Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Wife Huma Abedin Returns Home Amid Husband’s Sexting Scandal

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Congressman Anthony Weiner’s pregnant wife Huma Abedin returned to their Washington, DC home early Wednesday. Abedin had been traveling overseas with her boss Secretary of State Hillary Clinton since the disgraced congressman’s Twitter scandal broke. The question is now: does her return mean the defiant House member’s resignation may be imminent?

On Tuesday, fellow Democrat Rep. Carolyn McCarthy suggested as much.

“It’s been what two weeks. It’s been a very long two weeks,” said McCarthy. “Hopefully, we are hearing he might resign in a couple of days.”

The congressman’s colleagues on Capitol Hill want him to leave after his embarrassing sexting scandal.

“I think we should send a strong message to him that he should resign,” said Rep. Sandy Levin (D-Michigan).

“Our caucus understands our concern for the rights of the individual member but our higher responsibility is to our country to uphold a high ethical standard in the Congress of the United States,” said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif).

House Speaker John Boehner was the latest to weigh in on the sexting scandal, saying he should step down.

CBS News reported that Weiner has told friends he would make no decision until he spoke with his wife. Weiner was officially on a two week leave of absence, getting professional treatment, according to his office.

President Obama has already suggested Weiner should resign, but some say there may be more he can do to influence the decision.

“Maybe the White House helps him get a job, with no fingerprints, so he can go on making a living, which is what he needs to do as well,” said political consultant Hank Sheinkopf.

Will Weiner resign? Should he? Sound off in our comments section below…


One Comment

  1. Ysolei says:

    He should resign. There’s always work as a male stripper.

  2. DIANN says:


  3. Lynn says:

    I am NOT into Polictics at all and I really could care less if he resigns or not but I want to know why everyone wants him to resign or thinks he should resign>>

    Clinton didnt step down or was never impeached and his scandal was worse

  4. lydia says:

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    If Weiner had no marketable skills and can’t find a job in private sector (supposedly why he’s reluctant to resign) why in the world is he an elected “leader” of the American people?

  5. Suzita says:

    It’s Mengele, not Mengle.

  6. suzita says:

    Could we just leave Weiner’s wife alone? I ask it as a conservative and aspiring Christian.

  7. Thomas Truitt says:

    I can’t believe these negative comments. Tony Weiner is a great and model progressive and one of the stalwarts of our party. He fights hard for our causes. We forgave Bill Clinton for BJ’s in the oval office because we understood that boys will be boys and he was far more important to the country than to fall because of GOP hyper-morality. All Tony did was to send a few photos and e-mails. We should get behind him as well because he is one of our A Team and we cannot let our A Team get trashed by the GOP slime-meisters. His conduct is nothing compared to the garbage that Palin has been involved in.

  8. Morris Wise says:

    Remember it was kinky Weiner that had the balls to expose Clarence Thomas and his multi-million dollar family scam. Lets worship Weiner`s balls instead of trying to castrate them.

  9. NowPower says:

    WOW – There’s a lot of Weiner Posts here ! hee-hee.
    For your amusement peeps, I created a few Weiner t-shirts:

    please enjoy and smile 🙂

  10. Thomas Truitt says:

    Wow, I cannot believe the hate in these comments. Get over it, dudes. Even my Congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi, who is very moderate, does not think he should quit. We have to show compassion.

  11. Thomas Truitt says:

    Anthony Weiner is a great progressive. Yes, he lied when he was caught but who wouldn’t? He should not resign because we need him to battle the Republicans who are trying to trash our great President and our country. Let him get some out-patient therapy and then he will be cured. As for his wife’s fetus, that is a small medical problem that can be easily handled by a Planned Parenthood clinic. I really do not know what all the fuss is about. We have fought for many years to tear down these idiotic walls of morality so it does not matter if he is or is not a Member of Congress. He is definitely much better, morality wise, than Paul Ryan who wants to kill the elderly by denying then medical care. Like Bill Clinton, he made a mistake that was personal in nature. Get over it.

  12. John says:

    Wow. What a fool on multiple levels. The one I’m going to concentrate on in this post is – by anyone’s standards, his wife is a very beautiful woman. If a rational (not moral, just rational) man cheats to make up for what he is missing at home, his actions do not make sense. And she seems like she has to be an abnormally nice, loyal person because she’s not talking about leaving – aside from the fact that she’s pregnant. Some guys are intimidated by intelligence and professional success I suppose – maybe she was never around? But from my perspective he should think of himself as very lucky that he has a wife like her. (And yes, he’s a Congressman with public responsibilities and this is a huge distraction with all that this country is going through, but that’s beside the point).

  13. FirstBlush21 says:

    The whole Clinton involvement with Huma stinks to high heaven. Bill “married’ Weiner and Abedin, using powers he may not really have. BIG question “Are Anthony W. and Huma even married?” Why would they make such a sham of the Sacrament of Marriage?

    People who know how to read, know about Huma and Hillary. They also know, Hillaary still has drool for the Presidency running off her chin. The deal was probably that if she cleared her name for the big run (taking Huma off her hands), then she’d work for him for NYC Mayor.

    But, man plans, and God laughs.

    If I was AW, I’d get away from the Clintons. If Huma wants to be his wife, she should, and split totally from Billary. Where have the Clintons EVER gone, where there is not major trouble?

    May the best ‘situation’ win out in the end.

  14. 1389AD says:

    The marriage between Huma and Anthony Weiner was for political convenience, not romance. Don’t bother wasting any tears on Huma Abedin. Instead, start asking questions about her unseemly close relationship with the Clintons – particularly Hillary – and about her “devout Muslim” background.

    For a very long time, she has been peddling the pro-Pakistan, pro-Saudi, and pro-Muslim agenda, first in the Clinton White House, and now in the State Department and the Obama Administration.

  15. alex scipio says:

    Funniest line in years: Pelosi saying, “[we have to] uphold a high ethical standard in the Congress…”


  16. I_Love_Weiner says:

    Anthony ain’t no Jewish name…I’ll bet his mother is Catholic.

  17. Ruth Canon says:

    Why should Weiner leave? Every democrat voted for Clinton to stay, and his behavior was far more egregious than Weiner’s – and on the taxpayers’ dollar in the taxpayers’ White House. Their current pretend outrage must be related to the next election, huh.

  18. I_Love_Weiner says:

    Hey, If my wife had a mug like her’s, I’d be sexting with leppers.

  19. patriot biker says:

    Right On Brother…. what a great Poster Boy for the Libs… can’t wait to see him on the floor of Congress again!

  20. Gunny G Alz says:

    BTW all, Huma AIN’T pregnant. Nothing but a sympathy ploy.

  21. Gunny G Alz says:

    For the update on the corruptocrats from Obama on down, always check my site…

    The Anti Liberal Zone.

  22. Gunny G Alz says:

    LIBERALS are the party of NO!



    No GUTS


    and on and on and on

  23. John Yaya says:

    Weiner can’t afford to resign until he is promised a retirement package, health care package, perks, benefit package, unemployment insurance, food stamps, WIC, housing allowance and a map to the local food pantry.

    1. Gunny G Alz says:

      I’d LOVE to give that kind of package to EVERY Dummycrat, on their way OUT of the country, as we exile them to France!

      The Anti Liberal Zone

  24. John Yaya says:

    I would love to be a fly on the wall at the Weiner house tonight. Of course I would leave once she started throwing things.

  25. SB says:

    First Pelosi demands a Weiner Probe. Now she wants him to pull out. He can’t keep doing what he’s been doing to the country.

    You couldn’t make up stuff this funny!

  26. john says:

    Huma likes Hillary’s pita pocket.

    1. Gunny G Alz says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You got THAT right. Bet on it that Hillary and Huma will be married in Mass or another state that honors gay marriage.

  27. bobbiewick says:

    The President didn’t say that Weiner should resign. What he said was that if he were in Weiner’s predicament that he, the President, would resign. What CBS wrote is a distortion.

  28. MIke Hart says:

    IIt is common Knowledge in NY that Weirner is a beard for Huma and that Huma is Hillary’s lover.

    Wake up people.

  29. JFKdem says:

    I would have never expected Wiener or any other democrat to step down as being a politician is their Atheist Given Right(and they can’t get a real job without gov help).

  30. Gardentoolnumber5 says:

    Look on the bright side, Huma can run on the Pity Party, get elected to the Senate, run for president then become Secretary of State. All because she married a louse

  31. Laura says:

    If it’s true that Huma’s family is involved with Muslim Brotherhood, etc, she needs to find another job…this situation with her husband may only be the tip of an iceberg

  32. john kastelic says:

    Weiner Please RESIGN and open a PIZZERIA some place in Forrest Hill’s.

  33. john says:

    she’s been Humaliated.

  34. nyc says:

    Weiners wife seems to be an intelligent , worldly women. What is she doing with this sick ego driven loser ? I hope she leaves him, if it’s only short term.

    1. Daisy says:

      Her ethnic background is Saudi-Arabian. This is the norm over there. It’s also the norm in Liberal-land.

      1. Justin says:

        sooooo that means the norm in conservative-land would be having sex with men and boys? nothing wrong with being gay, but the hypocrisy from the right when it comes to voting for anti-gay legislature then huffing a little hoagie in the men’s bathroom is hilarious. repubs have zero room to talk about any of this,.

      2. yepimright says:


        Just like a liberal to justify poor behavior with poor behavior. The facts are that conservatives demand a certain level of morality from their representatives while liberals don’t. Liberals love to point out weaknesses on the conservative side because it helps them rationalize their own lack of principles.

      3. Daisy says:

        Justin: Hypocrisy, as obnoxious as it may be, signals someone has gone astray from their moral code and is in a state of self-delusion. Straying from a moral code, however, is far better than not having any standards of decency from which to stray.

        No standards = amoral and Justin, amoral is not the way to live. Nor is practicing moral relativity. BTW, voting against gay marriage, for instance, does not constitute an “anti-gay” stance. It’s interesting to me to witness amoral people display extreme thinking while thoroughly convinced they are ‘open-minded’.

        Beware of false pride, sometimes it comes disguised as sanctimonious ‘hypocrisy’ and sometimes as amoral ‘open-mindedness’.

    2. Tina Wagman says:

      Anthony Weiner is not all to blame in this…the spotlight should also be on his wife and their marriage! This might sound old fashioned, what is the point of marriage if you can not make it a priority? Obviously being assistant to Ms Clinton requires a great deal of time and effort which she is not spending on her husband. He obviously has some character flaws that were not helped by her neglect.

      1. One Gal's Op says:

        Uh, Tina, he is solely responsible for his actions.He is an adult and can use a camera and a telephone. He is a congressman with a working brain.
        How could anyone blame a spouse? He is an adult man. If he is so weak-willed that his “wife made him do it” then he shouldn’t be a congressman.

      2. Daisy says:

        In a general sort of way I can see your point, but keep in mind that Weiner was into this before he married ( Big Clue ignored by her) and continued after they were married. I don’t think she could have made a dent in his selfishness. Plus, this guy (and probably Huma as well) is obviously terrified of the demands real intimacy makes on human beings: Honesty and Trust come to mind immediately.

        As a fellow human being I hope they can toss what’s unimportant out of their lives (starting w/Hillary and Congress for him) grow up and learn to love. As a New Yorker, I want him to resign and as an American I want Term Limits. Public service should never be a career – it should be service.

  35. HRC says:

    Theme from Jaws begins playing in the background…

  36. Kilgore Trout says:

    Yes. Nothing like New Gingrich or John Ensign. They onl yprech family values, they don’t practice them.

    Before you throw stones, get your facts straight.

    1. TexasRick says:

      At least those two had enough dignity and respect for the office and their constituents to resign. By contrast, the Oscar Meyer Weiner man, like most liberal politicians, is hanging onto power with everything he’s got because living off the public dime is all he’s ever known. A lawyer without a law degree doesn’t have too many prospects.

    2. jfkdems says:

      He didn’t throw stones, just stating fact. Oh yeah that is something Liberals can’t handle. The point wasn’t that Republicans are perfect, it is what Democrats (i.e. the Clinton scandal) supposedly stand for. I will say at least the conservatives demand and usually get resignations when their own do something stupid. I would have never expected Wiener or any other democrat to step down as being a politician is their Atheist Given Right(and they can’t get a real job).

    3. Justin says:

      don’t bother. drudge linked this article. just remind all the conservatives about Foley, Craig, Ensign, Gingrich…oh boy i could go on and on. the one thing i will say is at least dems don’t pass anti-gay legislature then get caught taking one up the tail pipe.

    4. littleleers says:

      Justin, you really are consumed with the gay lifestyle. FIne. But I think bedroom antics should be just that…instead of wanting to legislate that.

      And as for Weiner….his antics were done on the public’s time, public dime, and without rhyme…..I dare you Justin, to do what Weiner did while at work…how long would YOU last?

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