Congratulations To Fantasy Phenom Winner John Jastremski

Congratulations to John Jastremski, this year’s WFAN Fantasy Phenom winner.

John will host a show on WFAN for up to one year.

WFAN would like to thank the hundreds of constants that participated in Fantasy Phenom – Year II. Five finalists showed their skills at Mike Francesa’s Summer Beach Party at Bar A in Lake Como, New Jersey on Friday. Listen to each finalists’ monologue below.

Patrick Totaro from Brick, New Jersey

Patrick Creighton from Bethpage, New York

Mike McMaster from Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Neeraj Joshi from New York, New York

John Jastremski from Staten Island, New York


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  1. Weefa says:

    When you listen to the radio, especially to a sports radio station, you want to listen to someone who has THE VOICE – young or old has no bearing on whether a person has the perfect voice to talk sports. I mean damn, every time I hear Bob Sheppard announce Jeter’s at bat; without a doubt, I get the chills every time. His voice, for so many years, was the voice of the New York Yankees. You heard his voice, you felt at home. Even to this day, you hear his voice; you feel at home. All I’m saying is when I hear Pat Totaro’s voice, I feel at home – I hear New York in his voice and that’s what I want to hear on the FAN.

  2. Diana says:

    I am going to make this short and sweet. I was there that day and got to see all the contestants. The only one that struck me was Pat Totaro. Any guy who can go up there and give an interview with that short notice was not only impressive but enticing. As someone mentioned earlier, everyone else got a a few hrs to gather as much information as possible. Also, Pat’s interview was in person not by phone. He seemed calm and quite honestly I do not know why he was never hired to be a sports announcer. He has the voice of New York and I would love to listen to him on the radio! Patrick Totaro has my vote!

  3. The Mayor says:

    Patty T
    THE VOICE OF NEW YORK RADIO. This guy did a great job right out of the box. Mikey F
    ” it’s Patty T Time”

  4. P I says:

    Pat T was great. Has some Bedningo in him. I like his voice , personality and knowledge. The real deal

  5. Henry says:

    Jastremski had energy but his rant was unprofessional. Everyone enjoys ripping on A.J. Burnett right now so he said nothing original. Good thing he interviewed Robertson before the monologue because I’m not sure David would have given him the interview.

    I thought McMaster had a unique and well thought out College Football argument. He also had a tougher interview assignment with Justin Turner compared to Justin Tuck and David Robertson.

  6. Vic P says:

    OK… John was good… but my heart is still with Pat Totaro… when I hear him, it takes me back to talking sports in the schoolyard in Jersey City

  7. Jerry Yaeger says:

    Patrick Creighton is the guy who should win. Best combination of knowledge, enthusiasm, insight, and personality, and definitely had the best voice and pace. Loved the interview with Howie Rose. Excellent stuff!

  8. Diana says:

    Give Pat Totaro credit for going first, thinking outside the box with his rant to Rex and having to do a live in person interview. So what if he’s older than the other finalists, he’s one of us and it’s clear he shares our passion as NY fans. Pat would definitely fit right in and be the voice of the people!

  9. Kayla says:

    Energy only gets you so far. No one wants to listen to a guy who sounds like he’s all wound up. Patrick Totaro know’s his sports. And he’s older then the contestants making him much more wiser in all aspects. You already went for the young energetic approach last year with Greg Sussman, and look how that turned out. The kid was horrible. I deffinitely think Patrick Totaro will give you an awesome show and keep listeners wanting more. If Patrick Totaro doesnt go all the way in this competition i deffinitely think alot of listeners will be jipped out of having a great radio expierence. He went first and set the bar high. He didnt get the advantage to listen to critique or prepare mentally a little longer. He had just the right amout of energy and a great personality. Make the right decision, vote Patrick Totaro.

  10. Bobby R says:

    Pat Totaro sounds like New York! No matter who your favorite guy is on the fan (carton, benigno, francesa etc.) THEY ALL HAVE GREAT NY VOICES. The others did well and spoke clearly but I want a guy who represents this town’s passion and energy, and a guy the listeners can relate to. Best of luck Pat T.

  11. Jenna says:

    Patrick Totaro clearly knows what he is talking about. He knows sports well and he has lived through a lot of historicial events. A 55 year old guy isnt gonna call WFAN and talk to a 22 year-old about Mantle when this 22 year old wasnt even alive for Mantle. Pat looks like he knows his information well and knows how to get it out there. Like the other guy said he talked about the Mets Yankees Jets and Phillies. You cant let a guy win who only bashed Burnett. My eight year old cousin knows he sucks. Bottom line Patrick T knows way more then the four combined he got my vote!

  12. Miles Moore says:

    Only one contestant has already proven he can host a 2 hour show on WFAN and that is Patrick Creighton.

    He showed personality with Mike Francesa and his interview was the best by far.
    I liked his monologue best because he actually used facts to support his positions instead of generalized statements.

    He spoke with energy and poise. He sounded like he was speaking directly to you, as a person, instead of talking at the audience. That personal sounding connection is what makes radio work.

  13. Vaughn Hunter says:

    Patrick Creighton was the best. Knowledgeable, personable, excellent interview. He has already shown he can do a show on WFAN as well.

    Also has excellent voice and tone for hosting a show.

    This is the guy you want to hear on the radio.

  14. Al says:

    Something tells me a lot of the passion for Jastremski comes from his choice of topic. Looks to me like he’s riding popular sentiment with his rant about Burnett. The guy stinks and very few Yankee fans want him on the team, we all understood that going in. I’m going with Totaro. Great NY voice.

  15. Jackie says:

    Go Johnny go. You are the best. Hope you make it big.

    1. shelly says:

      you a relative?

  16. Jake says:

    Go Johnny go. You.are the best. Hope you make it big.

  17. flea says:

    …….And the winner is, (the tension is mounting)…John Jastremski of Staten Island !

  18. Mike says:

    I’m voting for Totaro, and here’s why: guy showed me poise and versatility. To go first in front of that many people and with the shortest amount of preparation time (each subsequent contestant got an extra hour to prepare for his interview and an extra round of judges’ critiques to listen to) and do as well as he did is a very impressive feat. Not only that, but he showed range by talking about baseball AND football. Jastremski—through no fault of his own, to be sure, since the interviews were randomly selected—talked about nothing but the Yankees. Pat hit on the Yankees, Mets, Phillies, and Jets in under ten minutes. Let’s go, Pat!

  19. Joe Esparza says:

    Here’s why I’m voting for Patrick Creighton:

    The guy easily ran the best interview. Sounded like he and Howie had talked 100 times. Asked great questions, demonstrated strong knowledge, gave his guest the opportunity to educate the audience while entertaining them.

    He’s conversational, he was able to poke a litle fun at himself with Mike Francesa, connects well with the audience.

    Most importantly, the guy has already proven he has what it takes to host a show on WFAN because he did host a show last December, and his show was terrific.

    He doesn’t speak at the audience, but to them. That connection is vital in radio.
    He also didn’t need to use bad cliches, or personally insult players like John Jastremski did.

    I would have liked to see how much different his interview with David Robertson would have been if Robertson had heard Jastremski insult his teammate the way he did. That insulting cliche comment shows that Jastremski isn’t professional.

    I’m voting for Patrick Creighton, the guy who has proven the most.

  20. jerseyrob58 says:

    wfan should fire craig carton and bring back sid rosenberg and kevin canessa should be the winner of this contest

  21. Chris Liotta says:

    John Jastremski has a lot of passion, but he doesnt sound like a professional sports talk show host. You can take players to task for poor performance but leveling personal attacks against a player is something a pro doesnt do, Thats the kind of thing amateurs on college radio do. There is no faster way to get yourself alienated by a team than to say that type of thing about one of their players. Kim Jones made a point about this, but the judges went way too soft on him about it. His monologue sounded like he was barking at the audience and not talking to them, Theres a station down the dial that does that, and thats why their ratings stink.

    Patrick Creighton ran the best interview. He and Howie Rose sounded like they could have kept an entertaining, informative conversation going for half an hour easy. He quickly built a rapport with Howie and they worked well together. I also agree with him that Phil Hughes is the key to the Yankees playoff rotation, not Ivan Nova. As a Yankees fan, I dont want to trust my playoff hopes on a rookie. Hughes already has a ring with this team, and is a proven winner at major league level. Patrick also has a great radio voice, and keeps up a high energy while being conversational, he talks TO you, not AT you.

    When you are thinking about someone hosting a show, for two hours or more, and conducting interviews, its definitely Patrick Creighton over the other contestants.

    I also want to commend Pat Totaro. Very hard to go first. Doesnt appear to have the broadcasting backgrounds/experiences of the other contestants and made it to the finals. Not an easy job and he represented himself well.

  22. Joe says:

    Hands down, Pat Totaro was the best. Jastremski has got a long future ahead of him, but Pat has a radio voice that can’t be taught.

  23. John Robinson says:

    mike was so good!

  24. Al says:

    Pat Totaro is the man. He went first, total disadvantage and he still killed it. By the way, it doesn’t take a genius to yell and scream that AJ Burnett sucks, Everyone already knows that. And pay the college coaches what the professors make. Really!!

  25. Brent says:

    mike shouldn’t be in the same league as john, he might have been second best but not even close to john and the judges proved that

  26. Robert says:

    Patrick Totaro has a voice for radio hands down

  27. Craig says:

    Mike McMaster’s rant on the NCAA was spot on. He blew away the competition.

  28. Matt says:

    Mike McMaster was hands down the best.

  29. John O'Connell says:

    John didn’t say anything of interest. EVERYONE KNOWS BURNETT STINKS. Any talk show host could say that. The difference between him and a good talk show host is that a good host will find a way to say that with class and intelligence, he spoke in a way that will alienate him from the Yankees. Kim Jones’ criticism was spot on, there’s no way he can say that kind of thing and then walk into the clubhouse the next day. Also, I was wrong JJ interviewed Robertson not Tuck. But lets be honest, Robertson is an allstar on the Yankees and Mike McMaster had to interview a rookie on this year’s Mets. There is no comparison.

  30. danny says:

    John was not nearly as good as mike, john got david robertson! david robertson! mike pulled together a great interview with the backup 2nd baseman of the mets

  31. Pradz says:

    Does anyone know where we can see a full video of each of the auditions instead of the short audio clip?

  32. David says:

    hope this doesn’t turn into a popularity contest because john jamstremski was clearly the best

  33. C Mac says:

    Vote for JJ. Its a disservice to New York to vote for anyone else.

  34. Theresa says:

    My vote is for Patrick Creighton. He has a great radio voice and has a vast knowledge of all sports. Although Jastremski had passion, he sounded like a FAN not a HOST on a radio show. I wonder how well his interview would have gone if Robertson had heard his monologue first….

  35. John O'Connell says:

    I don’t understand the hype about JJ. Mike McMaster was far more provocative and entertaining. Mike’s rant was the only one that was original (Who wants to hear about the Yanks 6 man rotation again?) and edgy. JJ was very vanilla and only had an interesting interview because he got to talk to the Captain of the New York Giants while Mike had to talk to a rookie on the Mets.

    1. TH says:

      JJ interviewed David Robertson not Justin Tuck.

    2. Tricia Garkowski says:

      Sounds to me like you and MM need to get your facts straight…JJ mesmerized Bar A

    3. danny says:

      Yeah, JJ is getting way to much hype.

      1. Phyllis from Barnegat says:

        Loved the show at Bar A, John was the best by far. Had to go home and watch the show all over again, only confirmed that i was right the first time. IT’S JOHN ALL THE WAY!

  36. Theresa says:

    Unfortunately this year will be a popularity contest again. Not the right way to go, in my opinion. Although Jastremski had passion, he sounded like a FAN not a HOST of a sports talk radio show the way he went off about Burnett. I agree, Burnett is clearly not what we want to see as a starting pitcher for the Yankees, but I wonder, would his interview with Robertson gone so well had Robertson heard his monologue first. I would say, probably not. My vote is for Patrick Creighton, He has a definite radio personality and his understanding of sports is obvious. Congratulations to all of the finalists….Good Job.

  37. Steve M says:

    John Jastremski was by far the best. Vote for JJ!!!

  38. Carlie says:

    John has what it takes really enjoyed listening to him speak he has great energy!

  39. Phyllis and Jack says:

    Liked everyone but John Jastremski was far superior to the rest. He deserves the WFAN contract for certain.

  40. LM says:

    Aloha! Roosevelt Island is rooting for: N-E-E-R-A-J J-O-S-H-I … please give him your votes New Yorkers!

  41. Chris says:

    I agree. He is not some recent college grad who has been studying broadcasting. He is an everyman with a lot of knowledge who I think would be great to listen to. Its got to be hard going first and not having the benefit of hearing critiques like some of the later contestants did.

    1. BMS says:

      How can you not like Patty T. Age, energy, knowledge. Great voice. SIGN HIM UP !!!

  42. LM says:

    As an addicted sports fan … liked the way in which New Yorker Neeraj Joshi summed up his comments to my fave: the one and only, Michael Kay. I dare say, young Joshi’s voice is perfect for radio … assertive, powerful and intelligent … simply blew me over. Therefore ,very best wishes for Neeraj and do hope he is chosen!

  43. Corinne and Tierney and Trent says:

    Johnny Jastremski!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Matt Gartner says:

    Radio is all about personality and John Jastremski blew everyone else out of the water. He’s exactly right about A.J. Burnett too, you can’t be too afraid to have an opinion

  45. Todd Zeile says:

    Burnett has a five cent brain! HAHA! I loved that comment at the end of John’s rant. Burnett is a bum and I’m voting for John.

  46. jodi says:


    1. ? and the mysterians says:

      and cute too, but not the best.

  47. Jose Vizcaino says:

    Jastremski definitely had the most personality out of everyone. Seemed like he knew his stuff. That Burnett comment at the end of his monologue was hilarious. He’s got my vote.

  48. Joyce says:

    My vote is for John Jastremski

  49. matt says:

    who did totaro interview

    1. Mikey says:

      Pat interviewed the only person who was their live the others had people who were on the phone. To taro nailed it first up and covered many topics were as this last guy rants about Burnett who sucks tell us something we don’t know. Maybe the fan will change their format that ute might not be the way to go being that sussmam is begging for work maybe just maybe someone like to taro who is older like francesa might give the listeners something different. It’s a shame the other contestants used notes to taro didn’t.

  50. Duane says:

    John Jastremski got my vote. I enjoyed when he ridiculed AJ Burnett at the

    1. diana says:

      like someonesaid earlier, “my 8 yr old cousin can bash burnett”

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