 2nd amendment was passed because in those time we had a militia. Where is the NRA? Why are they so powerful? Maybe we should start with that.



    1. The Facts says:

      You claim to be a former teacher. Your command of the English language is terrible. The NRA is composed of law abiding citizens and legal residents and has nothing to do with the criminal savagery referenced in this article.

  6. Big Nard says:

    Johnny was a good kid a straight A sutdent. That’s why he was out at 11:00 PM at night.

  7. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    at least he will not produce and become a babies father

  8. Rosa says:

    Johnny was my friend 😥 we went to school together & he was a great kid that didnt deserve this, he had a long life ahead of him. We were supposed to graduate together & now school wont ever be the same without him. He made everyone laugh & he always had a smile on his face. We love you johnny & you will forever remain in our hearts. 10.20.95 – 5.30.11. my memorial day is for you johnny ❤

  9. RushL says:

    Was Johnny Moore famous? Shouldn’t the headline just read “Bronx Teen Shot to Death” instead?

  10. cecelia says:

    So much for Gun Control. Worse then ever now.

  11. northoftheborder says:

    How awful! I’m a math tutor in Queens and many of my students are 15 years old. Parents need to parent more in NYC. This is a big city w/ lots of troublemakers that ruin too many lives. Human beings are supposed to come into life, make the most of their lives, and die at an OLD age…not at 15. People need to value each other more and be much more diplomatic.

    1. crusher111 says:

      Unfortunately, with some of the animals that live in NYC you cant be diplomatic. We need to make tougher laws and allow police to police. Its also sad that NYC gets such a bad rep due to a small group.

  12. Serlith says:

    Memorial Weekend. Seriously, This kind of weekend i think a lot of parent let the curfew slide.

  13. Jaharah says:

    Why was a 15 year old and a 16 year old out @ 11pm? What kind of a parent lets their kids roam around at that hour?

    1. Tyrone everett says:

      When I was 15 all hell broke loose if I came in the house at 11 and I WAS RAISDE IN A SINGLE PARENT HOME 1 OF 4 AND BELIEVE ME the stuff these kids do now I am glad my mom did not let us do any of the thing they do today

  14. jay says:

    you have a kind heart, kendra. anyone else would have shaken their heads and stated “what else do you expect from these people?!” –mott haven latino

  15. James trotter says:

    If you are under the age of 18 out past 10pm the police need to stop and search and call the parents….No kids should be on the street in NYC that late…

    1. crusher111 says:

      Are you kidding! LOL the parents are probably not even home! They at the club!

  16. henris says:

    Mott haven has seen an increase in violence and crimes. I think the police should use another strategy, because whatever strategy they are using, if any, is not working.

  17. kendra says:

    may the person who didn,t survive rest in peace and my condolences go out to him and his family and close friends…and as fior the other person that got shot …there is a long road ahead of you and my well widhes go out to you and your family.

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