Ike Davis’ Season Could Be Over; Mets’ Medical Mistake To Blame?

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Mets first baseman Ike Davis might need season-ending ankle surgery if his bone bruise has not healed sufficiently in three weeks for him to resume baseball activities.

General manager Sandy Alderson said that Davis has not improved from the injury that has sidelined him since May 11. An MRI taken Wednesday at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York also showed cartilage damage in the left ankle.

What’s worse? A decision by the Mets’ medical staff to place Davis in a protective boot could be partially to blame.

“We’re hopeful that over the next three weeks he will progress to running. If that is not successful, then there may be some consideration about doing some surgery on the ankle. Right now I don’t see him coming back anytime soon,” Alderson said. “Basically over the next three weeks he’ll progress to hopefully running. And if he can’t tolerate the running, then we go to Plan B.”

“I wore the boot for so long that my joint kind of was compressed the whole time,” said Davis, “and (there’s) not a lot of movement in there to help out with inflammation and stuff.”

That plan would be an operation similar to microfracture surgery, which Davis said would require three months for recovery before beginning rehabilitation. In microfracture surgery, tiny cracks are made in the bone to enhance cartilage growth. It is most commonly performed on knees.

“Obviously surgery is an athlete’s nightmare, but I’ve had one surgery — on my wrist — and it worked out really well and it came back better than I was before,” Davis said. “If it’s gonna get me on the field again obviously that’s something we have to do.”

Davis will shed the protective boot that he was wearing for the past three weeks in an effort to enhance circulation in the ankle. The second-year slugger and Alderson acknowledged that the boot could have hindered the healing process.

Alderson also said, “I don’t think there was any expectation the cartilage would be a major issue at this point.”

Davis was off to a strong start in his second major league season, batting .302 with seven homers and 25 RBIs before he was hurt in a collision with David Wright on May 10 while camped under a popup near the Coors Field mound.

“The reason I didn’t think I had a normal ankle sprain was because when I was spraining my ankle or rolling my ankle, David’s knee hit me in my shin and kind of made my bone force a little downward, so my tibia and talus scrapped each other or dented, and it’s not a normal area to have it get dented,” Davis said. “There’s not a lot of blood in the ankle joint, so it’s harder to heal than, say, an elbow.”

Davis tried performing baseball activities — hitting, throwing — in the first few days after being injured but was quickly shut down. He has not done any since then. He also has not been able to run, saying anytime he goes up or down on his toes his ankle hurts.

“Right now the damage remains significant enough that he can’t tolerate the activity,” Alderson said.

Wright, out since May 16 with a stress fracture in his lower back, will be examined Thursday. He is hoping to increase his workouts.

Do you blame the Mets’ medical staff for Davis’ setback? Sound off in the comments below…

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  1. Bob Fowler says:

    Why is it that, although so many ‘uneducated’ people can see the problem, the Mets can’t? Mommy kissing your boo boo was better at treating injuries than the Mets’ medical staff has shown. How come, out of the 30 major league organizations, the Mets, in one of the premier medical markets in the world, cannot find competent medical staffing?

  2. Chris says:

    For approximately 5 years the Mets have an incompetent medical staff. I bet to save money they hired a county clinic to over see the players injuries. They would have better luck with witchdoctors.

  3. Comedy Central says:

    ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Classic Mets, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, couldn’t happen to a better team. You got to love this.

    This team robs their fans of their piggy bank money by making the fans believe this is a professional team.

    It’s bad enough the Mets fans believe in fairly tales like the Mets can compete in talent with the Phillies, Yankees & Red Sox when in reality the Mets season is always over before it even starts

    The Mets every year make a little run in May & Mets fans are bring out the pom poms & cheer leading outfits thinking this will be the year & then it all comes crashing down with all hopes & dreams dying by July.

    Ha, ha, ha classic

    1. haterhater says:

      Ah… Love the Met haters. They never realize how pathetic they seem hating so much on a team that supposedly is never in it.

    2. MetFanSince69 says:

      Go back to Philly, troll. Sick of people who read articles about teams they dislike and then have to spew. I don’t read about teams I hate and then mock their fans. I reserve that for the ballpark. Come out to Citi Field sometime @Comedy Central, and I’ll show you what we do with trolls in real life.

  4. #8TheKid says:

    Not the 1st time this group of quacks has fouled up a diagnosis. When they cleaned out the front office and coaching staff, the medical staff should have been right there with them, out the door! How many KEY players have to be mis-diagnosed and end up missing excessive amounts of time before they do something? First, Reyes, then Beltran, probably Wright as well. I think it’s safe to blame the rash of injuries the past 3 years on the inept medical staff employed by the NY Mets. I guess the doctors are Howard, Fine, and Howard, represented by the law offices of Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe.

  5. At some point, the players should file a class action malpractice suit against the trainers. Jason Bay never got over his concussion, did he?

    Keystone cops? These are Keystone Paramedics


  6. Moe Horowitz says:

    Mets medical staff must be run by the firm of Howard, Fine and Howard. 2 Nyuks and an eye poke, followed by 3 months of rest, then a second opinion and surgery.

    On the application to do business w/ the Mets, the first question is : Are you inept? If you check NO, your services will not be needed.

  7. brotherd says:

    Who is in charge of the Mets medical staff.

    Nothing will change until we get NAMES. Stop wasting time. Call for names. It’s the only way to have accountability. If we keep criticizing the “medical staff” nothing will change.

  8. Mike Kulpa says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if the doctors are full of it. To many players getting diagnosed with fractures these days. I wonder if the doctors are doing this just to make a buck?

  9. lydia says:

    i have 2 agree with u there Gary…this medical staff is a joke…minor injuries always end up being season enders with this staff…where did they get their degrees from? medical school? that’s right, i’m an anti-dentite bastage
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  10. You No Big Papi! says:

    Frankly I think it’s ridiculous that Ike even suffered such a serious injury to begin with. It looked like he harmlessly bumped into David Wright and now his season might be over? How pathetic ! Come on Ike, you’re an athlete! What are your ankles made of glass?? Don’t ever play football, sheesh!

  11. brotherd says:



    I NEED NAMES! The time has come for accountability. How is the same training staff still on this team? Sandy Alderson needs to communicate to me and the fan base what is being done so there are no more mis-diagnosed injuries. Otherwise he is dropping the ball.

  12. T says:

    My life long dream is to get a job where you can make mistake after mistake and keep working. Congress, weather man, medical staff for the NY Mets.

  13. dabooch says:

    Mets Medical do you need to know anymore? Jose’ better watch out and protect himself, if he gets hurt with the head first slides or pulls a muscle he is going to lose millions on the market, nobody buys a black and blue peach.

  14. Gary says:

    METS medical staff is a DISGRACE! How many important players do we have to lose for months or seasons at the hands of these incompetent so-called experts before they clean house and get a new staff? Ridiculous!

    1. TheWatchr says:

      i have 2 agree with u there Gary…this medical staff is a joke…minor injuries always end up being season enders with this staff…where did they get their degrees from? medical school? that’s right, i’m an anti-dentite bastage…LOL…seriously tho, they always seem to MIS-diagnose alot of injuries & no one is held accountable

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