Somers’ Monologue: Mets Star In ‘The Flushing Follies’

NEW YORK (WFAN) — “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to tonight’s episode of ‘The Flushing Follies,’ America’s number one TV and radio show.

“‘The Flushing Follies,’ a nightly series of goofs, guffaws, pratfalls and all around mind-numbing, mind-boggling silliness not seen on TV since ‘Monty Python.’ … Tonight’s episode features a seventh inning that will have you with your eyes wide shut!

As if he could open with anything else, Steve Somers breaks down the Mets’ ugly Wednesday night loss to the Pirates.

What else did Steve say? You’ll just have to listen…

LISTEN: Somers’ Monologue: Mets Star In ‘The Flushing Follies’

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  1. Vincent says:

    Mets Schizophrenic Offence Would Have Cybil Jealous.
    Watch clip of Collins rant after the game here.

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