It’s not often that Boomer & Craig talk about tennis on the program, that is unless Jim Courier is in the Allstate Studio.

With Wimbledon getting underway today, Al “Hughes” Dukes booked Courier to join Boomer & Craig. So for today anyway, tennis was on the table.  Courier won over 500 matches in his career (506-237) and reached the #1 ranking in the world on February of 1992.

Right off the bat, Craigie made it clear to Courier where tennis is on the B&C sports totem pole.  From there the guys asked Courier about the lack of American superstars in the sport and what kind of relationship he has with guys like Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe and Andre Agassi.

In the end Craig seemed certain he had made a new friend. He talked about maybe golfing with Courier and he even invited him to play on the B&C Celebrity Softball team, which will take the field at Yankee Stadium next Monday – June 27th (visit for more information).

LISTEN: Jim Courier in the Allstate Studio with Boomer & Carton (6/20)

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