Valley Stream Target Store Workers Reject Unionization

VALLEY STREAM, NY (CBSNewYork/AP) – Employees of a Target store in Valley Stream on Long Island have voted against joining the nation’s largest retail union.

The vote came in late Friday night. Workers voted 137-85 against unionization. A “yes” vote would have made the Valley Stream store the first Target in the country to be unionized.

But the union said it would press on and broaden its push to represent the company’s workers nationwide.
The United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500 also said it would contest the results and ask the federal government to order a new election, alleging that Target illegally intimidated workers. Target denied the union’s allegations.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports: Target Workers Vote Down Union

“Target did everything they could to deny these workers a chance at the American Dream,” said Bruce W. Both, president of United and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500, in a statement. “However, the workers’ pursuit of a better life and the ability to house and feed their families is proving more powerful. These workers are not backing down from this fight. They are demanding another election.”

Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder said the company acted legally.

“Target absolutely believes we have followed all the policies and procedures that are outlined by the National Labor Relations Board in a completely lawful manner,” Snyder said.

The union planned to begin a campaign called “Target: Democracy” at the company’s other 26 stores in the New York area and will begin coordinating a nationwide campaign with other union locals in major U.S. cities.

Since two-dozen workers from the Valley Stream store approached the union with their grievances regarding hours and pay in February, Target employees from around the country have been reaching out to the labor organization, according to Patrick Purcell, spokesman for the UFCW. The union consists of mostly grocery workers, but also represents employees at retailers that include clothier H&M.

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    The CEO, Gregg Steinhfel, of discount retailer Target Corp. received a pay package in 2010 worth $23.9 million. Via a union, why should he share this with the low-lifes that work in his stores. Since they voted no, they are obviously paid a “very” decent wage.

  2. Paul Kohloff says:

    the people that voted for the union are the dead beats who are worried about their job,a good worker will always work.and with hard work comes the benefits,the dead beats will stay low and end up without a job,because their lazy, and always trying to play the system.

  3. moxiesoda says:

    I have an uncle that is part of a union and it is terrible how they treat him. He works harder than anyone else. When he asked for a raise, they denied it to him because there were people that worked at the same place longer than him. It was all based on seniority. So sad! If people want better pay and benefits, work hard and prove yourself. There is a reason unions are going extinct. They are becoming useless. It’s just a phony business!!! Know what you are getting yourselves into people.

    1. LG says:

      You don’t get it. Without union protection, you will be taken advantage of. Period. Members of management may pretend they are sheep, but they are only dressed that way. Hope you aren’t crunchy and taste good with ketchup. Oh wait, that’s dragons, not wolves. Same difference.

    2. TheRichRule says:

      You’re wrong. The reason unions are becoming extinct is because the rich don’t want to share their with with anyone. And if and when unions become extinct, the rich will rob every last one of you of your last cent. CEO’s like Gregg Steinhfel are greedy beyond anyone’s immegination. Even the $24 million he was paid last year was just pocket change to him. They want it all. Fact, baby.

  4. jm240 says:

    Fools. You played right into Target’s upper management’s hands.

  5. gbuddha2012 says:

    I have had relatives experience this kind of pressure from bosses at other businesses… threats of job lose & termination of health benefits. My advice to workers is to be resolute, eventually you will win.

    1. JMT says:

      Or they can just find better jobs if they are so mistreated. No one is forced to work at Target or at any place they feel they are so mistreated. Why would someone stay at a job if they are treated so badly??
      Of course that would mean you would have to actually be proactive and take steps to improve your future.
      The job market & opportunities in the NY metro area are the best in the country. Many of these ‘poor workers’ can go elsewhere to get a job.

      1. ham07 says:

        last time I read NY city had a 9% unemployment, so I don’t really buy into your just find another job routine.
        I guess if you are a great worker CEO of Target will give you a 6 figure salary, and life is a happy fairy tale.

        I guess you are a good worker and happy with your $4.50 hr minumim wage. You are the ideal company man and a managers dream come true.

        You are a tool. Believe me Target is doing very well.

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