Weiner: The Bar for Impropriety Is So High I Could Never Reach It

Congressman Anthony Weiner came clean on his lewd photo scandal yesterday and now the aftermath begins right here, on Tuesday’s edition the Boomer & Carton Morning Extravaganza.

Boomer and Craig harkened back to some of Weiner’s past appearances on the show, when he commented on the personal lives of some of his colleagues — and also his own.

Weiner talked about “skeletons” in the closet of Eliot Spitzer and Bill Clinton, the amount of sex going on in Albany compared to Washington, how he deals with a breakup and “making more moves than Allied Van Lines.”

Here are a few excerpts from that interview:

Carton: Have you ever been with a hooker?

Weiner: Well, I’ve learned that they’re having a hell of a lot of sex up in Albany. I’m down in Washington, we’re not doing nearly as well.

Carton: So you’re OK? There’s no hooker skeleton in your closet that is going to come out one day?

Weiner: I am fine. You know people say women around me use oral contraception — they just say no when I ask.

Craig Carton then asked the following question:

“Overall, do you think the right thing was done as far as Spitzer resigning? And then you have this other guy Paterson who appears to be dirtier than Spitzer.”

Weiner: Well, you know, the thing is we think we know these guys because we see them on TV, we see them at events and we realize guys have things going on that you have no idea about. Look, it’s behind us I think it might actually be better. Things were at a standstill up in Albany with Spitzer and now maybe we’ll be able to get forward. For most people politics is sounding a lot like a soap opera and for people in this industry, it hasn’t been a good month or so.

Boomer: How can we allow David Paterson to do what he’s doing and get away with it and stay as governor?

Weiner: Thing is he hasn’t committed any crimes and Eliot might have. Marital infidelity is a little different than hiring a prostitute and shipping them over state lines and the other things Gov. Spitzer has done.

Carton then brought up that fact that Spitzer used campaign funds for hotel rooms and flowers, etc, to which Weiner replied: “It’s bad. Look you’re not supposed to use your campaign account to pay for anything but a campaign and he made the mistake, he paid it back. To some degree I think he’s going back to his own record and scrubbing it to some degree also. Listen we all want to be successful. We don’t want to go through this every two months – another governor coming down this way.

Carton: But it seems like he’s got no choice. It seems like if I’m Spitzer I know I did wrong, I broke the law with the hooker but uh my Lieutenant Governor which shows maybe bad judgment again with Spitzer, is not coming out of this clean I don’t think.

Weiner: Look, his [Paterson] stuff is relatively minor. All that being said, I think that he should get scrubbed pretty good here. We didn’t do it during the campaign. I think he’s going to be a good governor – he’s a decent guy I know him, but I think that it’s fair – these questions are fair, these are not over the top because this is what we want to know about the new guy.

Carton: Do you think that every New York politician – at least in the boroughs – should have to come out on their record and acknowledge whether or not they’ve been down that road? We’re both New Yorkers— you’re a New Yorker – I now think every guy’s done something wrong unless I heard different.

Weiner: Well Craig, there’s no such thing as a bad question. Voters get to ask whatever questions they want. But look these are fair questions. I think we’re going to go through this period where this is going to be a question people are going to ask. Look now between President Clinton and Spitzer – the bar for impropriety is so high I could never reach it. My skeletons are relatively minor compared to this.

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weiner 21 2008 B&C Show Interview With Weiner Raises Eyebrows; Weiner: My Skeletons Are Relatively Minor

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