Brooklyn Residents Say Neighbor’s Dog Is A Menace; Owner Claims To Be Victim

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A dog in Borough Park, Brooklyn has raised fears and complaints from neighbors who say the animal is a danger to the community.

Sammy Kisin’s 60-pound, 7-year-old terrier mix, named “Jesse,” has neighbors on 60th Street afraid after they said it attacked at least three people.

Ricki Pearl lives with her five children next door to Kisin and said his dog was a source of concern for her family.

“We’re petrified of that dog, I can tell you that much. My children, the dog comes out, we run in,” Pearl told CBS 2’s John Slattery.

“This dog, we’re afraid of,” neighbor Rachel Klein added. “It bit a 7-year-old and a 15-year-old.”

Kisin claims the 7-year-old was bitten after “she rode her bike accidentally into my dog while it was peeing.”

sammy kisin Brooklyn Residents Say Neighbors Dog Is A Menace; Owner Claims To Be Victim

Sammy Kisin (credit: CBS 2)

“As an animal instinct, the dog turned around and jumped on her. He did bite her,” Kisin admitted.

Kisin said a 20-year-old man was slightly bitten or scratched when he surprised the dog.

Another neighbor, Jacob Hammerman, said that his father was bitten in the chest two years ago. He said it left a “nice, gaping hole.”

Kisin said his dog used to be kept in the backyard, but was taunted by neighboring kids. He said they threw rocks and stones at it, aggravating him. Kisin also portrayed himself as somewhat of a victim.

“The honest truth, I’m Jewish, but I’m not Hasidic. I’m not Orthodox,” he said. “I know they want me out.”

However, Hammerman disputed the notion and said the accusation was not true.

“He’s a nice guy, not any problems with him. It’s just the dog itself,” he said.

As the dispute simmers, Kisin said police have advised him to put a muzzle on the dog and he said he has complied. The Health Department said an inspector was unable to locate the owner or the dog, but will continue to investigate the situation.

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  1. Jeff Benson says:

    Continue showing fear and the dog owns you. Obvious you want the dog to bite you !
    BE NEUTRAL and DON’T EVER HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH THE DOG. Always have conversation with the owner/human.

  2. Fellow neighbor says:

    i actually live a few houses down from where this dog lives and let me tell you this isnt your avg. dog, i have nothing against the owners they are nice quiet ppl, but their dog is just scary. Hes pretty hard to handle when just taking a normal walk the owner can barely contain him, he drags the owner where he wants to go, i cross the street when i see him come out with his dog. So ye after 3 attacks i think its time to find this dog a better place. How many more attacks does there have to be?

  3. Vicky says:

    Huh? A dog bites three kids and most of the commenters blame the children? Uh, isn’t this like blaming the victim of robbery or rape? This is blatant bias and bigotry, and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  4. Gregory says:

    Dogs as well as other pets need to be matched to their prospective owners. All pets require trainig and / or restraints. In addition, owning a large dog is more appropriate in a rual or suburban area rather than in a city. It’s usually not the dog that’s the problem, it’s the owner and / or the neighbors. If one wants a large dog, move to a place with space and privacy, away from the complexity and insanity of NYC.

  5. DOGWORLD says:

    now I understand germansherperds

  6. changeyourwa says:

    I live in a hasidic neigborhood and most jewish people dont have and dont believe in dogs they should and would see that all life is good, this is what it’s said as garbage in garbage out, it’s just there way of teaching of the young, the kids do pick on he dogs if you keep a eye on it you will se it.

  7. careman says:

    I living in a jewish neigbor hood can say that most jewish people do not care for or have dogs they should and wouls see another joy of this world and it life!

  8. Joe says:

    The funny part is that if a person will bite the dog the person will be locked up but if a dog bites even 3 times nothing happens (: go figure

  9. PS says:

    Actually- Dogs are considered impure animals in traditional Judaism culture, and the children who are taught to follow their Judaism culture are taught that. That is why they taunt the dog and will continue to do so.
    Here’s my point:

  10. Renee Mueller says:

    Hasidic, Arab no difference in thinking dogs are bad,,,,Hummm??

  11. Ty says:

    I’d have to agree with Sonny. I live in the neighborhood and have a rescued pitbull mix. Myself and several friends who I’ve had walk my dog have had serious issues with the Hasidic kids and families in the neighborhood. They are completely uneducated about dogs and how to interact/react with them. They taunt my dog and she is the sweetest lover ever despite being abused, beaten, and abandoned for the first year of her life. There exists an over-exaggerated hatred of dogs. They scream at them, make barking noises, throw things, jump and run, drop their bikes right as you’re walking, etc. I’ve even had a grown adult not notice her until he was almost right next to us and upon seeing her, freak out to such an extent that he tripped over the wall to a yard and land flat on his back, feet in the air – my dog barely noticed, just stared down at him. That being said, the stereotyping of dogs… we are also stereotyping this community. I have had several children come up to her, ask if she’s nice, pet her, let her lick them. It’s an ignorance and their parents’ raising them to taunt animals is completely absurd. But yes, if the dog is behaviorally tested and is found to be aggressive, it shouldn’t be let out or has to be muzzled but it also deserves to have its space and not be harassed by neighbors.

  12. Sal says:

    It is the people of Boro Park who think there boss, and if you are not there kind
    they look down at you, and if you go to rent an apartment they will ask you are you jewish and when you say no, all you will here is the apartment is taken.
    I feel sorry for this guy and his dog, if you read this do leave your place and keep your dog.

  13. Sonny says:

    Knowing this area of Brooklyn, it’s the Hasidim and not the Dog. The hasidic children I have seen teasing animals – they are not reared with them as they are considered dirty – hence the failure to understand – and the teasing. If the Dog truly is violent that’s something else, however based on the story and the people complaining, I doubt it.

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