Charges Dropped Against Cab Driver Thomas Moroughan Shot During Dispute With L.I. Cops

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. (1010 WINS) — Charges were dropped against a taxi driver who, police alleged, confronted them and tried to run one over. Officials conceded the cops had been drinking.

Thomas Moroughan, 26, was arrested on February 27 in Huntington Station after the two Nassau County police officers said the cab driver confronted them and tried to run one of them over.

He was shot twice during the dispute with the two off-duty cops, and was treated at Huntington Hospital.

Moroughan Says He’s Relieved

According to a police statement, “the officer fired his off-duty weapon into the taxi, identified himself as a police officer and told Moroughan to exit the vehicle.” Court records identify the shooter as Nassau Police Officer Anthony DiLeonardo. Police said Moroughan refused to exit the taxi and then struck both officers with his vehicle and fled.

Attorney William Petrillo had said that his client pulled over to confront the officers because one of them had been driving recklessly.

“I was just doing my job as a cab driver,” Moroughan said.” I didn’t do anything to deserve to be shot, pistol whipped, beaten up and then arrested.”

Petrillo charged that there was evidence that the officers were intoxicated and fueled by road rage.

Moroughan was planning to file a lawsuit.

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  1. What Ever says:

    What idiot would confront police officers, Its his own fault for doing something so stupid. Maybe next time he will mind his own business. He’s not getting any money from the police. He is just like everyone else….looking to get a quick buck!!!!. Any smart person would avoid approaching a police officer on how they are driving. Here’s a future tip, CHANGE LANES SLOW DOWN OR TAKE A DIFFERENT ROUTE!

  2. joes says:

    when will they learn and stop these stupid cops from carrying guns while they r out drinking…..what is wrong with new york are these cops still working or do they just go to the farm as well and get to keep a job, someone has to make an example out of these guys…. How do we teach our children to trust the police

    1. Joe says:

      Were you there Joes? We have no idea what happened in this situation.

      Be careful what you wish for. For every rare incident where a cop does somthing wrong with a gun for when he drinks, theres hundreds of times when a cop does somthing positive when hes off of work. Just because a cop drank it doesnt mean he lost the right to defend himself or others.

  3. liwingnut says:

    Cops suck

  4. MIKE says:


    1. harlem going ham says:

      got that right,. if he was Black, those cops would smoked him .

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