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Mets’ Terry Collins Tears Into Team After Ugly Loss

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — His team had just unraveled late in the game again, and Mets manager Terry Collins was seething.

“I’m sick of trying to describe seventh innings — about five in a row,” the fiery Collins said Wednesday night after dressing down his club following a 9-3 loss to Pittsburgh. “I’m running out of ideas here.”

Kevin Correia became the first eight-game winner in the majors and the pesky Pirates scratched out five infield singles in a five-run seventh, sending the frustrated Collins into a postgame rant.

During the decisive inning, first baseman Daniel Murphy, third baseman Willie Harris and pitcher Chris Capuano all made clumsy mistakes on defense. Plus, the Mets got a tough break on a missed call at third.

“Do we play hard? Absolutely. That’s not the issue,” said Collins, in his first season as Mets manager. “It’s about execution. We have to add on some points when we get the lead and I’m not looking for home runs. I’m looking for quality at-bats. We can’t make careless mistakes. We do. We give up at-bats. We can’t do that. We don’t have that kind of team.”

LISTEN: An upset, fired up Collins meets the press after Wednesday’s loss

Capuano (3-6) was a hard-luck loser after carrying a three-hit shutout into the seventh. He never retired another batter and was pulled after giving up five consecutive hits — four that didn’t leave the infield.

“We were cruising at that point. It just goes to show you it can happen quick and before we knew it, they put a few runs on the board,” Capuano said.

The Pirates have won seven of 10 road series and can take another one with a victory Thursday afternoon, when All-Star shortstop Jose Reyes is expected back in the New York lineup.

Reyes has been on the bereavement list the last three days following his grandmother’s death.

“It’s not one guy. It’s not two guys. This is a whole team thing. And I sit up every night trying to figure out what we can do to get us over the top,” Collins said. “I don’t have the answers. I’m searching. I’m wringing the rag dry of coming in here and having you look at me like I’m a stinkin’ fool. And I told these guys: ‘We’re good enough. We’ve got to go play the game right, and we just can’t continue to make foolish mistakes.”

Ruben Tejada fisted a two-run single that put New York ahead 2-0 in the fourth and Justin Turner homered in the eighth to cut it to 9-3, snapping a long power outage for the Mets.

Minus injured boppers David Wright and Ike Davis, they had gone 10 games without a home run for the first time since a club-record drought of 17 games in 1980.

“Nobody cares about our injuries,” Harris said, “and we can’t feel sorry for ourselves.”

Collins was more concerned with the lack of execution.

“They’re big league players. They should be able to do it,” he said. “I told the coaches, ‘We’ve got to do a better job. We’ve got to take responsibility for this. I mean, I’m the manager. It comes back on my shoulders. … Maybe I have to make some adjustments. And by God, they’ll be made. I don’t know if it comes with finding different players, but something’s going to be changed.”

Are you as frustrated as Collins? Sound off on the Mets below…

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One Comment

  1. PJP says:

    A long time Met fan, I have to vent. I keep asking my self who’s at fault here? Its more or less the same pattern every year. Lousy play, injuries, management saying all is well, stars playing below their potential… Lets be clear; this organization is a massive, costly management error. First, how long do we take major league ball players and assume they can play a different position at the major league level? Remember Todd Zeil, Mike Piazza, Daniel Murphy? Baseball players cannot play any position that’s open, but Met management thinks this is possible. Its a recipe for failure. Loosing begets loosing. Second, where is our medical staff review? Why do we consistently have inordinate level of physical injuries? Has this been professionally addressed? Has anyone looked at the percentage of proven player that fail in the Mets organization? Without research, I feel this is higher than average. The pressure of playing in NY may be a convenient excuse! These are professionals that should be used to public performance. We need a thorough business analysis of this organization and maybe the fans should undertake such an exercise. I believe it will point to a management black hole in Queens

  2. BrooklynLarry says:

    Terry Collins is correct…these are major league players who have proven that they can play. Whatever argument anyone has on this team not being that good, the bottom line is that a key hit here and a key play there the Mets would be battling close to the top with the Marlins and Braves. However, the true issue with this team and the teams from 2007 to present is that there is a culture of losing. This “stink” literally starts from the top at ownership. Ownership ran a man like Bobby V. away because he was too “abrasive” in other words they would rather pander to the “yes” man mentality than listen to reason and win. If there is one thing the Yankees do right is that the culture is based on HAVING to win, not trying to win. You don’t win, you feel the pressure. Many may not agree with this culture, but any New York franchise knows that they have no choice. Our market it too big and too sophisticated to settle for anything else. Its like if the Congress woke up one morning and decided that the Marines would no longer be an elite force because we just couldn’t afford it. It may be difficult to fund, but we have no choice.

    I like Sandy Alderson, but with all due respect, this is not San Diego or Oakland where you can take apart and wait on your young prospects. New York sports are about the here and now, it doesn’t matter if its football, hockey or basketball…its about celebrating a winning culture or leaving to another town.

    The Wilpons have been at the helm since 87 and since then one World Series appearance? Totally and unequivocally unacceptable.

  3. MikeC says:

    Unfortunately, the Mets play in the wrong City. The spotlight is always there. The pressure (because of their Bronx cousins) is always on. The team is just not that good even if everyone was healthy. Reyes is playing for a big contract – not for the Team. Wright, although a good player, can’t carry a team. Beltran is not the player the Mets went after when he was with Houston. In the end, it will be the Phillies. Get set Mets fans for a sub-500 season.

    1. Master Shake says:

      I’ve been set since February. 🙂

  4. The Clowns of Queens says:

    “I’m running out of ideas here.” what he’s really trying to say is

    “I’m tired of making excuses on why this $140 mil payroll team sucks”

    Usually he uses words like

    “He pitched great into the 6th”, this after Pelfrey got creamed in the 7th by the Yankees when they scored 8 runs & losing 9-3

    “We played hard, that’s all you can ask for” this after losing 10-1

    “We lost by one run, it could have gone either way” this after losing 4-3 to the lonely Nats

    Now he’s saying “we do play hard”, this after making little league mistakes and losing to the Pirates….. the Pirates!

    Whatever happened to “we are going to play baseball the way it’s supposed to be play”, words used in spring training.

    And it’s only going to get tougher, the 2nd half always is.

  5. RonaldoMaz says:

    They have to blow up the whole core of this team. No one is motivated and this goes back to lousy team ownership and bad team leadership by Minaya and Manuel. These guys are too used to losing. Sell the Mets, get fresh ownership and new players and these problems all go away. Plus it wouldn’t hurt to get players that actually speak english so the coach can effectively communicate with them.

    1. Larry says:

      you are a moron, and a bigoted moron at that. How many languages do you speak? jerk.

    2. Vinnie from the Bronx says:

      Hey Ronaldo-Ass, most of the Mets players now speak the English language and when do you need to communicate in the English language when it comes to playing baseball?

      The game, the rules & the fundamentals of the game is the same in any language, its hit, run, catch, field & pitch.

      What you are is a stupido (Italian, Spanish), baichi” (Chinese) durak (Russian) an idiot (English) a f*cking moron (Bronx)

      In any language it means the same, you’re an ignoramus

  6. dave e says:

    my son is on a 7 year olds team…maybe he should use them instead.

  7. vincent says:

    Mets Schizophrenic Offence Would Have Cybil Jealous.
    Watch clip of Collins rant after the game here.

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