Former Harlem Animal Care And Control Staffer Emily Tanen: Bringing Pet To Shelter A Death Sentence

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — A former staffer at the East Harlem Animal Care and Control shelter says it’s nothing more than a kill center.

Emily Tanen says she was let go from the shelter at 326 East 110th Street for being a whistleblower.

“These animals are not being walked, sometimes emaciated dogs that should be eating three times a day aren’t being fed three times a day,” said Tanen. “It’s not like a fancy boarding place where they’re being taken care of and hopefully be adopted.”

She says the shelter takes in more dogs and cats than they can adopt out, so the shelter would make up excuses to kill animals.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports: Former Staffer Says Animal Care And Control Shelter ‘Smells Like Death’

“So if you’re not going to adopt it and it’s not going to a rescue, then we have to kill it,” said Tanen. “We can’t kill for space, so we have to use another word, disease or temper.”

Tanen says officials have raised the standard for acceptable temperament to kill more dogs. She says others are killed for easily curable and common diseases like kennel cough.

AC&C executive director Julie Bank responded to Tanen’s claims. She told 1010 WINS, “Euthanasia is not acceptable, but is sometimes an inevitable alternative. It does exist, but we go through extraordinary lengths to avoid euthanasia. Some are put down because that is determined to be the best course of action to control the spread of disease in the shelter.”

Bank said the best alternative is adopt animals out, but the shelter needs more resources and more volunteers. She said pet homelessness is a massive problem in the city and their budget was slashed by nearly 20 percent.

Bank also called Tanen “disgruntled,” but wouldn’t elaborate on why Tanen was terminated.

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  1. Randi Marie says:

    I met Emily when I adopted my cat from Death Row in April. She seemed caring and grave, even sad. So many beautiful animals there are killed EVERY DAY!! Kittens, puppies, and young cats and dogs. Seniors too. It’s terrible. I walked out of the ACC and had a long cry. It’s a crime, and I saw it up close.

    1. Rodin says:

      “It’s not that no-kill is a better way; it’s that stopping the killing is the only way.

      “As long as the humane establishment accepts killing as a solution, there will never be a solution. And the sooner they take killing off the table, once and for all, the sooner the shelters will adopt the real solutions.

      “And the sooner we take killing off the table as a means to relating to people whom we don’t like, the sooner we’ll bring an end to war
      as a way of bringing about peace.”

      President, Best Friends Animal Society

      1. Sheila says:

        Mr. Mountain, as a long time BFAS supporter, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Since this report and the NY Post print story appeared, all I can think of is that NYC ACC has become “An Animal Killing Field”. If there is anything you can do to put pressure on the City to dismantle this poor excuse of an Animal Care and Control system, please do. Nobody at the Mayor’s office or the Dept. of Health (who oversees ACC) gives a damn.

    2. Suzzie Kuhn says:



    3. Alyson Balan-Altman says:

      Someone created a petition to the Mayor & Governor demanding investigation/reform of the NYC ACC. Goal is 100k signatures; just under 4k right now. Not sure how much good it will do since neither the mayor or anyone in charge seems to give a damn, but we MUST try anyway. :-/ Please sign and spread this around like crazy:

  2. MJT says:

    If you really want to get invovled, call you local officials… Demand that the ACC be better funded, demand that the DOH no longer be the Agency overseeing the ACC, DEMAND the resignation of ALL Board members and demand that all Board Members be replaced with people who have DEMONSTRATED THEIR ABILITY to make things happen for the shelter pets. What happens in this shelter would be considered criminal if the real story was to be given. The lies and deception given by the management and the DOH/Mayor, is also criminal. Animals arriving in this shelter have very little chance of getting out alive! Yet, the people surrendering animals are not told in PLAIN language what the most likely FATE of their pet will be! That is also WRONG! LET the pet owners know exactly what is going on. Take them for a tour of the facility, let them see/smell and taste the anxiety of the animals being “housed” there. The time for a COMPLETE CHANGE HAS COME! Bloomberg, are you listening?

  3. Lynne Parker says:

    Imagine if we ran homeless or women’s shelters this way.

    1. Lisa B says:

      I wish I lived near NY, but unfortunately I dont. I am outraged over this!!!! and Emily Tanen, YOU ROCK!!!!! I wish everyone cared and loved animals the way you do!.
      God Bless you Emily for bringing this to light and I can only hope that something good comes out of this!! And I know that Karma exists!!!!!!!!

  4. Christina says:

    Fed up? There is a protest scheduled for Saturday, June 4, 2pm, Washington Square Park in NYC (dog run area). Wear red.

    Julie Banks says the way to control the spread of disease at ACC is by killing the animal? Don’t ever put her in charge of the Dept of Health or CDC during flu season! Everyone knows with kennel cough you isolate, clean the cages, and treat w/antis.

    Thanks for the report 1010 WINS. Please keep on this story.

  5. Bea James says:

    I am in Australia and am hearing about these appalling conditions at the NY ACC. I say SHAME on the bureaucrats that are turning a blind eye to the suffering of these animals. I think the management at the shelter and the uncaring staff should be ousted and their individual apathy addressed with legal action. Julie Bank has certainly not proven herself to be an animal advocate if she can laugh at an innocent kitten being euthanized.not to mention the squalid conditions that the animals are left in their kennels. I think the shelter needs more people like Emily Tanen who was an asset and was more concerned for the animals welfare. She was an asset Mayor Bloomberg the world is WATCHING!!!!!

  6. subji says:

    Thanks for posting these types of stories to get the truth out

  7. Janna Smith says:

    It took me 2 attempts from NJ to rescue my new dog whom was on “Death Row” a term the staffers were annoyed when I used that term, but that is basically what it was death row for doing nothing wrong, the staff caters to those bringing in animals than getting them out. My last attempt and successful attempt took me 3 hours to adopt, no background checks, nothing, so why does it take 3 hours? They also took in 10 dogs and at least 4 cats while I was there waiting to adopt out, shouldn’t they cater to those adopting out instead of making it more difficult? Really? They even denied someone who was a renter with permission from his landlord……….isn’t a one bedroom apartment better then a 4×4 cage or death row? Things have to change……….it’s horrible

  8. CherylJ says:

    Julie Bank is some kind of Sadist! I watched the video of her making fun of putting down a kitten.
    Emily Tannen SHOULD be Running that shelter. I believe her photos of the animals with people were a GREAT ASSET! She would be mobilizing her community, getting volunteers involved! What’s going on Mayor Bloomberg? We see this on facebook & You Tube every day!!

  9. Linda McDonald says:

    Emily, I hope you have consulted a lawyer. There are Federal laws governing retaliation to whistleblowers. And yes, you may not win, but you don’t know unless you try.
    Thanks for everything that you’ve done in the past and continue to do for the unwanted pets in NYC!

  10. Bea Maher says:

    Yes it sucks that Emily is gone, yes the ACC needs more funding, many people in there do not care about adopting, etc etc. But there are also people that work there that care very much and there are volunteers that care.
    While I was there this morning 10 dogs were surrender by owners and some for no real reason. (is there really a reason to drop a dog at a kill shelter?)
    During that time 1 dog was adopted out and we picked 9 for our rescue.
    Meanwhile 100s of dogs are being sold in stores.
    The main issue that needs to be addressed on my opinion is educating people about responsible ownership and the harm that buying a puppy mill dog (from a shop) causes. Until irresponsible breeding and ownership are not addressed we can not stop the overpopulation of dogs.
    There is so much we rescues can do. Unfortunately for every dog that is adopted 20 more are bought at stores.
    To start a true reform NYC needs to forbid stores from selling dogs like other states have done already.

  11. lee henry says:

    I find it deplorable that an animal brought in 6 days ago is set for death tomorrow. We’ve sent a petition to Mayor Bloomburg and others regarding this ‘shelter’ and so far, no response….just a ‘noreply’ canned email thanking us for our concern then listing all their wonderful deeds regarding animals. No mention of looking into the matter and responding back. I am so fed up with government and politicians who are supposed to be looking out for us….yaright! Well, elections are coming up and things are going to change…..

  12. Pam says:

    First of this place needs to be called a shelter. Shelter’s are safe havens, a place where you feel and are safe. This facility needs to be investigated, someone needs to come in and hold the current staff accountable. Why are they killing so quicky? Is it for profit? I pray that you or I never need to seek shelter at a place like this facility. Animals are not pieces of properties. If you take an animal in, it is your responsiblity to love and nurture that animal. Once these so called shelters take an animal in, it then becomes their responsiblilty to care for this animal, and if they can’t do that, then they need shut down…

  13. marianne wengert says:

    i think this is terrible. we are trying to sav3e these animals and there just out right killing them. this needs to be corrected and monitored.

  14. Andrea says:

    Emily did wonderful work for the animals. At the very least, her being ‘let go’ (for taking beautiful photos of dogs with humans!) will generate some much-needed scrutiny of our animal welfare system.
    There are thousands of concerned members of the public out here. The ACC should use these people and Emily to work together for a common cause!

  15. michelle christofilakes says:

    We need to come together in NYC animal rescuers and pet lovers to walk in protest by the mayors office to voice our feelings on helping animals at the local animal care and control. Things have to change for animals in the area, it seems its just getting worse.

  16. Rhonda Gregory says:

    She’s disgruntled about the mgmt of the shelter, not her termination. Sammy had an adopter but ACC couldn’t answer the phone. Mow Sammy is one of the many dogs that were needlessly euthanized.
    Baby is another example of shelter mishandling. She was picked up as a stray and was in a severely neglected state when found. So the ACC in their infinite wisdom returned Baby to her owner. Please see info at (also on Facebook- Justice for Baby) to read about our efforts to rescue Baby from this owner.

    1. Angel says:

      The story about Sammy was heartbreaking. That poor dog…the adopter called and called, sent emails…all they ignored. who does that?

  17. Tracy Schurr says:

    clearly there is something majorly wrong here. From the ACC’s comments, does it sound like they are advocates for the animals in their “care” if you can call it that? No, they run it like a business and look at the bottom line. They should welcome scrutiny if they are doing things right but obviously they’re not. They should want each animal shown in the best possible light but just the opposite goes on there—terrible photos of the pet, no information, incorrect information. They don’t want photos of the animals having friendly interactions with humans as it conflicts with the story they want to tell of the animal not being suitable. They need to fire everyone there and get competent people in!!

  18. linda S says:

    1010 WINS – THANK YOU!! This is a story that needs to be told desperately. The NY ACC and their management are trying to cover up their ineptitude. So many stories of unnecessary animal kilings have been posted on FB – they ALL cannot be wrong. I especially liked the comment that Emily is disgruntled but no reason for termination was discussed. Even if she is disgruntled, if you saw ineptitude daily, wouldn’t YOU be disgruntled? People who do heinous hings like to remain in the dark and don’t like being exposed. PLEASE continue to update this story, lives depend on it.

  19. Donna Moh says:

    Baseless…There are 35 dogs on the list for Euthanesia tomorrow. I have never seen so many dogs on the list. Somebody at the ACC is not happy about this story and this is there payback…KILL as many dogs as they can.

  20. Donna Moh says:

    If these comments are baseless..How do they justify putting a mom and seven 10wk old babies on the Euthanesia list for ‘Ringworm’ ??? Thanks to Urgent part 2 and with the help of all the group members, these babies were rescued today and can now look forward to a long and happy life…

  21. lanpher says:

    If all the dogs you’ll never know aren’t reason enough to take action, just think about your dog. The ACC does not do lost and found checks! You could be desperately searching for your dog, only for him/her to get kennel cough and die! This affects all of us. Please share with everyone you know who loves their pet.

    1. Jo says:

      This story is heartbreaking – and it is not an isolated case. It happens over and over again. Shameful!!

  22. Bill Y. says:

    I had absolutely no idea this was happening…how long has this been going on for??? CBS, THANK YOU for doing this report! Can you advertise a little before doing the next one? I’d love to listen in!

  23. Christy says:

    Unfortunately, this type of situation isn’t limited to New York. California has the same in our “shelters,” and I imagine that every state in between has similar issues. Does the ACC use the Dogs in Danger website? That is specifically designed to help get animals out of kill shelters. Definately agree with Aislin on all points. Was volunteering for a CA municipal shelter, but was horrified by conditions, and “management” (or lack thereof)-just like what you are seeing in NYC, and had to go with a no-kill to keep sane. Keep fighting the good fight, New Yorkers!

    1. lanpher says:

      The ACC would rather just kill the dogs so they can work on maintaining the image of Julie Bank and Bloomberg.

  24. Caroline Sindall, London, UK says:

    If more proof is needed that this whole scenario is rotten to the core, just take a look at the e-list for cats due to be killed in 12-15 hours’ time. 42. Yes, that’s 42.. following on from 37 to be killed today.

  25. Yvonne Williams - NYC says:

    I adopted a 9-month old out of the Manhattan shelter 2 years ago after received a late night call from a woman that we there earlier in the day rescuing a smaller breed. He was scheduled for death the next day. The reason – kennel cough. $6 worth of antibiotics (that the shelter provided me with) cured him. He is now a happy, healthy and vibrant member of my family. I can’t bear to think of all those left in these “care” shelters to languish until they are systematically euthanized. What happened to NYC’s vision of becoming a “no kill” community?

  26. Carm says:

    NYC AC&C are killing perfectly adoptable animals off left and right. They are not putting any real effort into saving them (including the simple task of answering their phones), and then fire the best adoption advocate they had; Emily Tanen. I can’t believe that shelter manager, Julie Banks had the unmitigated gall to refer to Emily as a “disgruntled employee” for finally speaking up publicly on the TRUTH about what anyone in rescue ALREADY knows about this severely broken shelter system. Thank you for publishing what ALL New Yorkers need to know about the worst shelter system in the Northeast. Let the voters see that the leaders they elected have continuously turned a blind eye to a severely mis-managed shelter system that has turned into a concentration camp where few survive. They eyes of the world are watching, NYC, and the problem is not going to go away unless there is change.

  27. Phyllis O says:

    Dogs being killed with rescue or adopters on their way to save them, dogs being listed at the first sign of a cough or sniffle, unfair behavioral testing……baseless accusations?? These are the people who know…….

  28. Liz Weaver says:

    Too bad someone or some people can not go undercover as volunteers to really see what is happening behind the scenes, the places that ACC does not want the public or potential financial donors to know about. Also if this is non profit is there not any group that oversees stuff like this and can actually get the truth and check their books or paperwork.

  29. angel says:

    Just imagine if they took the time to make it possible for people to adopt…

  30. Ronnie says:

    Our tax dollars at work …. SICKENING!

  31. cl;audia says:

    This is a surprise? Of course her comments are accurate. The no- kill shelters pick and choose the adoptables so they’ll always look good – so let’s be honest about that. It is a most horrible place for the people as well as the animals..
    There have been/ are volunteers that try to make it better, maybe she should be asked how well those efforts work – could be alot better, I’ve heard. Money is of course a huge issue but organization should be studied. Outrage at the cruelty cannot stop.

    1. Marguerite says:

      Reno, Nevada is an open admission shelter in one of the most economically depressed cities in America and they find homes for more than 90% of the animals that walk in the door. They aren’t picking and choosing, they are an open admission animal shelter and take all animals brought to them. Austin, TX went from killing most of the animals brought to them to saving over 90% of them in less than one year under new management. There are open admission no kill shelters all over the US now, and the only difference between them and the kill shelters like NYC ACC is the management.

  32. Maryanne Asta says:

    It looks like there are TWENTY SEVEN dogs on the list to be killed tomorrow morning. This is the most I’ve ever seen. At or after 5 p.m. the “shelter” makes the list available. They are open for a few more hours, but getting anyone on the phone is impossible. At nine tomorrow morning the slaughter begins.
    This is NOT a shelter, but a kill facility.
    I hope that police officers and others in NYC think long and hard before bringing a stray or abandoned dog or cat to these facilities. If they aren’t adopted within a week, they will be on this list to be killed.

  33. Pam Morris says:

    The claims are not baseless…I hear stories of the chaos at NYACC from rescues everyday….animals mistakenly killed….phones not answered so rescues can rescue…all the animals infected with kennel cough….pleas not going out to rescues to rescue dogs….no bios for dogs or good pictures that would make someone want to adopt or rescue….NYACC is a train wreck and the victims are these poor dogs that could be found a home!!

  34. Angel says:

    Just so you know, they are planing to kill SEVERAL dogs tonight. These dogs are YOUNG and scored MILD on their behavioral. If you want one, just go. Dont bother calling or emailing as they rarely answer phones or check email before killing them.

  35. perry jkaru says:

    Having dealt with the Brooklyn facility twice in the last few years was such a poor experience that ended in dealth for one dog and the other going back to the owner that abused it severely. Through an affiliation with an approved rescue group I was assured the abused and neglected 11 year old dog would not be returned to it’s owners and would be released to rescue, that did not happen, back it went to the people who neglected it (see the other was checked by a veterinarian earlier in the day and pronounced “healthy” but when I went to pick the dog up later on I was told the dog “crashed and died” The lack of minimall care is evident, the staff is rude and unaccomodating to rescues and the general public. If one needs to find a home for their pet please seek a non profit rescue group as the NYCACC is a certain death sentence.

  36. nyc says:

    These adoption centers should be monitored by the authorities and if they are not taking care of the animals ,they should be closed ! There are agencies out there that do not kill ! Poor animals can’t help themselves and lazy ignorant people involved should be killed !

  37. Cipriana Costello says:

    She’s totally, 100% right! GO EMILY!

  38. p says:


  39. A- says:

    For all you peolple criticizing ACC for the conditions, do you realize that they have been pleading for pet food donations for many months in radio adds. Not asking for money donations to pad their pockets, but simply food donations tofeed the animals, or adoptions to reduce crowding. I do not have any idea if they are well managed or if they are on the take, but no money equals no food. No money equals no cleaning. No money equals no walks. It would be nice if there could be volunteers, but everyone needs to make a living.

    What about hooking them up with the jails system and get inmates who are willing to help out. Sure the jails have more yard space than the shelters…

    1. A C says:

      I was at the ACC in Brooklyn when someone brought in a pallet of food and other supplies. It sat there ALL DAY as I did waiting to adopt. When I was finally leaving with my new pets about the time the shelter was closing, I overheard a staffer picking out what he was going to take home to HIS dog. The system is corrupt and NYC should be leading the charge in a No Kill Nation.

      1. Joann says:

        So the shelter workers were taking their “free food” home to their pets, eh? How lovely. Well, that explains why my most recent foster from out of CACC (who came into the system very emaciated, BTW) LOST 6 MORE LBS while there and was severely dehydrated – even though her tags said to “feed 3 X’s a day”…. Hmmmm….

        P.S. Oh and she doubled her weight within 3 weeks of being with me…so I KNOW she was not being fed or given water regularly while in CACC.

    2. Susan Richard says:

      Just to clarify, those “ads” on WINS are not paid commercials. They are free PSAs that I, WINS News Anchor Susan Richard, asked permission to have placed on the air for ACC because their funding has been slashed enormously by the New York City Health Dept, and they desperately need help. Just wanted to make sure people knew that ACC was not spending money on advertising (as opposed to the animals).

    3. Angel says:

      And do you realize they cant even be bothered with answering their phones or emails so dogs can be adopted? Just a few days ago a dog was killed who had an adopter lined up. “Better luck next time” was the response.

    4. Michelle says:

      these are our taxes going to things like animal care in the city, thats not acceptable saying they need food donated, the city should be allocating enough money to take care of animals in the city. Now they do not even have pick up on animals that need help, in abused or injured situations that is not the responsibilities of individuals. We all pay taxes and part of it should be going to decent shelters, I myself worked for non profits in the homeless sector, those people get more funding for absolutely nothing that are able to work yet they cannot fund the basics just supplying food to homeless animals. And volunteers, they need staff some of the locations have 3 or four people working to run a entire shelter thats just ridiculous, I am sorry. Yet we get parking tickets all over nyc and pay 11 dollars to cross a bridge, and animals cannot have food/and a staff vet. I personally do work with animal care and control, the conditions these animals are in is a disgrace, no medical attention, nobody to monitor cats/dogs that are very ill who need attn but are still adoptable. They just put everything to sleep thats there thing, they do not hold a lot of adoption events around the area which could assist with promoting their pets, its the worst run system I have ever seen.

    5. SLM says:

      YOU ARE STUPID. Ths CACC – Auschwitz for Animals – STEALS food, toy , and bedding donations. The CACC BANS volunteers. The CACC REFUSES to let LEGITIMATE RESCUES to rescue pets. IT IS NOT ABOUT MONEY. IT IS NOT ABOUT MONEY. IT IS NOT ABOUT MONEY.

  40. sally rogers says:

    Wasn’t this the same Shelter that killed an old woman’s lost dog? They put the dog down even before checking to see if the dog was chipped. They said the dog was sick when it came in. The dog was healthy. I remember this story like it was yesterday.

    1. Jay Teske says:

      They kill healthy dogs every day there. There have been MANY reports of animals adopted off the euth list that were listed as “ill” who turned out to be no such thing. I got a cat from Manhattan last week myself who was on the list for “ill.” Had him at my vets the next day and he gave the cat a clean bill of health. We never even started the antibiotics they sent him home with.

      They’re holding a German Shepherd, Achilles, in Manhattan right now. The dog was found tied up outside a vet’s office. They brought him to the ACC. A rescue group from PA came to pick up the dog…but, low and behold, just as they were leaving with him…they FINALLY decided to scan him and found a microchip. The result? An additional ten-day hold while they sent a letter to the listed owner.

      To make matters even worse…the ACC didn’t send the letter out right away…so this dogs ten-day hold has now turned into a thirteen-day hold. Mind you..this is the same ACC with rampant kennel cough. There’s NO excuse to not scan every animal upon intake. There should be MULTIPLE redundancies to make sure NO animal EVER is PTS if they have an owner who wants them, an adopter (who prolly cant get anyone to pick up the damn phone), is healthy, has a treatable illness like kennel cough, or isn’t truly vicious.

  41. Aislin says:

    Is this a surprise to anyone? It’s the same with Animal Care and Control in most cities. Anyone who’s been there knows these things:
    1) Most pit bull type dogs will die
    2) Most dogs that are there more than a few days will get kennel cough
    3) The staff is either uncaring, rude, and barely do their jobs, or those who care are stressed out and overwhelmed.
    4) Dogs only get taken out of their cages if volunteers come to walk them- otherwise they languish in there for as long as they are alive.
    5) Dogs are often left sitting in feces and urine due to understaffing or staff not being held accountable for whether or not they do their jobs.
    6) Dog behavior deteriorates the longer they have to deal with the stress of these situations, and many temperament tests are subjective at best.

    Unless these main issues are addressed, we’re just going to keep having this same conversation. We need more money, and the money they do have needs to be used more efficiently.

  42. Sloan von Spiessbach says:

    “baseless”? Just look at the the Urgent2 or Pets On Death Row Facebook pages EVERY night to see all of the dogs, puppies, cats and kittens that are being killed daily. Totally adoptable animals labeled TEMPER or DISEASE as an excuse to kill them. It is bad enough that the ACC doesn’t care and does NOTHING to save them, but they never try to ameliorate the situation…they just deny and lie!

    1. A C says:

      I adopted two 20-year-old cats that were dumped when the owner died. The one they weren’t going to let me take because of ‘temper’ but ended up letting me because her sister was rated as OK. Let me tell you what 20 year old cats do. They sleep. And eat. And want love. That’s it. There were no temper issues AT ALL with them. Not to mention that ANY cat in a shelter situation – particularly one as utterly hellish at the ACC is going to be freaked out. Duh. Am so happy they are being shown for what they are!!

  43. Stacey Feis Zarcone says:

    A huge THANK YOU to everyone working endless amount of hours EVERYDAY trying to save these animals. The ACC is being exposed and needs to continue to be exposed until something is done. Please 1010, follow up on this, every bit of exposure of these heartless people running the shelter needs to be drilled into the heads of NYers. Funds may be short, and space may be limited, but working with more rescues, giving these animals more time to be adopted, and advertising the animals that are available for adoption is a start! What about their Lost/Found? Last I heard it doesn’t exists. Now they are killing peoples pets on top of the homeless animals. Such a disgrace!

  44. Mary says:

    When there are 10+ dogs a day on the “euth list” and they are putting down dogs that usually fly out of other shelters, like small breeds and puppies, something is definitely wrong. Anyone can see that from their own releases of information.

  45. ruby pebble says:

    Their behavior tes is not accurate! they do silly things like take food and treats away from starving dogs to see how they react! How do you think YOU would behave if you were starving??!!! They make up excuses to get rid of dogs. Also, the animals are put in very small cages, and don’t get walked daily! Because of lack of staff, they sometimes have to live in filthy urine and feces filled cages!!! some changes need to be made!!!

    1. Julie Gammello says:

      The “on for fear” thing drives me nuts. Well of course the animal is scared — all of us would be doncha’ think? It’s not rocket science

  46. Valerie Alley says:

    Not a surprise that they didn’t answer the phone. No one ever does and animals die because of it. Of course you have their usual useless comment that the charges are baseless. They don’t want anyone to know the truth about this awful and disgraceful shelter system in NYC. Please tell them for us that they can no longer hide the truth and their meaningless comments, or lack of, are no longer good enough.

    1. Joann Prince says:

      No one is answering the phone because they are all away on vacation or have called in “sick”!! Meanwhile, these dogs and cats wait to die…

  47. Caroline Sindall, London, UK says:

    Baseless? BASELESS?!!! One only has to take a look at the Facebook community pages, Urgent Part 2 (for dogs) and Pets on Death Row (for cats), trying to help save dogs and cats sentenced to death at the NYC ACCs every day, and read the notes for each poor animal, to know that this comment by ACC is an utter travesty!!

  48. Nikki Watts says:

    Emily worked onsite there so her comments, by that alone, cannot be baseless. The AC&C have a golden opportunity here to identify that they are indeed failing many of these animals. Do they not realise that they could be the heroes here by acknowledging this and saying, ‘you know what let’s fix this’ and actually action it? Also, the actual name, Animal Care and Control ,implies aggression. Control? It should be AC&R; Animal Care and Responsibility.

  49. Jessica says:

    Baseless? Really? Didn’t the Brooklyn shelter just kill last week a sweet lab mix name Sammy, even though he was sweet dog with nothing but a cough? What about Prescot, the Chow/Akita mix? Also baseless? Wasn’t Prescot killed?
    The staff of ACC Manhattan readily admits that they kill animals for space. It’s a known secret. It’s not even denied when you’re there. People that surrender animals are even told that if an adopter not found for their pet, it will get killed.



    1. rc says:

      exactly BLOOMBUG needs to work at a shelter where his skill level is suited and not at city hall where he is ruining NYC with his harmful policies and his Police Death Squads that kill NYC citizens

      1. SLM says:

        Why are you insulting bugs?

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