Long Island Sisters Want To Buy Guitar For Father’s Day After Dad Sells His To Pay Bills

VALLEY STREAM, NY (CBSNewYork) — Two sisters in Valley Stream are trying to do something special for their dad this Father’s Day, but they need some help.

Alexa and Aimee Kaplan are trying to get an electric guitar for their father Arthur after he sold his beloved vintage Gretsch guitar to pay bills for the family about a year ago.

“Money got very tight around the house a couple of years ago and we had been holding our own, but there came a time when we couldn’t make a bill or pay the mortgage and we needed the extra money to help us out,” said Aimee.

Aimee says Arthur used to hang his guitar on the wall, a symbol she says she’s always associated with her dad. She says now the wall is just too empty without it and she wants to do something to pay him back.

“He did it for his family,” said Aimee. “I don’t think he should have because everybody has to have a little bit of joy in their life. But it was a beautiful thing he did and I think he needs to be repaid for that.”

So with $50 in birthday money she got when she turned 16, Aimee posted a listing on Craigslist with the help of her sister looking for anyone who would sell her a guitar for cheap.

Her ad says:

“We are looking to buy an electric guitar for our dad for Father’s Day. He had to sell his Gretsch to pay bills. We only have $50.00, but are hoping someone will reach out to us. We live in Valley Stream and need help getting the guitar to us, but we could pay a small amount if you can deliver it to us. Please help us make dad happy again. Thank you.”

If you’d like to help Alexa and Aimee give the perfect Father’s Day gift for their dad, check out their listing on Craigslist at http://newyork.craigslist.org/lgi/msg/2443566317.html or email them at sale-pnqdw-2443566317@craigslist.org.


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  1. don says:

    I think what these girls have done is absolutely amazing. I pray more young people their age would appreciate the sacrifices their parents make for them. God Bless you and stay the way you are I am sure your dad is very proud. The effort is just as valuable as the finish!

  2. I says:

    Can someone buy me a new dad? Mine died when I was two. How about a free college education or medical services for my disabled mother?

  3. Guitarist as well says:

    If you want a guitar so badly, rather than cry for social aid,, why not get jobs (both twins, and the father), save up, and buy a guitar? Oh I forgot, it’s because that goes against the american dream of receiving handouts because we all have to live as $30,000 per year millionaires. Rather than cry and say “we lost it last year”, shoulda taken that year and found work (even as a ditch-digger or a day laborer), scrimped, and then MAYBE a strat would have been in your hands rather than your hands looking for a sympathetic donor. And then after, when you’re back in a bind, are you going to pawn this guitar too?

    1. Aimée says:

      Nice to meet you– my name is Aimée Kaplan. Yeah. That girl.
      Please do me a favor? In the future, before you run your uneducated mouth off on a news article that you don’t agree with, learn the facts. We put an ad on craigslist knowing that we were looking for something impossible. We were contacted by Mike Daly– we didn’t contact him. We didn’t have him run the story in hopes of getting a guitar.

      However, I would like to offer my deepest sympathy in regards to whatever event made you so terribly, terribly bitter.

      1. badman says:

        Aimee – you’re a class act!! Good for you. There are a lot of people that appreciate your dedication to your father.

        “Guitarist” just probably isn’t much of a guitarist – he probably typed that from his desk where he makes telemarketing calls.

        Keep on keeping on.

      2. Truth says:

        Aimee, do you know where your dad sold his guitar and for how much?

    2. DP says:

      My judgement: your case fails.

      1. DP says:

        This reply had been directed to a post that was deleted.

  4. William Bednarz says:

    . Gee alot of grinches on father’s day . . knowing nothing about guitars and listening that $50.00 isn’t neerly enough so what’s the make up . . . everyone comments?? without helpping – how much would it cost ??
    a dangerous question – no quarantees, but if I can help I’m willing – atleast to try
    . . .

  5. DP says:

    There’s something about a vintage Gretch (or some other vintage model…) you won’t easily find in a lot of shops … look at Mandolin Bros in Staten Island to get a sense of that market.

  6. Aida says:

    Really now? Maybe if this 16 year old got a job saved her money than she would have enough to actually buy one instead of asking strangers to help you out. Gifts mean more when you sacrifice to get them. BTW….your dad sold his guitar a YEAR ago…plenty of time for you to get a job and buy one for this father’s day. They have perfectly nice electric guitars online for under 200 bucks and they deliver. Who would have though huh?

    1. Aida you are so wrong says:

      Aida, you are such a negative person. Get a life yourself. And try to bring some happiness to your life by doing good to other people. I don’t know how bad your life has been. But you seem like you have been through a lot, there is so much negativism and pain in your words. You need professional help. What these girls are trying to do is just give back to their Dad. That’s all.

    2. DP says:

      Let’s see — a NEW Gretch “Country Gentleman” runs around $2,200 – $2,600; vintage 1964 is listing around $10K. A 1962 Stratocaster (vintage) is listing for $14,000 (on sale — it had been listed for $23K).

      You think that $200 will replace that guitar? Do some research before spouting off.

      This girl might have been able to find a guitar for $200… its value would be the love she put into that guitar for her dad… that is a precious spirit. But it will not get an instrument of the quality or value her dad gave up for his family.

      As it stands, the values her dad revealed in his very tough choice are the heart of conservatism.. He sacrificed for what he loved – and he made a tough choice.

      Its Father’s Day – that’s a news event. This guy did something absolutely awe inspiring (well — if you had such a Gretch to hang on your wall, or *knew* what it must have meant meant, you would see it as awe inspiring).

  7. Report Real News says:

    I seriously think a donation to a charity would be a more worthy cause then this … how did this manage to make news? Slow day CBS?

    1. Why is this news? says:

      Agreed. Report Real News Please.

  8. BESSYGO says:


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