Rep. Weiner Admits In Interview Lewd Twitter Photo ‘Could Be’ Him

N.Y. Dem Doing Damage Control; Political Pundit: This Could Be End For Him

Updated at 12:43 a.m., June 2, 2011

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — On Wednesday afternoon, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner refused to deny that he’s the one in the lewd photo that was sent to a college student. But later that night opened the door to the very real possibility that it could, indeed, be him.

In a live cable news interview he acknowledged it might be a private picture of him that ended up on a public Twitter account.

He told the interviewer, “It could be.”

It was another weird turn in a story that seems to get more bizarre by the day.

Earlier in the day, CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer asked the six-term Democrat the $64,000 question that is at the center of the so-called “Weinergate” Twitter scandal.

“The picture” in question is the one of a man’s bulging underwear that was sent from the congressman’s Twitter account to a pretty coed. On Wednesday afternoon, Weiner wouldn’t say with certainty whether it was or wasn’t him.

“Well, we’re going to try to find out exactly what happened. My system was hacked into. The photograph does not look familiar to me but before I say anything I want to make sure that it wasn’t manipulated, that something wasn’t dropped in to my account,” Rep. Weiner said at the time.

Weiner continued to bob and dodge, even after his friend, comedian Jon Stewart, hinted that he was in a unique position to judge whether the bulging briefs belonged to the congressman.

When advised that most people would know whether a picture is of them or not, Weiner quipped, “Jon Stewart might have had it right last night, that it didn’t look like me for embarrassing reasons.”

It was the recently married Weiner, who wants to be the New York City’s next mayor, doing big-time damage control.

“This was a hoax. It was committed on me. It was relatively easy to do, making fun of my name,” Weiner said.

Weiner had a lot to repair after stonewalling reporters’ questions for days and using his trademark temper as a tool.

“I’m going to have to ask that we follow some rules here and one of them is going to be you ask the questions, I do the answers. Does that seem reasonable?” Weiner told a group of reporters.

But when pushed to give an answer, Weiner cranked up the intensity a bit.

“That would be perfectly reasonable, perfectly reasonable. You do the questions. I do the answers. That jackass interrupts me,” Weiner said.

The outburst was reminiscent of a heated discussion on the House floor last summer between Weiner and Congressman Peter King over a health bill for 9/11 responders.

“I will not yield to the gentleman!” Weiner screamed during that memorable exchange.

The political implications, dodging questions of the picture and refusing to explain why he follows a bevy of women on Twitter could affect his future political ambitions.

“It’s a culture of gossip and entertainment and Anthony Weiner has now found himself as the butt of gossip and entertainment,” political consultant Hank Sheinkopf said.

“For the time being it casts pallor on whether he can be a reasonable candidate for mayor, too many questions. Ultimately, people will forgive Twitter but they won’t forgive not coming clean.”

Sheinkopf said the longer the Twitter scandal goes on, the bigger the damage.

“This could be the end of a career but who knows?” Sheinkopf said.

The congressman said he has hired the Washington DC law firm of Baker Hostettler to sort the whole thing out and help him decide his next step. He also said his new wife is four-square behind him.

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  • calvikefan1

    Wiener claims that his system was hacked into, okay why in the hell does he have a picture of his crotch and( he said it could be him )on his computer anyway ? ! For what purpose would this play into. How many Americans have pictures of their crotch on their computer unless they are trying to solicit something. Character is determined by what we do when no one is watching……..bye bye idiot!!!!!!!!!!

  • TSA Scanner says
  • havok

    He’s a Democrat..

    ..he could rape and murder a 10 year old transvestite on the 50 yard line at halftime of the Superbowl, then snort coke off the dead body, while urinating on an American flag draped Medal of Honor winner.. and the Democrat Party electorate would cheer and run hard and fast to donate their life savings to his re-election.

    • stevens


  • GozieBoy

    Dems are rapidly debasing our culture and morays and must be defeated at every opportunity. Because of Bubba, our school kids all think that oral sex is NOT sex and is fact okay – hey our president did it and he is now revered by Dems everywhere! Barney Frank can run a gay brothel in his apartment and give plum jobs to his boyfriend, and that is now okay! Ted Kennedy can let his girlfriend die in his sinking car while he stands and watches rather than get help, and hey he then becomes the most esteemed “Lion” of the Dems! Weiner knows from these precedents that if he simply guts it out he can survive anything. And he is shameless and arrogant enough to do so. Where is this taking us and our future generations??

  • Gene

    You know what? We will do BOTH! We WILL find out which crooks in the federal reserve bank gave 1 trillion of our tax money to central banks of europe at ZERO percent interest, and we will ALSO find out if the “US Congressman” known as Anthony Weiner is a cyberperv, and should be run out of office.

    Hey, we’re going to deal with two issues at once! Isn’t that amazing? Stop with the stonewalling, Stonewall Rioter, if you get my drift.

  • Gene

    I KNOW!!! Isn’t this guy obnoxious? I can’t STAND the way he talks and acts. Along with Barney Frank, he is without a doubt the most repulsive human being in Congress. Obama, Schumer, Jesse Jackson, Pelosi, Reid, and Maxine Waters occupy the Second Tier. Carl Levin, Hillary, Sheila Jackson Lee, Al Sharpton, Patrick Leahy, Michelle Obama, Al Franken, John Conyers, and Henry Waxman occupy the Third. It’s just amazing how sickening the Democrats can make themselves. Thank GOD I am a Conservative!

    • Hugh Dame

      You had better be more careful, Gene. You may have rubbed Weiner the wrong way.

  • Mike Jefferson

    Even if this offense rises to the House ethics committee for investigation, Weiner will get off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist, ah hand. Besides, if he resigned, Weiner would be rewarded by his fellow demagogues with a t.v. show on CNN – Weiner and Spitz.

  • Doug

    Everybody on the Hill knows it’s him. He’s a prick!

  • Mike Jefferson

    Weiner’s latest defense – he was doing market research for a new campaign he’s launching for TSA. It’s called, (don’t) touch my junk, please. Weiner epitomizes the angry and obscene liberal. I don’t know how he can be described as a “playboy” – the guy looks like a putz on both ends

  • NYMets

    Anthony Weiner “Don’t touch my junk!”.

  • SamIam

    He’s a liberal fanatic…nothing will be done to him…only REP jump out when caught and liberals fight it as though it were some sort of freedom fight. Same stuff different day.

  • Ignats

    Weiner is in way to deep. He should pull out and clean up the mess he made

  • Rational

    Anthony Wiener will of course continue to be a respected member of Congress. People forget, or in truth are so cynical about their so-called Representatives, that what they do is of little matter. They all are a laughingstock. Is Wiener’s career cooked? Nah. Just reinforces the idea that they all are a bunch of arrogant elitists who think themselves above us little people.

    • Weiner/Schumer clown act

      A respected member of Congress? Sorry, he isn’t respected. Behind the scenes, most people laugh about him and Chuck Schumer. You got a a couple real winners there.

  • William D. Goodman

    The guy needs to disappear. He is a major league azzwhole.

  • satch

    As Fox News put it this Morning on it’s early show with a Headline in the crall at the bottom of the TV screen,——“Weiner gets Grilled”.

  • Bob

    Good riddance you little Weiner! I can’t say I’ll be sorry to see you go!

  • DC Insider

    Weiner has other problems, too. He’s been tweeting porn star and stripper Ginger Lee. The story is here:

  • Rico

    The Dog hacked my twitter.

  • Steven H Ahle

    I’m sure that 1 million they gave Obama in 2008 has nothing to do with it. (snicker snicker)

  • Rational

    This gives new meaning to the term, “comeuppance.”

  • jockitch

    What a total whiney narcissistic dweeb. That’s the story. Forget you haters and apologists in either fringe.

  • pitter43

    He’s a democrat/liberal. Of course he did it and of course he’s going to lie about it. If he’d just admit it, it would go away, but the democrat’liberal way is to lie about everything all the time. It’s in their DNA.

  • Jeff Launiere

    Rep. Weiner is one of the most arrogant men I have ever seen. He apologized for the outburst with the media, but he acts that childish in virtually every interview he does, when he does not like the questions or does not want to answer the question.

    This is a man that likely will have trouble keeping any job other than as a politician where acting like an infant is considered the norm.

  • rickshelton

    An honest person would give an honest answer. He did not.

  • marty

    Don’t worry Weiner, all the big networks and newspapers will protect you. Remember. your all in it together. katie, matt and brian will bury this little problem.

  • Barry Bin Inhalin

    What a little piece of garbage.

    Buh-bye Anthony – the writing is on the wall. We’re really gonna miss you, dirt bag.

  • Rick Simon Sr

    KARMA sux Mr. Weiner.

    Remember all the R’s you wnet after over silly events?

    Reap what you sow you leftist socialist SOB!

  • Steve

    All this time he was witch-hunting Beck and gold and he was pushing sausage futures!

  • Steve

    Well, he’ll get the gay vote for Mayor, right?

  • dave

    why dont you report real news like the power outage, carbon monoxide evacuation, and con ed smoking manhole, all in washington heights and still in process? is weiner twittering really more important to you?

  • Kevin Hufford

    America knows a
    “peter tweeter” when they see one!

  • ObamasMomma

    I’m sure weiner never uttered anything negative about former President George Bush’s last name, righ? What goes around comes around.

  • Manlyva

    DO you know how to tell if a politician is telling a lie? Their lips are moving. THis guy, regardless of party, is a lowlife. Anyone who does this should be “kicked to the curb” immediately. That is the only way this country will restore itself, nuff said!

  • Tom Walter

    What A Pencil Necked Little Geek. I’d Snap This Little Commie’s Neck.

    • Communists Destroyers of Morality

      Sounds like you are an American, Tommy. We better get these communists out of our government, let them enjoy the right to be happy which means ship them back to their homelands or wherever they can slither in.

  • Ed Norton

    Time for a side-by-side comparison. Maybe get the American Idol judges to decide. If the briefs don’t fit, you must acquit!

  • http://Aol Tony

    This weasel lying liberal is so guilty lock him up for using his office as a way to chase young girl another lying politician involved but this guy is a perv and what he did is a lewd act

  • The Truth

    This kind of thing makes Democrats more electable by their base. (ie Bill Clinton). But would destroy a Republican (ie Newt Gingrich)

  • Morris Goldich

    I too lose track of my weiner sometimes, once I found a picture of my weiner dressed up in a hoola skirt in Hawaii while I was here in NY. My weiner goes in one direction, gets its photo taken while I go out to dinner. Sometimes when I go to sleep, my weiner gets up and sleep walks on its own, while I lay in bed, maybe thats what happened.

  • Charles

    He’s not going anywhere, so you Neoconjobs get used to it.

  • samanta horrocks

    See what happens when you go after wall street?

    I wish I could remember who, but some pundit or another the other day predicted a Weiner scandal in the future after he announced he was going after Wall Street

  • Bernice Madoff

    This is why we love paying taxes and trust our elected officials so much. Clean it all up and put in business people with backgrounds in diverse industry to ignite economy. Just say no more to: paying for the next love child, lady of the day or night and extra homes (Charlie R of NY Costa Rica I.e).

  • godfrey h.

    The United States has a very real neurotic problem on the subject of men’s bodies and male genitalia. Luke Russert, on msnbc yesterday, sounded like a giggling, prurient schoolgirl on the subject. This would be a non-issue in any European country.

  • MrBill


    • Ernaldo T

      haha…bye, wiener…..hahaha

  • billcrawford

    “The congressman said he has hired the Washington DC law firm of Baker Hostettler to sort the whole thing out and help him decide his next step. He also said his new wife is four-square behind him.”

    A law firm to help him sort out what he already knows? I believe we see the handwriting on the wall here! and his new wife is behind him? and where else woud she be until she also learns the truth? I am betting she is wondering why she did not take a closer look at who she was marrying about this time.

    • Steven H Ahle

      After his detectives help him prove he is innocent they plan to help OJ find the real killers. This is just more hypocrisy for the lieberals who threw away their moral compass decades ago. That’s why they are the Party of Mass Corruption, Income Tax Evasion, Racism and Hypocrisy.

    • EZ_patriot

      Yeah, his new wife is behind him -with a gun in his back! And right behind her – her divorce lawyer!

  • David Heath

    Typical American politician: obfuscating, self-righteous and attacking others for their own inadequacy. Instead of coming out and clearing up the matter, he makes claims that others manipulated the photo, describing it as an “hoax” and “prank” yet refusing to get the police involved for hacking into his personal files and disseminating pornographic material. If this is his cavalier attitude towards material he is expected to be entrusted with on his watch, how can he be trusted to maintain his community’s security?



  • MrBill

    Poetic justice. I hope he goes down in humiliating flames.

    • MrBill

      It’s about time this arrogant little twerp got what he deserves! This IS a story because he’s a loud mouth twit. A “NO THIS IS NOT ME” would have helped him but this arrogant azzwipe wants the world to believe hes got large junk while denying he sent the picture. I’m so enjoying his demise. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving jackhole. It’s humbilizing isn’t it you BIG WEINER.

      Hasta la vista

  • Johannes

    We’re on the verge of another “great depression” and we can’t afford to have idiots like this in any postion of responsibility which has power of any kind over other peoples’ lives.

    You folks in New York better pull your heads out of your backsides and get serious about who you send to Congress because it affects me out here in Arizona. You people are beginning to pxxs me off…………….

  • Turk

    Its Mike Lee all over again.

  • Dennis Hill

    An East European leader has said it best recently-It is not the elected politicans that are so stupid it is the people who elect them!!! Voting Rights need to be reviewed. As far back as Thomas Jefferson they wanted to allow only “legitimte” tax payers the right to vote. They also need to drug test everyone on Gov’t aid-ALL our Police/Fire/Military have to do it. Why shouldn’t the welfare slugs have to also?

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