FBI Enhancing Surveillance Footage In Hunt For Missing Student Lauren Spierer

Authorities Receive Nearly 1,000 Tips Following 'America's Most Wanted'

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (CBSNewYork) — Police searching for a missing Indiana University student from Westchester said Tuesday they’re waiting for the FBI to complete an enhancement of security video of the area where the young woman was last seen.

Bloomington police Capt. Joe Qualters said he hopes the enhanced video will be ready for release by Wednesday and generate more tips in the disappearance of 20-year-old Lauren Spierer

Spierer, a graduate of Edgemont High in Westchester, vanished more than a week ago.

Qualters has said the video footage shows one, possibly two, vehicles driving through the area where Spierer was last seen June 3, walking toward her apartment after a night of drinking with friends.

WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi reports: Indiana University Sets Up $50,000 Fund To Help With Search

Qualters said police want to know if the footage might show not two vehicles but a single one circling through the area.

Police said the drivers in the video were not necessarily suspects, but may have information about Spierer’s disappearance as the surveillance was from an apartment building where they found Lauren’s keys.

“We’re going to maintain custody of that video and not release anything or specific details about it, and I understand you want to get to the nuts and bolts of it. We’re just not to the point where we can release that,” Qualters said.

Police said they have received nearly 1,000 tips from the public so far about what might have happened to Lauren. Qualters said about a third of the tips received by telephone and e-mail were collected after “America’s Most Wanted” aired a segment Saturday on Lauren Spierer’s disappearance.

The tips were collected with a new system set up with FBI assistance before the broadcast. Police also said they received an unconfirmed tip that Spierer’s friends may have panicked and disposed of her body after a possible cocaine overdose.

“We are not going to focus on one aspect of information that we get in until that information can be corroborated,” Qualters said.

“I don’t know if there’s been any possibility that’s been ruled out at this point,” he added. “It’s absolutely critical for us to remain open-minded about what information we get in, how we treat that information and how we pursue it.”

As the search continues, Lauren’s parents, Charlene and Robert Spierer planned to remain in Indiana to wait for Lauren’s return. They’ve also established a website to help spread the word about their missing daughter.

“Obviously we’re not giving up,” her father said. “We feel as strong today in our pursuit to find her as we did a week ago.”

Charleen Spierer had messages Monday for whomever may have been involved with her daughter’s disappearance, as well as for Lauren herself.

On Tuesday, she made an emotional plea during a news conference.

“I start my everyday hoping that today is the day; I got to sleep every night knowing that I have failed and that I haven’t done enough,” she said.

Police in Bloomington, Ind., said they have 10 persons of interest, including Lauren’s boyfriend, Jesse Wolf, and one of the last people she was seen with, Corey Rossman.

Amid the crowd of volunteers on Tuesday was Spierer’s roommate, Roslyn, N.Y. native Hadar Tamir. She said she knows many of the people questioned by police — friends who saw Spierer last.

“I honestly don’t think anyone had anything to do with her disappearance. I think it’s a random person,” Tamir said. “I wake up every morning and hope for the best.”

There was also a $100,000 reward for any information that could help solve the case. The university has set up a $50,000 fund to be used in the search.

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  1. xxxxx is a cokehead says:

    xxx, that’s not a fact it’s an opinion. While you may think she is jewish, yet again you’re wrong. I can only pray you never have to deal with the agony of a missing loved one. From your comments, I can only infer you’re a lonely, miserable human being.

    1. BloomfieldGirl says:

      Lauren and I have mutual friends. She is “Jewish,” otherwise I completely agree with your comment!

  2. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    If she were black it would not get this much press and that is a fact.White Jewish coke hoes always make the news when they disappear

    1. BloomfieldGirl says:

      Really?! Are you serious, xxxxxxxxxxxx?! We live in the 21st century, not the 20th!! I’m Jewish and take offense to your comment. It’s not a race or religious issue, but rather a family who is in agony over the disappearance of their young daughter. Black, white, orange, or brown, it doesn’t matter.

      1. BloomfieldGirl says:

        Oh, and because she’s “Jewish” that automatically makes her a “coke hoe?!” You are obviously very racist, antisemitic and uneducated!

  3. Bruce Goldensteinberg says:

    Waterboarding would have figured out who was behind her disappearance very quickly, but liberals have banned it.

  4. tara says:

    Anyone can be abducted from anywhere. Natalie Halloway and thousands of other young women all over the world are abducted each year.
    The truth is it can and does happen EVERYWHERE.
    Predators who abduct victims know where these women are and are most vulnerable between 10 pm and 7am.
    Often they have been followed for weeks before the crime.
    And in many cases its someone they know.
    College kids and campuses are not safe

  5. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    someone needs to look at congress man weiner I hear he was in contact with her and supplied the dope

  6. kat says:

    a beautiful girl walking home at 4 a.m……. crazy….

  7. Steve says:

    What a gorgeous young lady. My heart goes out to her loved ones – hang in there! Be strong!

  8. Big Nard says:

    Just maybe she is working in Mexico.

  9. Tom G says:

    Drinking, snorting blow- smoking dope- doesn’t in any way shape or form mean getting killed makes her any less than “that poor girl”. One has nothing to do with the other. A college girl partying doesn’t open the door for her to be killed. Unless YOU are one of those sickos . good grief.

  10. Kim says:

    Seen leaving an apt by friends in the wee hours-and within a couple blocks or less from that time she just happens to OD and is gone within seconds of her walking out alone to head home? Not logical.

    If for some reason the OD portion (or something to that effect) does turn out to have merit-she never WALKED out of that apt on her own-if at all.

  11. no name says:

    You are a racist moron!

  12. Musical Mom says:

    There is no proof or evidence that she was drunk or took cocaine. Even if she was drunk or high, that does not mean she deserved to have anythin happen to her!!!

    1. BloomfieldGirl says:


  13. HARLEM GOING HAM says:


  14. nyc says:

    Overdose on coke ? That just dosen’t sound right. I hope she somehow returns to her family. Living in a violent/dangerous society, having to constantly be on the defensive and aware of your surroundings especially in a hick town where this young lady went missing. I hope the FBI are involved.

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