NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Police have made an arrest following a wild and deadly shooting at the Brighton Beach boardwalk last Thursday.

Police say Iloune Driver, 19, of Brooklyn has been charged with murder and assault. Police said Driver has been arrested nine times in the last three years.  Driver was picked up by officers late Sunday on the street after witness reports, police said. They are looking for at least one more suspect.  There was no listed phone number for Driver. Police didn’t specify whether he was in a gang.
The incident began during a sweltering evening last Thursday. At around 5:20 p.m.,  police said a person approached a group of five sitting on a bench and opened fire. The five victims were sitting in front of Tatiana’s, a popular restaurant.

Tysha Jones, 16, was killed. Four other victims, young men in their twenties, were also shot.

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“It still ain’t gonna bring my child back, it ain’t gonna bring her back,” Cynthia Jones, the victim’s mother, said of the arrest. “I just want to have my day with him. I’m going to be at his trial, I’m going to do all of that because he took my baby’s life.”

“My baby’s not here no more because somebody put a gun in their hand and thought they was in the wild wild west,” Kevin Wilson, Jones’ father, said.

Pandemonium broke out during the shooting, say witnesses. The beach near Brighton 6th Street was packed at the time of the shooting due to scorching weather.

brightonbeachshooting Iloune Driver Arrested, Charged With Murder Following Deadly Brighton Beach Boardwalk Shooting

Witnesses watch as rescue workers prepare to transport a wounded person following a shooting on the Brighton Beach Boardwalk June 9, 2011. (credit:

“It turned into rapid fire, and people were screaming, running in every direction, with nowhere to go,” witness Michael Tracy said.

Apparently the incident started as an argument.

“There was a whole crowd, and they was arguing,” said witness Jose Reyes. “He just started shooting. It was about four or five shots.”

The aftermath of the incident was caught on camera and uploaded to YouTube.

Jones’ funeral will be held Wednesday.

Video: Aftermath of Brighton Beach shooting

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