1 Dead, 4 Wounded After Brighton Beach Boardwalk Shooting

NYPD Says It Is In Search Of 2 Shooters; Some People Questioned

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Two gunmen opened fire Thursday afternoon on a crowded boardwalk in Brighton Beach, killing a teenage girl and wounding four other people, police said.

The shots were fired from the beach toward the boardwalk near Brighton 6th Street in what police said may have been a gang-related attack.

The girl who died was not immediately identified. She died at Coney Island Hospital, where a male 23-year-old victim is in critical condition. The other three victims, ages 21, 25 and 26, were taken to Lutheran Hospital.

The beach and the boardwalk were unusually packed with people because of Thursday’s hot weather.

All of the victims were shot in front of Tatiana’s, a popular outdoor restaurant.  Police spokesman Paul Browne said the shooting occurred during an altercation on the beach. He did not know if the wounded were intended targets or bystanders. He described the situation as “chaotic.”

Browne said police were questioning some people, but declined to say whether they were potential suspects.

“It was ‘boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.’  Everyone knew it was gunshots and there was bodies on the boardwalk. It was crazy,” one witness told 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria.

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria Speaks With Witnesses

After the shooting, people took off running for their lives in all directions.  One man described it as a “wave” of people and said that was almost as frightening as the bullets.

No arrests were immediately made. The shooting remains under investigation.

Were you there? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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One Comment

  1. nana says:

    you all must realize that this has nothing to do with project people but with people, gangs, rivals, arguments, etc. comes in all colors and nationality, the problem is settling the problem peacefully, which in most cases it isn’t, in my time we settle things with our fist and a good cat fight today it’s guns, young people are hot heads no matter what color, I strongly feel once a crow of young people gather on the beach the police should be on the broad walk prepare for the worst not wait for a phone call, like this immediate action is taken before any one gets hurt.

  2. Shavar says:

    Suggested reading for the racist and non-racist alike – Imperialism: The highest stage of capitalism by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, The communist manifesto by Karl Marx, The Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon, and A people’s history of the United States 1492-present by Howard Zinn.

    For my black brothers and sisters – Brainwashed: Challenging the myth of black inferiority by Tom Burrell, The Willie Lynch Letter and the making of a slave, Souls of Black Folks by W.E.B Dubois, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas, and an American Slave Girl by Frederick Douglas, The mis-education of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson, To Die for the People/Revolutionary Suicide by Huey P. Newton

    And finally Guerilla Warfare by Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

  3. The Facts says:

    Too many people are into denial and too many people are apologists for anti-social behavior. It’s time for a reality check.

  4. lekarpratt says:

    black people!!!!!!!!

  5. whiteking says:

    i agree stay in your own community,we should have checkpoints and border crossing like middle east to keep these animals out of our areas

  6. african says:


  7. USE YOUR BRAINS says:

    WHite People have been raping, torturing, and mugging and oppressing blacks throughout history my friend. Do you read history at all? lol.

    First they came here kiiling the natives. Then they went to Africa to kidnap the blacks and enlave them because they were too lazy to work. Bill Cosby’s only son who was a school teacher was mugged and killed by a white man. I am sure you know who Bill Cosby is. He’s a respectable black guy who has contributed in our society in many ways. And I know countless men and women who have been victimized by whites. You don’t see the blacks being the victims as often because the blacks would serve the whities with instant street justice. Plain and simple!! So, Whites choose easier targets when they want to rape and mug and beat, etc…. All the white pedophiles and rapists always choose white kids instead. Look up “JOSEF FRITZL”, “ELIZABETH SMART”, “JAYCEE LEE DUGARD”, “JESSICA LUNSFORD”, and many more case. They prey on whites because they are easier. Criminals always look for easier targets.

    1. USE YOUR BRAINS says:

      “CRIME IS IN YOUR BLOOD” you’re obviously a racist and ignorant and I think you are the one with no writing skills. If you want for people to talk about the present only, you should have noted that in your non-sensical questions. Besides, i did answer your questions. If you are dumb enough to omit those parts or chose the parts that had supporting statements then blame that on your stupidity and ignorance. Any smart person who reads my post would see that I did answered your stupid questions. I think I am wasting my time with cretins like you.


    One of the best ways to decrease street crime is for police to go into any NEIGHBORHOOD (PREDOMINANTLY white, black, Asian, Hispanic, melting pot, etc) where violent crime has repeatedly occurred.

    And not just to stand around with their hands in their butts as they usually do, but to randomly search EVERYBODY they encounter on the street in such area. And I mean every race, gender, and almost age (very young and elderly should be exempt). Any contraband (guns, drugs, knives over a certain size) they find should be confiscated and destroyed, but NO FURTHER ACTION taken against the person unless they resist. If this happened I guarantee this type of crime we are all commenting on will sharply decrease. This will probably improve race relations to a point and gain the overall respect of the local police department over time.

    Every big city needs some kind of police state. But the type we now have here like looking for smokers of LEGAL CIGARETTES OUTDOORS, just doesn’t cut it. Anyone that agrees with this, please let me know. And if you don’t, I would also like a reply as to telling me WHY THIS WON’T WORK. And remember in exchange for the intrusivness of the police, no action would be taken upon such cooperative person found with contraband., other than to take it away from them.

  9. Dan Te says:

    Isn’t Brighton Beach a Russian area?

  10. Boniva L'evitra says:


    Oh no you di’int! That sh1t is funny, yo.

  11. newyorker says:

    Thanks to an idiot mayor who worries about second hand smoke more than the people lives police have to go around and ask people to extinguish cigarettes and not prevent crimes. My wife and my 2 babies are on the boardwalk all the time and Tatiana our favorite restaurant. Hey Bloomberg would you give me your bodyguards to protect my family?????? Thanks to you knucklehead I cannot even protect my family and myself because of your stupid gun laws. If everybody will be carrying guns this would never happened.

    1. newyorker says:

      and I mean law abiding citizens.

    2. USE YOUR BRAINS says:

      Dude, you really think that if every body were carrying a gun, there would be no more shootings?? lmao…….. you are pathetic.

      All the states where almost everyone has a gun, shootings to take place. It happens everywhere. This time by thugs. Other times by crazy white men who enter stores, churches , work places , schools or post offices or subways and open fire and shoot several innocent people.. I can give you many cases. For some reasons they choose not to make a lot of noise with those cases but whenever it’s something that involves black men, that’s when all the racists are out in full force to make it look as though as blacks are the problems. Thugs and gangsters and criminals are problems in our society and always have been.

      Most recently, there was a white man by the name of “MAKSIM GELMAN” who terrorized NEW YORK CITY before he was stopped in the subway by cops after killing at least four people and stabbed several others. Didn’t see all the racist commentators postinig on here. I wonder why? lol….

      No Gun Laws are going to change anything. You can still carry a gun if you wish to protect yourself or your family. You can get it legally or illegally! Your choice. Don’t put the blame on the mayor!! Blame yourself!!!

      More guns mean more people will be shooting and more people will be dead.

      You always have a choice. You can go to jail or you can go 6 feet under. You make your choice!

  12. justthink says:

    Lets look at the difference between when japan was destroyed during world war II and when haiti defeated france in war. japan was rebuilt as a country and a people. haiti was forced to pay france millions of $ and cut off from the rest of the world over the course of a hundred or so years for gaining their independence. of course the two countries and the people are very different there is a reason for it and its not becuase of race.

  13. doobieman says:

    Liberals are brain dead & conservatives have no brains.

  14. HARELM GOING HAM says:


    1. THE GENIUS says:

      I suggest you watch this channel sometimes: “I D” That’s if you have cable of course. Lots of people who don’t do projects don’t even have cable. Anyway, you will see that most of the crimes being committed are not people from projects. This week they have a new program called “Behind mansion walls” on the same channel and you will see that the most brutal and premeditated crimes have nothing to do with projects. I do know people living in projects who own businesses who are in college, or graduated college, etc….. You have the good people and the no good thugs.

      So, are you suggesting that every shooting that happens had something to do with projects? If your answer is Yes, then you are more ignorant than the shooters on that beach and the racists on here. I hope i do not have to provide you with a list os shooters who happend to be whites and had nothing to do with projects. You don’t do projects I guess because you can afford not to. Some people do not have a choice but to be in the projects. And I am sure the good people from the projects would not agree with you and neither would you go to their faces and make your ignorant statement.

      1. newyorker says:

        Are you talking about project like in Denver, Colorado? Coney Island projects have not a good single person. I believe about 6 month ago it was shooting every other day and the people who died was bystanders (mom with a child and old Russian lady). Police had to put squads on every block and even put the mobile towers on intersections. It was crazy. These projects should become a reservation are; walls, burb wire with electricity and machine guns on the towers. Only that can make Brighton Beach a nice place.

      2. THE GENIUS says:

        Well, “New Yorker” we need to get together sometimes and I will introduce you to a lot of people who happen o live in projects and who are good respectable and hard working people. And yes, in New York City. Let me know when you have time. It’s very stereotypical to think that 100% of people who live in projects are bad. I recently met two nice beautiful women who happend to be nurses and one of them her mom lives in the projects and I made a comment about people in the projects and I guess that’s why they both never called me. It was very offensive. Projects are bad because of the hand-outs in our society and free housing for people who can work and who choose not to work. Once they start to change the laws, you will see a different society.

      3. african says:

        why dont you watch A&E show every night the First 48′. 90% of cases are black on black crime.and theres more than that,look how the africans are raping and killing children,

      4. "AFRICAN" PLEASE READ says:

        “African” How about reading the post before making comments that are out of place. Yes, you may be right and so do the europeans . But that is not what the discussion is about. We’re talking about elements in our society. Not what’s happening in those lawless uncivilized societies. 10000 miles away. Next time read before you put your non-sensical two cents.

  15. godfodder says:

    Soooooooo many hateful nasty racist people. all good white christsicans.

    But it is the friggin jungle out there. I love it when some slime doesnt want to be “dissed” yet has zero respect for anything or anyone. and why all dem wimen so fat/ wat wuttup widat?

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