Beating Caught On Tape On New York City Subway Train Uploaded To YouTube

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s not even summer yet things are already heating up underground.

A fight between passengers on a New York City subway train was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday. It is yet another example of the bizarre world that’s beneath our feet.

In the video, a man wearing glasses, a blue, Hawaiian-style shirt and what appears to be a blue doo-rag with a pattern on it can be seen through the subway doors raining punches down on another man.

VIDEO: Subway Beating Caught On Tape

A woman and a man appear to be trying to separate the two combatants, but to no avail. Earlier in the video, a woman outside the car knocks on the doors in an apparent effort to stop the fight.

When they are all unsuccessful, the beating becomes more intense. The man in the Hawaiian shirt can be seen gripping a handful of the other man’s hair and sends six more punches directly into his face.

The person on the receiving end of the punches gets hit at least 17 times in the 1:39 video. The apparent victim here doesn’t land a single one of his own.

According to the information uploaded with the video, the brawl began over a seat on the train.

The actual where and when of the video are unclear.

It’s just the latest subway attack that has been caught on tape. We’ve previously seen a man strip down to his briefs and pole dance during a flash moba brawl that began over a bowl of spaghetti, the confrontation between “Bloody Loco” and a cool passenger, and a naked man’s meltdown, among others.

What gives on the subway system? Do you have any additional information on the incident? Sound off in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. boil says:

    you can always tell when the drudge KKK wonder white inbred’s post their illiterate posts….. yo, goober, go back to your trailer, and molest your cousin again, after your 15th beer. welcome to the un-civil war….

    1. MST says:

      Yes, they’re out in full force today!

  2. Su Yu says:

    Hope and Change

  3. Bob says:

    When are Jesse Jackson and Sharpton going to start marching about this blatant act of racism? Where is the MSM coverage of this blatant racist event?

  4. GF says:

    “Chimps going wild” AGAIN!!

  5. phillysmart says:

    This scenario is playing out all over the country…black thugs snapping out on mostly white victims over some minor thing…these bullies are violent and need to be dealt with in a civilized society…I already raised my kids (in a big city) and they can handle a thug like this but i encourge all my caucasion friends to send their kids to self defense school not pc school…the skills will serve them it is open season on whites and it will get worse

  6. hbgguy11 says:

    The blacks are just a relfection of how they are brought up the childrens parents most likely as the black man in the video was or is a parent raises his children to be like him, that is the only problem with black people they never mature and grow up to see the world in the right light. Now im not saying all dont get it plenty do and their children grow up successful and are an integral part of the comunity but the majority of them have their children grow up doing and watching things like what we saw on the subway telling their children this is the wa we act and so it is the way they act.

  7. Mark Matis says:

    Hey,look, it’s just another Obama doin’ his thang! Why is this a surprise to anyone?

  8. Timmy says:

    That’s right – white people never attack ANYONE!!! Especially black people. Why, I’ve never heard of ANY incident with white people attacking a black person, throughout history. What is it with these blacks and their attacking ways???

    1. John Frost says:

      Jewish Philosopher Maimonides :
      “Blacks are between monkeys and Humans, they can’t understand spiritual concepts” In short he said : Blacks are predatory African animals.

  9. Rob says:

    racially, culturally – whatever, but it will only get worse. Better prepare for what lies ahead when the wheels of capitalism come to a grinding halt (sometime within the next 6 to 18 months. Freeze-dried food – check; water reserve – check; gasoline reserve – check; propane tanks full – check; guns – two of everything – check; ammo – check; READINESS ACHIEVED!

  10. Joey says:

    Ape beats human being

  11. Kim Bailey says:

    I don’t see Whites, Latinos or Asian Humans rampaging, beating , raping and murdering people. ONLY BLACKS !!!
    It’s a very scary world outhere. Black population is exploding in all continents. We got to stop them or it’s over for Humankind.

  12. moco max says:

    Black animal murders 2 Russian tourists in front of Mansion Night Club.
    He hit them with his bare hands and cracked their skulls.

    I urge all Humans not to engage Blacks in anyway. They will murder you on the spot.

    Jewish Philosopher Maimonides :
    “Blacks are between monkey and Humans, they can’t understand spiritual concepts” In short he said : Blacks are African animals.

  13. Mad Max says:

    Martin Luther King would be so proud…

    1. Tom Maxwell says:

      Wasn’t he a rapist?

  14. Mad Max says:

    At least she has more empathy for a fellow human being than you do.

  15. Barre Flynn says:

    If only the MTA might have cleaned the windows this video would have been so much better. Black people have to really struggle to be white. Thank God for the many black people who live Godly and moral lives. If only Black folk could understand that trying to be white is a curse. Look at what Corporations and Bloomberg have done to our communities. Yes some black folk commit crimes. But that is hardly the whole picture. One Black minister told me that our community lacks hope. Both whites and blacks. That is the fault of white greed stealing our worlds resources. BTW I am white.

  16. Mad Max says:

    That’s not a doo-rag, that’s a muslim skull cap. Again the “religion of peace” shows it’s true colors.

    This muzzie was beating with the intent to kill and again the ineffectual police can do nothing but gather evidence from the video.

    There’s a big storm brewing across this land and the battle lines are being drawn. Either stand by and let the savages win or good people take a stand and fight for what’s right and preserve the integrity of the this nation for our children.

    I am so glad I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. Our troubles back then were nothing compared to todays. This is literally hell on earth.


  17. John Frost says:

    “Blacks are NOT human but a different African predatory Species”
    Want proof? Here:
    Human hair is different than Black African hair.
    African hair is TIGHTLY COILED FOREVER. Not Human at all. All Human races have luscious silky hair. Blacks are a different Species. “You shall not mate with an animal, Both shall die, said the Lord”

  18. Noorb says:

    Oh look! A black person! Who would have guessed!

    1. moco max says:

      are u insane?
      Blacks are wild animals rampaging and murdering people in a world We Whites built

  19. daniel says:

    Right to carry………..

  20. Michael D. says:

    incredible all the racial comments based on what you saw in the video. I was on the scene when this happened, the white guy started it, he hit the black guy and all you see on video is the retaliation. BTW, it is two gay guys in a lovers quarrel.

  21. Big Dave says:

    Why hasn’t anyone noticed that the victim is WHITE and the agressor is BLACK – that’s a HATE CRIME!

  22. Michael Warren says:

    I’ve seen enough “urban” attacks to know the following:
    1) they don’t just fight, they deliver supremely vicious blows to the head, trying to kill or maim.
    2) If a white person is involved in a dispute with an “Urban”, at some point he or she can expect to be sucker punched.
    3) If a group of ‘urbans’ are around when the attack happens, there is more than a fifty percent probability that they will join in the attack, delivering kicks to the head or body.

  23. Cjc3usa says:

    Got to be one of those calm collective Obama supporters, beating his brains in,,,

  24. Ted Rutherford says:

    They were put in the jungle for a reason…they’re savages and they should have been left there. They have not, as a race, progressed in 400 years and weren’t meant to exist in a society. They were at their best when they were slaves; at least they worked and weren’t allowed to murder, rape or assault white people.
    Send ’em back….

  25. Amadeus says:

    Paging Bernhard Goetz

  26. hempstead1944 says:

    Bunch of blacks beating up a white guy in NY……where is the surprise?

  27. Jason says:

    “Race, sex, and nationality are nothing but pure coincidence to which we are all citizens of our mother earth.”

    It is up to each individual to make up his or her own mind as to how to live their life and treat their fellow man. We seem to be failing miserably at this if what we truly want is a peaceful place to live out our lives.

    “A person is smart, people are stupid.”

    It’s when we get together as groups and start to form opinions on those that are different that we tend to make bad assumptions. Some founded on personal experience, while others were brought up to have racial thoughts and intentions.

    While it is only human nature to fear that which we don’t understand, it is a sad fact that most all have these feelings towards each other at least in some form or fashion. Further proof that we are truly an ignorant people.

  28. Ordinary Guy says:

    A N!@@er assaulting a white guy.
    Who would have imagined that?

  29. TruthHurtsSoBad says:

    Wow, a black guy committing sensless violence on an innocent white person? Who would have believed it!

  30. Grape Ape says:

    ww w. chim

  31. WhoUcallinUpeople says:

    Either jump in to forcibly break it up or don’t.
    It is pathetic to see the sheeple just “herd” the guy taking the beating, while the other guy has free reign to hammer away.
    Do, or do not; there is no try when atrocities are comitted.

  32. peaceman says:

    LOOKS to me as if it is a FAKE fight staged to get on you tube.

  33. robertg says:

    As Bill Cosby said about riding the NY Subway. “A nut in every car”

  34. Luke says:

    The Black Community is such a violent one. They wonder why people are afraid when they see more than one coming down the street toward them. Also, a normal neighborhood that is fairly crime free has become a war zone when the blacks start moving in. It is a real shame and it has nothing to do with being poor. My folks were dirty poor, but they were decent, honest, clean and loving people. Too much political correctness, they need to work on getting these people educated and so on, but stop throwing money at them via welfare.

  35. JJGH says:

    I have a video of a big black guy like the one hiting in this video fighting 2 black women in a Las Vegas parking lot. I was trying to go to my car near then. On the same trip, 3 black thugs intimidated me to try and fight at a busy gas station in daylight. Although a huge % of US blacks are uncivilized and racist, most Ethiopian blacks are wonderful intelligent non-racist people who don’t wear the pants half way down their bvtts. US blacks should learn from them

    1. JJGH says:

      sorry I was tired…I meant to say ‘hitting’ and ‘them’

  36. It pays to be a winner says:

    That was nothing more than a glorified middle school fight. The black guy demonstrated no special or exceptional fighting skills, at least from what was observed in the video. The white guy did nothing to defend himself other than to cover up and keep his back to the attacker. Anyone with even a basic understanding of self-defense could have easily ended that situation in the first 60 seconds. Unless the attacker was a skilled MMA fighter (which he obviously was not) he could have been easily stopped with minimal effort. Too bad the white guy (who looked like a teenage kid BTW) didn’t have the courage or knowledge to defend himself properly.

  37. John Henry says:

    The only answer is separation. Whites need a community of their own, with white cultural norms, white policre officers, white neighborhoods. It is the only answer folks. Under Affirmative Action Police officers standardized test have drop to a point where the police are just not effective. 911 dispatchers are often incompetent. Besides the police cant be everywhere.

    The South was right. It is time tot admit it. Divide up the country.

  38. Santiago Matamoros says:

    Before I even clicked on this, how did I know that a black person was sure to be involved?

    Just like when you hear about some new innovation in technology or science, you know that a black person will NOT be involved.

    Yet somehow the liberal elite and blacks in general all know that this is all whitey’s fault. The average black IQ of 85 (the IQ of criminality and violence) must have nothing at all to do with it – our betters tell us.

    Meanwhile, rampaging black flash mobs are organizing via the Internet and emerging from subway stations like swarms of angry hornets attacking white people in the streets and on beaches from Miami, to Boston, Philadelphia and most major cities and even suburban shopping malls now, and the state media says NOTHING.

  39. 1776 says:

    Is that a gal or “man” that “Hawaiian Punch” is beating on? With that long hair & total lack of self defense…”he” certainly acts like a woman. Perhaps the victim is of “San Franciscan” persuasion? That’s beyond weak that “he” didn’t fight back…those wild haymakers would be easy to defend against (& counter).

  40. sam says:

    As expected, another black crazy man attacking an innocent person. Disgusting city. This trash belongs in the zoo or Africa. Send Abraham Lincoln too t othe zoo also. He made a huge mistake.

  41. mike says:

    Maybe next time the white guy won’t call a black guy the N-word. But reading all these intelligent comments from you goobers out there. I am black and I have my own permit to carry. I got it after I graduated with a Masters and saw how white folks treat non-whites in this society.

    1. TruthBurtsSoBad says:

      hahahaha you’re right – we only pay for your food stamps, housing, education, water, etc… etc… etc…. All you “black folks” do is commit crime and make this country a worse place to live.

      1. BooBooBoo says:

        “White folks” also paid for your masters degree through affirmative action – your welcome.

      2. Df says:

        You are wrong and a joke same thing for you

    2. jlburdge says:

      Don’t give me that S*@T Mike, You carried a gun long before you got the permit. If you really got the permit,,,,,just like, if you really got a “masters”. What was the “masters” anyway? Your initation into the gang?

      1. Df says:

        You are a joke

  42. Mike says:

    Damn, two men fighting over a seat? Seriously? And the guy separating the two was much begger. Still couldn’t separate them. It’s the McDonalds Culture. To fat and out of shape to defend yourself.

  43. Frank says:

    I have a razor blade at all times for just such an occasion.

  44. John says:

    read the video comments on youtube. the one receiving was drunk. REALLY drunk, you idiots. racist idiots. it’s been confirmed the drunk guy on the train harassed the other passengers who were white and black.

  45. Off Duty says:

    Think it’s bad now? Wait till tomorrow.

  46. Jack says:

    more black on white crime! America goes back to sleep.

  47. NYC Citizen says:

    Give us the right to carry guns!!!!

    1. FD says:

      No you are wrong

    2. Kim Bailey says:

      700 years ago Jewish Philosopher Maimonides:said “Blacks are Between Chimps and Humans”( “Guide to the Perplexed”)

      Darwin:” Blacks are a different African predatory SPECIES”(Origin of the Species”)

      My own observation is this: Blacks are Totally different to Humans of all races, in size, sexual size, IQ, HAIR, achievements, and Civilization, hence Blacks are not Human but a different of African Predatory Species.

  48. Motty says:

    the bloke getting hit just sat there, what a poof. deserved every one of those punches for not standing up for himself.

  49. Mike says:

    Just another example of an Obama supporter exercising his right to act out “Yes I Can!” Someday we will learn they are all animals and not human beings.

    1. Df says:

      Prove it

  50. slobo says:

    This is why one must always have a .25 automatic in your front right (or left), pocket.

    1. Finbar says:

      If you shoot someone with a .25 and he finds out about it he is really going to be mad at you.

      1. InTheBubble says:

        Not if you use Glasers.

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