Caitlin Ortiz Suing Molloy College For Discrimination After Being Kicked Off Softball Team

ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A star softball player at a Long Island college has filed a discrimination lawsuit, saying school officials overreacted to postings on her Facebook page by kicking her off the team.

Caitlin Ortiz is suing Molloy College in Rockville Centre after she lost her coveted softball scholarship. Ortiz claims it was all about an off-campus Facebook posting involving comments to her roommates.

Ortiz, the only Hispanic member of the softball team, has filed a federal lawsuit accusing Susan Cassidy-Lyke, the team’s coach and school’s athletic director, of discrimination for allegedly referring to her as a “thug” after Ortiz posted questionable comments relating to a dispute with a roommate and lyrics of a racy song on her Facebook page.

“I don’t want to be known as a thug on the Molloy softball team,” Ortiz told CBS 2’s Jennfier McLogan. “A thug image solely because of that song lyric that I put on, and because of this she said I was cyberbullying, that I was threatening.”

Attorney Steven Morelli said Cassidy-Lyke told Ortiz that recruits looking at the college’s website would see that there was a “thug on the softball team,” and believed it would have an impact on bringing them in.

“She finds that offensive. I find it offensive. I’m sure a jury’s going to find it offensive,” Morelli said.

A Molloy College spokesman said he wishes the highly regarded Catholic institution could respond, but due to litigation their comments would have to come in the courtroom.

Ortiz and her parents, who are seeking unspecified damages, said they never would have sued if the college had better communicated with them. Ortiz plans to remain at the college, where she is still a member of the tennis team and hopes to be reinstated to the softball team.

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One Comment

  1. Vic says:

    Another example where Facebook messes up someones life. Facebook is probably the worst thing that has every happened to this country……..that and the iPhone from Apple. No joke.

  2. Silvia S. Barreira says:


  3. Ryan says:

    she is the only hispanic player on the team. Period, end of story. Clearly your stupidity at whatever age you are is showing

  4. Silvia S. Barreira says:

    First of all I believe that if your a college athlete with a scholarship and you have facebook I think you should have had the common sense to set your facebook to private. Why have your coaches or whoever looking at your posting or photos? I know its none of their business but why take the chance of losing a scholarship over a posting and to the comment that Miss Ortiz said, “its not because of the money its to prove the world i’m not a thug. Thats bs because you just lost your scholarship which is $5,000 a year i believe you want that back, stupid.

  5. Jean says:

    Since when is a scholarship a right? As I understand it, Molloy awards athletic scholarships not only based on ability, a student’s character is of the greatest importance. Her actions, online for the world to see, reflect badly on her team and her school. Good for Molloy in standing up for their ideals. I hope her partents will eventually realize it’s not doing Miss Ortiz any favors sending her into the world thinking cursing and threatening others is any way to handle her affairs

  6. Bob Fowler says:

    How proud a people we are. We have evolved to the point where, regardless of our actions, it must be someone else’s fault. Poor judgement has consequences in what used to be called the real world. In our litigious society though, every poor choice is cause for suing the party that responded to the poor choice.

    When will we ever return to the time when my mistakes are mine? When will I be held accountable for my choices? When will parents ever accept responsibility for their children’s actions? When will everyone stop walking around with their hand out, looking for their ‘pay day’?

  7. achtung says:

    commenter ROY jumps ( leaps ) to conlusions…….thank you to NATE & RAYMOND

    1. ACHTUNG says:


  8. roy says:

    i would sue as well .similar has happened to me..there should be no reason why this should happen , its definitely because she is Hispanic and other team members are jealous of her . Personally i feels its more of a racist issue then anything else.The coaches involved should be suspended or fired for this. good luck

    1. raymound says:

      she threatened to go to school property and beat someone up this article is bs completely left that out. typical biased reporting biased.

    2. nate says:

      Why do you assume it is because she’s Hispanic? And why do you assume her teammates are jealous of her? Stop with the race mentality. People like you are perpetuating “racial” divide.

      1. Ryan says:

        Perpetuating a racial divide? There’s a racial divide on this team and theres a racial divide in this country. I’m 15 and I already know that.

    3. Sarah says:

      raymond this is by far the type of person that was stereotyped, and as a former college athlete facebook has now become a realm that is no longer private, and is seen as a way of conducting yourselves. It has become an extension of the self, and you a person represent the college, and it is stated in the agreegment and bylaws of your scholarship that you have to conduct yourself in a certain way, or you scholarship can be taken away. And this team was the Regional D2 champions of softball and the divisional champions this year, and “Ortiz was not a starting player” therefore I do not think her teammates are “JEALOUS”…

      1. Sarah says:

        im sorry this was in reply to ROY

      2. sarah says:

        Ryan- seriously do you actually know the people on this team, if you are going to jump to conclusions go look at the roster and then make your racial divide comments…clearly your immaturity at 15 is showing here

      3. Ryan says:

        IIn reply to your comment at 10:36 she is the only hispanic player on the team. Period, end of story. Clearly your stupidity at whatever age you are is showing

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