MINEOLA, NY (WCBS 880) – When tragedy strikes, people help those in need.

Volunteers were loading up a Red Cross truck in Mineola as they prepare to travel to Springfield, Massachusetts to help the victims of the tornado.

Sam Kile just returned and he said the devastation is heartbreaking.

“The magnitude of it, just really hit me. There was a lot of destruction there. I’m very surprised that there was [as] few deaths as there were there,” he said. “One of the most interesting things that I saw was a gentleman pointed out a building and he said, ‘See that apartment over there? See the roof? That belongs to the building over there.’ and he pointed at another building. It was almost as if Mother Nature had played musical rooftops.”

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall In Mineola

Kile, the spokesperson for the Nassau County chapter of the Red Cross, said monetary donations are needed.

“That allows those on the ground the flexibility to purchase what is necessary, whether that’s water, food,” said Kile.

Another volunteer said he saw the destruction in Springfield and immediately signed up to help the victims.

Volunteer and military veteran Robert De Jesus said he is a little nervous about what he will see and experience when he arrives in Springfield.

“It has been something that I’ve been dying to do – to help give back to the community, use my experiences that I had in the military,” said De Jesus.

You can contact the Nassau County chapter of the Red Cross at 516-747-3500.

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