Kevin Millar (pictured above with his hero David Ortiz) played for the Boston Red Sox from 2003-05, so he knows a thing or two about their little rivalry with the Yankees.  With that in mind Al “Hughes” Dukes reached out to Millar and scheduled him to be part of today’s fun.

Right off the bat Craig took a shot at Chris Rose, who is Millar’s co-host on MLB Network’s “Intentional Talk” and Millar didn’t seem to mind.

Millar didn’t seem to care much for Boomer calling him out as a Red Sox “homer,” but then proceeded to make the Blonde Bomber’s case for him by telling a story claiming that David Ortiz’s bat-flipping-long-ball Tuesday night was actually dedicated to him.

In the end, Millar “the homer” said the Yankees have some big problems and some big decisions to make moving forward. Then Craig thanked him and his frosted tips for calling in…

LISTEN: Kevin Millar Gets Called Out By Boomer (6/9)

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