David Wright: I Want To Stay With Mets; Contract A Major Trade Obstacle

NEW YORK (WFAN) — David Wright could find himself on the Mets’ trading block after this season, especially if the team decides to make a run at re-signing Jose Reyes, according to reports.

Wright’s love affair with New York is apparent. His contract might just prove to be the obstacle that keeps him at Citi Field’s hot corner.

“I think it’s well documented that I enjoy playing here. I really love playing baseball in New York and hope I can do that for a long time,” he said Thursday during an appearance at a Ronald McDonald House fundraiser at the South Street Seaport, according to the New York Daily News. “Unfortunately some of that is out of my hands. If something happens I would be disappointed, but, at the same time, it’s something I can’t control.”

Wright, on the disabled list since May 16 with a stress fracture in his lower back, said getting back on the field is his “sole concern right now.”

“I feel really good,” he said. “As far as I am concerned he rehab is going very well.”

But if the Mets decide to shop their homegrown face of the franchise, they’ll face a major obstacle trying to get maximum return — Wright’s contract.

According to the Daily News’ Andy Martino, Wright’s $16 million team option for 2013 belongs exclusively to New York.

“If the Mets trade Wright this offseason, the acquiring club would control him for just one year,” wrote Martino, “with no contract option for 2013. Wright would become a free agent after next season.”

If the Mets can only offer Wright as a one-year rent-a-player, can the franchise expect to land a top-notch package of prospects for the All-Star third baseman?

And if not, will the fan base go insane?

“This contract provision perhaps explains why the team has not, according to sources, actively discussed shopping Wright,” Martino added. “The speculation that they might do so was based on the incorrect but widespread assumption that the acquiring team would enjoy his talents for two years.”

One thing’s for sure. Tough decisions are ahead for Mets general manager Sandy Alderson if he’s indeed pressed to cut payroll up to 30 percent, as indicated last week by owner Fred Wilpon.

Especially if Wright and Reyes want to stay in New York.

“This sort of thing really bothers David,” one Mets employee close to Wright told Martino. “Especially now, when he’s already frustrated that he isn’t playing. He follows this stuff, and he wants to stay here.”

Mets fans: What would you need in return to trade Wright? Fire away in the comments below…


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  1. tom says:

    trading reyes or wright is wrong what they need is new ownership the wilpons
    showed what they are made of soon as the pressure started.i say get rid of the
    wilpons.and get some baseball people that know what they are doing.open your eyes david and jose are great players but they cant do it all by themselves this is
    a team effort and everything starts from the top weak management poor team.
    lets go mets

  2. Arlene Lueberman says:

    My message to the Mets. LEAVE REYES AND WRIGHT ALONE.. If they are traded away then it’s obvious that the Mets management wil be making mistake # what? Can’t they get anything right? Watch how atendance will drop if those two are gone.


    hire an agent and don’t ever, ever, negotiate in the press. saying things like……”I really love playing baseball in New York and hope I can do that for a long time”………..owners know they’ve got you for a song. wise up.

  4. Bob Fowler says:

    It’s pretty funny how nobody seems to want to mention why the Mets are in this position in the first place. Omar Minaya. This is the organization that Omar created. The financial ruination can be tracked back to too many overpaid contracts; DelGado, Beltran, Perez, Santana, KRod, Castillo, Bay… The raped farm system was whose fault?

    Ultimately, the responsibilities falls upon the Wilpons. They hired Omar, and they let him run the team into the ground. Now will come the inevitable fall. Reyes and Wright are good players for the core of a good team. By the time that the Mets have enough good players ready to go forward though, these 2 will be passing their primes. Sandy Alderson seems to have a plan. He has had success before. Does anyone think that they have a better, more complete knowledge of the Mets’ organization than Alderson?

    Let’s give them a chance, and see what the new core will look like before going Steinbrenner on the Mets.

  5. dabooch says:

    The Mets aren’t going to pay Wright sixteen million, that you can take to the bank.

  6. Rugbyball says:

    Who ever is running this website for 1010wins and CBS, stop the F’in page refresh every 20 – 30 seconds, its annoying when your reading the article or comments and it refreshed, and especially when it doesn’t go back to where you where after it refreshes. You DO NOT need to refresh at all! Please stop doing it!

    As far as Reyes, I would trade him as I think he has alot of value in a trade, especially if he is healthy. Wright, I like the guy think he is a good fit for Mets, his trade prospect hurts with this contract and the back injury doesn’t help matters either. But if you can get a good deal then the Mets may need to trade him. As a Met fan from early 70’s and having been handed Youth Baseball trophies from the likes of Seaver at awards nights, I am a Met fan. However I do see Mets in rebuild for MANY years to come. If they can do what Florida does, put together a great young team, build them up win a World Series and then trade them all away and start over. I am ok with that. Florida have an impressive show in post season when you realize how young an organization it is.

  7. A says:

    I said it when Jose Reyes and David Wright came up, if they don’t retire Mets I’m done. The problems that this team has had in the past couple of years is not their fault. Two players won’t take you to the series when you don’t have the supporting cast. Been rooting for this team since early 70’s, watched Seaver traded away along with other fine players, I cannot watch it again.

    1. Anthony says:

      Yeah Mets fans are so quick to trade their players! These are usually the guys who ONLY WATCH METS GAMES so they have no idea how other players really stack up. It’s easy to see Troy Tulowitzki come in and tear it up….that’s a short sample. Watch him play all year like yo do the Reyes and you will get the answer you are looking for. Reyes & Wright don’t need to go anywhere!

  8. Anthony says:

    Watch other teams as much as you watch the Mets and you will realize just how good Wright is. It’s easy to see a team come into CitiField and watch their 3rd baseman tear it up and look like a superstar. Watch that same player for a while and you will realize he’s no Wright. Simply put, David Wright is one of the best all around players in the game! Say NO to trading Wright!

    1. Overated says:

      The Mets had Delgado & Beltran leading the way in ’06, ’07 & ’08 along with Reyes & Wright & did not do anything in winning a title.

      Delgado is gone and after this year so will Beltran. They were the best offensive players the Mets has in the last 6 years.

      If those past teams were better then what the Mets have now, how can they now win with just Reyes & Wright?

      If Reyes & Wright are as great as you say they are why haven’t the Mets won a title already?

      Superstar players win titles, good players don’t. That’s the answer.

  9. I agree with David B. You cannot replace a guy like Reyes. He does everything right. However, you have to factor in Reyes’ past health issues. Wright has, for the most part, been healthy. So do you take a chance on Reyes and trade Wright? I would not trade Wright. It has been too long since the Mets have had homegrown players on their team. The Mets have to figure out a way to keep both players. I don’t think they have much choice. I would require pitching prospects with at least one of them ready to pitch in the majors right now.

  10. Jon says:

    There is no one and nothing worth trading for Wright. Sometimes a player is so much a part of a franchise for one reason or another that they are simply priceless. David Wright is one of those players and I’d be truly disheartened to see him go.

  11. David B says:

    None of us have an idea as to the financial constraints on this team. It’s too easy to say ‘This is New York so money shouldn’t be an issue”. Maybe money is an issue … this may just be the case ! If it really has to come down to one or the other (Reyes or Wright) then I’m afraid it becomes fairly easy. Wright is just more “replaceable” than Reyes. He is a really good ballplayer and apparently a nice guy (and don’t be naive to think the fact he is a nice “white” guy doesn’t factor in). Reyes however is a unique talent combining many skills. He can’t be replaced anywhere near as easy. If one has to go at the expense of the other, then I have to vote to keep Reyes.

  12. Brian Stark says:

    We have had 140 third basemen in 50 years.

    Why trade the best one we have ever had? Especially since he WANTS to be here???

  13. Larry says:

    David Wright is the kind of player that needs other players around him in order to play at a high level. Just look at his success when he forst came up and Beltran and Delgato were in their prime. I would not mind trading him for a good pitching prospect but who are the teams willing to give the Mets that? Jose and David are likely gone at the end of this year. I can see Murphy being given the 3rd base job, with Tejada at SS and Turner at second.

  14. Eric Soley says:

    My message to the Mets: trade David Wright, ur making a mistake!

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