Police: 11 Arrested After Fight Breaks Out Inside Long Island Hospital

EAST MEADOW, NY (WCBS 880) — Police say 11 people were arrested after a fight broke out inside a Long Island hospital.

The loud and disorderly crowd, said to be a group of men and women in their 20s, walked into Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow around midnight and tried to get into the emergency room, while threatening the hospital staff.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports: Cops Called After 11 People Try To Get Into Long Island Hospital Emergency Room

When they tried to get into the emergency room, the cops were called.  As the 11 people were yelling, one of the suspects, Kadeen McDonald, refused to be handcuffed and began fighting with an officer. The officer’s hand was fractured.

The suspects face a number of charges. No hospital staff was injured.

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One Comment

  1. Omega13 says:

    Friggin jigaboos.

  2. tommy youoweme says:

    eric holder will be directed to “help” them. entitlement has its benefits

    1. TheJackal says:

      Obvious the perp just wasn’t getting enough entitlements, see if he had more entitlements then he wouldn’t be out wildin’ ’round!…. “Les see her, to keep Kadeeen all on the up and up, it’s gonna cost the taxpayers $5000 a month, cash money, in tens and twenties delieverd bi-weekly insheet….. Can you DEAL wit dat YT, or do I got to git up in your face!”…. This country is doomed.

  3. hughglass says:

    Cool it, Honkies. This was merely a little kinetic military action by the Obama Liberation Army, as they seek justice

    1. ss794 says:

      “(Social) Justice” – a way to “spread the wealth around” so the government can keep certain socioeconomic groups enslaved to them. A way to not take personal responsibility for your own life, but instead blame someone else for your short comings or lack of effort.

  4. Tomas says:

    “Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.” Fine, here it is……
    Who, What, Where, When, and Why? I believe that’s the first five words, in the first class in Journalism 101.

    1. Jawonikus LaShawn O'Malley, esq says:

      You can’t say who, where, or why in the PC media because some liberall or minority might be offended.

      1. Jawonikus LaShawn O'Malley, esq says:

        Oops! I meant, “liberal.”

  5. Bob says:

    This only one incident of course. And there have been incidents where whites have gone on rampages. But the problem is that these rampages with blacks are not all that uncommon across the country. Notice the flash mobs lately in Chicago. The so-called “black leadership” never says a damn word about any of this. No words of condemnation, nothing. Of course if some black kid in one of those mobs were to accidently die in police custody then we would see Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and all those other idiots in a minute. If AA people want to achieve the full measure of the American Dream the door is open to them. They just need to clean up their act within their own community. Don’t hand me any BS about “racism.” The president is black for God’s sake!. 99% of Black problems are self inflicted.

    1. Sqwahonkus TaKeeno Fitzgerald III says:

      Realy Bob? When was the last white rampage in this country? Hmm?

    2. theJackal says:

      Remember “Beat Whitey Night” at the State Fair last year, as well as numerous all African American Flash mobs going on around the country. Chicago, Boston, California ect. and so on in the past two weeks. “Urban Beach Week” where the founder of the event refuses to attend because it’s too out of hand. The State Run Media is ignoring it. Only local papers and websites are covering it. Obama/Holder’s justice dept. says ‘they won’t prosecute their ‘People’.” Hmmm, I think we have an impass here,…this is where you impeach. This country is being run by a tyrannt and most of the mouth breathing ‘citizens’ are too stupid to fathom what awaits their near future.

    3. FransSusan says:

      Whites don’t go on rampages. What planet do you live on where whites go on rampages such as this? But you’re right about this: 99% of blacks’ problems are self-inflicted, but they’re not smart enough to recognize that. They blame whites. I’m sick of it. Sick of paying for them.

  6. glenp says:

    these are the same sweet innocent law abiding citizens that recently returned from Miami’s “URBAN WEEKEND” disaster.

    They used to call it FREAKNIK in Atlanta.

    Hotels shouldn’t give reservations for any “Shakeems’ or “D’Andea’s”

    1. Jawonikus LaShawn O'Malley, esq says:

      It was Freak Week in Galveston until civic leaders were “urged” to change it to Greek Week because some urban types were offended. Funny, the only fraternities attending the debauchery were alpha phi alpha and lambda lambda lambda.

  7. powertool says:


  8. Uncle John says:

    What ethnicity were these people?

  9. watash60 says:

    We should sterilize all families (mother, father (if he can be found else cut the benefits in 1/2), children) living off any type welfare (food, housing, homeless, living, …) for over 6 months. This would eventually lead to an end of poverty, crime and make the future better instead of perpetuating the problem as we’ve been doing since the 1960’s

  10. BarryObumbles says:

    Were Obama Bin Lyin and ACORN there to organize them? Barry Obumbles voters for sure, jus wantin to redistribut dat der wealth (and da good drugs man).

  11. ernestineb says:

    When you know nothing significant is going to happen to you for breaking the law, and if you do go to jail, you get free room and board, and medical care, why not riot if you don’t like what’s happening. . Or not happening.

  12. Evil BuddyP says:

    With a name like McDonald, wouldn’t he be Scottish or Canadian?

  13. glenp says:

    didn’t they shoot and kill that rioting chimpanzee a couple years ago??

  14. David Duke says:

    No jigs?

  15. glenp says:

    Kadeen McDonald, refused to be handcuffed and began fighting with an officer. The officer’s hand was fractured.
    I am having trouble identifying the SOCIO -ECONOMIC group these thugs belong to can anyone help me?

    1. Barry "Very" White says:

      Me too. Darned confusing, I must say.

  16. buckthorn says:


  17. Ben says:

    Agree, its bizarre that they even allow comments on ‘certain’ articles…..wouldn’t want the sheep to start thinking for themselves……..

  18. Bold Prediction says:

    I think within 5 years, the mob attacks will feel like Civil War, thus forcing whites to enact new segregation laws(probably called “Black Patriot re-settlement” or some such thing. Black foods like ham hocks wll be re-named Freedom Pork.

  19. JT says:

    Let me take a wild stab as to the color of the thugs involved.

  20. Dave says:

    Kadeen…..the name says it all. Don’t need to know anything else.

  21. JRey says:

    How come the ethnic makeup of the crowd is not mentioned? That’s alright CBS, anybody with 3 brain cells knows exactly what that crowd looked like; I guess the IHOP’s in the area turned them away…

  22. moco max says:

    Obongo voters rioting?
    —Is this news?
    America is being rioted and raped by Blacks in every city. Black Animals are rampaging while Eric Holder calls them: “My People”

  23. FromMyColdDeadHands says:

    Buy yourself protection.
    Get the proper licenses.
    Learn how to use it from a professional.

  24. Eugene says:

    Why weren’t the monkeys shot on the spot?

  25. Brent says:

    Not to worry. I have built a time machine which will allow me to retreat to the 1600’s, and prevent slavery from entering America. Tomorrow when you wake up, American cities will be clean and crime free, the 14 trillion dollar debt will be gone, American education will be among the best and welfare and foodstamps will be replaced with families and communities helping each other.

    1. Just Do It says:

      Make it so.

  26. Floyd Dabarber says:

    Proof positive that the ER is being used for unimportant “medical” issues by those who don’t pay a dime for the privilege. I guess the Negroes only rampage after the game.

  27. purp-perp says:

    Kadeen’s homey wuz capped last night- course the poleece says he axed for it cause he capped someone else, but I doan no bout dat. Anywayz them docs and nurses wouldn’t let Kadeen and his crew visit da homey. Dats why they start bustin the place up- what else they supposed to do?

  28. Scott Trent says:

    Dallas police arrest 14 people after Mavericks win NBA Finals in Miami

    Dallas police reported no major problems and only 14 arrests associated with post-game celebrations: four for disorderly conduct, six on public intoxication charges and another four on outstanding warrants.

    1. Susan says:

      I lived in Dallas for 20 years and was there for the Super Bowl wins in the 90’s. There were big problems at the first victory parade, and it was black on white AND Hispanic crime. The news cameras there showed it all, too.

      The next year there was no parade. Let’s wait and see how this one goes. The DPD will be prepared, I promise you.

  29. Scott Trent says:

    Must not have been a FOOTLOCKER nearby to loot… I hope the Atlanta Hawks never ever win a NBA title. The city of Atlanta would burn if they did with the celebrations…

    1. glenp says:

      odds are HAWKS are never gonna win SQUAT so you’re safe

  30. Scott Trent says:

    I see CBS is into censoring free speech. We all know you people are nothing more than Politically correct lapdogs for the Socialists anyway. You used to be watchdogs for the people.

  31. Doug says:

    Probably because they were all highly trained medical practitioners who wished to assist the hospital staff in saving the life of some worthless POS street criminal.

  32. midwestlover says:

    The further I get away from civilization the more civilized are the people I meet.

  33. Doug says:

    All of the misbehaving lowlifes in this incident were blond-haired blue-eyed white guys and girls but the lying rats in the media won’t say so because they don’t want to stereotype whites who we all know are notorious for this sort of behavior.

  34. John Frost says:

    Why Whites, Latinos and Asian Humans don’t riot like Black African Predators do 24/7?
    Maybe these criminal leeches are not Human but a different African predatory species…..hmmmm …what do you think?

    1. John Frost says:

  35. Fatty Chrsitie Arbucklr says:

    “In New Jersey, a different story is unfolding: Transit-oriented development has become all the rage. Dana Rubinstein reports in The Journal today:

    As New Jersey slowly emerges from the economic downturn, its office market is beginning to transform into one concentrated around train stations. Businesses have been leasing space in areas served by train stations at a higher rate than those only accessible by car, according to real-estate firms. The trend reflects demographic shifts and higher gasoline prices as well as changes in worker priorities.”

    Man does Christie really look like an idiot now. Bubye 2012 Christie….LMFAO

    1. Susan says:

      Good God, and here I thought the Award for Irrelevance had been retired by Joe Biden.

  36. JF in CA says:

    Gun dealers would be broke because the guns” they” steal would no longer need replacing by law abiding citizens. Drive by’s are perpetrated by criminals who cannot buy guns.

  37. Barry A Kenyan says:

    Uuuuuhhhh what was the program that got them there so we dont make that mistake!!!!

  38. Kim Bailey says:

    “Blacks are NOT Human but a different African Species”
    These explains the wild antics of these African Animals.

  39. Fed Up says:

    Totally agree great comment. My point is without even seeing pictures or reading thearticle I knew who and what these people were. And then they wonder why we don’t care for them or want them living near us.

  40. Tom says:

    We didn’t want to deal with the ingredient infesting large cities. That’s why we moved out west.

  41. Rod Harris says:

    It’s so difficult not be be a racsist, but i will keep trying.

    1. FransSusan says:

      What’s wrong with being racist? Facts are facts.

    2. Obamama present dent says:

      Racism is how an inept unqualified fool like Obama became present-dent. If he was a white man, Hillary would be president.

  42. Francis Kelly Jr says:

    Ethnicity and race has nothing to do with a riot in the ER. It happens all around the world where ever you find members of the human race. The ER Director calls hospital security to handle the mob, and usually a sharp-tongued head nurse can empty the foyer. Even criminals respect the angels of mercy.

    1. Libsarefunny says:

      Oh. Really?


    2. Cromag22 says:

      But this time the “head nurse” was tied up and doing one of the thugs!

    1. Kevin Provance says:

      A link to a paper in which one must purchase a subscription? Troll.

    2. rocinante says:

      Thanks, Mr. Grecco. I suspected as much. My experience of emergency rooms is that the ‘bangers can get *real* hostile if you don’t let them visit their wounded homie or, God forbid, move their homie with the non-life-threatening injury to the head of the line.

      Sadly, not everyione is impressed by their language, posturing and signing. You may rule a certain street corner, you cretins, but you don’t rule the ER. Also, threatening the people that are providing your wounded friend care is not exactly the best way to obtain their cooperation.

  43. Lee says:

    They were rioting because they found out Obama’s socialized health care isn’t free.

    1. Cromag22 says:

      These types never need a reason to create murder and mayhem….

  44. Jim says:

    First, after having read comments for years from conservative blogs, I have never heard such horrible comments. By that I mean, even in an echo chamber conservatives are not racist. Seriously, I have not read a racist comment on the Big sites or any number of other conservative blogs. It makes me question the truth of these comments. Some leftist organizations have advertised their intent to masquerade as conservatives, then make racist comments. So while a few comments made might actually be the rare conservative racist, I am inclined to think these are left-wing liars.

    1. Jim says:

      Second, as others have pointed out, the decline of the black community is a result of government interventions such as the Great Society. The same thing happens to whites when they are given money and material goods for generations by a “over-generous” government. It has created a sense of entitlement. I have seen many whites exhibiting the same behavior, but it is not as pronounced on racial lines that blacks have become the pet-projects of the left. (Sure they demean and condescend, but the left does care about blacks.) The success of the black community just 60 years ago tells us all we need to know. It is not the color of their skin, but the change in government policy and identity politics that has driven this community to this. (That does not absolve those guilty, but puts the socialogical and political blame squarely on the left.)

      1. Scott Trent says:

        It`s a cultureal difference.

    2. Privatouring says:

      Precisely. It is like the smart-aleck remarks that SCIU and ACORN thugs are coached to say in their efforts to provoke a situation of angst and/or violence. Without the Ku Klux Klank, Jesse and Al would be out of business. It is known and a certain fact that the Women’s Chistian Temperance Union and the progressive movement made kissy-face with the Ku Klux Klan and resucitated it during the early 1900’s just as the Klan was dying in the South.
      Carry Nations and Susan Anthony’s WCTU morphed into Margaret Sanger’s Nazi-inspired Planned Parenthood…..designed to eleminate the inferior races.
      Most liberals cannot tell the diffrerence between a Confederate and a Klanner, The intellectual observation about the defects within the black race on this screed always reference the National Socialist Democrat Party’s destruction of the American Black Race through the employment of Negro entitlement payments. Black Republicans always seem to look like and act like real, live, decent human beings…..true Americans who think being an American is entitlement enougn.

  45. Scott Trent says:

    I feel sorry for our politically correct news media who have to work so hard at getting these news stories out and remain politically correct. They can never tell you the entire story… Tough job.

  46. Mr. H. says:

    Church, faith in God is the overwhelming source of morality, and there by respectful conduct in society. Couple that with the clear simple statements of Boy Scouts of America in their Oath and Law and you’ve got it.

  47. jw5745 says:


  48. Orlandoman says:

    The suspects are African-Americans??? I’m shocked, shocked!

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