NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A gruesome accident at a public school in Jamaica left a young boy with a horrible injury.

What happened next – or, actually, what didn’t hatoppen next – may be even worse, the boy’s mother said.

”They had to pull the skin over my bone,” 10-year-old Esau Gulley told CBS 2’s Scott Rapoport.

Esau and his mother, Sandra, still can’t believe the damage to the boy’s middle finger while in school at P.S. 140 on Monday. The tip of the finger was chopped off below the nail, they said, after getting caught in the hinge of a closing cafeteria door.

“The door closed on it, and when it closed on it, he yanked it out,” Sandra said.

esau gulley 2 Queens Boy, 10, Severs Fingertip At School; Officials Fail To Recover It‎

Esau Gulley, 10, severed the tip of his finger at P.S. 140 in Queens, and doctors couldn't reattach it because officials couldn't find it. (credit: CBS 2)

“I pulled it out fast, but it was too late,” Esau said. “It took the top of my finger off.”

With blood everywhere, Esau said he went to the school nurse’s office, and was then taken by ambulance to Jamaica Hospital, shaken and in pain.

“It kind of scared me,” he said.

When they arrived, his mother said doctors asked if they had the severed fingertip, hoping to reattach it, and that’s when she said she got the shock of her life.

“When we got there, EMS told me they didn’t have it,” Sandra said. “The school said they couldn’t find it.”

Sandra said the fingertip was missing, and that no one managed to pick it up at the time and bring it to the hospital – not the FDNY EMS crew on the scene, and not school officials.

“The doctors couldn’t get it, we have no clue where it is,” she said.

Sandra said doctors could have tried to reattach the fingertip if they’d had it, but that instead, Esau was left with a maimed finger – what she called “a stub.” She said the school eventually found the fingertip on Wednesday, a full two days later.

At the school, the principal told Rapoport that he had no comment on the story.

Sources told CBS 2 that FDNY EMS workers did search for the fingertip for 24 minutes, unsuccessfully, before taking Esau to the hospital.

“I can’t write, I can’t properly dress myself,” Esau said.

The family’s lawyer said the family plans to file a lawsuit against the city and the Department of Education.

For its part, the DOE refused comment, except to say that Esau got his finger caught in a door, and that the school called EMS immediately.

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