Congratulations To Fantasy Phenom Winner John Jastremski

Congratulations to John Jastremski, this year’s WFAN Fantasy Phenom winner.

John will host a show on WFAN for up to one year.

WFAN would like to thank the hundreds of constants that participated in Fantasy Phenom – Year II. Five finalists showed their skills at Mike Francesa’s Summer Beach Party at Bar A in Lake Como, New Jersey on Friday. Listen to each finalists’ monologue below.

Patrick Totaro from Brick, New Jersey

Patrick Creighton from Bethpage, New York

Mike McMaster from Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Neeraj Joshi from New York, New York

John Jastremski from Staten Island, New York


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  1. David Farby says:

    John Jastremski definitely sounds like the best candidate. His passion came across clearly in his interview with Robertson and he’s a guy who obviously knows what he’s talking about. I think his knowledge and energy will make him someone fans will enjoy listening to for a long time.

  2. Jay Lombardi says:

    Here’s how I ranked them and why:

    1) Creighton
    2) McMaster
    3) Totaro
    4) Joshi
    5) Jastremski

    Creighton sounds like a pro, undoubtedly knows his facts, great interview with Howie Rose. Build from last year, already showed he can interact with callers on last years show. He is a guy I want to listen to, want to call in and talk to.

    McMaster didnt connect with me at all. Didnt give me a reaosn to want to listen to him. Seemed distant.

    Totaro has nice sound, too general. Needs to get more specific, and get some studio time if he really wants to do broadcasting. Not sure he could bring it every day. Sounded like a fan.

    Joshi well spoken but the guy is a lawyer. Who gives up law to be a broadcaster? Didnt show he could be an expert on anything in sports not law related. I just didnt enjoy listening to him. Came across abrasive.

    Jastremski blew it when he unretired the old line about Jeff George: “Million dollar arm, 5 cent head” about Burnett. Showed hes still a college broadcaster. Pros know better than to say things like that. Statements like that get you and the station in hot water with the team. Sounded like a fan and not a pro.

  3. Marie says:

    Sussman is a definate keeper. I would llike it better if he didn’t try to stress every sentance he speaks. I find him good enough that he really does NOT need to do that
    This year I like #4

  4. C. Calabrese says:

    Pat Totaro was by far the most prepared of all five contestants. His poise and demeanor when speaking was outstanding. His sports talk could have gone
    on for hours and the listener would not have been bored. It was obvious he
    is weel versed in all type of sports

  5. Jack says:

    Creighton was good last year and even better this year. He knows his stuff. Listen to the way these guys speak and you can see who has studied and worked for it. I want to hear more from this guy.

  6. Robert Withers says:

    Patrick Creighton was definitely the best of the group. The only one who really has expansive knowledge of all the teams and all the sports, the most personable, the best voice and style, and ran the best interview. He sounds like a PRO.

    Jastremski sounded like a fan, not a pro, with all those cliches he used. That last cliche he used to insult AJ Burnett is exactly the kind of thing a fan would say and not a professional show host. How does he expect to get future Yankees guests if he talks that way about current players?

    McMaster didnt show enough personality to encourage me to want to listen to him. I don’t know if he was nervous or just very bland, but he didn’t connect well.

    Joshi didn’t show me he can handle any topics outside of legal issues. He’s well spoken, but that doesn’t make you knowledgeable or entertaining.

    Pat Totaro had a tough draw going first but it’s obvious he has no experience. Also sounds like a guy who is a fan, not a professional host.

    The only logical choice is Patrick Creighton.

  7. DomD says:

    The next Fantasy Phenom has to be Patrick Totaro! Patrick had the tough draw with leading off where the other contestants were able to go to school with how the judges were voting, what they were looking for, and what not to do. Even with this misfortune Pat was better than the other contestants. His sports knowledge, regional roots, down to earth approach and demeanor works perfectly for the overnight and perfect for FAN, can you say Joe Benigno! I’d rather listen to someone who played the game, has years of sports experience to reference, and relates to the everyday guy rather than someone whose biggest compliment is that he’s enthusiastic-isn’t that what they say about cheerleaders? I’ll take a leader-VOTE PATRICK TOTARO

  8. shelly says:

    we want al from white plains to get another shot

  9. shelly says:

    what up with last years winner gregg it one and bye

  10. Allisyn says:

    Patrick Totaro has my vote. Good personality and likeable.

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