What’s That Smell On The PATH Train?

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – So, you’re waiting for a PATH train, sitting on a bench when all of a sudden, something enters your nasal passages and it’s not pleasant.

“Rotten eggs. Old socks,” says one man.

“Sometimes it smells like urine,” says another.

“Could be a sewer,” says a woman.

“It’s smelled like an old, steep, stank,” says another man.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams At The 33rd Street Station

The smell is a mystery to many. So the New York Times brought in an expert who specializes in eliminating odors.

There’s nothing definitive, but he detected an overall moldy, mildewy stink, probably from damp conditions and poor ventilation.

He also detected a plastic smell from new seats on the trains.

At the 33rd Street station, there was the smell of french fries and ammonia.

In conclusion, there doesn’t appear to be anything dangerous, just a little stinky.

What do you think smells worse, the PATH or the subway? Sound off below in our comments section…

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One Comment

  1. Frank Rizzo says:

    It’s just Jersey

  2. immaturebob says:

    sorry guys i farted

  3. Bell Toller says:

    It’s the black passengers that are the source of the smell.

  4. SZ says:

    The stink is from the Port Authority and the crooks that are in charge.

  5. D says:

    The smell is New Jersey.

  6. SY says:

    It’s not even impposible which one smells worse..
    I recently got nyc form other country and…was shocked by that bad smell in every subway..
    I think those disgusting smells are from the homeless..
    feel sorry for them but don’t wanna breathe passing by them

  7. Nick says:

    It smells of New Jersey people and bad new reporters.

  8. 1010loses says:

    With so many people in our city out of work, could you please hire someone who can write a decent article? This peice is horrible. It tells me nothing other then peoples opinions of what the path smells like. Can i somehow get these 5 minutes of my life back?

  9. johnny says:

    yes n sometime it stink really bad at journal square station as soon as u get off that’s what waiting for u there…they will park the garbage train at the station.U can’t even breathe when they do that…

  10. SCNJ says:

    The rotten egg smell has been there for years…why the sudden interest?

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