Rep. Weiner Admits In Interview Lewd Twitter Photo ‘Could Be’ Him

N.Y. Dem Doing Damage Control; Political Pundit: This Could Be End For Him

Updated at 12:43 a.m., June 2, 2011

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — On Wednesday afternoon, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner refused to deny that he’s the one in the lewd photo that was sent to a college student. But later that night opened the door to the very real possibility that it could, indeed, be him.

In a live cable news interview he acknowledged it might be a private picture of him that ended up on a public Twitter account.

He told the interviewer, “It could be.”

It was another weird turn in a story that seems to get more bizarre by the day.

Earlier in the day, CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer asked the six-term Democrat the $64,000 question that is at the center of the so-called “Weinergate” Twitter scandal.

“The picture” in question is the one of a man’s bulging underwear that was sent from the congressman’s Twitter account to a pretty coed. On Wednesday afternoon, Weiner wouldn’t say with certainty whether it was or wasn’t him.

“Well, we’re going to try to find out exactly what happened. My system was hacked into. The photograph does not look familiar to me but before I say anything I want to make sure that it wasn’t manipulated, that something wasn’t dropped in to my account,” Rep. Weiner said at the time.

Weiner continued to bob and dodge, even after his friend, comedian Jon Stewart, hinted that he was in a unique position to judge whether the bulging briefs belonged to the congressman.

When advised that most people would know whether a picture is of them or not, Weiner quipped, “Jon Stewart might have had it right last night, that it didn’t look like me for embarrassing reasons.”

It was the recently married Weiner, who wants to be the New York City’s next mayor, doing big-time damage control.

“This was a hoax. It was committed on me. It was relatively easy to do, making fun of my name,” Weiner said.

Weiner had a lot to repair after stonewalling reporters’ questions for days and using his trademark temper as a tool.

“I’m going to have to ask that we follow some rules here and one of them is going to be you ask the questions, I do the answers. Does that seem reasonable?” Weiner told a group of reporters.

But when pushed to give an answer, Weiner cranked up the intensity a bit.

“That would be perfectly reasonable, perfectly reasonable. You do the questions. I do the answers. That jackass interrupts me,” Weiner said.

The outburst was reminiscent of a heated discussion on the House floor last summer between Weiner and Congressman Peter King over a health bill for 9/11 responders.

“I will not yield to the gentleman!” Weiner screamed during that memorable exchange.

The political implications, dodging questions of the picture and refusing to explain why he follows a bevy of women on Twitter could affect his future political ambitions.

“It’s a culture of gossip and entertainment and Anthony Weiner has now found himself as the butt of gossip and entertainment,” political consultant Hank Sheinkopf said.

“For the time being it casts pallor on whether he can be a reasonable candidate for mayor, too many questions. Ultimately, people will forgive Twitter but they won’t forgive not coming clean.”

Sheinkopf said the longer the Twitter scandal goes on, the bigger the damage.

“This could be the end of a career but who knows?” Sheinkopf said.

The congressman said he has hired the Washington DC law firm of Baker Hostettler to sort the whole thing out and help him decide his next step. He also said his new wife is four-square behind him.

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One Comment

  1. camaguey says:

    No wonder the illustrious and certitude-lacking democratic representative does not claim it is he in the underwear picture: NOTHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT! A tiny little bulge! How embarrassing. IDIOT.

  2. CommiesDestroyMorality says:

    If Republicans are inept in reacting to this Elitist’s accusation of internet hacking, they are not upholding the law and are guilty of refusing to fulfill their Oath of Office.. FBI investigation is demanded in response to this Elitist’s claim. What a shame these Ellitists are bringing on our country, society, government. We Americans will purge them from our country and reclaim our greatness and honor. What greed, arrogance, and hatred for this country they have proven by their immorality and disrespect. Game Over, Elitist. You lose, American wins. Very Soon.

  3. COOKED WEINER says:

    Quick question. Why would a married congressman be taking a picture of his weiner at full Capital attention mode in the first place?

  4. Milo Z. says:

    Na Na Na Na
    Na Na Na Na
    HEY HEY…………

  5. Rosie says:

    Soooooo……..Weiner is now admitting the photos “Could Be” him? This means he “Could Lose” his job, right? What a sham, he really understimated the media and the people he represents this time. If he can’t control things like this from getting out, then he should not be our Congressman, period.


    RESIGN NOW. End of story. This guy Weiner is a pathetic sexual pervert.

    1. camaguey says:

      You know, you are right.

  7. "might be my weiner" says:

    That republican who sent an email with a bathtrowel on resigned immediately. So should WEINER.

  8. weiners aplenty says:

    How many pictures of Congessman Weiners weiner are actually out there that hes not sure this is his or not lol.

  9. L'evitra Biggens says:

    Weiner really pulled a b0ner this time!

  10. Bill Jones says:

    Based on what our elected representatives do to our nation on a regular basis, why is Weiner’s attitude and behavior surprising? Speaking of Congress, I’ll add that Constitution-shredding-sociopathic-con-artists — who believe they’re above the law — don’t deserve our support. Our founding fathers would have run them out on a rail. We, on the other hand, are far more accepting of obscene scandal and little if any representation, despite excessive taxation. Consequently, we’re losing our standing in the world, our freedoms and our dignity.

  11. Smitty says:

    Weiner was getting a bit (cough) testy in that interview.

  12. dave says:

    Take that d1que watcher jon stewart wit cha!

  13. Nik says:

    Clearly the media has lost complete touch with the public. Straight forward? Really? I have never seen the man answer a question, he always goes on a rant about something different. The guy is a deviant pervert who got caught with his pants down, get him the hell out of there.

  14. Jackie says:

    Hey Tony…

    Buh Bye!!!!!!

    Ba Da Bing

  15. RF says:

    Chris Lee had the decency to resign ASAP, but then again decency and Democrat aren’t typically used in the same sentence.

  16. High Hard One says:

    Coming to CNN : The Weiner – Spitzer Hour

  17. Ath says:

    Total humiliation for his wife,district, party and state. Resign at once.

    1. I-just_sayin says:

      you obviously aren’t in New York City

      See Rangel, Charles

  18. stroke the media weiner says:

    This story is really a hard one for the national media to sink its teeth into. Now if Weiner was a republican the media would jump all over it. Weiner just has to keep stroking the media and hopefully it will just go away otherwise it will just keep growing, and growing and GROWING and then EXPLODE across the country lol..

  19. ell says:

    The end for him? GOOD! Good riddance to a nasty, pompous, arrogant, ignorant man. This makes my day!

  20. Greg says:

    Congressman Weiner is loud mouth Democrat who fully deserves all of this – In my world, we call guys like him a Pr?$k and he fits that bill!

  21. Dryden01 says:

    This man is a sort of political Peewee Herman with shifty eyes. If he was a republican he would have already been gone by now. Instead, the liberal media will paint him as an admirable altruist who just wants to help the poor and then attack his victims.

  22. HARD ONE says:

    This story weems to be getting bigger every minute but remember youve seen one Weiner youve seen them all. He should just have a stiff drink it will all come out in the end anyway. Everyone should just keep their shorts on the truth will pop out in the end.

  23. Stiffie says:

    Couldnt happen to a biugger WEINER

  24. swissik says:

    “may be the end of him?” Ahhh no, he is a democrat don’t forget. That is what they do, especially if they are from NY. They have no standards so they never resign. Anyway what is a guy his age following a teenage girl on twitter?

    I have a 45 year old son, and two sons in law around the same age, none of them would ever think of taking a picture of their crotch. So Wiener is a pitiful little twit who must have had a deprived childhood. Ha.

  25. Denis says:

    Time for a Weiner-probe.

  26. DaveLincoln says:

    Of course it’s him. What is he thinking? That we are all stupid and he, the great Anthony Weiner, is dazzle us with his cleverness as he weaves his way through this maze of lies. Well, I’m a New Yorker, but I don’t need my street smarts to know your story won’t play in Pockepsee or anywhere else, for that matter. Let’s be clear, you moved this from a nothing curiosity to a “Federal Crime” when you used the word HACK; which, be definition is a “Federal Crime” A HACK is not a prank, and it is not something to be mocked. Identity theft is serious and is not mischief or ‘a prank’.
    Fess up, you should be wise to cut your losses and resign, now. You are going to exposed, as the social network companies, Facebook and Twitter, must defend and protect their credibility, as they become more important as communication platforms. Just today, world famous basketball player Shaq O’Neil announced his retirement ON TWITTER. His tweet was accepted by all major media and immediately reported on. If their was even a 1 in a million chance it was mischeif or a prank, major media would have delayed their reporting. Credibility is what makes Twitter what it is. Accept it, you’re error in judgement has cost you your career as a politician. Get a job, like the rest of us and get lost, you fool!

  27. Tweety58 says:

    It looks like Weiner is getting so worked up and excited about this that he could start spitting.

  28. xfiler says:

    thank god he is not a repub or conservative…the incident would be BIGGER then this without a doubt. the hypcorisy of liberals is without bounds.

  29. Rick says:

    This loudmouth idiot always reminded me of some organ grinder’s demented monkey.

  30. I-just_sayin says:

    At least Weiner sent it to a pretty Co-Ed instead of an 85 year old lady

  31. anibal says:

    Why isn’t the FBI already involved? Lewd photos were purported to have been sent from a Congressman’s Twitter account. What’s the holdup other than the fact that this guy’s a Democrat from NY.

  32. Clearhead says:

    What’s the big deal?? At least Tony did it on twitter and not in the Oval Office like Clinton. Maybe he’d rather be President than Mayor of New York City. Not a bad idea, Tony.

  33. Ray Bruno says:

    It comes to this: we can’t see Buin Laden’s picture….and now WEINER’S Picture…..equally gross I am certain.

    Geyt the fool out of ofrfice. I don’t want him in my Government.

  34. I-just_sayin says:

    If THAT is HIS JUNK….

    Mrs Weiner must be one happy wife

  35. IndyMason says:

    The truth will come out sooner or later, just keep your pants on.

  36. Mary Lou says:

    Not only is his last name Weiner, he looks just like a “weiner dog” (dachsund). Anyone else notice this?

  37. Lizzy says:

    He should be gone already if for no other reason than being a delusional fool.
    Just another example of the rules only applying to some. He said it would be a waste of taxpayer money to investigate but with him that ship already sailed!

  38. Milly Santos says:

    I say FESS UP now Weiner, if you want to save your skin. Then play the “sex addict” card, and tell everyone you are seeking treatment. You may be able to save your job. Your damage control is not working dude, especially with the media!!!!!! Get some professional help and get a good PR pro to do all the talking for you from now on.

  39. Loosie says:

    Stick a fork in him – He’s done.

  40. Jay Ray says:

    WEINER IN G-STRING: “Anthony Weiner’s New Underwear”:


  41. Kenneth Glenn Koons says:

    Well, the left in NY will overcome all of this . They would vote for the Mafia if he or she had a D next to their name. When Yorkers finally realize that liberal Dems are a horror on any level, then freedom from socialist baloney will have really begun.

  42. unclecharlie says:

    I am amazeda little twerp like that could find someone to marry.

  43. stevens says:

    I am amazed that this ‘stand-up, straight talking, take-it-like-a-man, guy’ is having so much trouble with this. I have always been impressed with his thoughtful and relaxed demeanor. His cogent arguments as opposed to childish facial expressions, never rolling his eyes and behaving like an ill-mannered teenager. I will miss him terribly, about like I miss a combination toothache / migraine when it subsides. Good-bye, little man, good-bye.

  44. MrsFudd says:

    Why is it that Democrats who do stupid things like texting or tweeting strippers go through all this “did he or didn’t he” by the press? If it were a Republican. like that idiot from New York who had to resign when he send a pic of himself barechested to some women, the press would be screaming for that person to resign IMMEDIATELY. The double standard with politicians is astounding. Dem’s get the chance to try and cover things up, while Repub’s are demanded to resign. I guess it’s because the Republicans are the party of family values and personal responsibility. So that makes the Democrats the party of no values and no personal responsibility.

  45. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    This is government and the degenerates that it attracts. People that are paid through taxes that are extracted with the threat of force if you don’t pay. He’s the poster boy for government. —

  46. andy says:

    where theres smoke, there is a fire!

  47. CookieJar says:

    I can’t stand Weiner. He throws hissy fits like a child and hes always got such a condescending attitude. This couldn’t have happened to someone more deserving…

    I bet Peter King is laughing his you know what off about this…

  48. jt says:


Comments are closed.

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