Still No Sign Of Missing Westchester College Student Lauren Spierer

Lauren's Case Eerily Similarities To 2000 Case

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — While the search continues in Bloomington, Ind. for a missing college student from Westchester, the case is eerily similar to one in 2000.

Police say they have few leads and no suspects but believe foul play is to blame for the disappearance of 20-year-old Lauren Spierer, a petite Indiana University sophomore from Greenburgh last seen leaving a friend’s apartment early Friday after a night out.

“When somebody at 4:30 in the morning – no shoes and has earlier been drinking – goes out and just disappears off a street corner, we feel like there certainly could be foul play involved,” Bloomington police Lt. Bill Parker said during a news conference Tuesday. “If she had just decided to go to a buddy’s house, we would have heard that by now.”

1010 WINS’ Al Jones Reports From Prayer Vigil Held At Scarsdale Synagogue

For some on the campus of 40,000 students about 50 miles south of Indianapolis, the agony is all too familiar.

Those searching for Spierer include Eric Behrman, whose daughter, Jill, was 19 when she disappeared in May 2000 while on a bike ride near Bloomington. Hunters found her skeletal remains three years later in a remote field about 15 miles from the city. John R. Myers II was charged later that year and is now serving a 65-year sentence in her death.

“After a period of time — after you’ve searched, you’ve exhausted the contacts — that’s when a real feeling of fear creeps in,” Behrman said. “You realize no one knows where your child is.”

WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi: The National Center For Missing And Exploited Children Is Now Involved In The Search

Police looking for clues about Spierer used a battering ram to break into the security room and mail room at her apartment building Tuesday evening, according to WTHR-TV and WISH-TV reporters at the scene. Bloomington police declined comment, saying they planned to issue a statement Wednesday morning. But the apartment complex issued a statement indicating police were after computer hard drives and no one was available to let officers into the locked area.

robert and charlene spierer Still No Sign Of Missing Westchester College Student Lauren Spierer

Robert and Charlene Spierer address the media during a news conference in Bloomington, Ind. , Tuesday, June 7 (AP)

Spierer’s parents, Robert and Charlene, and volunteers resumed what have become daily searches Wednesday in hopes of finding their daughter.

“We are continuing in earnest every day to search for her,” a visibly exhausted Robert Spierer told reporters as his wife, Charlene, wiped tears away. “We’re not going to give up.”

Bloomington resident Dawn Adams, whose son, Wade Steffey, went missing at Purdue University in 2007, was among those helping look for Lauren Spierer. She said health problems prevented her from searching for her son, whose body was found two months later in a high-voltage utility room on campus, where he’d been fatally shocked.

“It’s important to be here to search for Lauren and support her parents,” said Adams, a Bloomington resident. “I hope we find her. It’s really important to look.”

Parker said Spierer went to a sports bar near her apartment with friends Thursday night, then went to a friend’s apartment before leaving around 4:30 a.m. Friday. Her friend watched Spierer walk to a corner near his apartment, but no one has seen her since.

Investigators have Spierer’s purse and some keys, which were found along the route to her friend’s apartment. But Parker said they aren’t sure whether Spierer left them on her way to or from her friend’s home. She left her cellphone and shoes in the bar.

Authorities directing volunteers have told them to look for clues — a stray piece of clothing left on the ground or anything that raises suspicion. Fliers with Spierer’s photograph and a physical description of her are posted around Bloomington and on the Indiana University campus.

Bloomington residents say they hope for a better outcome in the Spierer case than the Behrman case, which dragged on for years.

“Those people went through such a terrible, terrible time,” said Sharon Phillips, a Bloomington resident with two adult daughters who volunteered with the search Tuesday. “It’s heart-wrenching. Anyone’s who’s a parent is just going to have that kind of a connection to these people.”

Robert Spierer, meanwhile, begged for anyone with any information about his daughter’s disappearance to come forward.

“It doesn’t matter how casual the sighting was. Every little piece of info we get is important,” he said.

On Tuesday night, friends came together in Scarsdale acknowledging that there wasn’t much that they could do, but hold out hope for Spierer’s safe return home to Westchester County.

“She’s a great girl and she deserves to be found,” one friend tearfully said at a prayer vigil held at Scarsdale Synagogue.

“I’m praying for her every day and I can’t stop thinking about her,” Danielle Shlomo told CBS 2′s Sean Hennessey.

Rabbi Andrew Gordon offered prayers “asking for strength for us, for Lauren and for her family and her friends.”

One fellow Indiana University student at the vigil said family and friends won’t give up looking for the missing student.

“We’re just praying that, you know, we find her safe and still alive,” he said.

“I will be optimistic until there’s reason not to be and right now, there’s no reason not be,” Gabrielle Kohn said.


One Comment

  1. betoel17 says:

    sinceramente lamento muchisimo la falta de spierer, mas las lamentaciones estan de mas creo yo,si con simplemente los hombres de hoy si fueran mas compañeros con sus amigas/compañeras o lo que llegue el grado de relacion, que cuan costoso es acompañar a quien te acompaña, para asegurarse que no le pasara nada o por lo menos para asegurarle el transito a su descanso, nose la verdad el tema inseguridad es mundial y lo que me parece apropiado y no correcto es estar prevenido y armado con una vara de defensa aunque sea.
    doy mis fuerzas para la ayuda de su encuentro en optimas condiciones, suerte

  2. REAL says:

    this “friend” could have sex with her but couldn’t walk her home? real nice. some people have no standards, nevertheless i hope she gets found.

  3. ED says:

    the area is hardly the sticks, there are over 40,000 students packed in that town to be honest and I agree, if this guy who supposedly watched her leave, and get to the corner would have walked her all the way home, maybe it could have been avoided, Im sure he feels bad enough as it is.

  4. Debbi says:

    My heart goes out to this family; I hope this young woman is found alive.

    Side note: This is what normal behavior looks like as parents distraught over the disappearance of their child…In contrast, Casey Anthony’s behavior after Caylee “went missing” with the babysitter. She should rot in hell for what she did to that poor little child.

    1. Ellen says:

      Debbi, you said it all. I feel so sorry for these parents who now have to deal with this. What a contrast between them and Casey Anthony.

  5. KGJM says:

    I wonder if the local police have shut down the sports bar that was serving alcohol to this UNDERAGE child – her intoxication could be a contributing factor to the decision making that has quite possibly led to her death…

    1. ED says:

      anyone can get ahold of a good fake ID anywhere for the right price. Its not the bars fault. Its very sad what happened, and I truly hope they find her as soon as possible. Just another reminder that we cannot let our friends walk home alone at night, especially after drinking when our guard is down.

  6. Gregory says:

    It’s common sense; don’t let women walk or go home alone late at night after partying. Her friends let her down. A woman confused, tired and semi-intoxicated is “easy pickings” for the human garbage that prowls the streets. We need stronger laws to lock-up and execute the cruds that prey upon the helpless. Failing that, staying in groups and carrying firearms is an alternative.

    1. Ben says:

      Why does everyone just assume people knew she left the house. Quit passing the blame on some one else. It is no ones fault but the Idiot or Idiots that may have taken her. If No one did take her then if she was drunk it would be her fault if something happened to her. You can not make the (ASS)umption that anyone even knew she left the house she was at, May GOD bless her and her family and bring her home safe.

      1. ED says:

        actually in one of the newspapers, it indicated that she left a guys house at 430, after going to the bar, where this guy claims to have watched her get to the corner near her house before apparantly going back inside. Im sure he’s been interrogated up and down.

  7. richard Allen says:

    Her Friend was pimping her out…….man pulls up with a couple of hundred and she goes with him….her secret life

    Then things turn bad

    1. Ben says:

      Have some respect!!! Could be you or your kids, But I hope with comments like this you never have kids . we do not need more people like you on this earth

      1. Nich says:

        There you go again. Assuming everybody raises their girls up to be drunken “fun to be around” girls. No, it couldn’t be “one of our kids” that this happen to.

  8. brooklyn4ever says:

    At 4:30 in the morning, couldn’t her “friend” have walked her to her car (if she was driving) or called her a cab and waited with her to make sure that she was able to get home safely? I would feel horrible if I knew that I was the last person who saw her before she disapeared knowing that I might have possibly been able to have prevented something and didn’t. I have a super bad feeling about this, and I so pray that I am wrong and that she is found alive and unhurt.

    1. Ben says:

      You can not make the (ASS)umption that anyone even knew she left the house she was at, May GOD bless her and her family and bring her home safe.

      1. MIKE says:

        SHUT UP BEN!!!!!!!!!

      2. Ben says:

        That is big words Mike, From a weasel

  9. Gregg says:

    It is soo sad that we live in such a violent society. You have to always be in a defensive state of mind and aware of your surroundings especially in the sticks where this young women diappeared. Hope she returns safely.

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