Possible New Clues In Lauren Spierer’s Disappearance As Search Continues

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (CBSNewYork) – There may be new clues in the disappearance of Indiana University student Lauren Spierer.

The Westchester native has been missing for two weeks. Early Friday morning, a maintenance worker checking a trash and recycling room, found several suspicious items hidden behind a dumpster and called police.

“The clothes were not torn, there was no sign of struggle, there was no blood on the clothes that we could see,” said Ernie Reno with the building’s property management company. “And beneath that was a shoebox, a closed shoebox.”

Those items were confiscated but police don’t know if they’re yet connected to the case. It’s just another of the more than 500 tips that have poured in just this week.

Spierer was last seen on June 3 walking towards her apartment after a night out with friends. Volunteers were continuing to search Saturday for any traces that might lead them to the missing 20-year-old.

Saturday night, Lauren’s case will again be featured on America’s Most Wanted in hopes that additional tips on her possible whereabouts will come in to investigators.


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  1. hazel says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Spierer. my heart aches for you! PLEASE…read the email I sent 6/18 to helpfindlauren@gmail.com! The police are going the right direction but on the wrong road! It’s route 45… not 37!

  2. judy says:

    I just noticed….she looks like Sara Townsend from NJ who was mysteriously found in a pond last month….
    makes you wonder……

  3. Renee says:

    Her boyfriend needs to be looked at, if his fiends beat her new friend up then you no he was upset enough that his friends went and smashed his face in.I say go to a pay phone and call and tell them were she is so her parents can bring her home.Please do this for them, this girl needs to be found .

  4. Moon Them says:

    To the Perpetrator: You are now a FUGITIVE. You had better climb on a Spacecraft and head for the MOON. If you stay on Earth they’re going to hunt you down and take you down just like the animal that you are. RELEASE HER YOU CRAZED IDIOT. SpaceX gonna give it to ya.

  5. Judy says:

    I am more and more convinced Lauren, like so many other college girls has been abducted. I do not believe her “friends” had anything to do with this disappearance…these kids are not sophisticated enough to be drunk and pull off something like this, and certainly not for it to have gone on this long a period of time. Her whereabouts would have surfaced if she was in the area.

    I believe the truck was the perpetrators and that they took Lauren.

  6. 2gruesome2b says:

    from the smile on her face, there is the possibility she is walking towards someone she knows and who is a friend. she appears to be holding some of the hair on the left side of her head in her right hand, and i wonder if this was a habit of hers? there is no evidence of alarm or fright, as i see it.

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