Sex Attack Stuns Residents In Financial District

NYPD Looking For Hispanic Man, Around 5-Foot-6 And 140 Pounds

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The search for a sexual predator that attacked a woman near the Financial District in lower Manhattan intensified on Thursday.

And as CBS 2’s John Slattery reports, police not only have the suspect’s description, they have his picture.

It looks like a crime of opportunity. A woman trailed by a man who attacks her, then makes his getaway from the same direction.

It happened on Fulton Street near Cliff Street, three blocks from the South Street Seaport.

“I’m very surprised, actually. I considered this neighborhood pretty safe,” resident Jennifer Magee said.

It may have been a bit risky; a young woman walking alone, at 2:45 a.m.

The woman, who is 23, was followed by the man, who was caught on a security camera in front of a Dunkin Donuts. Out of camera range, she is sexually abused.

“It’s horrible.  I thought this was a safe neighborhood, and I do walk home late at night because I wait tables,” resident Trice Pruitt said.

The attacker took off in the direction of Gold Street. Word is now spreading about the danger in bars like the Iron Horse, where Kim Rosello is the owner and said the area is normally safe.

“I mean, I’m here until 4 a.m. and nothing. This is very rare,” Rosello said.

Police are looking for a man described as Hispanic, 28-32 years old, around 5-foot-6 and 140 pounds. He was wearing a light blue and white striped shirt, khaki pants and white sneakers.

“To be quite honest, I wouldn’t walk after 12 o’clock even in the best of neighborhoods,” resident Eleanor Guardino said.

The picture of the man is fleeting, but police are hoping it’s enough for someone to recognize the culprit and call the cops.

Many of the women Slattery spoke with said they chose to live in Financial District because of its reputation as being safe.

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  1. nyc says:

    Probably just another Illegal hispanic immigrant ! When is New York going to wake up and put in place similar laws that were passed in Arizona and other states. There are millions of Illegals in New York ,working and getting payed off the books. Go after the employers and fine them, would be plenty of new money the city needs ! Is New York still a sanctuary city where you can’t ask someone if they are legal or not ? Sad.

  2. DIVERSITY = DEATH says:

    these racist negro and mestizo crimminals just keep on
    showing the parasites they are, sub-human. We want a firing squad!
    Nuke Mexico Smash Islam Nuke Israhell (western voices world news)

  3. Barry Levine says:

    Every politician from Bill Clinton to Anthony Weiner got himself involved in some kind of”sex crime”, if a thirty year old school teacher wants to nail a very healthy and able fourteen year old student who would love to get laid she is a pedophile, if an eighteen year old guy bangs a sixteen year old babe who is built and extremely willing he must go to lail because it is a “crime” to have sex with an “under age” piece of tush, and a hundred more examples, so, why are there no men, read that as lawmakers, out there willing to put an end to this whole nonsense of criminalizing consensual sex between two human beings.
    Everybody wants to get laid but no one has the balls to decriminalize getting laid. All of these politicians who get themselves into some kind of sexual jam should go to prison and then maybe the guys who take their place in office will wake up and do something about these archaic laws before they themselves get nailed.

    1. KPMc says:

      Sounds like you are making some excuses there, Barry. Have a thing for the young ones? Cause it certainly sounds like it. Just reading your post gives me the creeps. Can only imagine what a lowlife degenerate you are. Paunchy, unkempt beard and a stained white shirt is what I’m guessing.

  4. Tommy Lent says:

    Law of averages. Statistical reasoning. Add to that the grainy image and that’s all you need. Not 100% of course, but certainly more than 50, Simple as that. Let’s wait and see and followup when (and if) they catch this prick.

  5. pughpah says:

    Why do they assume that he’s Hispanic, was he wearing a Mexican sombrero? I’m Newyorican, and when I went to Europe, I was mistaken for Greek, French, Italian…everything but. So why is it that these perps have to be Hispanic? I hope they catch his arse, and that he is anything but, I also hope they throw the key away when they put in the slammer, and that boys sodiomize him in jail.

    1. Tommy Lent says:

      Oh, I overlooked the VERY obvious reason why “They” think he’s Hispanic. Can you guess?

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