Westchester County Legislators Announce $67.3 Million Surplus

WHITE PLAINS, NY (WCBS 880) – While there has been talk of Westchester County facing a budget deficit in 2011, county legislators announced that they were actually able to return $67.3 million to the fund ballots.

“Rhetoric is rhetoric. The budget is the budget. And these are real numbers. Let’s stop scaring our people out there and let’s work together,” says county board member Jose Alvarado.

“The bottom line is the bottom line and it’s $67 million of surplus,” says board chairman Ken Jenkins.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for County Executive Rob Astorino says they were only able to do this because of Astorino’s across-the-board savings.

WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi With The Story

“We all should be taking credit for this. This is a good day for Westchester County,” says Jenkins.

They say they are still facing a $100 million deficit for 2012.

  • Jim

    Who are you kidding? Astorino knew it was there, he & his right hand man Meehan are all over everything. Did he want it publicized? HECK NO!! They had plans for that & it sure wasn’t to keep the pools & parks going for the good of the people.

    Can you spell RETIREMENT? Easy Street? They’re all crooks!!!!

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