With Boomer taking the day off the attend to some business for his foundation (BEF), Carl Banks found himself sitting in alongside Craig — and safe to say the man affectionately known as “Killer” during his playing days was feeling right at home.

Craig called today a day of celebration after the Mets beat the Braves last night by a score of 4-0. With the win they climbed the hill back to the .500 mark (34-34).

With that said, today Craigie was in his “I’m a Mets fan” mood and Carl wasn’t having it.  He called Craig a fraudulent Mets fan and with the help of Eddie Scozzare dropping timely audio – “Yankee fans like myself” – he reminded Craigie that when things go wrong, he is very quick to jump on the Yankees bandwagon — and because of that the Mets don’t need him and don’t want him to root for the team.

Craig did his best to defend himself and didn’t allow Carl’s disapproval of his “fandom” to derail his good time.  So it was an interesting start to this Thursday edition of “The Morning Extravaganza” with Carl in Boomer’s seat, trying to keep Craigie in line…

LISTEN: Carl Banks Fills in for Boomer and Calls Out Carton (6/16)

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