Westchester College Student Lauren Spierer Missing Since Friday

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (CBSNewYork) — In the heart of the Indiana woods and hundreds of miles from her home in Westchester County, a distraught mother and father are spending their days searching for their missing daughter.

Missing person posters mark Bloomington’s College Avenue, where 20-year-old Lauren Spierer was last seen walking alone and barefoot from a bar at around 4:30 a.m. Friday, just blocks from her apartment. Police found her wallet and cell phone, but surveillance cameras never caught a glimpse of her.

Lauren’s parents, Charlene and Robert Spierer, acting on a tip, focused their search on a wooded area near campus.

“We’re going to go up Hickory Ridge and do the same thing we did the last time,” Robert said. “We’d like anyone who’s seen her to please contact the Bloomington Police immediately.”

The Spierers traveled from Edgemont, N.Y., immediately after hearing of their daughter’s disappearance.  The petite blonde had just finished her sophomore year at Indiana University.

“She does have a heart condition she does take medicine daily so its important that we get a hold of her as soon as possible,” Robert Spierer said. Spierer’s family said if someone finds her, they need to take her to the hospital immediately.

Students at Lauren’s old high school were unnerved by it all.

“We’re a tight community, and this is devastating to everyone – not only just friends of hers, but the whole community is taking this really hard,” Edgemont High senior Isabella Gordon told CBS 2’s Lou Young.

The school superintendent described Lauren as a fashionista – artsy, independent, and a standout student.

“We are shocked, we are saddened, we are extremely concerned,” Edgemont Schools Superintendent Nancy Taddiken said. “[We are] sending our love, sending our prayers, sending support for her family.”

WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi: Police, Family, And Friends Have Been Searching

Lauren’s keys were found not far from where she was last seen. Police have not yet indicated whether foul play is suspected.

“They’re focusing their search in the city of Bloomington,” her father said.

Lauren was planning to stay in Bloomington for a summer course before returning to New York City for an internship.

Asked how long he was planning to stay out and search, Robert Spierer answered “I don’t know.”

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  1. Gerald says:

    Demand a State or Federal Grand Jury investigation of the disappearance of Lauren. They may need a Federal Grand Jury since her “friends” left the state of Indiana. The grand Jury can squeeze the furball info out of those worthless friends.

  2. Virginia says:

    Have any of you running off at the mouth ever had a loved one missing such as this ?
    Think before you voice a critical comment. It could happen to you or your family.

    1. M,K, says:

      being lower class,and not attractve i;m pretty sure that the national media wouldn’t swamp an area to find me. at best there may be a blip on the local news. here will not be a $110000 reward if i were to become mising. and when you get a clown on horses like Rocky Rice, searching, than at best you will find many mounds of horse poop and at worst trampled evidence, the who investigation has becone a circus.

  3. M.K. says:

    I live in Bloomington and although I feel real sorry for the parents of this poor girl, People go missing all the time (even here) and I never here a peep from the media about it. The second a cute little rich white college student goes missing, the nation goes on red alert and is expected to flock to Bloomington and start looking for her. Word to the wise, if you are a criminal and want to commit a crime in Bloomington, now is the time to do it because every single police officer is occupied. Three days after she went missing, about 1 mile down the road, 3 kids were stabbed in an alley and it took the cops an hour to respond to the report of teenagers laying in a pool of blood in the road. Oh and there was one little paragraph about the stabbing in the local newspaper on page 3.

  4. smoots says:

    Mike has got a thing for Beckys..Haven’t you Mike boy??????

  5. smoots says:


  6. judy says:



  7. Jill P says:

    Most of you people should really consider what you have said on here…. Its not one bit funny and this is not a joking matter. Have some respect for the victim and for yourself.

  8. Christopher Baskins says:

    I want to state that I have recently moved to Bloomington and have noticed that there is alot of wierdos around here. I am talking inbreed gangster hillbilly thingies running all over. I have 2 children, 1 being a 8 year old daughter and I fear for her life. Although Indianapolis was unsafe, I am beginning to change my mind on what the more unsafe location would be. Bloomington is a small town making it much easier to become victim to these wierdos running around from both Bloomington and surrounding counties. Check your bloomington sex offenders registry list and you will see the deviant’s running around wihin a block or two from you no matter where you live. I have over heard some wierd things from some disfunctional people. I have heard on more than one occasion that this guy has dumped some girl in lake Monroe and he said ” if you don’t want to end up like her you should shut up” to her family member. Hopefully this is not a case of foul play and maybe just a case of a medical issue and she didn’t have to endure pain and suffering.

    1. Boss says:

      Chris, your the Hilljack. I’m from Bloomington. These poeple you see are hippies, gang bangers and people that came from ghetos from the surrounding cities like Indy, Gary and Chicago. It’s a college town with one of the largest universities in the country. Towns like this always have a bunch of freaks.

  9. Lisa j says:

    If the drinking age is 21 what was she doing in a bar?Ssounds like kilroys should get into some trouble over this one.

    1. Liz says:

      I’m sure they will… but at the end of the day, is punishing the bar the biggest conern right now?

  10. Jorge Giusti Lanfranco says:

    If she’s a victim of a PREDATOR, why we don’t ask FIRST what a PREDATOR are doing in freedom 24/7 ????

  11. good luck says:

    not good, predator bait. If they dropped drinking age to 18 I think you would have less of this, maybe it is already 18 in indiana, there would be less drinking outside campus, on campus at least they get drunk but have other students around.

    1. Adam says:

      IU grad and native Hoosier here. The drinking age in Indiana is 21, but that would not have made a difference in this case. Lauren lived off campus. The Kilroy’s Sports Bar is actually closer to campus than her apartment and is, stereotypically, known as a student bar.
      Alcohol may or may not have been the cause of Lauren’s disappearance, but we can’t know that until we find her. Please reserve that judgement until she is found

  12. jtorres says:

    Obviously walking around at 4 AM and barefoot, something was definitely wrong. She could have been drunk but she could have been sick as well. A lot of things can make you disoriented and unaware of your surroudings, not just liquor. She could have been attacked hours earlier, she may have suffered a fall and hit her head, etc., etc., etc. You can’t just automatically assume she did something wrong. I hope she is in a hospital or somewhere safe, and has just not been identified yet.

    1. judy says:

      I agree,,,I think this is what happened. She got sick and they just have not located her yet.

  13. TT says:

    Why is she walking alone in the first place???
    4:30AM???? And then they wonder why bad things happen!!

  14. MIKE says:


    1. Valerie says:

      Why id there an assumption that she was drunk? Could it be that she was ill or had been hurt or sick? Why are we so fast to blame the victim?

      1. Adam says:

        It be being assumed that she was drunk because she was underage and last seen at a bar. I’m not instantly blaming her for whatever may have happened, but if she was drinking, then that is helpful for the search team to know, as they will have more information about the subject.

  15. bullett says:

    Did any of her friends ever consider walking her home?

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