B&C Morning Show: Boomer & Carton’s Playgirl Photo Shoot Hits A Snag

Craig is giving serious consideration to posing for Playgirl. This coming after the magazine’s editor in chief, Nicole Caldwell, called in yesterday and made him a formal offer.

Caldwell also extended an offer to Boomer to join his radio partner for the shoot, an idea Craigie was certainly on board with.  Unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on how you look at it —  after Craig chatted with Boomer’s daughter, Sydney, this morning, it doesn’t look like Boomer & Carton in the buff is going to happen after all…

LISTEN: Boomer & Carton’s Playgirl Photo Shoot Hits a Snag (6/16)

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  • nancy

    i don’t know of any women that will want to see craig in playgirl. i think he is very disrespectful to women. to him if a woman doesn’t have big boobs and skinny legs they aren’t worth any mans time. shame on him. he has a daughter. is this what he wants his daughter to think? i don’t think he has respect for anything really. this morning with the stanley cup, to have chips and dips in it really??

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