NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Comic book fans, get ready, the action-packed franchise that first hit movie screens in 2000 and has since grossed more than $700 million is now taking us back to the beginning, Katie McGee reports.

“X-Men: First Class,” the prequel to the X-Men movies, follows the story of the two men who became Professor X and Magneto.

James McAvoy steps in as Charles Xavier, with Michael Fassbender as Erik Lehnsherr.

Set in the 60’s, the young mutants come together, harnessing and learning about their powers.

With Cold War tensions building, the line between good and evil begins to form.

The film features Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, January Jones as Emma Frost, and Oliver Platt as the government agent known as “The Man In Black.”

Also out in limited release is “Beginners.”

Ewan MacGregor is Oliver, who’s had a rough couple of years. His mother passed away and his 75-year-old father Hal, played by Christopher Plummer, has a surprising admission.

It’s one that brings father and son together with Oliver learning a thing or two about love.

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