Westchester To Use Facial Recognition Technology To Fight Welfare Fraud

WHITE PLAINS, NY (WCBS 880) — Much the way social networking websites recognize your face and tag you in a photo. The same technology is now being used in Westchester to fight crime.

Looking to expose those who have multiple ID’s to get multiple benefits, Westchester County is teaming up with the Department of Motor Vehicles and using facial recognition to fight welfare fraud.

County executive Rob Astorino explains if the DMV find people with multiple identities, they’ll turn it over to the Department of Social Services.

WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi reports: Westchester County Cracking Down On Welfare Fraud

“This is an opportunity to use technology to our advantage to weed out fraud and to cross-check,” said Astorino. “Every dollar saved is a dollar that we can put towards important services or to reduce taxes.”

The new program doesn’t cost anything for the county.

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  1. richard Allen says:

    I guess Caterine no body gives a dammm………….he will do whatever make him look political good

    Even though it wont save a dime….and will let the real fraudsters off the hook….

    Sad this is all we get for “quality” help on America

  2. Bob Fowler says:

    What entitles anyone to a job for life? If you start out as a lawyer, are you then entitled to a life of privilege? Life happens to people, and when it does, it should NOT be the responsibility of society to provide a standard of sustained living to these people. If you were a lawyer and now must park cars to survive, park them well, until you can move on. Don’t expect me to foot the bill for your ego though.
    If you want to spend your life paying the way for those who choose to not do for themselves, enjoy it. I work too hard and too many hours a week to be forced to provide for the eternally lazy. Most of us don’t want to be on the hook for training people too lazy to seek this training on their own. If you have had a hard time, I wish you the best of luck in getting back up. If you are one of the parasites leeching off the system, and expect to be trained to do a job commensurate with your dreams, again I say good luck, but this time there might be a sarcastic edge to it.

    1. richard Allen says:

      You still have it all wrong……nobody owes me a sustained living, but when i asked my government for help all I got was a system designed to be cruel and demeaning as opposed to being helpful.

      And YOU are VASTLY overpaying for it…….It cost far more money to be mean and nasty then to give a hand up. …….Today we have employers that sound like the old days no blacks no jews….instead they claim you are overqualified, too much experience for the job so they give it to a snot nosed kid….

      Then job ads state if you don’t have recent experience don’t apply………All borderline Illegal All I am saying is if you are serious about fraud & waste is in the peoples paychecks that administer these cruel nasty unhelpful Back to work programs.

      I saw almost NO fraud amongst the people trying to get help…so this Rob Astorino, needs to be outed as one DUMB government leech.

  3. Chris says:

    Bob has my vote too!!!

    1. richard Allen says:

      Yes harass poor people and let the incompetent welfare tax sucking workers keep their paychecks….you must be one of them.

      1. Bob Fowler says:

        Not quite so Richard…

        With less money changing hands, there will be less need for levels of bureaucratic waste. These seat dwellers would have to be reassigned to work in these distribution centers, rather than sit around on endless breaks. Remember, as King of the World, I will also have rule over the waste of time that many civil servants enjoy.

        If you don’t work, you don’t eat!!!

      2. richard Allen says:

        Well Mr Folwer YOU go park cars with your Masters degree for the pittance welfare check……..

        There is a big difference between working and slavery, right now the way the system works if you have any education or had a good job at all, you get to do menial jobs….file papers answer phones its an incredible waste of taxpayers money

        For example if you are a paralegal, well the city has lawyers on the payroll, why not be another form of “intern”?

        Just think if you are applying for a job at a law firm who would you hire someone who has been parking cars for 6 months or someone working in a city law office?

        We are talking about saving money and fraud……and getting people back to work so they never have to apply again.

        Your way is cruel and pathetic.

  4. richard Allen says:

    Rob Astorino Is a blithering IDIOT….and has No guts to root out fraud.

    As a former welfare recipient I will tell you where the fraud is…..Its in the Back to Work program which forces people to take menial jobs for their pittance. Millions are thrown down the toilet in peoples paychecks At Goodwill Arbor and all those leeches that suck off New yorkers tittts

    Now if they had a REAL back to work program which teaches job skills and made me work 20 hours for my check in a field that had something to do with my resume, then we all will get our money’s worth

  5. Albert Sharpyton says:

    just finger print them all ,because there is alot of double dipping going on. finger printing would prevent this problem.

  6. John Doe says:

    why not put a system in place to weed out the corrupt politicians who are trying to make it harder for the poor to receive the services they need.

    too may of the so called politician are also lining up their pockets and there’s no one watching them.

    fight the system not the people

  7. Bob Fowler says:

    It would be so much easier, and cost effective if they just made one simple change to the system, stop giving people money. Stop giving food stamps, make everyone go once a week to a distribution center where a weeks worth of nourishing food will be provided for each recipient. Rent gets paid directly to state approved landlords only, with no possibility of cash kickbacks (maybe take the rent off the landlord’s taxes?)

    If you want/need public assistance, you will need to adhere to the rules, not the rules adhering to you. You get no cell phone, no television (except free over the air), no internet (the library has it for free), no computer for your home (see above) and a clothes stipend that can only be redeemed at certain stores with restricted choices.

    If I am paying for you, there is really no need for you to have all of your wants met, just the bare basics. I work for my needs and wants, as should everyone. If you need help, by all means, I will give it. But for me to have to enable you to live the same or better than I am, who is paying your way, is just ridiculous.

    1. crissi says:

      What about if someone who has been working winds up in a bad situation? Someone who has had internet service because they’ve had a computer before their downturn, has had basic cable (which by the way you can’t get “free over the air t.v.” anymore), and landline phones are almost extinct. The only thing I agree with you on is paying the landlords and getting proper nutritious food, but did you know many, many people don’t know how to cook it? There is no more home ec/household management type courses being taught anymore. The problems start much earlier than you think.

      1. Enough is enough says:

        Bob Fowler, Want to run for President? I will vote for you. Finally someone with common sense. I am tired of paying taxes and have people live better than me without working like me.

      2. Bob Fowler says:

        So crissi, what you are suggesting is that I should have to foot the bill? Reality should be, when YOU have things go bad, YOU get a handout to get up from. If I provide you with all that you had before, why would you ever want to go back to providing for yourself?

        Television, cable or otherwise, is NOT a right. Nor is a telephone, landline or cell. People who are not able to cook should be given cans and cans of Spaghetti-O’s. If you eat enough of them, you will learn to cook something else. Once again, not MY job to provide anything more than a hand to get up with.

        Too many people have the notion that they are ENTITLED to a certain quality of life. I work 2 jobs, 60-80 hours a week to maintain the quality of life that I am entitled to AFTER I provide a better life to those who do nothing. Nay nay mon frere. This walrus is going to bark long and loud about this…koo koo ka choo

    2. Dianne Burger says:

      This is so very well said. I only wish that we would stop trying to be so politically correct. As you said,if people need a helping hand at some point in their lives, I don’t mind helping. When I see the commercials offering cell phones to people on public assistance, it bothers me. I would agree that they could have phones to call 911 if needed, but to allow texting and conversation is just bizarre. I know folks who work for a living and cannot afford to pay for a cell phone. How is this fair? It actually pays to stop working. Now you have unemployment forever as well, a great incentive for the lazy folks to get off their rears and find a job.

      1. richard Allen says:


        You have NO CLUE.. the FCC mandates everyone be charge i think-its 11 cents a month so poor people can have some access to phones in case of interviews or emergencies

        They get a Whopping 128 minutes a month and if they want more they have to pay for it…….can you survive on 128 minutes for your phone each month??

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