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Christie’s ‘It’s None Of Your Business’ Comment Ruffles Feathers Of N.J. Voters

N.J. Gov Takes Exception To Question On Why His Kids Go To Private School

TEANECK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — “It’s none of your business.”

Those five words from Gov. Chris Christie over his children’s education have New Jersey voters in a tizzy, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

He seems to revel in being the Billy Goat Gruff of New Jersey, but a particularly bombastic response by Gov. Christie on Thursday night to a parent on a public television show isn’t sitting well with local residents.

A mom named “Gail” started the ball rolling.

“You don’t send your children to public schools. You send them to private schools, so I was wondering why you think it’s fair to be cutting funding to public schools?” the woman asked.

It was a question Christie has gotten before, but this time it seemed to have gotten under his skin.

“Hey Gail, you know what, first of all it’s none of your business. I don’t ask you where you send your kids to school. Don’t bother me where I send mine,” the governor responded.

Kramer took the video clip of the exchange to Teaneck where voters watched, listened and were appalled at the language coming out of the governor’s mouth.

“I’d put him into time-out for language,” Forrestine Sims said.

Christie certainly has his reasons for sending his kids to private school.

“We’ve decided as parents that we believe a religious education should be part of our kids’ everyday education,” Christie said.

But voters just didn’t like his tone and his explanation.

Christie spokesman Mike Drewniak said the governor was “was just being honest with the caller in what he believes is a personal and private decision on where his children attend school.”

Christie has been unrepentant about his style. He once told a room full of people he wasn’t elected to run a charm school.

The New Jersey Education Association said it has no problem with the governor sending his kids to private schools. It just would have liked for him to answer the question.

Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

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One Comment

  1. DW says:

    I shouldn’t be shocked at the number of people who, like Christie, didn’t understand the question and still don’t realize that they missed the entire point.

    Gail didn’t ask where he sends his kids to school, or why. She stated “you send your kids to private school” as a lead-in to the actual question: “why do you think it’s fair to be cutting funding to public schools?”

    However, I do think she chose the format of her question very, very poorly. Obviously, there’s a lack of money that requires major cuts in public services. No way around that, something’s going to have to be cut beyond the comfort of the people until there’s enough money. She would have been better off asking why schools were chosen for cuts rather than other public services. It can’t be an easy choice to make, but I think the voters have the right to know why that decision was made, and deserve a polite, clean answer to the question.

    That being said, Christie was still unreasonably rude in his response. Even if he didn’t like what he thought was the question, he should have been more diplomatic in his response.

    1. LG says:

      DW, you exude intelligence, empathy, and class. Would you consider a run for governor of NJ when the time comes?

  2. Mike says:

    I wonder how many people who condemn Anthony Weiner are in favor of Christie’s position that what he does with his kids is his business and no one else’s. If a public figure’s private life decisions are no one else’s business, then unless we have proof that Weiner’s texting affected his ability as a congressman, he should still be in office.

  3. Wendy W Contos says:

    Chris Christie is a doofus, and a real bully. Feh, I sure hope he’s only a one-term governor.

  4. Susanna Krizo says:

    No wonder our school system is in such trouble when people do not even know what their are fighting for or against! Our greatest problem is disrespect of teachers which seeps quickly down to the children and appears in the classroom as disruptive behavior. The second is the assumption that teachers do so very little, and deserve therefore little, notwithstanding the fact that the teachers are working with our children, the future of this country! If people would give teachers the same respect they give lawyers and doctors, a great majority of problems associated with education would be eliminated immediately. Thirdly, people assume they know how to educate the next generation while they have never set a foot in an institution of education, nor do the possess the necessary skills to do so; assumption does not automatically translate into ability. In short: the general public thinks it knows better than our teachers how to educate children, and is therefore quick to condemn and judge those who work hard to give our children the education they need to succeed.

    Oh, and Carol: All Scandinavian countries have excellent health care, because everyone pays to the system. As it is now, the ones who have money pay nothing, or very little (top 400 people make as much in a year as the bottom 150 million people, while their taxes are way below theirs), which means that that social security you are collecting now is not going to be there soon, unless we return to the pre-Bush taxcuts rates.

    1. LG says:

      Sussana, you leave me nearly speechless. THANK you for such a fantastic response. Scandinavian countries such as Finland have the coveted “great school system” that political pundits like to charge the America should have.

      Once it was pointed out to these bozos that Finland has top health care for its children and pays its teachers fantastically as organized union members that have more time for planning lessons in their day than their American counterparts, suddenly, Finland’s schools were out of the news. Funny how politicians and their cronies use portions of reality to make their points, but when the big picture comes into play showing that what they are touting as quality actually goes against their talking points, they shy away from said points.

      1. LG says:

        Sorry, I misspelled your name, Susanna. The reply box uses the lightest font color–makes it difficult to see what you’re typing in some environments.

  5. Eric the Highlander says:

    LOVE this guy! Just the kind of tough love the country needs. Too bad he doesn’t feel ready to be president for he would take Obama to the woodshed.

    1. Wendy W Contos says:

      You must be joking. He is an idiot.

      He couldn’t win against Obama. Give up the idea of maiking Obama a one-termer.

  6. carol says:

    After going through all of the comments I see to two kinds of people. There are those committed to trying to see how things can get better and understand that more money is going out than in. They seemed to thin ….

    The other group, they have the mose descriptive wording to descrip their feelings I have ever tried to read ( I had to scan the comments). I don’t see how things can get better. Hostile feelings get hostile actions back.
    Home you like chinese food and goverment.

  7. Carol says:

    hostile people get hostile anserrs. Women want the power, but, can you take the heat. People vote and yak based on personal feelings.

    Why don’t we just ask for more, spen d more, and wait until we are broke and then complain. Greece, Spain, Ireland

    I am on social security, have not had a cost of living increast for 3 years. I will be paying more for my medical in 1 to 2 years. I put out now 1000.00 for health cost. It takes all of my husband” social security. I have worked hard for a 401 kay that for last 35 years has stil made about 10 percent. I want things fixed or I will be at your house asking to move in. 30$ of people pay no income tax. 30 p% are on welfare. II hope you like Chinese food and goverment

  8. Eugene Crawford says:

    Hey Christie!!!
    Your remark is the first sign of a dictator! At least Hitler people know before he shot them!
    Good thing you refused to run for the highest office! Your weight is indicative of your Bully remark, pushing people around will not work!! WAKE UP NEW JERSEY!! YOU ARE THIS MANS PAYCHECK YOU PAY HIS TAXES!

  9. TS says:

    “not getting what’s been promised by irresponsible pols”. hmm. interesting.
    Did anyone mention that the state of the pension system for certain public sector workers has been CREATED by the politicians? That for YEARS, the local and state governments have failed to make the contributions that they were required to make while all the workers made theirs faithfully? That since the 1980s when Christie Whitman started the whole landslide by diverting pension monies to political friends and favorite projects and NEVER paying it back, the pensions have been underfunded? But it is SO easy to not mention that, to twist the truth to accommodate their own agendas, to lay out a smoke screen and shift the blame to find a scapegoat. So, now, all the people who HAVE done what they were supposed to do–faithfully–must bite the bullet and lose even more. And everyone who swallows this nonsense thinks he’s wonderful.
    Well, think about this–there is an old news piece about someone’s children who are being bankrolled through private school by a trust set up by a relative who made a huge amount in Wall Street and beat feet before any investigation was undertaken. hmmm, I don’t recall who that was……
    Maybe if my children were in private school-which I, as a poor middle class slob,I could not afford these days if I had several jobs-
    and they did not have to suffer the cuts to education of the children in public schools, maybe I, as a legislator, would not care what I did to the rest of the taxpayers’ children either.

  10. Diane Spear says:

    The caller missed a chance for an appropriate response to Christie’s rudeness when he told her it was none of her business where he sent his kids to school. In fact, it ibecomes the business of every voter when a governor cuts funding to public schools in order to offer vouchers to familes who send their children to private school His family is one of those who will benefit from the fundiing taken from publice schools and diverted to private school vouchers.

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