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Police: 11 Arrested After Fight Breaks Out Inside Long Island Hospital

EAST MEADOW, NY (WCBS 880) — Police say 11 people were arrested after a fight broke out inside a Long Island hospital.

The loud and disorderly crowd, said to be a group of men and women in their 20s, walked into Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow around midnight and tried to get into the emergency room, while threatening the hospital staff.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports: Cops Called After 11 People Try To Get Into Long Island Hospital Emergency Room

When they tried to get into the emergency room, the cops were called.  As the 11 people were yelling, one of the suspects, Kadeen McDonald, refused to be handcuffed and began fighting with an officer. The officer’s hand was fractured.

The suspects face a number of charges. No hospital staff was injured.

Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

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One Comment

  1. Vlad says:

    Yes, BUT!
    Please look up the country of Liberia a country on the west coast of Africa, bordered by Sierra Leone on the West, Guinea on the north.
    It was founded and colonized by freed American slaves with the help of a private organization called the American Colonization Society in 1821–1822, on the premise that former American slaves would have greater freedom and equality there.
    They promptly enslaved the natives and have had many internal wars. The entire country is cesspool of crime, disease, open sewers, and canbalism.

  2. Scott Trent says:

    It`s hard to be politically correct when this violence just keeps happening in urban areas of the country. There is a story out today about MLB players are being warned about the violence when going to Chicago. What is the common denominator of all this violence? The same as what happened after Hurrincane Katrina… How come we didn`t read looting, raping and violent news stories after the horrible tornado that hit Joplin MO?

  3. Southern Man says:

    I am relieved to hear that, it doesn’t take much to get things out of hand. Take the South for instance, the role of government and private groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center have all but set in motion the destruction of an entire region of America. Blacks have taken over major occupations and positions in government with private industry to follow. Crime is out of control and our cities becoming wastelands of urban “youts”. All of the media is owned by liberal organizations so none of the truth is available. Clergy have been radicalized for the most part by their national controllers. White people searching for peace are being forced further into less hospitable areas, swamps, mountainsides and gated communities. Our future is not bright anymore. So whatever you do, take an active role in eradicating these muslim interlopers.

  4. steve says:

    What color were the rioters?

    1. Cromag22 says:

      They were all black….something WCBS “news” will not report but we know better!

  5. Mr. B says:

    Haze, would you get Missy and me some coffee please? And some juice for Harold?

    1. Hazel Burke says:

      You betcha Mr. B. And you know I’m making stuffed pork chops tonight. Your favorite. But you can only have one. Your weight problem and all. Why I’ve let those pants out more than the dog.

  6. garth says:

    They must have thought it was a MacDonalds.

  7. Michael Warren says:

    Or the urban gangs which have embraced diversity. . . with several white kids, perhaps an Oriental, and one black kid. Just like you see on the streets every day. Kadeen? Obviously a white kid.

  8. Cromag22 says:

    Just wait until Obongocare becomes fully implemented! We’ll all need to drive to Canada for health care… And gas will be 10 bucks a gallon by then!

  9. theobserver says:

    No blame ALL of us for doing NOTHING!

    1. theobserver says:

      we give a corrupt congress a pass, we give a corrupt wallstreet the licence to steal and we stick our heads into American Idol, Paris Hilton, Gaga, sports and everything BUT!!!!!!1

    2. Susan says:

      Only if we sit on message boards and do nothing in November of ’12.

      Get out and vote. For whomever has the R by their name.

      ABO, folks, Anybody But Obama. Seriously.

    3. freddiemercury says:

      You are so correct.

  10. Jay says:

    I live right around the block from this hospital and I grew up In the area. It used to be nice here. I see L.I., and N.Y. as a whole Falling apart fast! It’s dangerous here. Things have changed so fast since I was a teenager in the late 80’s. Liberal locusts have completely destroyed this state to the point of no return. As for East Meadow, it borders with “Uniondale” problem #1. Uniondale borders with “Hempstead”. Problem #2. These black and Spanish crime havens are bleeding further and further out, infecting surrounding communities. SURPRISE!!!..the person the mob was trying to bust in and visit(or bust out?) was there because he was shot by police earlier and is a tempted murder suspect! Here’s some better reporting… http://www.newsday.com/long-island/nassau/11-charged-in-numc-emergency-room-melee-1.2950045

    1. Cromag22 says:

      Gee WCBS “news” didn’t report that part Jay……….. 🙂

    2. nowurthnkn says:

      ER I know goes on lock-down, with all entries guarded with police cars, when a gang member is brought in. This hospital is not even in a part of the country where you would suspect such problems. Hispanic gangs reign here. Police are often called to remove hostile and /or violent family members at the same hospital. These are usually AA. Use to be when AA came in demanding things everyone jumped because they were screaming ‘racism’. Now personnel speak their minds, tell them to shut up and really don’t care if they lose their job over it.

    3. Susan says:

      My aunt and uncle lived just blocks away from that hospital and it used to be a nice neighborhood.

      My father grew up in South Hempstead in the Depression and always said it was a great place to live. Visited my grandparents there in the 50’s and 60’s. My uncle used to be the Tax Collector for Nassau County til the late 80’s and my late cousin was Hempstead Fire Chief. Long Island WAS a nice place back in the day. Now? I’m not sure I’d get off the Southern State at all and wouldn’t stop til I got halfway through Suffolk County. Very sad.

      You folks should remember this – you vote in November of ’12 come hell or high water. Keep the faith, baby!

  11. Privatouring says:

    Negro illegitimacy rate in 1950 – 7%
    Negro illegitimacy rate in 2010 – 77%

    Thanks, Great Society….Natioanal Socialist Democratic Party….Where our most important product is to DESTROY AMERICA FIRST, and DESTROY AMERICA TOTALLY.

  12. Astounded says:

    I think I just threw up in my mouth after reading these comments, and lost even more faith in humanity. It’s no wonder why republicans are accused of being racist.. I admit, when I read the word “mob” in the headline, I pictured greasy Italians, so I guess I’m just as guilty as far as stereotyping…. But really people? I’m disgusted by the previous comments.

    1. privatouring says:

      Why??? Have you seen thre difference between the civility, decorum, and intellegence level of Black Republcians as opposed to the “Black Leaders”???

      How come Blacks and Latinos who are Republicans look like dignified human beings and then….Have you been into the areas the Democrats built, saying that they were for helping the Negro…..???? THE AREAS ARE TOTAL CULTURAL CESSPOOLS.

      Have you seen how Black and Latino Republicans live??? It looks like AMERICA…CLEAN….GOOD….GENEROUS….CIVILISED. Please!!!!

    2. Scott Trent says:

      This is easy. Compare the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to the aftermath of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami or even the tornado that hit Joplin MO. After Katrina we saw mass looting and raping and even murders. Superdome? Now think back to Japan. No looting, no rapes. Open your eyes slowly and see.

    3. Cromag22 says:

      Stop being a dumb liberal and grow up!

    4. FransSusan says:

      Astounded, wake up and face facts. We productive citizens are tired of paying for everything for the low-life parasites such as these things who did this. And now we’ll have to pay for the defense of this trash who does nothing productive. They waste air by breathing. I’m sick of it.

    5. Jay says:

      Now you see, Astounded. You are pointing out you’re ignorance.  Addressing a cultural issue with facts and statistics is not racist. Racism is Judging a person without knowing them solely based on race. That’s not what’s happening here. If the site had a picture of 11 blacks in an emergency room with no story and people commented that they were “probably” there to riot, or cause trouble, THAT would be racism! Just because people acknowledge what faces and statistics point out is not racist. Some of the words being used may not be to your liking but that is your own opinion. I’m Italian and I don’t take offense to your comment because there was a time when the “Italian mob” was prevalent in society and they usually had a slicked back hair style. That’s just fact, right? So let’s stop misusing the word “racist” and labeling republicans as racist for wanting to address a genuine cultural problem brought on by liberal entitlement policies.

  13. lawandorderLOL says:

    Good one! Law and order the show where no colored man is ever the criminal talk about fantasy TV!

  14. Atom&Yves says:

    HA! You have a Masters degree in ‘television’? lol seriously

  15. Vlad says:

    Hibbity Jibbity, da Flibbity Hibbity, no Kiidiby

  16. theoldadam says:


    After 2012 I wish he would just…take off (anywhere)…

    1. ECH says:

      It is not just OBAMA. He is more like an inexperienced front figure for a larger force and ideology at work, with radicals and lawmakers and foreign voices all contributing to some idea of crashing the US system and creating a different order that has more control and manipulation of societies as its goal. People will use OBAMA for their own purposes, whether it is an unruly black contingent, or mob-minded political attitude, or elitist philosophizing about idealized Marxism. They needed someone in the WH who has a wax nose, and can be simplistic about what are more alarming, more complicated and more twisted issues.

      1. Susan says:

        BINGO. You think he rose out of obscurity in some random fashion? He is a puppet.

  17. Mahakala says:

    Without even reading the article I guessed the thugs were black. Am I right? What the heck is happening in the black community? It seems that since Obama was elected the black youth have gotten out of control. Is it the economy, the failure of the black family unit, or is it that they just feel embolden since a black was elected POTUS?

  18. Cromag22 says:

    All the people want today is bread and circuses….. Just like the fall of ancient Rome!

  19. E.C. Hock says:

    Here we are, more evidence of the outcome of liberal permissiveness and Democratic complicity in the growing mob culture that starts in the large cities and states where people not taught differently. Liberal have a long term agenda of de-stabilziing the structures and institutions of this nation and its hertitage, and this kind of mob-gathering mentaility, among younger adults, is one part of it as it concerns involving the street. They, too, are witless fodder for it. There was once stringent punishment and even a shoot-to-kill ordinance when looters went wild, or the like of it, because that is what is called for when destruction and chaos and loss of property and deadly violence is let loose and reigns with a mob. We need more, or soon will need more, than police rounding people up with overflowing jails. That mild measure will not prove effective much longer.

  20. Cromag22 says:

    Where’s the Bloomberg and commisioner Gordon today? Oh wait the mob of thugs were not white, I get it!

  21. Southern Man says:

    I thought you were having a problem with Somalis moving to Lewiston? This is the trend to destoy the upper New England refuge of white people.


    Believe me, I am not happy about this. We were at one time planning to move to Maine for business.

  22. Hazel Burke says:

    Maine. The problem is when all you blue staters move you bring your blue stater ways with you.

  23. Jeff says:

    “If Obama was a white man, Hillary would be president. Skin color is what won the primary for Obama over Hillary.”

    I doubt that. Hillary would have been the nominee for sure but given her negatives, I think McCain would have just edged pas her.

    The caucus system in Iowa is what killed Hillary’s chances for the nomination. A bunch of white folks too afraid to openly vote against the whatzizname black guy.



  24. orangello says:

    after 2012 he take off the gloves…..

    1. mounthood says:

      “He take off the gloves?” What freaking High School did you go to? Oh I forgot, you didn’t. Watch that Country Club Marxist-fool destroy our Republic and what’s left of our Freedoms! Right, like that will happen again.

    2. FransSusan says:

      “he take off the gloves” Orangello, you’re obvioiusly not too bright! I bet you don’t even know what’s wrong with that sentence.

    3. BKthe DJ says:

      Hey Orangello, where is your sister lemonjello? Are you still expecting Obama to pay your bills? We are the ones who will take off our gloves in 2012!!

    4. Pocho says:

      Obama gonna turn this country round.
      Im votin in 2012

    5. Bryan Bentley says:

      Doesn’t anybody understand orangello? He be using Ebonics. Dat be the beaten down black mans language. Dot be disrespectin him neither, or eric holder and his peeps be comin ta get yall.

  25. Noorb says:


  26. JAMIE says:


    1. golferboy says:


  27. James says:

    98% white, WOW !!! What state is that, I moving today.

  28. MAJack says:

    Sounds like the Great State of Maine to me! Still thug free in 2011, congratulations.

  29. FransSusan says:

    What state is that? I want to move there! I’m sick of this!

  30. Mark says:

    “one of the suspects, Kadeen McDonald..”

    “Kadeen” ? Yup.. that sounds like the typical Irish immigrant. The Irish immigrant from West Africa, ie.

    1. jamie says:

      You’ve got it all wrong man. It’s those darn Amish again.

  31. jamie says:

    Its OK everybody. Its just those rowdy “YOUTHS” again….

    1. Cromag22 says:

      Yes those prescious and mishievous youth of today…Little darlings that they are!

  32. HildDeBeast says:

    Wait until we vote Obama out in 2012. Mass riots and violence in the streets.

    If Obama was a white man, Hillary would be president. Skin color is what won the primary for Obama over Hillary.

    1. floyd H says:

      because people are stupid.Did they say the race of the 11 emergency room

      1. bob says:

        “kadeem mcdonald”

      2. TiminPhx says:

        Maybe “Kadeen” is Scottish? Maybe not. There will be riots from that subset of the population. It doesn’t matter if Barry is re-elected or not.

      3. RLA Bruce says:

        Did they have to? Is there any doubt?

      4. Sandogbob says:

        Take a guess with the name “Kadeen”

    2. steve from somerset says:

      Hildebeast suggests that “skin color is what won the primary for Obama.” Really? I guess after Presidents Shirley Chisolm, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton, we can all agree that being African American certainly helps winning the White House.

      1. RLA Bruce says:

        The difference is Obama didn’t “act black”. He acted as if he had the same values as most white people. Shirley, Jesse and Al make no such act. See David Ehrenstein”s LA Times article. And by the way, Ehrenstein is black.

  33. Barabbas Love says:

    MICAH 2:8 Even of late my people is risen up as an
    enemy:/ DEUT 28:54 So that the man that
    is tender among you,& very delicate, His EYE SHALL
    ONE BY HIS NEIGHBOR:(8) For Jerusalem is ruined, &

    Judah is fallen:because their tongue & their doings
    are against the LORD /12) AS FOR MY PEOPLE, CHILDREN
    But this is a people ROBBED & SPOILED; they are all

    them snared in holes, & they are hid in PRISON

    they are for a PREY, & none delivereth; for a spoil,

    NONE SAITH RESTORE / MATTHEW 24:10 Many shall be
    offended, & shall betray one another, & shall
    hate one another/Jeremiah 4:22 For MY PEOPLE IS
    FOOLISH, they have not known me;they are sottish
    [ stupid ] children, & they have none understanding:
    they are WISE TO DO EVIL, but to do good they have
    no knowledge.

    1. lucille rothstein says:

      The truth hurts. This is happening because the Anglo Saxons once bowed to God and now stand with a proud heart and speak filthy words and blaspheme against the very God they once bowed to. They will be destroyed by the hands of the illegal invaders and the slaves ancestors. The book you quote from is the truth. It hurts me and will hurt any who have the eyes to see it.

    2. Michael Warren says:

      Off your lithium again?

    3. Charles Herritt says:

      Please, with the bible thumping…

    4. Alien Hybrid says:

      The bible is a history of our Alien creators. We are hybrid Aliens / Genetically modified. We will be destroyed but it will be at the hands of out Alien ancestors who watch us and try to guide us. The have destroyed the Human population over and over again when we get off track. There are ruins being discovered that are much older than what we are told is the number of years humans have been around. A great show from History channel is Ancient Aliens that explains all this.

    5. PowerPC says:

      I am a Chrisitan. However, I cannot stand it when people post Bible verses or entire chapters on a forum thread! It is a signal to me that they have nothing original to say and is a sign to move on to next comment.

  34. Hazel Burke says:

    There’s a reason Africa is still nothing but mud huts.

  35. Gloria says:

    If they stay in school and educated themselves, they will not do animistic herd raids. Cut the entitlements and make them spend their time working, not being
    let loose on the streets to become violent idiots.
    Obama ordered the biased media to stop racial profiles, especially when the blacks are involved. So there you have it, Holder will dismiss any racial crimes brought against the blacks and now they started doing what they have always been feeling inside their narrow mind, to be violent and project power in numbers.

  36. nowqurthnkn says:

    Your point?

    1. Obvious says:

      :Point is that the liberal trolls at CBS are removing anything that casts the rioters in an unfavorable light. The Obama reelection machine in action.

  37. alanwillingham says:

    They wanted what they were promised… FREE medical care for life… How dare Hospital personnel or the police defy Obama on this! The people have a right to force doctors and nurses to treat them for anything at any time… Obama made it a law, and maybe he should put medical teams in compounds where they can’t get away and refuse to serve as they have been told to do

  38. Tom Walter says:

    It must be one of those crazy ‘Amish’ gangs again.

    1. the friendly grizzly says:

      Nope. They were interrogated, then released. There is fresh evidence that the Central High School Physics Club arranged this flash mob with the Washington Technical High Amateur Radio club. No texting, though. They had a “net” at 7120 kilohertz last night.

    2. Hoops Gulch says:

      ..or an out-of-control chess club.

      1. the friendly grizzly says:

        Possibly. A lot of hams I know also play chess.

    3. Kip Noxzema says:

      Those funny, kooky Debate Team-ers again.

      They call him “Kritikal Kadeen”, you know.

  39. theobserver says:

    Where are all the WHITE guys? Over seas getting killed or at basketball games idolizing black guys, thats where! So bazaar.

    1. theobserver says:

      Let me rephrase….the ones with BALLS are overseas and the ones with tiny pee pee’s are at the games!

      1. Susan says:

        Hey, now. Anthony Weiner has been through enough. No piling on here.

        I’m a southerner and you have NO idea how many of us have picked up on this from Drudge and are screaming with laughter.
        I was born on Long Island though, and my aunt and uncle used to live near that hospital out in East Meadow, where he was a police detective before retiring in the 80’s and getting the HELL out of NY and down South to God’s country.

        Y’all hang in there –

      2. Cluelessinky says:

        I left ny. 17 years ago and moved south where the god people can defend themselves when and where necessary. Now when I come back to visit ny my friends who stayed back are afraid of what the future will bring and how they will survive

    2. matt says:

      Does anyone know why they were there?

      1. Silhouette says:

        Uhhhh…..they thought it was a Popeye’s Chicken place?

      2. George W. Axl Rosebush says:

        Dey wants da free Obamacare, thazz why.

      3. Sal Monella says:

        Their friend– an attempted murder suspect– was just shot and already inside the ER.

      4. Galeao says:

        Steal drugs

      5. kmac says:

        Not Popeyes, it beez Church’s they wants….

    3. Parhae says:

      Why marry in the first place?

  40. Billy Budd says:

    What do they teach in jounalism school nowadays. This article is terrible. Why were these people there in the first place? This country is getting like most of South America where the relatively well off live behind gates and fences while the criminal mobs rule the night. What has happened to us?

    1. Realism not racism says:

      Liberalism, Billy Budd, Liberalism is what has destroyed the black family; millionns of ‘urban youth’ grow up without a father and momma is on drugs.And every single liberal policy since’ The Great Society” is a bandaid to patch over the problem that the great society caused!

      1. doree10 says:

        ” When I was a child I spoke Like a child, when I became a man I put away childish things ” we all make choices. Life can be difficult for poor people of all races but we all can make choices to do better. No excuse for this kind of behavior from anyone.

    2. mmercier says:

      Spot on.

      Who, What, Where, When. Why…?

      Reading these stories is a waste of friking time.

    3. me says:

      collapse of family values

  41. ohioan says:

    I’m looking at the photo of the reporter, Sophia Hall. That’s a professional photo for a professional journalist–really?? I thought I was looking at the next Miss New York. Journalism is dead.

  42. rs says:

    We’re dealing with an African-Am population substantially different from the Afr-Am population of the 50s.

    I think it’s likely that they have materially changed, perhaps enough to cause about 33% of the change. 60 years is four generations for a significant band of Blacks, or barely less than four.

    The dysgenesis for IQ just in terms of differential parity is quite strong, and has been strong, about 1.8x worse than in Whites. Throw in differential generation time by IQ and…

  43. Cromag22 says:

    The ER was out of condoms…

    1. Cromag22 says:

      So obviously the next logical thing to do was have a riot!

    2. Michael Warren says:

      Condums? We wish.

    3. Rob Johnson says:

      Or needles?

    4. Kevin Provance says:

      Condoms, huh? This explains the lower birth rates among urban youths, right?

    5. Mike says:

      All regarding a Herpes flare-up.

  44. Southern Man says:

    It will be interesting that the Northern liberals that have forced us into this situation will have the tag racist put on them for a change, that is if they have the guts to deal with their negro problem. As we have been told, this country’s infrastructure is but nine meals away from collapse. So if in these “good” times of all sorts of welfare monies for food and shelter these people act this way, what are we to expect of them in the “bad” times when no more welfare is coming their way? This isn’t rocket science, this nation is half hanging over the edge to the abyss.

  45. Cromag22 says:

    I’m guessing now that WCBS 88 news is just busting it’s buttons they have these message boards active….. LMAO!

  46. captron says:

    That’s why, as a native, I moved out the People’s Republic of California years ago. Let them come here and try that they will find a very warm reception.

    1. RayD says:

      It became the people republic of California, because nobody wanted to pay their fair share of taxes. So in order to maintain the lifestyle that many had become accustoned to, instead of raising taxes, they raised fees ( Aform of taxes). We as americans have beenconvinced by politician of both parties that our taxes are the highest of any industrialized country yet our taxes have not gone up in real terms for more than fifty years. If we continue on this course, it wont be the poeple’s republic, it will be the french republic. The one where the very rich will tell us to eat cake. Wait.unemployed people can’t afford cake of any kind.

    2. AFSGTSAM says:

      Ray the taxpayers of California pay more than enough it is the welfare magnet out here that is bankrupting us…we are a very unfriendly state to business and wage earners.
      Unemployed people eat better than the few of us left who actually pay the bills. I see them buying cake, junk food, steaks and seafood on food stamps every time I walk into the store. The good news is the gravey train will end soon we are broke and the answer will soon be NO !!

  47. Albert Barlow says:

    Aw, it is so good to be back in the land of the ugly and the home of the ignorant.

    1. frankiech says:

      Then perhaps you should go to Africa for your “culture” and “civilization.”

      One less Obummer voter is welcome.

    2. TomB says:

      Its not racial, Albert, its cultural, but the majority of them do come from certain demographics. Glorify “thug life” in music, don’t squeal on criminals, beat up those that “act white”, and accept failure. It is perpetuated by media outlets like Empty-V and celebrated by those that partake. It needs to be confronted and stopped, not swept under the rug because “sensitive” people like you are uncomfortable about discussing observed facts.

      1. Barry A Kenyan says:

        “Glorify “thug life” in music, don’t squeal on criminals, beat up those that “act white”, and accept failure.” Well that explains Lebron James!!!

  48. Schadenfreude says:

    I know! I shudder when I think of blonde haired people walking my neighborhood!

    1. MAJack says:

      Beware, the Norwegians can be very dangerous…

  49. captron says:

    This IS just the tip of the iceberg.

    Anarchy will reign supreme. It only took 3-4 days of Katrina to turn New Orleans into total anarchy. Stop the welfare or anything else for an excuse and all hell will break lose in every major city in the US.

    We will find ourselves in a “Free Fire Zone”, kill or be killed. Not a pretty sight but unfortunately a very real possibility. The terrorist see this as well and support it. Why not let others do their work for them. Acorn has gone international to avoid US law. Nevertheless, their agenda is clear creating anarchy so they can take over and create a socialist state.

    You think Bosnia was bad? That was nothing compared to what is coming. This I am very afraid this is a fuse ready to be lit.

    1. Southern Man says:

      One must read the following for an insight into the Katrina experience. No where in the main stream media were we told the truth.


      1. Daryl D Duke says:

        MSM they will not report the truth.

      2. Charles Herritt says:

        Thank you

      3. chech says:

        read the whole thing, thanks

      4. Ben says:

        Hey Southern, you just listed a fine website……Mr Taylors site is 100% correct on most subjects….well, all but ‘that-which-cannot-be-discussed’…………

      5. Chris Bronis says:

        Southern Man,

        I read the entire article and as well as the article about the lawlessness of the N.O. Police Dept. and it was sickening. We are seeing civil unrest already and I really think some in the Democratic Party would actually like to see more of it. Just listen to James Carville who recently said in essence that riots are coming. The elections of 2012 are going to bring some interesting times.

      6. Southern Man says:

        I have stood guard during riots in American cities. I have been shot at more times in America than a tour in Viet Nam. Friends that escaped from that war and served on the Metro Miami-Dade Police were wounded by their own countrymen when stopping looters and rioters. Can you imagine, one fellow that I served with was wounded in the 1980 Liberty City riots and this after two tours in SVN w/o nary a scratch! There are many more stories such as that, particularly during the week without law in South Miami just after Hurricane Andrew. The one common element was that the bad guys were black. Even the lower class hispanics behaved generally in a decent manner. What others have said here rings true, in a real emergency or maybe a worsening economic depression, life will all of a sudden become very dangerous. You best have food, water, and firearms if you intend on sheltering in place. One thing I have learned after many years of mil service, law enforcement, and emergency center service, the veneer of civilization is very thin with some folks and what is underneath is not a pretty sight.

      7. Jackrite says:

        Everyone should read that article!!! Also, everyone needs to read about the 5 blacks for raped, tortured and murdered 2 white kids in Knoxville, TN.

    2. John H. says:

      With a “You loot, we shoot” policy Mississippi did not see the problems that New Orleans did. Of course in New Orleans the police pitched in to help with the looting.

    3. BKthe DJ says:

      Yoiu know who agrees with you? Snakehead as he called by his wife, aka James Carvill.

    4. Kevin Provance says:

      Not forgetting of course kooks have been saying this exact same thing for decades. Next…

    5. FIXIT says:


    6. fxdwg69 says:

      Buy a gun and ammunition. Learn how to use it. You will need it.

    7. the friendly grizzly says:

      I am thankful I live in a part of the country where I am allowed to possess the necessary tools for self-defense.

      As for those of you in New York, I feel sorry for those who wish to possess these tools, and have nothing but the deepest of contempt for those who voted to make them illegal for all except the well-connected.

      When things go bad this summer, who will defend you? Sarah Brady?

    8. The Sage Waitress says:

      Never been so glad I live in rural Idaho.

      1. Schnurri says:

        Me too! I live in rural Idaho, have a spring for water, food storage and my guns.
        The best thing is that the people here all pull together and help each other and would crush any violent people who try any nonsense.

  50. rc says:

    It’s unfortunate that the media won’t specify the ethnicity/race of the thugs. This gives rise to speculation that may be unwarranted. For example, some commenters suspect illegal aliens. It does not fit the profile.

    What the media is telling us by not providing descriptions is: If we don’t specify race, go with the default race.

    1. FedUp says:

      sophia hall and CBS play the PC card again. you didn’t answer the Who and Why question of journalism. perhaps there are no real journalist at CBS.

    2. FedUp says:

      notice that CBS didn’t hesitate to show us a picture of Sophia

    3. OSAMA says:


    4. Ben says:

      And the ‘naming’ makes the person going through the job applications work vastly easier………………

    5. George says:

      Washington Post routinely does not mention race of violent criminals unless they are white. So we take the hint., But why do we have to hint?

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