Beating Caught On Tape On New York City Subway Train Uploaded To YouTube

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s not even summer yet things are already heating up underground.

A fight between passengers on a New York City subway train was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday. It is yet another example of the bizarre world that’s beneath our feet.

In the video, a man wearing glasses, a blue, Hawaiian-style shirt and what appears to be a blue doo-rag with a pattern on it can be seen through the subway doors raining punches down on another man.

VIDEO: Subway Beating Caught On Tape

A woman and a man appear to be trying to separate the two combatants, but to no avail. Earlier in the video, a woman outside the car knocks on the doors in an apparent effort to stop the fight.

When they are all unsuccessful, the beating becomes more intense. The man in the Hawaiian shirt can be seen gripping a handful of the other man’s hair and sends six more punches directly into his face.

The person on the receiving end of the punches gets hit at least 17 times in the 1:39 video. The apparent victim here doesn’t land a single one of his own.

According to the information uploaded with the video, the brawl began over a seat on the train.

The actual where and when of the video are unclear.

It’s just the latest subway attack that has been caught on tape. We’ve previously seen a man strip down to his briefs and pole dance during a flash moba brawl that began over a bowl of spaghetti, the confrontation between “Bloody Loco” and a cool passenger, and a naked man’s meltdown, among others.

What gives on the subway system? Do you have any additional information on the incident? Sound off in our comments section.


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  1. Funny says:

    Funny video. A cop would ask what started it? Some would ask what did the other guy do? Because no one knows from this video. The other guy could have very well started it and this guy is just a better fighter. Alot of people talk s#$% like in these comments to the wrong person and get their butts handed to them.Oh by the way, it requires courage to shoot someone pointblank face to face. But fantasies are good they help with the fear imagining what you might do.Hilarious.

  2. mephistofan says:

    Quick now, somebody please tell me again why integration was such a smart idea?

  3. JOE FOR MAYOR says:


  4. C says:

    What a thud – punk – loser — if races were reversed, this would be a “hate crime” and guy would be doing time. Is anyone else tired of comments that the thud, is a victim of society, merely because he was born black? Give me a break…he is going to pick on the wrong person one day and all hell will break loose – Benard-like or worse.

    i saw a big black muscle man today, get in a skinny white guys face, yelling, screaming, swearing, cursing him — I would have bet the black guy was going to nail him. I was wrong. The black guy got beat up very badly. I actually ran to help him out — bet he will think twice next time he jumps a guy because he is skinny and white…beware (you just never know when or if someone can defend themselves).

  5. Cogito says:

    Everyone knows that Obama and Holder have refused to enforce black on white crime. In doing so, they have given their tacit approval.

    This will be coming to a theater near you soon.

  6. heru says:

    So Joe Nemchek you are willing to kill in order to sit in that seat?! If someone was that angry and wanted your seat you wouldn’t just get up and leave and move to another seat or get off the train, I could even see Tasing the guy, but no you are willing to KILL over that right to sit in that seat. If you were man enough you could even poke the guy in the eyes, grab his testicals until he leaves you alone, maybe even pop his ear drums, or just simply break his nose. But kill over the seat.

  7. NL9075 says:

    Seems to me like the conductor intentionally kept the doors closed to keep the fight going. Oh yeah, the guy looks like a tool getting his ass kicked as well.

  8. Juicy says:

    Check out who Stole them and brought them here in the first place to make a quick buck. A man named Lopez, not a catholic boy that one.
    Check out who was running the show up in rhode island and which group owned the most slaves. Not Catholics or Protestant or muslim in America. Take a guess. Same people who specialized in block busting and issuing court orders to bus kids all over the place for integration.
    The black man is just a pawn. Learn your history. Dig deeper than the public school text books written by the guilty party.

    1. Jimbo says:

      Hey rancid Juicy, look at the continent of Africa (which is a basket case of murder, hunger, baby raping, etc) and tell me it’s the white man’s fault – blacks govern it. How about Haiti? The only white people there are those giving aid and that place has always been a mess. And look within our own country…A black mayor named Nagin (who wanted a chocolate town) couldn’t figure out to evacuate the mainly black people using hundreds of school buses that ended up flooded during Katrina. It was the “other than Negro races” that came to the aid of the hapless lazy idiots who did bother to evacuate while a category 5 hurricane raced towards them. White people in the mid-west constantly face devastation (tornados, floods) pick themselves up and re-build. The Japanese are now as well after the devastating earthquake/Tsunami. Did we see rioting there? No, but the first chance the Negro gets to steal – he and she does – even from each other. As a race, the Negroes ARE somewhere between human and animal. We are just slow at accepting it but trust me, once awake your bruthahs will be dropping like flies.

  9. Heru says:

    If Whites don’t like it here then why not just move back to Europe, where you came from? Isn’t that what they tell blacks?

    1. C says:

      NO – if white started the fight (he should be arrested). If the black started the fight (he should be arrested). No one should go to another country, just be nice and respectful to their fellow citizen.

      In other words, you think the best or dirtiest fighter should say in the states and the other go back to Africa or Eurpore. Silly Heru –

      1. Heru says:

        Read it again C. That is not what I said. I said if “Whites don’t like it here, then why not move back to your homeland Europe.” I said nothing about what you stated. This is a mantra that I heard constantly from White people growing up in NY. So I am only giving back what I received. Go back to Europe…
        The message is only for those that think people of color are a subhuman species all over the world, and should just roll up and die or they will shoot and kill them. Anyone that feels that way should start heading back to the Caucasus Mountains and lock themselves back in for another 2000 years, People of color all over the world are not going anywhere. When whites blow themselves up by nuclear weapons people of color will still be here. People of color were here first and shall still be here in the end of things. Its just a matter of time.

        Yes people of color do some bad things. So do all people. But it seems that the media likes to highlight people of color only. Russians, Italians, Irish, Germans, Armenians, Turks, etc. etc. etc. etc. don’t commit crimes against their own people as well as others? The same crimes that people of color are accused of doing…Whites don’t commit these same crimes???

        I remember Howard Beach and thats just one example.

    2. Dr. Fering says:

      Heru, you are an idiot. All your post are incredibly childish and useless.

  10. FafaK says:

    Most outrageous of all is the “reporting” on this story. When one lands “at least 17 punches” and the other fails to land one, they are not “combatants” it is an ASSAULT!!! The same kind of misleading storytelling was used in the recent McDonald’s assault where two huge black women beat the hell out of one tiny white girl – and it was reported as a “fight.”
    And the overt refusal to state the physical descriptions further illustrates why reporters now relate below used car salesmen on the “trust meter” and major media has ZERO credibility in America.

  11. Hazel Burke says:

    Coloreds again?

    1. Planetofdaapes says:

      Yeah, those damned dirty apes!

  12. Garrett says:

    I have news for you oh genius who wrote the article: the question isn’t what’s wrong with the subway system, the problem is the perpetrator who’s a piece of human debris. What caused HIM is the question.

  13. Tiny Montgomery says:

    In what sense is this a “fight”? It is simply a beatdown of a man who offers no resistance, and whom two people, braver than most, make prolonged efforts to shield long enough for the thug to get tired or recover his sanity. The subway car is otherwise empty, so why is it postulated that the fight was perhaps due to a fight over a seat? Why are the batterer and the victim referred to as “combatants”? Why construct a “fight” narrative out of whole cloth?

  14. The truth says:

    Why is it that Hollywood shows us nothing but rich white guys beating up on muslims, blacks, hispanics… and reality always shows us angry young minorities beating and robbing others?

    Liberals run Hollywood, thats why…

    1. InTheBubble says:

      That’s liberals with a capital “J,” thank you.

  15. Matt says:

    Surprised it was a Black guy. NOT.

  16. Nathan says:

    I’m confused. Whenever I watch crime shows on t.v. the murderer/rapist is always a white male. Whenever I watch commercials for home alarm systems, it is always a white male trying to kick in somebody’s door. Surely this video is some type of hoax.

    1. Jim says:

      This demonstrates why you can’t believe anything/everything you see on TV.

  17. John says:

    Some of the nicest and smartest people I know are black and I hold them in high regard. However, while I judge a man by the content of his character solely, the character of the black community as a whole is nothing short of an epic disgrace. It matters not where you go, wherever they exist in nuumber, the plague of violence, murder and mayhem is self evident. Such is the case here, as the black community, as a whole, have become a blight to this nation unparallelled in history and truly have caused more pain and suffering than the likes of Alqaeda could ever dream of.

    Here in Philadelphia, they have killed more of their fellow citizens since 9-11, than the terrorists did on 9-11. That is just ONE CITY in this nation and does not account for the sheer numbers of rapes[ie: 37,460 nationwide black on Caucasian rapes in 2007 with 0 Caucasian rapes of blacks], attempted murders, breaking and entering, robberies etc.

    Remind me who the real terrorists are again because from where I am standing the black community is in pole position vs any and all takers

    1. InTheBubble says:

      I’m 70 and white. I’ve traveled all over America and half the world, including Africa. The only nice blacks I’ve ever met were over 65 years old, and I’ve yet to meet a smart one.

  18. Carl says:

    Whities had their era…NOW IS THE ERA OF OBAMA. My home boy in the Justice Department now refuses to prosecute black on white attacks. Now is the time for payback and put fear in whities hearts!!!!! Ha ha ha…

    1. Matt says:

      Standby Carl. Keep your eyes open, there is big change coming.

    2. Philly says:


      You reap what you sow and you have no freaking idea how bleak things look for you. You think the Dem party and Obama are about Blacks. They are just stirring it up. If you actually read up on history, you would know that the Democratic party was, and remains to this day, the party of the Klan and from the days of their founding they voted unaimously against EVERY SINGLE PIECE of CIVIL RIGHTS legislation from the days shortly after our founding until 1956, and even then near half of them voted against that. Th republican party was formed by anti-slavery whites and blacks to go against the pro slavery Dems. The Jim Crow laws, all of it was the handiwork of the Democrats and most recently, Robert Byrd, a former Klan recruiter, passed away as a seated Senator…

      You better wake up man. You are not scaring anyone. Big difference between fear and apathy and just ignoring a problem. Whites just did not want to be bothered with trouble, but White folk aren’t ignoring it anymore and they are more prepared for confrontation than I could have ever imagined. Like I said earlier. There is a storm coming and you will be vastly outnumbered, outgunned and once the breaking point hits, it will be fierce, untrelenting and swifter than you could possibly imagine…

    3. InTheBubble says:

      Duck and cover, Carl. When Obi Wan is removed from office, and the black community explodes in flames, the rest of America will pick them off like flies until they are all gone. Enjoy your last days!

  19. Carlos says:

    Oh gee what a surprise. Another chimpout on the subway by the inferior race. Yawn.

    1. Nathan says:

      It’s a chimp ouuut.
      He’s mighty crazy, lettin’ it all hang out.

      It’s a chimp ouuut.
      The guy’s on crack – that’s a fact – givin’ whitey a heart attack.

  20. clifford says:

    man what a shock….a violent negro !

  21. Phil DeRosier says:

    … can’t we all just get along? Where da heck is Rodney King when ya need him?

  22. workinDawg says:

    The black community used to police itself because institutional racism allowed cops to ignore black on black crime. It rarley went well as violence was a given. Now all of the institutional racism is on the side of the black man. At some point the white man will reach a tipping point and quite a few of these thug brothers is going to find themselves pushing up daises.

    1. InTheBubble says:

      We are at that tipping point now. All it’s going to take is one more push, and, POOF, no more blacks. I can’t wait.

  23. Joe G says:

    Blacks should not be allowed on public transportation without a special police provided pass. Most blacks are subhuman predators. No one is the least surprised the wild animal was black. Too bad the white guy trying to get the animal off the other white guy didn’t have a gun.

    1. InTheBubble says:

      Too bad he didn’t have the guts to knock that animal out.

  24. DeeDee says:

    From down here in Houston, I truly admire the people trying so hard to intervene here, especially the two physically engaging the man doing the beating! They could have been shot or stabbed or just had the beatdown turned upon them. Friends or strangers to the victim, they deserve medals

    1. InTheBubble says:

      Don’t forget the other 20 folks in that car, sitting on their hands and wetting their pants. At least five of them, if they had the guts, could have easily stopped this assault. America needs to take a lesson from South Korea: ALL Korean children are taught karate in school. Nobody messes with a Korean. We should be so lucky.

      1. Jimbo says:

        Let’s remember the Koreans who (during the Rodney King LA riots) protected their properties with firearms while the police stayed away. They shot any predators wandering near.

  25. HistoryLessons says:


    History shows that Europeans (“whites”) exhibit highly primitive behavior, not only when they have turned on non-whites, but especially when they turned on THEMSELVES!!!!! ADOLF HITLER was 1) WHITE; 2) a CHRISTIAN and 3) VEGETARIAN. Similar in mindset were STALIN, MUSSOLINI, and Nicolae CEAUSESCU, And any list of America’s most famous Mass Murderers is contrary to your point, because most of them are White. (://

    Furthermore pretty much EVERY corrupt, criminal, bloodthirsty Head of State, be they in Africa, Latin America, or the Middle East has been PROPPED UP by Europeans, not because they like them (oh yes, Darwin), but Europeans love the art of exploitation.

    Oh, I forgot Obama, Condelezza Rice and Colin Powell. Let’s be fair!!

    1. HistoryLessons says:

      ….And Obama is NOT a racist. His mother was White and he was raised by his White grandmotheri!!

    2. JohnG says:

      I’d take exception with the claim that Hitler was a Christian. But my main disagreement is that I think you are missing the point. This behavior is animalistic. And some folks are disposed to this type of behavior. To be sure Whites can do tremendous evil. But the evil you speak of is very much human evil. This kind of evil requires organization and civilization (you have to have a government to extort money from people to create your police/military which inflict the evil and command the people). So yes, Whites do evil things. But you haven’t in any way repudiated what the original comment.

    3. HistoryLessons says:

      In the video, it is a Hispanic- looking woman who is DEFENDING the White guy while he is being attacked. It could have easily been another Black person, instead of her, coming to the White guy’s defence.

      It is the American Disease to pigeonhole groups of people and paint them all with the same brush.

    4. 1tommygun says:

      Every stat. you read in U.S. welfare, crime, poverty here or anywhere,low intelligence scores, blacks head the list. All the stupid stuff this liberal parrot spewed out has no meaning with out context. Although this maroon has it right that whites dominate. Problem with blacks and their homelands they are just to stupid
      to make much more out of themselfs than local flesh eating tribal chiefs..
      Really its almost too pathetic to even mention how blacks in every country has to live by the handouts of whites. It cant be denied. Blacks are stupid. There are 3 seperate thought processes. 1. emotional thinking 2. cerebrally 3. intuitvely
      Blacks have not developed their minds so consequently they are stuck thinking 1.emotionally. Problem is I know some good black men. They do not hate the white man because he is beutifull and intelligent or they hate the color of their own blackness. The ones I know are very bright and personable. Always the exception to the rule. The blacks need to be carefull. They may end up getting what they wish for a war with the whites. Yes it would’nt be a fair fight, out thinking a black man is nothing to brag about.

    5. exiled conservative says:

      Not that I agree with Hitler, Stalin or any of those insane rulers. I absolutely abhor what they have done. With that said. All their moves were planned and calculated. Way different than some lunatic beating someone up over a seat. That’s just barbaric. So your line of reasoning is off track.

      The reason we are seeing more of this black on white attacks is because the whites have been taught to not pick on blacks and the blacks have been taught to fight back. And with the current administration’s policy that black on white attacks isn’t considered a hate crime, the blacks are feeling entitled to get their’s. They don’t worry about persecution because they feel they are the ruling race now. Look at who’s in the white house. Just

    6. Dude says:

      WE are talking about TODAYS negro in American society, not the past (like blacks will never live down SLABBERY.

      Cause it’s a lot easier to complain,then anything else !!

      Also… the so called successful blacks you mention …are the “HIGH YELLOW” ONES WHO HAVE GREATLY BENEFITTED FROM THIER STATUS AS “BLACK’,,While at the same time benefiting from the mixed with white blood running through them….an sheeiiit ! No um sayin”s ???

  26. united We Stand says:

    First black president speeds hate with the first black attorney general…proud are you black citizens…because we never hear you tell the thugs to stop…Chicago will soon be Detroit….Blame the Obamunist and the Dems and Soros who funds it all

    1. Mory says:

      To be fair, Obama is only half black. Like all white liberals, he hates his white self.

  27. Major Variola says:

    Read _The Bell Curve_

    Someone should have delivered a lethal elbow blow to the “doo rag”

    1. leopard_colony says:

      Check out for discussion about this type of violence. Just keep in mind that it is a White Natinalist site, we don’t hate people for their skin color, we hare people for what they do to us.

    2. InTheBubble says:

      All it takes is: an elbow to the chin OR a palm thrust to the forehead OR a hand-edge chop to the throat OR a two-finger thrust to the eyes OR
      palm slaps to the ears. Every child should be taught karate in school – for self defense and to stop assaults like this.

  28. Patrick W says:

    Notice how it’s always BLACK People involved? WHY? Can they not control themselves? Are they less human and more animal than Whites?

    1. Joe G says:

      Q1: Yes
      Q2: See Q4
      Q3: Yes
      Q4: Yes

    2. Jimbo says:

      Patrick, are you naive or what? This is the true nature of the beast. It’s like trying to domesticate a wild animal – at some point it snaps and the only way to stop it from killing you is with lethal force.

  29. If I were homeless and looking for a place to hide on a hot day, subway would definitely be an option. If I could keep up with skyrocketing prices

  30. Kyle says:

    Why is it that Hollywood shows us nothing but rich white guys beating up on muslims, blacks, hispanics… and reality always shows us angry young minorities beating and robbing others?

    1. Juicy says:

      Who owns Hollywood?
      Who directs?
      Who writes?
      Who runs Hollywood?
      Not africans or Europeans.

      1. InTheBubble says:

        The gypsy klan bent on debasing, destroying, and then owning the world: the Ashkenazis. They call themselves “Jews,” but the world knows that they’re just gypsy trash.

  31. vOv says:

    Another black hate crime. You wont see that on CNN. I love the comments bllaming redneck “incest ” for all the worlds woes. Did any action on the part of a redneck cause this brutal beating?

  32. Stush says:

    Chimp Out…What a shocker…!!!!

  33. jmiller says:

    shinners that all you need to no.

  34. ideas? says:

    Criminal blacks needs to be very uncomfortable in our midst.Right now they move too freely among us. The bad ones need bad experiences when messing with us. Flying the rebel flag does wonders driving them away, and is very passive.

  35. yonjuro says:

    Why do we keep paying these mo***ys to breed?

    1. InTheBubble says:

      Hang on . . . their end is nigh.

  36. Shadow says:

    I’ve never been racist I was raised to show respect to all life, lately when i’m around black people lately i’ll watch them and it seems they are more arrogant lately.

  37. KansasGirl says:

    Holder’s people?

    1. John says:

      Democrat voting base

  38. Pat Riott says:

    Sara Palin’s fault.

    I hope all you teabaggers who support her are happy.

  39. DefendYourself says:

    Another racist black thug attacking a white person. I’m going to get my concealed hand gun permit. NYC, since you ban legal firearms, you are on your own. And NYC, you idiots voted for Obama! Ha ha ha ha!

  40. Patriot says:

    Hate crime right?

    1. C says:

      Yes – by definition. But wait – wrong race to chaulk that one up.

  41. lexterrae says:

    Just one more example of the gross failure of the entire criminal justice system in America. The CJS has become so large and so self-serving – from law enforcement to courts/judges to penal institutions to social workers in parole and rehabilitation – that it no longer has any incentive to stop uncivilized, criminal behavior.

    Blame the CJS for your loss of freedom and for being subjected to such behavior.

    1. InTheBubble says:

      Cops have no time for blacks. They’re too busy taking out innocent white folks with their new military-style swat teams formed to fight the so-called “war on drugs.” Check out this very recent example, with a good explanation of how this has happened:

  42. jjoe says:


    1. Major Variola says:

      Also Shockley, Crick, and other Nobel winners

    2. Heru says:

      So it was black people that started the Iraq War. Afganistan, Panama Invasion, Greneda, Vietnam, Korea, WW!!, WW1, Civil War, 1812, French and Indian War, French Revolution, Boshevik Revolution, all the conflicts in Europe past and present, Nuclear testing, Atomic bombing of Japan even though Japan had already surrendered. And wars and conflicts for the last 2000 years plus. Alexander you call great, Rome, Greece, Oh I could go on and on and on. Blacks started all these things. But you quote this idiot that “blacks destroy everything?” Wow

  43. Manchester United says:

    you mean picked their own cotton, but i couldn’t agree more

  44. Joe says:

    Wack video. Two crackheads buzzed out.

  45. Basket Of Bananas would have prevented this says:

    Our great-great-grandparents should have picked their own damn corn.

    1. Murrano Arron lopez says:

      Look into who profited by bringing slaves here, most to brazil, and all over south America and the islands.
      Take a guess who destroyed the nation for money and wrecked so many lives and harmed so many.
      The book, the secret relationship between blacks and… Will get you started.
      The base of operation was Rhode island in America.

  46. Richard D. Weiner says:

    This is a scam video. The brother is delivering air punches; the guy ont eh purported receiving end has plenty of opportunity to run away but just tucks his head and neither runs nor fights back. If it is a real fight it’s the lamest fight on record.

  47. Moses Weinberg says:

    This was not a fight, it was a racial assault.

    Of course, the media wont say that but we all know its true.

    My advice?

    If you are a law abiding citizen minding your own business and an animal like this attacks you, you should do everything possible to kill him.

    Do not give a person like this the chance to kill you first.

  48. John says:

    Black America has NO FREAKIN CLUE the EPIC storm that is coming… Not a Freaking clue… Going to reset the bar for the global definition of backlash on a grand scale…

    1. yep says:

      Bingo, they don’t have the numbers-really remarkable, a minority bullying the majority-bad ending for good and bad brothers

    2. InTheBubble says:

      When it’s over, the only blacks you will find on earth will be the stuffed ones in the museums.

    3. moco max says:

      Human Rights are for Human beings and not for wild African animals like Blacks all over the world..
      We have to retire the coverage. They are violent animals.

  49. leopard_colony says:

    Thank goodness for youtube, otherwise we would never know it was another b on w crime. No arrests, no surprise. This is why w’s have to arm themselves. Given the fed’s open discrimination against w’s we know there will be no help from law enforcement.

  50. Prince Rain Purple says:

    Black Psycho beats up white tourist over a seat on the F train?

    1. leopard_colony says:

      So bumping into someone justifies a brutal beating? And liberals call us White Nationalists haters! If you advocated such a violent act on Storm Front you would get a censure and suspended posting rights.

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