Yankees’ Derek Jeter Still Sore; June 29 Return From DL In Doubt

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Derek Jeter may have to wait even longer before resuming his march to 3,000 hits. Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said on Thursday that Jeter is still sore from the strained right calf that landed him on the disabled list.

“He’s still feeling the calf,” Cashman said. “He’s getting better but not in position to do anything yet.”

Jeter, on the 15-day DL since June 14, threw long-toss for the third straight day on Thursday.

“He can’t do anything with his legs,” Cashman added.

Jeter was scheduled to return on Wednesday against the Brewers. Cashman wouldn’t rule it out, but it doesn’t sound promising.

“I can’t say I’m pessimistic, but he’s not ready yet,” he said. “By this time frame, we clearly made the right decision putting him on the DL. Whether he’s ready on the 15th day, the 16th day or the 17th day, I can’t tell you exactly when he’ll be ready.”

Cashman told the New York Daily News that a minor league assignment is also a real option.

“I don’t remember too many times where we brought guys back without a few games’ rehab assignment,” Cashman told the paper. “He’ll be ready when he’ll be ready.”

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One Comment

  1. Concern says:

    charityusa.com, goodsearch.com, isearchigive.com, upromise.com, & fundraising-solutions.org(jimmy.org posts)

  2. dabooch says:

    Jeter should keep sticking his big leg in the hot tub at his Tampa mansion. Jeet should stop with the ‘Captain Hero’ scenario, and take it easy from now until the end. The Steinbrenner boys believed he wasn’t worth much, challenged him into testing the market, and paid him less then AJ Burnett…think about it.

    1. Paul D says:

      dabooch, go root for the Red Sox. I’m sick of you already. You’re an ingrate that doesn’t deserve this team.

      1. Paul D says:

        And take that tool, Mike, with you. Say hi to all those Southie losers.

    2. Paul D says:

      Hellfire! I’m not done with you yet, dabooch. You talk about Jeter when this guy Burnett should be the target of your ire. He can’t even stand tall in June! He’s a joke! Throwing pies like some burlesque era clown! And that’s what he is. Jeter stood tall for you for all those post season moments and this is how you pay him back for it!? You have no sense of history or of baseball. Do us all a favor and turn your attentions to… I don’t know… women’s basketball. Or even synchronized swimming.

  3. Yoma Ma says:

    And DO NOT compare Jeter to Reyes- that is simply wrong on every level- call me in 9 years and lets see what Reyes stats are when he is 37 or 38, then talk. 10 seasons with 190 or more hits for Jeter- and 7 of them over 200 hits, Reyes- 2 seasons with 200 hits and 4 seasons with over 190 hits.
    And yes the payroll is high- but its how you spend your money, the Mets are right up there over $140 M this year and nothing to show for it AGAIN

  4. Yoma Ma says:

    Never ceases to amaze me of the ignorance of people, Mets fans you can understand because of the curse on that franchise and the jealousy but for the rest of the commentators and the utter dislike for this guy is simply unreal.
    Carton belittles the 3,000 hits “its just says that he has played a long time”. Well 27 players have done it and I think he is one of the youngest- 15 years x 200 hits = 3,000 hits- that is consistency and a lifetime 300 hitter. he is as clutch as they come and the stats prove it as well as his rings. He is a pro and has class, not sure what else you expect? The guy has played in NY for 16 years and not had one major incident.
    These days to find a player, leader and man of this sort for kids to learn from is rare and all these haters simply bash him.

  5. Steve From Lindenhurst says:

    Your comments are the reason you are a Met Fan. Jeter should take his sweet time coming back, and make sure he is healthy. When he comes back, he should hold a news conference, after he explains to Joe that he is hurting the team by taking away the leadoff job from the 20 something Gardner. Then, gracefully bat seventh the rest of the season. He should bat 9th, but that will be next year.

  6. Johnny V says:

    Yah right! Its simply because they don’t want Jeter to get his 3000 at Cityfield. Thats all!

  7. tommy says:

    Keep jeter and the mmets can have reyes!!!!!!!

  8. MetsFan says:

    Time to blow up this core. Get rid of old man Jeter and move A-Rod out, start fresh with new guys and the Yanks may have a shot next year. This experiment with Girardi has gone on long enough.

    1. Yoma Ma says:

      yeah lets take some advise from a Mets fan on how to runt the team- break up the team that is 1/2 game out of first place- and third best record in baseball. And where are the Mets- oh yeah fighting to get to .500……LOL.
      Now you know why the Mets are losers they are- fans included.

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