Prosecutors: NYC Mother Kills 5-Year-Old Son For Breaking Television

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – Jamar Johnson, 5, was playing with his Nintendo Wii video game system when he accidentally broke the television.

Prosecutors say that’s when his mother, 21-year-old Kim Crawford, flew into a rage and struck Jamar on his back and stomach very hard.

The Daily News reports Crawford told police she hit Jamar “harder than I’ve ever hit him.”

Jamar vomited and complained of serious pain for days, but Crawford reportedly didn’t take him to the hospital. She was reportedly afraid of being arrested.

Friday, Jamar Johnson died of an infection brought on by a lacerated pancreas and intestine.

Crawford has been charged with murder and manslaughter.

The Administration for Children’s Services has reportedly taken Crawford’s other child in its care.

Crawford has previous arrests for assault and drug possession.

If the allegations are true, what’s the appropriate punishment in this case? Sound off in our comments section.


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  1. TIA says:


  2. DMC says:

    Two words: DEATH PENALTY May send a message to all the other animals out there who have breeded and may comtempllate doing the same thing .

  3. ATL mom says:

    I only hope the prosecutors will not waste the amount of time and money on this sick selfish woman that has been wasted on Casey Anthony. She is lower than low, not getting this poor baby medical care, watching him suffer.

  4. Johnny Galt says:

    Your coverage of this story was responsible and professional until the last line that is in bold print and says:If the allegations are true, what’s the appropriate punishment in this case? Sound off in our comments section. .

    This last statement is an attempt to override the letter of law with mob mentality and is completely irresponsible. There are statutes which cover the possible sentencing if the perpetrator is found guilty. Why did you not include them and instead resort to tabloid style trial by media? Shame on you.

    1. Marcus says:

      I support Johnny Galt’s statement. Definitely unprofessional.

  5. Bruce Goldensteinberg says:

    Why does CBS ask for comments on what should happen to them, then not permit my comment which called for the death penalty for this animal’s entire family??

  6. Praying for Her*** says:

    Im not making excuses for her, but I don’t think she did it on purpose. She wanted to spank her child ( like many other parents ) an she didn’t realized how hard she hit him. And the question that need to be asked is why did social services give her full custody of her kids after they were taken away from her once b4 when instead it should’ve been a process of her visiting them first to see how she is with her kids. So right now im just praying for her because she needs that more than anything else right now!

    1. bonnie says:

      Thats the problem with society today…people like you so said praying for her because “she needs this more than anything”…duh…. duh….duh!!!This beast kills her poor innocent child over a TV and your thinking of HER NEEDS? Who cares about her needs, this article isn’t about what this murderer’s needs are.. in case you didn’t take note, its about what she deserves for murdering and torturing a defensless, innocent, 5 year old, its not about HER needs. Lets blow out your intestines and pancreous, let you suffer for days and we’ll just all sit by and pray for you and see how you like it, while you lay there dying. Once again I hope they fry her..Rest in peace little angel. This story is sickening!!

    2. C says:

      Excuse me – she did not SPANK him – she admitted she HIT HIM VERY HARD, harder than she has ever hit him – on his back and stomach. She doesn’t need prayer – she needs JAIL TIME and for a long time at that to think about her horrible behavior.

      1. No love for bad parenting says:

        Hopefully she goes to jail, and someone there beats her to death.

    3. Miguel in NY says:

      I appreciate praying for this killer, but make no mistake. She is a killer. She killed an innocent child. What’s worse is that he had to suffer a slow and painful death. Why do people have children if they don’t want them. There are millions of people who can’t have children and wish to adopt. Throw the book at her.

    4. Jenny says:

      I don’t think she probably intended to kill him but she had to have hit him WAY hard to sustain those kind of internal injuries. I can’t imagine the kind of abuse this kid probably endured. I doubt this was the first time. What’s worse is she let him suffer because she couldn’t own up to what SHE did. May he rest in peace, poor little guy. This sort of thing just makes me sick. Such a waste. 😦

  7. Gerald Waldman says:

    Let’s see, he was 5 and she is 21, so she had him at 16 years of age. No wonder she was a POS parent and deserves a loooooong prison sentence, may be even life w/o parole, so she can’t have any more children!

  8. richard Allen says:


    1. DCOnEdge says:

      what are you, retarted? anti-abortion is the platform of conservatives, among the most affluent in society. You must be retarted.

  9. jerseyjoey says:

    Kill a Child over a TV set, my god this sounds like something a Muslim Dog would do along with killing thier daughters, what a disgrace, proper punishment in this case is death.

    1. Don't kill over a T.V. set. says:

      One might get upset when their child breaks a T.V. set, but it isn’t worth killing your child over it. The T.V> set can be replaced, but your child can’t. The woman deserves life in prison without parole.

      1. crackerjack says:

        yes, wait at least a month for gubmint check fo’ new flat screen TV…..

    2. nathan says:

      Does it say anywhere in the article the woman is a Muslim? Reading comprehension much JerseyLoser? Maybe you should have finished HS after all.

      1. Idratherbegolfing says:

        I agree nathan reading comp is important. Maybe you should try it some time. Jersyjoey never said the mom was muslim, they only said it sounds like somthing a muslim would do. Maybe you should go back to HS.


    This is a crying shame. Do we worship material posessions more than we worship and appreciate our children? One thing I do know to be true is GOD said vengence is mine and there is nothing the legal system or anybody can do to her worse than what GOD can. She will be judged.

    1. here and now says:

      losers wait for the almighty to right a wrong. good luck with that.

  11. Lieutenantdan says:

    What is up these days?
    Mothers killing their helpless children. In the old days these things did not happen.
    This is another example that women are as brutal as men.

    1. Gerald Waldman says:

      These things DID happen in the old days, they just weren’t publicized as much. There were no 24 hour TV news channels, no internet and local and national TV news shows were only 15 minutes long. TV stations would shut down for 4 – 6 hours in the early morning, running only test patterns from about 1 am to 6 am.

  12. HARLEM GOING HAM says:


  13. Bobby says:

    i remember when my son broke my tv also known as “the tube”, man… i was flipping out…i went in to the next room dropped a couple of ” Fu#$-BOMBS” then came back into the room…and guees what my 4 year old was doing affter he broke the tv? my poor boy was trying to help sweep up them mess …i guess he has seen me sweep the floor plenty of times so he knew what to do he was just trying to help. how ever i did lecture him and told him what he did was wrong i did not yell at him or hit him (he under stood)……what i am trying to say is that kids are kids and should be treated like the treasure they are.

    Note: i hope this POS pays the dear price. if anyone in rikers island reads this please give her the same treatmet she gave her son. the boy should be at home right now still playing with his nintendo wii not dead. may you rest in peace little Jamal johnson

  14. Frank D says:

    Poor kid!

  15. heartbroken says:

    beat her like she did to her poor little angel.
    a jail, with meals & shelter is too good for her!!! what does her little one have now???


  16. demmy says:

    This is what you get when you have children becoming parents. Lack of preparation for parenthood can make you misbehave towards your child. If she is a single parent, it makes it worse. However, i feel sorry for her, i am sure she did not intentionally kill the child and in an effort to cover up neglected to give the child proper care. She definitely should be punished for her actions, but let the judge temper justice with mercy

    1. The Facts says:

      No mercy!

    2. Queens Mom says:

      “Misbehave toward your children”??? Are you on crack?? She KILLED him!! Denied him medical attention! God only knows the agony this poor kid must have been in!! Misbehaving is dropping a few F bombs and screaming like a banshy. This monster deserves the death penalty. That poor innocent kid. My heart breaks thinking about this

    3. bonnie says:

      What demmy? My mom got married at agge 16 had kids and never acted out of violence. No matter what age a parent is, when they spank a child because they are angry, that child will suffer wrongly, and not get what they deserve. We spank a child to teach, and done with love, not anger. There is a difference between a spanking correction and a beathing. She beat this kid, injuries such as these are given with a few light blows, gimme a break. They were not slaps she gave, they were punches from an enraged out of control BEAST!! Hang her!!! I Thats what we should start doing. Next we can get rid of all of the undesireable monsters like her in prison, relieve the over population and tax payer woes…by hanging monsters like this, like the old days, in full public view. We’ve become to contempo, to caring, to sensitive toward child killers of all types. People that kill deserve to have the same done to them. Ok since we don’t have that in our most contempo soceity today, than fry her ass real good!!! I don’t have an ounce of sympaty for this lady.

  17. Ellen says:

    Her and Casey Anthony should be put in the same jail cell for life.

  18. Robin says:

    This PIG killed her son. She beat him so bad he suffered! SHE should FRY in the electric chair, what a pathetic human being. She not only is stupid but another mommy dearest! I hope they hang her by her nasty toe nails and beat her to a pulp and let her suffer……………..

  19. nana says:

    so sorry for the little ones lost life, a t.v. can always be replace but a life could never, how do we protect our children in this united states of negligence,sterilize all mothers in the child abuse system than prison, so sad for this little boy the pain he endured before he died, can not forgive this mother.

  20. Nancy L. Saddlemire says:

    there are so many people in this world that would love to have children and can’t! this person needs to be fixed and beaten like she did to the child!!! my heart goes out to the rest of the family who cares!! come on !!! you can always buy another t.v. !

  21. Really says:

    Sterilization, causing an infection that would begin a slow agonizing death.

  22. Stevis says:

    death and a painful one

  23. sally rogers says:

    There is a special place in hell for this animal.

    1. C says:

      You can’t even call her an animal – animals treat their offspring with alot more love and care than I have seen some people do.

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