Huge Crowd Lines The Streets For NYC’s Puerto Rican Parade

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Fifth Avenue exploded with rhythm Sunday for the 54 annual Puerto Rican Day Parade.

Nearly two million spectators lined the street as 80,000 participants marched down the parade route. It’s all part of a weekend long celebration of Puerto Rican heritage and culture.

WCBS 880’s Mike Xirinachs reports: Fifth Avenue Moving To The Latin Beat

In a sea of red, white and blue, the colors of both the Puerto Rican and American flags, Demara Santana and friends say they couldn’t be more proud.

“Awesome being Puerto Rican,” said Santana. “We’re joy, we’re life with everything. It’s filled with everything to be Puerto Rican.”

1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reports: Puerto Rican Day Parade One Of New York City’s Biggest

John Leguizamo was named the global ambassador to the arts for the parade. The Puerto Rican day parade has been an annual event in New York City since 1958.

The theme for this year’s parade is “celebrating the natural beauty of Puerto Rico.”


One Comment

  1. Big Nard says:

    Can someone tell me what cultural contributions have Puerto Ricans made in the USA?
    Cuchifritos is not one.

    1. pugphan says:

      Latin Jazz was born in N.Y.C. smokersodysseycom

    2. LordSavageVon Drakker says:

      Don’t need to ,Puerto Rico is a commenwealth of the United States ,In 1917 Puerto Ricans Became US citizens need i say more , Fool?

  2. Carlos Flapatap says:

    Isn’t John Leguizamo Colombian?

    1. badman says:

      no, I think he’s dislexic

  3. Bori says:

    “Awesome being Puerto Rican,” said Santana. “We’re joy, we’re life with everything. It’s filled with everything to be Puerto Rican.”

    Damn, they couldn’t find ONE person out there who could put a proper sentence together? This girl sounds like an idiot… I promise, not all of us are this dumb.

    1. badman says:

      it’s poetic license. it works, it flows. stop being so analytical and cynical, Bori.

    2. pugphan says:

      Really the media enjoys perpetuating the stereotype, they like presenting the hicks,
      and unwashed. The peeps I grew up with are lawyers, doctors, professionals of
      all sorts. Yet every year we see these yokels representing us. Methinks they bring
      them up from the island just for this freaking parade. I also don’t believe there are that many P.R.s in the city anymore. All I see are D.R.s, Mexicans and every body else from all over S.A.

  4. nyc says:

    I just don’t understand why people are soo proud of Puerto Rico, and don’t live in Puerto Rico ? Makes no sense !

    1. Samamtha says:

      The same reason why Italians, Germans, Irish, etc dont live in there countries. Everyone comes to the US not just Puerto Ricans….just sad that this type of diversity still exists..

    2. pugphan says:

      Divo you can say the same abouda paisans, ana Irish on their days. Bi da bi the Asians have a big parade too, every year in China town. smokersodysseycom

  5. MST says:

    Wow, what a bunch of racist comments. Puerto Ricans are cool people. And I thought that NYC was so “liberal!”

    1. badman says:

      we are liberal, and don’t you forget it, you commie fascist Nazi!

  6. Goya Beans says:

    I had Goya Beans for breakfast. I’m a day laborer. Got to go do some yard work today. After work I’ll go to the illegal clubs.

  7. sandbagging says:

    Why must we insult everyone’s intelligence with the RIDICULOUSLY inflated attendance numbers given for the PR Day Parade, the West Indian parade in Crown Heights, Yankees victory parades, etc.?

    Let me get this straight: I’m expected to believe that the entire weekday population of the island of Manhattan can fit on the sidewalks on a 1.5 mile stretch of Fifth Avenue?

    Please. It doesn’t even come close to passing the smell test, and if the truth (100,000-200,000, tops?) offends some Puerto Ricans or Yankee fans or whatever special interest group it is, tough tostones.

  8. Kal says:

    Thanks for being lazy and posting an outdated photo. Looks like it was taken years ago cause there’s a Washinton Mutual bank in the background.

    1. flea says:

      Kal, you’re right…not to mention the warm sunny day in that same photo.

    2. James says:

      Great observation Kal! You caught the fraud. In addition, why is it that the New York media plays interviews of Puerto Rican’s who can’t speak English properly? Every year they choose to portray us as uneducated hicks. I am sure there were many who spoke eloquently about the parade and Puerto Rican pride. However, they don’t qualify as the stereotypical Puerto Rican to the media. Therefore those interviews end up in the trash.

      1. hereandnow says:

        Unfortunately, far too many Puerto Ricans (and Russians, and Chinese, etc) who immigrate to NYC don’t feel any responsibility to learn proper English and assimilate into our culture. Rather, they expect the local communities and culture to bend toward accommodating them and “the old ways” (as my immigrant grandma used to say).

  9. PRmenNeedToGetAJob says:

    Not for nothing but I get on the D train in the Bronx every morning to go to work and my observation is that PR males are the least represented group getting on and off the train heading to work. Granted I also notice a lack of AA males on the train but at 161 and 125 a few do get on. There is no shotage of hispanic and black women on the train because they are left to fend for their families. PR males are in the prison sytem at a much higher rate than they are in the state univeristy system.

    1. pugphan says:

      That’s because real PRs or Noo Yaw Ricans have left the city in large numbers. Really there are few of us left in the city. Once dudes get emajacatated they leave the city. The majority of Latins the city today are Mex, DR and others from SA. Peeps from my childhood now live in L.I., Scarsdale, CT, Noo Joicy, and a few out
      in Queens. We left just like everybody else for a better cleaner life else where.

  10. pughpan says:

    Ya shuda ran to school instead! All gangstas be punks.

  11. Zapata says:

    2041 the majority in this countries population will
    be brown or Latino, till then we have to have a little
    bit of patience with the white racists,till we take over.
    If you read something it ia an essay called’The Browning
    of America:” info on the web.

    1. hereandnow says:

      Brown, black, yellow or purple for that matter — I don’t care.

      But learn proper English and assimilate into the culture.

  12. LatinKingsNYC says:

    King of N.Y.C.

    1. pughpan says:

      you mofoes are a humiliation to our Boricua community. you should go and lie down in front of a bus.

    2. BloodMoneyNY says:

      Why yes. 0-3-1 Dawg

  13. pughpah says:

    Every ethnic group here has a parade; Colombus Day; St. Pats day, and so on. As for the word, ethnic, it defines peeps culturally, linguistically, and by religion; so in essence we are all “Ethnic!” But FYI…PRs have been fighting for America since the begin. At the time of the Revolution, Spain was fighting the Brits, and her colonic, Borinquen fought the Brits to the benefit of America; During the War of 1812, there was a Boricua Admiral in New Orleans fighting the Brits; and in our Civil War, there was another Boricua from CT who rose to the rank of captain in the Union Army. We’ve been here from the beginning. So born
    in PR, born in America. I was born on the Ilse of Enchantment, and raised ina Bwonx. So I’m proud to be a real effing American born in America. smokersoddysseycom

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      .Actually, that is not true. Columbus Day is for Christopher Columbus who was once thought to have discovered America. It is not for Italians. They chose to celebrate it as Columbus was Italian. Saint Patrick’s Day celebrates–you guessed it–Saint Patrick, and not the Irish, who celebrate because Saint Patrick was Irish. I am not sure what the “and so on” is that you refer to, but there is a paucity of parades that celebrate any European Heritage alone. Have you ever saw “Spain Day,” “Irish Day,” or “German Day.” Even Pulaski Day is not strictly Polish. It celebrates Casimir Pulaski who was a decorated Polish calveryman who fought valiantly against the British during the revolution. In truth, the only true ethnic celebrations that are dedicated to an entire culture as opposed to an individual who happens to be a certain ethnicity are the usual politically correct ones, a la Puerto Rio Day, the West Indian Day Parade, Israel Heritage Day, and Dominican Day.

  14. LUIS MONSANTO says:


    1. LatinKingsNYC says:

      Make no mistake. We are the king!

      1. pughpan says:

        you mofoes are a bunch of thugs, junikies, hoes, and crimmies. eff off. ya damn well do no rep me smokersodysseycom

      2. Really? says:

        King of what? Please do enlighten us, what makes you king? Are you the Mayor of NYC, head of the New York stock exchange, top medical researcher, a top student at a university. What makes you king? You hang on a corner, drive a tinted out car, have 3 baby mothers, collect welfare, cant hold a job, been arrested, sling dope, king of what? The state prison system is the only kingdom you will serve.

  15. badman says:

    1.5 million of those “spectators” were just rtrying to get crosstown.

    if this is about PR “pride,” the why don’t PR leaders urge all spectators not to use this as an excuse to get s-faced and act like @holes? Same with the St Pat’s day parade (lest anyone think I’m racist)… the inconvenience, and yes, the danger, are not worth the “celebration”.

    Does the Puerto Rican community pay for all the extra police necessary to keep things under control?

    1. LatinKingsNYC says:

      We keep things under control.

      1. badman says:

        that’s actually pretty funny. touche LatinKings.

  16. 1stgeneration says:

    Lets turn all of the ethnic parades into job fairs, english as a second language seminars, job skills and assimilation seminars. if we are going to be marching up and down the streets lets at least get something productive out of it. Are we any better at the end of these parades as a people<,…no. Love your homeland but respect where you live and the opportunities afforded to you. This comment is not geared towards PR's but geared towards all those who do not ask what can they do for this country before asking what can this country do for them.

  17. VF says:

    We are Proud Americans, which is what ALL Europeans Envy!

  18. a colored human being says:

    You are not worth the dignity of a decent answer.

    1. ejones says:

      One word — Wilding.

  19. cygon says:

    more hip grinding and sexually suggestive routines masquerading as ‘cultural’ events.

  20. bob says:

    damm i missed the parade this year

  21. Todd says:

    Give me a break. I’m tired of all these people draping their cars in something other than the American flag……if all these folk like Puerto Rico so much then maybe they should go back there……We certainly don’t have an “American Day Parade” do we???

    1. Samantha says:

      I can’t believe that after so many years, there’s still ppl like you around. Go throw urself off a bridge or something, u racist idiot. We are proud and we are here to stay. We are not immigrants, we are US CITIZENS, therefore, we have all rights as you do. We love our culture and we are proud of our culture, deal with it!!!!! Celebrating 54 yrs and strong. Here’s to another 54 yrs of celebration. QUE VIVA PUERTO RICO……WEPAAAAAAA!!! BTW, if you dont like it, U LEAVE!!!!

      1. Todd says:

        oops……Samantha needs a cold cerveza……QUE VIVA USA!!!!!!

      2. Samantha says:

        No Todd, I dont need a beer.. This is the land of the free, and in every culture, black, white, hispanic, asian, etc, there are some who lie, cheat and steal and are a waste of air, and some who are educated and successful. Its clear that u are one of the wastes when you dont even know what our “American Day Parade” is. SMH

      3. LT says:

        and on 4th of July, you dont hear a peep out of the puerto ricans on my block who were out dancing and waving PR flags in the middle of the street until 2 in the morning. HMM

    2. Michael H. says:

      “We certainly don’t have an “American Day Parade” do we???”

      Um…Independence Day? You know, that day every July where we blow lots of stuff up? Yeah, that’s pretty much our “American Day”.

    3. pughpan says:

      Yea actually we do divo…it’s on July 4th every year. smokersodysseycom

    4. LordSavageVon Drakker says:

      Figures what an uneducated fool you are ,Puerto Rico is America Go to school and study history , People like you make me sick always having something to say about other cultures where are your people from some third world ,at least Puerto Ricans are U S citizens from birth ,, FOOL !

  22. ejones says:

    Hide your daughters.

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