Gov. Cuomo The New Face Of Gay Marriage Rights

ALBANY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — As lawmakers continue to hash out a gay marriage bill in Albany, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has become a prominent champion of legalized gay marriage, pushing his state into the center of the national debate over an emotional and divisive issue.

The Democrat has been personally lobbying for the same-sex marriage bill this week in a quest to secure what appears to be one more vote needed to legalize gay marriage and deliver a major win for the national effort.

He has said the extension of marriage rights to gays and lesbians is “a matter of principle, not politics.”

“This state has a proud tradition and a proud legacy as the progressive capital of the nation,” he said Friday. “We led the way, and it’s time for New York to lead the way once again.”

After a closed door meeting with Cuomo Friday, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos emerged to say that there would be no vote at least until Monday.

“The meetings are ongoing,” said Cuomo spokesman Josh Vlasto, putting no end date to the closed-door sessions.

Cuomo’s support for gay rights is already known to New York voters. His efforts this past week to get the bill through the Republican-controlled state Senate, the lone roadblock to passage, make good on an issue he ran on last year. During that campaign, he took his daughters to a gay pride parade in New York City, drawing sharp criticism from his Republican opponent.

“The governor is putting skin in the game and has a steadfast commitment to the issue,” said Kevin Nix of the Human Rights Campaign, a leading gay rights group. “That he’s made marriage equality a priority for this legislative session speaks volumes about his commitment.”

As a purely political matter, advocating for gay marriage makes sense for Democrats in a state like New York, where gay groups are players in party politics. Cuomo’s lobbying, coming after he pushed through a fiscally conservative budget, also could burnish his image among liberals.

He is opposed, though, by some conservative groups and religious leaders. Catholic Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York last week in a blog likened the effort to “redefine” marriage to something that would be done in China or North Korea.

Still, polls this year have shown that more than half of voters in New York support gay marriage, with backing heaviest among Democrats. Cuomo’s position is also in line with New York’s last two governors and its two Democratic U.S. senators. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has been a high-profile advocate of gay rights issues, and Sen. Charles Schumer came out in support of gay marriage in 2009.

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  1. arn says:

    I really dislike the Cuomos; the dad balanced the budget by letting all the nuts out of the asylums. They claim to be Catholic but are not in communion with the church,
    there fore they lie. So if they lie about their faith, they lie about everything else. Jr.
    here is mad at the church, so he goes out to institute the atheistic and sacrilegious rite of gay unions. Shame on all of them. There is divine justice. smokersodysseycom

  2. Xmara says:

    I keep hearing about how a marriage between a man and a woman is about procreation… but what does that say about the legally married couples who cannot, or choose not, to have children? Using your “logic” on them, should they even be allowed to marry and forfeit any legal protection for the mere fact they do not have or want kids?

    And to make another “left” turn here… I keep hearing that gays should not raise children – that it will corrupt their children or, gasp, make them gay. If that were the case, logically no gay people should exist because gays are being born from straight couples every single day from the beginning of time.

    There is no logic in any defenses for the “sanctity” of marriage – no argument presented that can be proven beyond shadow of a doubt. The only thing presented is fear of the unknown, bigotry and hatred. I pity all those who hate someone different from them and hope one day we get past all this. Probably not in my lifetime but for the future happiness of one’s children – especially those who one day go home and say “Mom, Dad, I’m gay…….”

    1. Xmara says:

      And to make another “left” turn here… I keep hearing that gays should not raise children – that it will corrupt their children or, gasp, make them gay. If that were the case, logically no gay people should exist **but** gays are being born from straight couples every single day from the beginning of time.

    2. pugphan says:

      Not true this is a religious matter, and our society is predominantly reverent and
      Christian, and Jesus Himself said: They are no meant to marry, for they are born that way. That is all we need. smokersodysseycom

  3. Pete says:

    What is the next step, marrying a horse, or a dog for the little guy? If these people had their way, humanity would cease to exist in 100 years!!! Cuomo should stop playing politics and go back to work. There are much more important things to attend to, than sucking up to a mini-minority.

  4. littlestar says:

    What was the contents of that small paragraph that you would not let through ? Just dont understand.

  5. M.A.D says:


    1. Aniko says:

      Cuomo is not a serious politician but “playing” politics, that’s why! Maybe New Yorkers should vote for serious politicians who choose to lead their constituents on issues that matter to most and leave the fringe to deal with their personality disorders for psychiatrists!

  6. littlestar says:

    I have typed this message twice and still you will not allow it to be posted. It was not violent, or obscene yet you will not allow it. I can only assume it is fear. I will try one more time.

  7. littlestar says:

    Then you are the exception, brother.

  8. littlestar says:

    Yeah gay people love each other. LIKE MADOFF LOVED MONEY and HITLER LOVED POWER !

  9. pugphan says:

    Dems have sold their soul believing the myth that gays are ten percent of the pop. Just because they make the loudest noise doesn’t mean that they are a
    huge voting block. That myth was started by Dr. A.C. Kinsey, and debunked by research done by Edward O. Laumann, and others who found that the real figures were 2.8 for gay men, and 1.4 for lesbians. A far cry from “10%” of the pop, and not a real mother lode of votes there is it? Wake up! God does punish! Our nation today is still reeling from economic woes; two wars with no end in sight; the collapse of the RE bubble; and this constant dangerous weather we keep getting. God’s children are those whom do his will, indeed He bring us all into the world, HE also gives us all “Free Will!” but only those whom do HIS will are HIS children. Gay marriage is not a sacred institution. Jesus says that some are not meant to be marry for they are born that way. Check out Mat: 19:1-12. smokersodysseycom

  10. TonyWshvle says:

    I do support civil marriages for same-gendered couples in NY for a variety of reasons. First, Its about equality and fairness. To say civil unions is adequate is ridiculous. NY is past that time when civil unions would be passed because NY recognizes fully same-sex marriage validly performed out of state (and countries), and there are an estimated 9,000 legally married same-sex couples living in NY now according to a recent report. So, allowing gays to married in the State is the next logical step. If people want to confuse their religion with civil marriages for same-sex couples or sanction gay people to a second class status, you can do it in your state, but NOT in New York. I cautiously optimistic the Marriage Equality Bill will pass!!!

  11. IRIS k FRRELL says:


    1. wayne says:

      how ironic!! When Catholic and Southern Baptist churches were pushing for laws banning mixed race marriages, their arguments were that it violated the Bible, that it was “unnatural” and that mixed race marriage would ” redefine God’s traditional marriage”. You are living proof that, like mushrooms, bigotry is always lying there, just under the surface!

    2. Keron Stewart says:

      How sad. Is true love no matter what against god’s law too? WHO care if a person is gay or lesbian. They have the right to love no matter who they are.

      I of course am straight, however i am definitely an ally of the LBGT even though I have been made a social outcast,getiing kicked out of my house by my church brain washed family , and even getting death threats. But if it means that my future son or daughter can get marriage equality in the event their also gay or a lesbian , it’s worth it cause this was the same thing for interacial marriage in the 70’s. Now it’s the LBGT’s turn to have equality which is why I am also a proud memver of the Marriage Equality Of New York ( MENY ) as well as the Empire State Pride Agenda as well as

  12. Aniko says:

    Laws were created to encourage the positive in human nature and discourage the negative. Procreation is a positive and essential for survival of mankind. Families in their natural form were encouraged with marriage between the two essential components to create the members of the family and strengthen a society.

    Nature is what it is, whether we approve or not. A male has his characteristics and his natural inclinations as does the female. The union between the two leads to beneficial outcomes for the society. To tinker with the laws that were built on natural realities is asking for unforeseen and possibly nefarious consequences.

    Gayness itself is a deviation from nature. To encourage unnatural behavior is to give in to the negative tendencies in us and eventually WILL have its natural negative consequences. I wish the liberal and overly tolerant would try to think through the whys of nature and then realize that it is not smart to fool around with it.

    1. Richard Kaplan says:

      This planet is ALREADY substantially overpopulated – a natural consequence of untampered with straight sex (and a lot of “unnatural” tampering with the growth and spread of natural parasitic organisms to reduce the death rate, among other things). Gay sex doesn’t lead either to unwanted children, abortions, or the need to further strain the resources of the Earth to properly provide for wanted ones.
      (And AIDS originated as a heterosexual STD.)

  13. nathan says:

    Attn mod: When you go to delete the above comment, why not also block his IP address to prevent the constant stream of HA TE ? Your readers and bosses will thank you.

  14. Mike says:

    What an A-hole! Can we please fix our fiscal problem and not worry about same sex marriage!?

  15. ollalbeert says:

    Is Gov. Coumo kick out of the Catholic Church and seeking revenge? Seems like. Gay marriage laws only give lawyers more ways to sue and help destroy religions. Be careful what you wish for because by destroying Christianity and Judism, you might be left with radical Islam and Shiriah Law and no U.N. resolution will save you.

  16. Jack says:

    Government does not need a reason to BAN or unBAN gay marriage.

    Although its been spun into a rights issue, the whole thing is merely a definition issue.

    Gay people can do whatever they want, and will not be prosecuted for it – bevause they have equal rights. The issue here is about expanding the term marriage. Now you go explain why the government needs to EXPAND marriage, and if they do, why only for gays, why not polygamy, etc. Or any other two individuals who want to be “married”.

  17. Dale Auburn says:

    I’m still waiting for somebody to identify a legitimate GOVERNMENTAL reason to ban gay marriage. We’ve heard the religious reason, but that can’t apply in any court unless there is first an Official Religion of the United States. (Not likely.)

    I still want to know the SPECIFIC ways that gay marriage will supposedly increase Government’s costs or decrease Government’s revenues.

    Any takers?

    1. littlestar says:

      You are right my freind.

    2. Bob Fowler says:

      As examples, Married Filing Jointly is a lower rate than single, and Social Security benefits get paid to spouses. Does that answer your question?

      That being said, whereas I am opposed to same sex marriages for religious reasons, I am also opposed to many other ‘legal’ acts that violate my religious beliefs. Until I am king of the world, I will content myself with my personal walk, and trying to help others find their salvation. People must want salvation, so dragging them by law won’t really help them anyway. The amoral world that we live in will only continue to find new lows, so why annoy myself trying to stave off the inevitable?

  18. O.D. says:

    Just as some of you believe in gay marriage, I expect you respect the position of those who do not believe in it. I believe in the civil rights of all people but certainly not the marriage of the same sexes. What does this society tell you? What happens to other “different” peoples who “fall in love”, will “society” marry them too? Where is the boundary line? Where in nature where 2 males birds , or 2 females dolphins, etc mate/marry? It just doesn’t add up nor does it make sense.

  19. Anita says:

    As crude as nathan’s first statement was at the beginning of this thread, I agree with him. You don’t need a license to engage in sexual immorality. TCouples and supporters of gay rights and marriage, who claim to be people of faith are liars and deceiving themselves. Your faith is misguided, if you think a righteous God is going to bless you flaunting your perversion in His face. No good has ever come out any sin and the Bible clearly states what will happen to those who practice alternative lifestyles. I think it is foolish when Hollywood and others have a “coming out” party or announcement. That is nothing to celebrate. Have we forgotten about Sodom and Gomorrah? God destroyed the place and everyone in it. Why do you think the place was called Sodom-after the act of sodomizing! How dare you make a mockery out of the order God has established for marriage. You don’t deserve equal rights. If the highest being possible, God, doesn’t honor your same sex marriage or relationship, then why should we as a society compromise? Change your lifestyle and get straight. Because you are in error no matter how you try to justify your sin. Call me judgemental all you want, but I have a right to apply the truth, the Word of God, to any and every situation that conerns me. It’s not my Word. It’s God’s. He will defend His Word every time. When the laws of the land, like legalizing gay marriages and gay rights, take precedence over the will and law of God, we are going to have a hot mess on our hands.

  20. Happy Faher's Day says:

    NY State redifined marriage many years ago when the adopted the current divorce laws and thus made fathers of divorce & shared custody ( rather lack of) of children the equivelent of “Hell on Earth”. On this comig father’s Day, I think of the thousands and thousands of father’s who desperatly want to be with their children but can not be becuase the court’s forbid it. And I am not talking about abusive father’s (that is another issue) I am talking about loving fathers. Happy Father’s Day to all you father’s. The state could care less about marriage.

  21. seriously.................... says:

    …………….. get a life. jerk.

  22. nathan says:

    I look forward to voting for Cuomo for President in 2016.

  23. pugphan says:

    Our society is a Christian one and Jesus said in Mat: 19:3-12, “They aren’t meant to
    marry, for they are born that way!” So give them civil unions. As for being bigoted,
    well as Christians we are supposed to be intolerant of evil, sin…so calling us bigoted or intolerant is the truth, so…”Let the truth shine!” Truly the Dems have sold
    their soul for silver. smokersodysseycom

    1. hereandnow says:

      Our society is a secular one, and no one has yet made a coherent argument against marriage equality that doesn’t rely on their preferred mythology.

  24. littlestar says:

    Yes Mr. Gulbnni, I am a narrow minded person, I can only assume that I was born that way. If you believe that all ” men” are created equal, then you live a lie. If you believe in liberty and justice for all, then can you please explain your plan for absorbing the the thousands of people, from all over the world, who want to live in the USA ? Also I preffer, bee-jo. It sounds so sweet.

  25. Marina Ios says:

    i personally agree that gay people should, must have rights to the full extension of the law, they absolutely deserve the same legal treatment like the straight people , but , on the other hand, i cannot help it and i need to make a remark
    we, in new york, have huge, life impacting problems, health care, jobs, disability claims taking huge amounts of time to be processessed, etc, housing applications for really needy people who take years to be taken in review, etc etc
    take care of more vital issues first!

    1. littlestar says:

      Marina, what is agay person ?

    2. John Gulbunni says:

      What is more vital than the protection and advancement of equal rights? Only when all Americans are equal in the eyes of the law can other important issues can be addressed and solutions fairly applied.

      1. littlestar says:

        Dude, you are not Marina, and you did not ansewer my question.

      2. Bob Fowler says:

        What actually is EQUAL? Are girls in Boy Scouts equal? Perhaps girls playing on boys teams is equal? How about all varieties of every type of food being made available in gluten/lactose/sugar/meat/dairy free varieties? Maybe a kid out of school deserves to get the same pay as a person who has 20 years experience in a field?

        There really must be some place where we realize that we are not equal. Every single person cannot have every single thing that they want. littlestar’s comment about illegals proves that. Illegals hold demonstrations, protesting the laws. Why aren’t they arrested and deported? They ARE ILLEGAL!

        Political correctness is just one more good idea gone bad. The ridiculous part of this is that the term civil union isn’t good enough. Scream for laws with equal protection under the law, but the term must also be an issue? Do you ever wonder why so many people get so upset with so many modifications to life for so many different special interest groups? What is the real ‘point’ of this law? Is it equal rights? or is it the term civil union?

  26. littlestar says:

    How ya’ll are ? Last night, 3000 people crept into the country during the night, and they are demanding residence equality. Give it to them, it is a fundamental right for the entire planet. Luv ya ! Luv all ya…. freaking liberal thinking basterds.

    1. ejones says:

      How did you spot all those illegals, what with your cranium so firmly planted in your caboose?

  27. Good Grief says:

    Not very long ago NY State was in complete shambles with the budget., job cuts, job loss, taxe issues, corporations and people leaving the state, thousands of bridges in need of serious repair, and countless other problems. And this (gay marriage) is what is at the top of the governments agenda and from I can see is the only issue of the day. I guess all our other problems are solved in Albany if I am reading the news correctly. Good grief !

  28. Richard Kaplan says:

    The right to stand before a judge and say “I do” doesn’t belong only to the straights in this country, even if, as in my state of New Jersey, it’s called by the undignified, unromantic, and clumsy term “civil union”. It is still the proudest moment of my life (never mind the legal protection it gives us).

  29. TJA says:

    Bob Fowler don’t you understand that either way you’re giving in to somebody ? Either you can chose to go along with NY democrats or you can go along with Dolan et al. Why not give people the rights that allow them to create health happy homes? FYI: You’re sounding a bit scary with your Unabomber/Michigan militia talk.

    1. littlestar says:

      Yeah honey, his Michigan accent was accute.

    2. Bob Fowler says:

      The quote was actually from George Orwell’s 1984. The more we go forward, the more we prove Orwell right.

      1. littlestar says:

        Of course ! and his name is not big brother. It is mike Bloomberg !

  30. richard Allen says:


    I am a wedding dj….and business is very slow even in june……I am posting on a Saturday afternoon when I should be making a Lot of money!!!!!

    1. littlestar says:

      Yeah, sell your soul. It’s the American way.

      1. richard Allen says:

        Gay people will not have Cheap weddings…..So there will be lots of JOBS created…I cant imagine any REPUBLICAN being against JOB CREATION!

        I’ve been a DJ for over 20 years its been fun and a nice source of income…But this economy has tanked the High School region market and Now brides are cutting back say from 150 to 75 guests and Want me to cut MY PRICE IN HALF!

        The truth is.. it costs me in time prepping, meetings etc just about the same for a 200 person wedding as a 75 person one….all i need it to add some sub-woofers and some lighting maybe an extra hour or two….

    2. littlestar says:

      Yeah sell your soul. It’s the american way.

      1. John Gulbunni says:

        Apparently for you, the American way is to be a narrow-minded, selfish bigot who thinks the phrases “All men are created equal” and “liberty and justice for all” apply only to some. Who’s selling what here?

    3. ejones says:

      Marriage equality WILL mean a boost to the economy. So why to conservatives hate people having jobs?

      1. Tracie says:

        And eventually, some divorce attorneys will be paid to tear things apart. But, that is the way of ALL couple’s potential fates. Why should gay people’s choices be any different than straights? This is America, where supposedly ALL people are created equal~~ Isn’t it time to make it so in reality?

        And for all of you spouting off about God: He made us in his image. ALL of us, including gays and lesbians are created in his image. Not just us straight ones! For ANY person, of any faith to claim he/she knows of the Almighty’s intentions for Us, is frankly delusional. MANKIND will never know His plans for us, we must simply act with humility and do our best to love one another. That includes gay and lesbians.

  31. Bob Fowler says:

    “We are not content with negative obedience, nor even with the most abject submission. When finally you surrender to us, it must be of your own free will. We do not destroy the heretic because he resists us; so long as he resists us we never destroy him. We convert him, we capture his inner mind, we reshape him. We burn all evil and all illusion out of him; we bring him over to our side, not in appearance, but genuinely, heart and soul. We make him one of ourselves before we kill him. It is intolerable to us that an erroneous thought should exist anywhere in the world, however secret and powerless it may be. Even in the instance of death we cannot permit any deviation . . . we make the brain perfect before we blow it out.”

    Surrender to the powers that rule us. They are far better at knowing what is best for us. Do not have an opinion different than theirs. Gay marriage is everyone’s right, whether or not you agree with it. Our leaders say so.

    1. nathan says:

      You are batshot crazy Bob. Im sure you must already know that.

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