Indiana Cops Seek Truck In Search For Missing College Student Lauren Spierer

Chevy Pickup Spotted Twice In Vicinity Where 20-Year-Old Disappeared

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A mysterious truck is now the focus of the grueling search for a missing college student from Westchester County.

Bloomington, Ind., police released surveillance pictures of the truck and what is believed to be the last known photo of Lauren Spierer, taken the night she disappeared, reports CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

It’s a small break in the case – a white, four-door Chevy pickup caught on surveillance video, twice, the same night and in the same neighborhood where 20-year-old Spierer disappeared 12 days ago.

“We’re talking a very close proximity to the location where Lauren was last seen,” Bloomington police Capt. Joe Qualters said. “We basically have this vehicle, in the same area, twice.”

lauren spierer smallwood 003 Indiana Cops Seek Truck In Search For Missing College Student Lauren Spierer

Surveillance image captures Lauren Spierer at her Smallwood apartment on June 3 (credit: Bloomington PD)

The last image of her, also on surveillance, shows the young woman leaving her apartment on June 3. Her father is holding on to that picture and holding on to hope.

“She’s a happy, smiling, beautiful young lady, on her way out for the evening to meet with friends. That’s the Lauren we’ve been looking for,” Robert Spierer said.

Friends, classmates, and even strangers of the Indiana University student have been canvassing her neighborhood, passing out flyers and asking for information.

“We kind of went above and beyond our measures and our boundaries,” classmate Kenny Peyton said.

“Just wake up every morning and hope for the best,” roommate Hadar Tamir said.

Police do have at least three persons of interest — three male friends of Lauren’s who were among the last to see her. All have lawyers.

Meanwhile, police have turned their attention to the truck and the mystery driver behind the wheel.

“Hopefully someone can provide information to us,” Capt. Qualters said.

The police are looking for information that may or may not be the answer to Lauren Spierer’s whereabouts.

“We miss her terribly. She’s very dear to us, and we love her very much,” Robert Spierer said.

So far, the search has stayed within Bloomington, focused on a quarter mile from Lauren Spierer’s apartment, but the longer she’s missing the more police will consider expanding the search.

Her parents are in Indiana pleading for any information.

Below is a detailed description of the vehicle:


A 4-door Chevrolet Silverado full-size truck or a Chevrolet Colorado mid-size truck

Mid-2000 year model

Short bed with a bed liner and possible equipment in the back

Distinctive wheels

Company writing or logo on side doors

Possible writing on rear quarter panel near tailgate

Anyone with information about this vehicle or the owner is urged to contact the Bloomington Police Department at 812-339-4477 or by e-mail at

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One Comment

  1. Lakeysha says:

    If she was a minority no one would care. Oh that’s right she is a ‘minority’ (jew).

    1. KPMc says:

      Are you suggesting people shouldn’t care about this instance or that we should care in all instances?

      Make your choice carefully, Lakeysha, or else you are no better than the people you are calling out.

      1. Micha says:

        Have to agree with Lakeysha on this one, but its not just minorities, it’s anyone who isn’t pretty, blond and well to do. They ran an article about a week ago about a young single mother from the same town this girl went missing from. She turned up missing, but they only ran the story once on the local news. Why? Because she was poor, uneducated and had two babies out of wedlock. I am NOT saying that this girl shouldn’t be found or doesn’t deserve media attention, but everyone who turns up missing is newsworthy, not just perky blonds. Btw, the other woman who went missing was found dead. No reward for the capture of her killer, no FBI, she’ll probably never get justice… it’s really sad.

  2. Vecky says:

    This is why tinted windows should be OUTLAWED in all states immediately and should be made part of the review during a annual vehicle safety incpesction, as well as more enforcement /fines for owners/drivers who choose to violate the tint laws in the states with current tinted wondow laws on the books!!!

    I bet it would help investigators to be able to see through those windows in that photo! I hope this pickupis located and leads invesitgators down the right path to solve this case.

  3. Bonnie M. Wells says:

    I’m wondering if the logo and lettering was a medium shade of blue.

  4. Peter says:

    I can’t believe the FBI with the equipment out there in 2011 can not enhance this photo what am I missing?

    1. Jack says:

      You are so right. I can’t believe they wouldn’t run a DMV check on the make and model of this truck in that state and any neighboring states, to see if they can pick matches and then investigate those matches. Or look up in the local area people who did window tinting and get a God dam list of clients to match off vs. this truck. They pay hundreds of people to do what, talk about when they are going to get arise, go on vacation or whatever.

      1. karlson says:

        What makes you think they’re not already doing everything you’ve suggested? Just because they don’t tell you everything that they are doing doesn’t mean it isn’t happening silently behind the scenes. Most police and investigative work is not in the news or front page where you expect to see it. It is that way purposely so that the law does not show it’s hand to the suspects they are in pursuit of.

        You can be sure that every stone and rock is being turned over to get hot on the trail of the suspect(s).

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